I had fun making this very easy & fast laptop sleeve for my computer.  I wanted something to help keep it clean and protected it from scratches, inside of my backpack.  I also wanted to play with the AccuQuilt GO! Applecore die, but you could easily make this laptop sleeve with whole cloth, pre-printed panels, quilt block scraps, applique’, machine embroidery, etc..

I used a bunch of scraps to quickly cut the applecores with the GO! and sew this tiny quilt top:

And then I quickly cut this little quilt top, used some fusible fleece and velcro to make the laptop sleeve.

I just wish I had taken time to do a bit of free-motion quilting on it, but for a laptop sleeve I don’t think it is critical, especially given it uses fusible fleece.

While this could easily be made without an AccuQuilt GO! I love the ease that the GO! gave me to cut scraps and use them to make this laptop sleeve with a quilty look.

I don’t think I’m that great at writing tutorials, but I did decide to take time to capture what I did, and share insights on how you could adapt this to a variety of sizes of laptops and netbooks.  If you do have feedback on the tutorial, please email me, and I’ll gladly update it to help make it easier to follow.

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17 comments on “AccuQuilt Laptop Sleeve & tutorial”

  1. This is a nice, simple way to create a quick cover. Fusible batting is a nice idea – I suppose it might have gummed up your needle if you had chosen to free motion over it? Maybe it was best not to? If I were in a pinch for a present, I would choose one like this. I recently ordered the tumbling blocks baby quilt pattern (free) from Accuquilt. Perhaps a tumbling blocks pattern would work nicely for this, too. I’ve been looking for a way to use scraps – thank you! I think you did a very nice job with your tute!! Here is a tutorial of “quilt as you go technique” I have on my blog that I would like to share with you:

  2. Great tut for using scraps and making laptop cover. I’d like to address your use of the phrase of “cheater panel” though. I’ve noted that we quilters throw this phrase around knowing full well what it means, but then being the humble quilters that we all are, we then say to the recipient of said “cheater” quilt. “Oh, it’s just a cheater quilt.” Thus diminishing the gift in the mind of the recipient, who is wondering why they are getting something that in someway they are cheated. Just one of my pet peeves, and I thought this was a good platform to crow about it. Let’s just say “panel quilt” and leave off the cheating part. Thanks.

  3. Very cute and easy to do with the GO. My laptop is old, large and heavy. Consequently it seldom goes anywhere. I think you explained how you made it just fine. So plan some more tutorials, ok?

  4. I love this and you can use this for any electronic or non-electronic device. I’ve looked at the apple core a few times and just didn’t think I would use it too much. Gonna have to rethink that one.

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