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Happy Holidays

While I rarely share personal info, I can honestly say I love all the holidays.  Yes, I love Hanukkah, the Ramadan celebration, and many more holidays, but I don’t ever want to lose sight of celebrating Christmas, as well as wishing those that celebrate this holiday a Merry Christmas.   What ever holiday you celebrate, I hope it is a happy one for you and your family.  I also wish for you a very happy and healthy New Year, with time to enjoy and create.


I want to thank and recognize all of the sponsors for our recent “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways”.  All of the winners have been announced, notified and their special Christmas gifts are in the process of being shipped.  While I had hoped that this would have been done so that these gifts would arrive in time to open on Christmas, the “Grinch” hijacked my website and the downtime created a delay.  But the lucky winners will receive their prize very soon.  


Thank you to all of our generous sponsors:

Cherry Blossoms Quilting StudioMarjorie Busby of Blue Feather Quilt StudioASF Lightware Solutions/Beam n ReadLandauer Publishing,The Quilt ShowFat Quarter ShopUdderly Smooth/RedexIsland BatikAurifilThe Electric Quilt CompanyThe Fat Quarter Gypsy, and Martingale.


Here is a list of all of the posts for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways which also shows each of the lucky winners. 


This Holiday season, let’s spread happiness and good cheer.

Lastly, I’d like to ask a special favor of you.  Diane Gaudynski is an amazing award winning quilter, Master free-motion quilter, teacher and author.  She retired a few years back from teaching and rarely updates her blog.  She just released another blog post and I believe she’d love to hear from you.  Thus, I hope you can take a few moments to pop over to her blog and leave some kind words to share good Holiday cheer with her.  You can find her blog at:

Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – ASF Lightware Solutions/Beam n Read


Welcome to day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.    Each day QuiltShopGal will showcase a different sponsor and unwrap (reveal) their gift to one lucky winner.  To enter to win, you need to claim at least one option in the Rafflecopter form, but for those that like to increase their odds, there are a variety of options and you can claim as many as you wish.

I like to think of today as the day the lights go on to light up Christmas.  You may be wondering what I’m thinking, but those of us that have welcome winter probably have noticed that we have not only few hours of good sunlight, but more time to quilt, sew, knit, and create where many of us do not have great lighting.  Thus, today is the day the lights go on, as I want to share insights with you about a great source of personal and very portable lighting.  I also want to share that today, known as Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, is sponsored by  ASF Lightware Solutions/Beam n Read


I’m a happy user of Beam n Read lights and enjoy using them throughout the year, but they are a “must have” for the winter months.  They are an excellent source of personal light, perfect for handwork (quilting, sewing, knitting, etc), reading and more.  The lightweight structure also allows you to change the angle of the light, which I’ve found it to enable functionality for more than a personal light as you can prop it on a table, shelf, car, and that extra light has been most helpful.    I have also found that the batteries last a really long time, as the LEDs are bright, but don’t require all that much power.

As it is difficult to wear a Beam n Read personal light and take a #Selfie, I want to share with you photos of several of my friends wearing this light.  They just hang it off of their neck (aka hands free personal light), adjust the angle and have great lighting when the read, as well as quilt, sew, crochet, knit, etc..

Here is some info on current products from Beam n Read / ASF Lightware solutions:

bnr_led-63f_25x36 BNR LED 6-3F
Beam n Read ® LED 6 Hands-Free Task LightModel BNR LED 6-3F includes 2 snap-on filters.The light can be used with or without the filters.The orange filter shifts the light from a cool, daylight-type light to a warm, incandescent-type light. It also blocks blue light for a more relaxing light.  The red filter blocks blue and green light.
 bnr_led-6m_25x3c BNR LED 6-3m
Beam n Read ® LED 6m Hands-Free Craft LightExtra Wide & Extra Bright Light Plus 3 clip-on 4×5 Inch Acrylic Fresnel (flat) Magnifier Lenses
 bnr_led-3f_25x3 BNR LED 3F
Beam n Read ® LED 3 Hands-Free Travel & Reading LightIncludes 2 snap-on blue-light-blocking Relaxation Filters
Batteries (not included) Last Extra Long 100 Hours
bnr-usb-ac-2x3 BNR USB/AC
Beam n Read Accessory Power Kit with USB/AC Adapter

QuiltShopGal can honestly recommend Beam n Read as a great product when you need extra lighting for personal work.  I’ve found them to be high quality, very reliable products, offered at a very reasonable price.  Thus, they are great for quilting, sewing, embroidery enthusiasts, as well as those that enjoy reading and more.  They also make for great holiday gifts.

