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The first part of this post is for everyone, not just those  participating in the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge:

You are probably aware that I am an Affiliate with Craftsy and Amazon.  When you click thru my site to purchase something on these sites, you pay the same price as you would have if you had gone directly to them, but I may get a few pennies per purchase back. When you do I think of you as Postage Angels!

 What little funds I have earned goes toward “supplementing” post costs for when I ship prizes and giveaways.  And, you are probably aware postage costs have skyrocketed in the US, and it gets worse shipping international.  Thus, while I will ship all prizes/giveaways promised for this challenge (and other giveaways), I can’t afford to ship outside the US right now.  There have been quite a few non-US winners and combined with shipping costs to US winners, my  portion of the expense is way too high.

Prizes for the FMQ Challenge will not be impacted, but I’ll be hosting fewer giveaways this Spring and Summer, where I ship prizes.  I’ll revisit my budget this Fall and hopefully be able to increase prizes I ship for giveaways and “surprise prizes”.  In the meantime, I do hope if you are purchasing something on Craftsy or Almazon that you kindly click thru from my site.  Lastly, Craftsy is having a 50% off sale on ALL of their classes this weekend.

The 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge is an opportunity for everyone to learn/improve their FMQ skills.  In each monthly challenge there are 3-4 ways to enter, with at least one free opportunity.  The other opportunities are based on online classes, DVDs, or books where the FMQ Expert teaches (and also earns money for their family lives off of).  

Many may have already taken some of these online classes, or purchased the DVDs or books referenced in this challenge.  But if you have not done so, I do want to clarify such purchase is not required to participate in this challenge, but buying any or all of these tools will certainly help you learn/improve your FMQ skills.  I can honestly say every time I take another FMQ Class, purchase a book or DVD, I continue to learn and expand on the number of FMQ designs which I’m comfortable to stitch out on my projects.  And I expect you will also see growth in your FMQ skills as you expand the number of classes you take and/or purchase such learning tools (e.g. DVDs, books).

Bottom line:  If you have never tried FMQ this year is a great time to start and this challenge can help you.  Feel free to email me if you have questions on where to start.

And, regardless if you are participating in this challenge, or not, if you are doing any level of FMQ on any project, please share in our Flickr group for FMQ.  I can’t promise, but I’m working on getting a sponsor for a special gift for those that share FMQ in this Flickr group this year and I’ll periodically be showcasing some quilters that share in this group this year.  To clarify, you can be a blogger or non-blogger to share in this group!

2015 FMQ Challenge Info :

Participants in the 2015 FMQ Challenge that want to enter to win prize must share via the linky tool in the respective monthly challenge that they wish to enter.  Non-bloggers should first upload a photo of their project to the flickr group and then they can add a link from the monthly FMQ Challenge back to the flickr group.  Bloggers only need to add a link to their blog post, which was written and released in the month of the respective challenge.  It is then optional for the Bloggers to upload any of their photos to the Flickr group.  Again, the Flickr group is open to sharing entries for the monthly challenge (which is a pillow with FMQ per the rules of the monthly challenge) for any project.    Geez, that is long, but I hope it makes sense.

The benefits of participating in this challenge each month:

  • learning/improving your FMQ Skills
  • learning more about various FMQ experts
  • inspiration found in all the entries, as well as FMQ group on Flickr.
  • Opportunities to win monthly prizes
  • “Potential” of freebies at the end of the year are being worked on.  I’m hopeful that I can pull this off and all active participants in the monthly challenge (4 or more) will receive these items.  I just can’t disclose them yet. But I think recipients will be pleasantly surprised.  And they will be given out to WW participants!


2015 fmq challenge badge

If you are a Facebook user, you may have already come across the group “Free Motion Quilting Frenzy” started by Karen Miller.  This is a great group to find inspiration, Q&A, and share your FMQ Projects.  I’m so impressed with how talented the members are, as well as how helpful they are to newbies.

I also want to heighten awareness that Craftsy has 50% off of ALL of their classes this weekend.  While I personally enjoy taking classes at Craftsy, as they are so reasonably priced, have great teaches, and are hosted online in a format that is flexible and works fo rmy schedule, I also want to heighten awareness that there are also great classes on Craftsy for those that want to learn/improve their FMQ Skills. And, attendees of a few of the classes on Craftsy are with teachers being showcased in the 2015 FMQ Challenge and students in these classes can easily apply what they learn to create a pillow to enter this challenge!

The 2015 FMQ Challenge showcases a different FMQ Expert every month.  There are also 3-4 ways to enter the monthly challenge.  Some options are great ways to learn from online classes at Craftsy, from DVDs, or from books and every month there is at least one option to use a free tutorial.  You can complete one or all of the options to enter, but the more options you complete the more chances you get to win prizes.  And, of course, the more opportunities you get to learn/improve your FMQ Skills.

