Today we kick off the  June Linky Party for the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge.  And this month we showcase Diane Gaudynski, a true Expert in Free-Motion Quilting, who has inspired and taught many free-motion quilting teachers and quilters around the world!

Quilters of all levels of experience are invited to join these monthly challenges.  We do not judge anyone, but strive to encourage everyone to learn and improve their free-motion quilting (FMQ) skills.  And “everyone” means this event is open to bloggers, non-bloggers, quilters that use any type of machine (domestic, mid-arm, or long-arm), as well as quilters from all over the world! 

If you are not familiar with this challenge, and definitely those that have not participated in any of the prior challenges, please read the main page for this event, as it has been updated to provide information previously shared within these monthly posts.  You can always find the main page by clicking on the links underneath the blog header labeled EVENTS > FREE-MOTION QUILTING – 2015 FMQ CHALLENGE.

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Aurifil, Clever Craft Tools/Grip & Stitch Disks, Fabrics N Quilts, Fat Quarter Shop, Martingale, The Stencil Company, Udderly Smooth, Landauer Publishing and CT Publishing. 

More sponsors will be announced soon  (e.g. The Quilt Show, etc), along with insights on special prizes that will be awarded at the end of this 2015 Challenge. To clarify, while prizes will be awarded for those that participate in specific challenges and complete their project and share during the window the monthly challenge is open, there will also be prizes awarded to participants at the end of the year (e.g. even if you complete a challenge after it is closed, you’ll be able to enter it for a chance to win a prize).


As mentioned, our expert this month is Diane Gaudynski,  an author, a teacher,  an Expert Free-Motion Quilter, and an absolutely wonderful lady.


Diane has taught quilters, the art of free-motion quilting, all over the world, but is no longer traveling to teach.  But she has published two excellent books on free-motion quilting which I strongly recommend to anyone interested in FMQ: “Guide to Machine Quilting” and  “Quilt Savvy”, both of these brilliant books have been published by AQS.

I can honestly say, there are many talented teachers that do a great job teaching free-motion quilting, but I do believe Diane has the most elegant style to her designs and has a special gift when it comes to quilting, teaching and more.  She is a wonderful person, whom I’m glad I had a chance to take a class with.

While I rarely share personal info on my blog, I do want to share that I was originally a hand quilter for many years.  A few years back I set off on a research project to see what an “old quilter” like me could learn in a year of focusing on free-motion quilting.  I spent the year reading as many FMQ books, watching as many DVDs, and taking as many classes that year as I could.  And, I signed up far in advance to take a class with Diane at Asilomar (Empty Spools).  I was probably the least experienced person in that class, but I learned so much and was so inspired by the beauty she created I knew I was hooked on free-motion quilting.  At the end of that year, while I was far from being great with my free-motion quilting, I felt I was good enough to quilt my own quilts and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also wanted to “pay back”, what I learned by so many experts, that I hosted the 2012 FMQ Challenge, the 2013 FMQ Challenge and now the 2015 FMQ Challenge.

I hope you too will fall in love with Diane and her style of elegant free-motion quilting, but I think she would also share that her designs can be adapted to become your own versions and as elegant or casual as you wish.


You can find Diane Gaudynski at:

And I’m sure Diane would love to have you follow her blog and leave a comment.  Her blog is packed with tips, tutorials and inspiration – definitely enjoyable to follow, as well as go back thru previously released posts too!




Create a pillow using the free-motion quilting tutorial, by Diane Gaudynski, shared in the February 2012 FMQ Challenge.  This tutorial will help you learn/improve your FMQ skills to create an Echo Feather Plume that Diane so elegantly creates.


Create a pillow with FMQ using any of the designs and techniques covered in the book “Guide to Machine Quilting”, by Diane Gaudynski  

If you have this book, I hope this challenge option inspires you to pull it out and use this book to learn/improve your FMQ Skills, as there are so many stunning designs in this book, as well as great tips and information to help you.


Create a pillow with FMQ using any of the designs and techniques covered in the book “Quilt Savvy”, by Diane Gaudynski

quilt savvy

Like Option #2, if you have this book, I hope this challenge option inspires you to pull it out and use this book to learn/improve your FMQ Skills, as there are so many stunning designs in this book, as well as great tips and information to help you.


Create a pillow with FMQ using the tutorial by Diane, for her beautiful “Celtic Bubbles“, which she released previously on her blog.


In my option, Diane’s free-motion quilting is always absolute perfection and for me swirls are a difficult design to stitch, but can look so beautiful on their own or combined with other designs.