You can find Beam n Read Hands-Free lights in many premiere quilt shops.  If not, ask them to carry them. Wholesale can be placed thru ASF Lightware Solutions.  Retail orders can purchase online at ASF Lightware Solutions / Reading Light, but you can also purchase online at Amazon.



Beam n Read / ASF Lighting Solutions is giving away one  Beam n Read LED 6 Hands-Free Task Lights plus a Beam n Read USB Power Kit to one lucky winner.

To enter, simply claim one or more options using the rafflecopter form below.  I’ll randomly select the lucky winner tomorrow.  I’ll send them an email to let them know, as well as update this post.   ASF Lighting Solutions will be shipping this prize to the winner, who is a resident of the US or Canada.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find Beam n Read / ASF Lightware Solutions at:


Lastly, don’t forget, Day #4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways comes tomorrow.


You can find prior posts for the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways at:

Countdown to Christmas – But First Comes 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

 Who is counting down the days till Christmas?  I hope to get you in the mood, with 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways which will start on December lst.


Are you wondering how this will work?  Very simple.  I have 12 fabulous sponsors who have donated amazing prizes that are still wrapped (aka a secret).  Each day, I’ll showcase a sponsor and reveal the prize.  You can enter to win a prize each day, but you’ll have to be quick, as you’ll only have one day to enter to win.  Mark your calendar, so that you don’t forget the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways starts December lst.  

Here is a lineup for the sponsors, showing the days that I’ll unwrap and reveal the prize they have generously donated.


Day 1 – Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio


Day 2 – Marjorie Busby of Blue Feather Quilt Studio


Day 3 – ASF Lightware Solutions/Beam N Read


Day 4 – Landauer Publishing


Day 5 – The Quilt Show


Day 6 – Fat Quarter Shop


Day 7 – Udderly Smooth/Redex


Day 8 – Island Batik


Day 9 – Aurifil


Day 10 – The Electric Quilt Company


Day 11 – The Fat Quarter Gypsy



Day 12 – Martingale



 note:  Many prizes will be open for International participants, but some will be open to US Only, or US/Canada winners due to postage expenses.  Rules will be reflected on each daily giveaway.


Here is a list of all of the posts for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways at:

Bee Creative Charity Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis – Winners

Time to Congratulate all the lucky winners of the Bee Creative Charity Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis.
bee creative charity fundraiser

Maureen Russell of Beautiful Embroidery Designs has an on-going program to help raise funds for CF, through sale of her Justin’s Magic Mandala Machine Embroidery Designs, as well as her collections (large and small) of PDF Mandala templates, that are perfect to use for free-motion quilting, doodling, coloring, and so much more.  For every purchase, Maureen will donate 100% of your purchase  CF Foundation.

March, QuiltShopGal hosted the Bee Creative Charity Fundraiser to benefit CF. This was made possible by the support of generous sponsors:    AurifilMartingale, Dragon Threads, ASF Lighting Solutions/Beam N Read, Fat Quarter Shop, Schiffer Publishing,  The Wooden Bear and Sweet Peas and Angels.

I certainly appreciate everyone that donated funds to help raise money for the CF Foundation.  Every dollar donated makes a difference.

Today, I am happy to announce the winners of the sponsored prizes.  All winners have been notified and prizes will be shipped shortly.

Sponsor Prize Winners

Fat Quarter Shop
Little Ruby Small Aurifil Thread Box Bonnie & Camille: includes 10 spools (220 yards each of Aurifil 50 wt Cotton Thread).fat quarter shop prize

The Fat Quarter Shop will ship this prize directly to one lucky winner, anywhere in the world.

Prize #1

winner – Angela G.

Schiffer Publishing Nature’s Mandalas9780764350641

Painterly Days


Winner (Nature’s Mandalas) – Marian P.

Winner: Painterly Days – Maryellen M.

Dragon Threads Color My Garden: An Adult Coloring Book,  by Jane SassamanPrintSmall Summer Birds Scarf, designed by Julie Paschlis

signed summer bird scarf

This sponsor will ship these prizes to the respective lucky winners in the US/Canada

 Prize #2 winner – Marian P.

Prize #3

winner – Maryellen M

fons and porter logoheader-logo.fw_ A bundle of Fons & Porter’s notions and book, with a estimated value of $75.This sponsor will ship the prize bundle to one lucky winner in US/Canada.