We are a couple of months into the 2015 FMQ Challenge.  You can still complete the monthly challenges that have closed and share what you create in our group on Flickr.  Here is a quick view of completed monthly challenges:


Month (Link) FMQ Expert Showcased Sponsors Highlights

Jan Molly Hanson Redex/Udderly Smooth65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nAurifilaurifilogowebThe Fat Quarter Shop


Molly Hanson/CT Publishing

3 options to enter; 41 participants
Feb Leah Day Redex/ Udderly Smooth65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nMartingaleCleaver Craft Tools/Grip & Stitch DisksGrip & Stitch Quilting Disks 3 options;22 participants
March Patsy Thompson Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n
Landauer PublishingFabrics N Quiltssquare.bmp
3 options to enter; 21 participants


The April Challenge is currently open and there are several options to enter, all using designs and techniques taught by the very talented  Christina Cameli.

Month FMQ Expert Showcased Sponsors Highlights
April Christina Cameli Redex/Udderly Smooth Moisterizers65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nthe Fat Quarter ShopFatQuarterShop-Circle-275x275Cleaver Craft Tools/Grip & Stitch DisksGrip & Stitch Quilting DisksCT Publishing 4 options to enter this challenge


Month FMQ Expert Showcased Sponsors – Sneak Peek (not all sponsors are listed) Challenge Highlights(Sneak Peek as more details will be provided in the respective monthly challenge)
May Cindy Needham Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n
CraftsyGotcha Covered Quilting
gotcha covered quilting
– Create a pillow using Cindy’s new Ultimate Stencil– Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the Craftsy class “Design It Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques”, with Cindy Needham

– Create a pillow using the free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, by Cindy Needham

June Diane Gaudynski Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nFabrics N Quilts.square.bmpLandauer Publishinglandauer – Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the book “Guide to Machine Quilting”, by Diane Gaudynski- Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the book “Quilt Savvy”, by Diane Gaudynski

– Create a pillow using the Free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, by Diane Gaudynski

July Paula Reid Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nCleaver Craft Tools/Grip & Stitch DisksGrip & Stitch Quilting Disks
Fat Quarter Shop
-Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the Craftsy class “Start Machine Quilting”, with Paula Reid- Create a pillow with FMQ using designs taught in the DVD “Beyond the Basics“.

– Create a pillow using the free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, provided by Paula Reid

August Angela Walters Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n
Robert Kaufman FabricsCT PublishingGotcha Covered Quilting
gotcha covered quilting
– Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques from the book “Shape by Shape”, by Angela Walters to create a FMQ quilt that you turn into a pillow.- Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the Craftsy class “Dot to Dot Quilting”, with Angela Walters.

– Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and technique from the free tutorial provided in the 2012 FMQ Challenge, by Angela Walters

September Kaleidoscope Kreator,JeannieTeri Lucas Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n

Fat Quarter ShopFatQuarterShop-Circle-275x275Martingale

Create a pillow with FMQ using Kaleidoscope Software and the free FMQ tutorial provided by Teri Lucas, in the 2012 FMQ Challenge.- Machine embroidery enthusiasts can use the Kaleidoscope Collections Feathers Embroidery designs with their KK Software. Non-Machine embroiders can use the Feathers Sw and manually FMQ around.- Use a FMQ design from the EQ/Quiltmaker’s quilting designs volume 3 on a pillow.
Lori Kennedy – The Inbox Jaunt
Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n

MartingaleGotcha Covered Quiltinggotcha covered quilting

Use  free tutorials by Lori Kennedy (The Inbox Jaunt) to create a pillow with a pumpkin motif and beautiful background.- Use a design from EQ Quiltmaker Collection #1 to create a pillow with FMQ.- Use a free tutorial from Lori – TBA

Sarah Vedeler
Redex/ Udderly Smooth  65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n

Fat Quarter ShopFatQuarterShop-Circle-275x275


-Use the free tutorial, provided by Sarah in the 2012 FMQ Challenge to create a pillow with FMQ.- Use Sarah’s Peace, Love, Joy pattern of Sarah Simplified to make a pillow with FMQ (need not be a machine embroider to create this beautiful pillow).

– Create a pillow with FMQ using any of Sarah’s Star machine embroidery design collection, or use her AccuQuilt dies to create an applique’ pillow that you incorporate free-motion quilting designs which she shared in the 2012 FMQ Challenge.

Wendy Sheppard
Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n
Fat Quarter Shop
Electric QuiltLandauer Publishing
– Wendy teaches two online classes at Annie’s. Attendees of either of these clases (Learn to Machine Quilt or Machine Quilting Level 2) can use techniques and designs to create a pillow with FMQ.- Use the new book Recreating Antique Quilts, by Wendy to create the pillow project “Ginkgos on Prince Street Pillow”

– Use the free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge where Wendy shows how to stitch the Jester’s Hat design, to create a pillow with FMQ.



Again, more info will be provided for each of these monthly challenges, in their respective month.  While every month has an option to use a free tutorial, there are also many learning opportunities for those that pursue learning thru books, DVDs, or classes.



If you have questions for this Challenge, please read the FAQ:

Winners will be selected randomly and this post will be updated accordingly, after I send an email to notify the winners.

email QuiltShopGal if you still have questions at Darlene @ quiltshopgal dot com and I will try to respond as fast as I can.


email address for quiltshopgal

Here is a list of previous posts 2015 FMQ Challenge:


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