Note:  Your challenge entry can combine more than one design, or designs from each of the challenge options.  You can also create more than one pillow, to claim more than one entry to any of the monthly challenges.  Each entry just needs to capture the concept of the challenge option you wish to claim (two or more entries for the same option is not allowed).  Keep in mind the spirit of this challenge is all about learning and improving your FMQ skills, so more entries the better!  And yes, the more entries you share the more chances you get to win prizes (but I hope that you are not participating in this challenge simply to win prizes, as much as learning/improving your FMQ skills.


While these are still “monthly” challenges, I’ve extended the window of the linky party thru mid-September and I will continue to do so thru all challenges released throughout the summer, allowing participants more time.  Hopefully this may also give participants time to complete more than one option.


1) Entries need to be completed pillows that show free-motion quilting that aligns with the options defined in this monthly challenge. Note:  Other projects that you wish to share can be added to the Flickr group, but do not share them via the link tool.

2) You can enter one completed pillow for any, or all of the options.  Bloggers can do so in one blog post, but to help with the entries, their post needs to show photos and clarify which options they are entering for this monthly challenge.  Non-bloggers need to reflect the same as bloggers, in the comments for the photo they upload to the flickr group for this challenge. Both bloggers and non-bloggers can add one link to the linky tool, for each of the options they wish to enter.  Note, to help with administration, please be sure the photo in the linky tool reflects which of the challenge options you are claiming when you enter/add the link.

Those that want to apply the challenge to projects other than pillows, or those that complete the challenge after the given month, as well as those that may wish to share other FMQ projects are encouraged to share in a Flirk group that has been created specifically for group sharing and inspiration:   To clarify, this group is open to anyone that wishes to share any FMQ project that they created.

3.   In keeping with the spirit of this challenge, I hope in you encourage others to enter this challenge as well as check out all the entries to get inspired.

4.  In the spirit of ~Create ~ Share ~ Inspire ~ #CreativeGoodness, those that wish to share tips and tutorials during any of these monthly challenges will be appreciated.  And, as always, QuiltShopGal will try to do her best to help increase awareness of such.  Collectively, we can create great fun and help others learn/improve their FMQ Skills.


While most of these linky parties are open for one month, this Linky party and other challenges released during the summer will be open thru mid-September, but I encourage you to not wait till the last minute to enter.  You need to have your project completed and linked to enter to win prizes.  Those that may complete this challenge at a different time, as well as those that want to share any FMQ related project, are encouraged to share photos in the Flickr group created for this challenge:

If you are not familiar with how to use a linky click here for a tutorial.


For blogger participants that are interested in posting a badge, the badge code is now on the right hand column of this blog.  Thank you for posting the badge.  The more quilters we have participating, the more fun and inspiration we will all have.  But I need your help to spread the word and encourage others to join, or at least come look and visit all the blogs (and non-bloggers) that share their FMQ projects with us via the Monthly linky parties and the Flicker Group sharing.


Update:  Before recognizing the winners, I want to share how winners are randomly selected. I use the number generator set to the number of entries for the challenge this month (20).  Lucky numbers were:


Sponsor Prize Winners
Udderly Smooth, by RedEx 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n  A gift pack of Udderly Smooth products.  Product bundle shipped may not be exactly like what QuiltShopGal is showing.Estimated Retail value $25.  Prize is open to participants living in US/Canada.  Prize #1  winner – #LC’s Cottage

As Laura had previously won this bundle in May she opted to trade for a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop and this bundle will be carried over to a Grand Prize.

Martingale Quick Changequick change compiled by Karen M. BurnsA Modern Twist
All About Strips
 Prize #2  winner – #5

Marjorie’s Busy Corner


Prize #3  winner – #111 Mary of Can’t Stop Stitching

Prize #4 winner – #6 Geri Richardson

Fabrics N Quilts One lucky winner will receive a $35 Gift Certificate to Fabrics N Quilts. Open to WW participants, but winners will need to pay shipping.  Prize is good towards product only.  Prize #5 winner #14 Elizabeth H





 If you have questions for this Challenge, please read the FAQ:

Winners will be selected randomly and this post will be updated accordingly, after I send an email to notify the winners.

email QuiltShopGal if you still have questions at Darlene @ quiltshopgal dot com and I will try to respond as fast as I can.


email address for quiltshopgal

Here is a list of previous posts 2015 FMQ Challenge:

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  1. I do love the quilting on that purple piece. Sadly, this is not something I’ve been able to master, but I do enjoy seeing what other people do.

  2. thank you for another lovely challenge …. I am a bit later this month aas I had to wait for the book to arrive here… so delighted the link ups have been held over for a bit longer. These are really helping me to think a bit differently and start to make up some of my own quilting shapes….

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