 Prize #4 winner – Marian P

ASF Lightware Solutions / Beam N Read Beam N Read personal lights are great tools for crafters.  One lucky winner will receive a BNR LED 6-3F6 LED beam n read  Prize #5


Marian P

The Wooden Bearfooter_logo_20150615091630 Five lucky winners will receive an A la Carte Pattern of their choice.standupquiltingstitches_20150627194446Five lucky winners will get to select a pattenlet of their choice.patternlet

US winners can select if they prefer a printed or electronic pattern.  International winners will receive electronic patterns.

 Prize #6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (Patterns a la Carte)



Maryellen M.

Marian P

Angela G

Laura P

Karin V.


Prize #11, 12, 13, 14, 15(Pattenlet)



Maryellen M.

Marian P

Angela G

Laura P

Karin V.

Auriful One lucky winner will receive a Mary Fons –  Wonder thread with 12 large spools collection.

Aurifil will kindly ship this prize WW


 Prize #16

winner –Karin V.

Martingale Striking Strip Quilts, by Kate Henderson

terrific T-Shirt Quilts

Learn to Paper Piece

I Love Log Cabins

Sew, Slice, Spin and Sash

These books will be shipped by QuiltShopGal.  As I do not have any funds available to ship internationally, nor Postage Angels supporters at this time, thus these prizes will be limited to US Only winners.

 Prize #17, 18, 29, 20, 21



Marian P. (I Love Log Cabins)
Maryellen M., (Learn to Paper Piece)
Laura P (Scrap Basket)
Sweet Peas and Angelssweet peas banner300x300 (300 x 300) $50 Gift  Certificate

Open for WW winners

 Prize #22 winner – Laura P

Note: With sponsor approval, prizes unclaimed within 10 days will be used as prizes in future events, hosted by QuiltShopGal.  Winners were capped on the number of prizes they could receive, based on the number of raffle tickets they purchased, regardless of how many times their name may have been randomly drawn.  Emails have been sent to all winners.


justin's mandala templates artwork



You can find Beautiful Embroidery Designs at:

bee creative every day

Quilter’s Favorites: Share and Learn and a Giveaway too!

Today SewCalGal is delighted to be participating in Geta Gramma’s (Geta’s Quilting Studio) Quilter’s Favorites.  There are many  bloggers that are linking up on Geta’s site, all sharing tips, tricks and tutorials, plus there are some giveaways along the way too.  I hope you will visit Geta’s blog and all the blogs that are participating in this event.  This is going to be a fun virtual quilting event where we all pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.  I’ve learned so much from Geta that I’m truly honored to be part of this event.

First, a little bit about me, as you may be visiting SewCalGal for the first time:  Those that follow me, know I rarely share personal insights.  To me, SewCalGal is all about designers, teachers, stores, events, products (aka those in the business).  I don’t get paid for writing about any of this, but for me researching and sharing insights helps me to learn.  And, I also hope to help others in sharing too!    When I write a review I always share my own opinion, good or bad.

My approach to quilting has changed over the years. I still primarily do charity quilting (most samples I create when reviewing a product and/or blogging are donated to various charities), but I’ve also realized that we all need to take time to learn new techniques.  It is important to not just become aware of a new technique, but to learn and master it.  The difference takes time, but has long term payback.  I just wish I had understood this when I first began to quilt, many years ago.

I now focus time on learning vs taking a class.  For example, I spent a year seeing if I could become halfway decent at free-motion quilting and I was quite impressed with what I learned and how much I now enjoy it.  Likewise, I’m now starting to work on my precision piecing skills, by way of reading tutorials on blogs, watching DVDs, taking classes, reading books and taking time to practice.  You’ll have to come back in a year to see if my piecing skills have improved!  If it takes longer, I’ll stick to my plan of focusing!  I’ve spent way too much time and money, in the past getting “exposed” and creating a lot of UFOs, so I’m not trying hard to master a technique before I move on to a new one.  

Favorite Tools:

My list of favorite tools is too large to list in this post, but for those that follow SewCalGal you’ll definitely hear about them.  I also like to try to stay on top of new products being introduced at Quilt Market, as well as throughout the year and share insights, as I can.  But, today, I wanted to share insights on a few that I think are some great basics (aka “musts”):

  • Beam N Read Personal Light are perfect for those doing handwork and need of extra light.  And definitely something to take with you when you travel and want to be able to read or do handwork.
  • Famore MicroFine Tweezers are something every quilter should have.  They are excellent for picking up small pieces of thread, ripping out free-motion quilting or other stitches, etc..

  • Striptube Ruler is an amazing ruler that is very handy make fast strip quilts, but can be used for a variety of designs.


  • Sewline Glue Pen is easier than pins when piecing.  Just lightly dab the glue pin to one block, at every spot that you would have placed a pin, then add the top block and finger press the seams.  Wait a few seconds and stitch.  Amazing how the seams line up so perfectly and no pins, no shifting, plus great for stacking sets and assembly sewing.

HPIM6609 copyHPIM6610 copyHPIM6612 copyHPIM6613 copyHPIM6614 copyHPIM6615 copy


  •  Josh Madison has a free CONVERT program you can download that is so easy to use to convert a variety of measurements.  I keep it on my desktop and frequently use it when I’m doing machine embroidery, as well as working with designs in metric.


  • When working with adhesive stabilizers  consider placing a sheet of freezer paper, shiny side down, on top of your ironing board.  It is an inexpensive way tol protect your ironing board cover.


  • I have a page on my blog labeled “My Favorite Tutorials” that have links to a variety of great tutorials.  But, I also  love how easy it is for quilters today, to be able to search the internet to find a tutorial to help them do just about anything that they are interested in.  Plus, many of us find tutorials on things we had never thought about doing, but want to!  Can you tell I love networking with quilters on the internet?  Possibilities are endless.

I do want to heighten awareness “freebies” should not be copies of purchased patterns, books, machine embroidery designs, etc. that are shared with friends or posted on blogs. This includes copies of tutorials and insights on blogs, where some copy and post on their blog, or print and distribute with others. Ask permission before sharing.  And remember professions, those that earn their living through their skills, are negatively impacted when you copy and give away their designs, tutorials, etc.  “Their” freebies might be sharable, but be professional and ask permission and recognize the source when you do so. This includes when you pin on Pinterest.  Our world of quilting is a wonderful world, thanks to those in the business who make it sew….but quilters need to adhere to good ethics to support those in the business, so let’s all try to remind each other of the importance for each of us to stitch with integrity!


SewCalGal definitely recommends to quilters of all levels to take classes, take classes, take classes.  Don’t ever stop trying to learn.  You may want to think about how you approach what classes.  For example, you may want to focus on basic quilting, or a style of quilting such as applique’.  As such, you may not want to take a class that the topic isn’t on your priority list.  For me, I’ve found that it has helped to minimize the UFOs that can happen when taking a class.  And, I don’t hesitate taking classes from a variety of teachers, on the same topic.  I enjoy taking classes at my local quilt shop (LQS), quilt shows that I can attend, as well as classes online.

Craftsy has definitely become a favorite source for me to take classes online.  They have a variety of topics, with great teachers and you can take the class at your leisure, as well as repeat is as often as you wish.  Plus the price is so darn reasonable and they have some great free classes too.  If you haven’t yet tried classes at Craftsy, I want to encourage you to give them a try soon!  I think you’ll enjoy it too!

Did I mention a Giveaway:

SewCalGal frequently hosts a sponsored Fun Friday Giveaway every week. And, as today I’m talking about Quilter’s Favorites, it seemed natural to host a giveaway sponsored by Hoffman California Fabrics!  

The Fun Friday Giveaway prize this week is a yummy Sushi Fabric bundle of Hoffman batiks, perfect for anyone that love batiks and wants to have a variety of fabrics for their projects.

HPIM6968 rounded
A Hoffman “Sushi” Bundle of fabric isn’t something you’ll find in your local quilt shop, nor will you find any two exactly alike.  Hoffman was kind enough to give SewCalGal a few of these yummy fabric bundles, which SewCalGal calls “Sushi” rolls.  You don’t have to like Sushi, but many will love these rolls.  Each are different and each are filled with yummy Hoffman Batiks and hand dyed fabrics.  And, SewCalGal is willing to ship this bundle to any follower, any place in the world.
HPIM6969 rounded copy

Want to enter to win this yummy Sushi Fabric Bundle?  Simply enter via this Rafflecopter form.  I know not everyone is comfortable with this form, but it has a plus of avoiding the “no reply blogger” feature with Google profile settings that frequently stop someone from winning, if they can’t be contacted via email thru their profile.  SewCalGal still encourages everyone to check their settings (click here for more info if you are not confident you are not a no reply blogger)

Please complete this Rafflecopter form to officially enter this giveaway

Hoffman California Fabrics
25792 Obrero Drive, Mission Viejo, CA 92691-3140


UPDATE:  The winner of this Hoffman “Sushi” Fabric Bundle is Diane.

Don’t forget to visit Geta’s Quilting Studio for the complete list of bloggers participating in Geta’s Quilting Favorites.  They’ll be linking up this week, sharing oods of tips, tricks and tutorials.  This is a great way to learn, have fun and win some yummy prizes along the way too!  

Lastly, SewCalGal is delighted to announce the winners of the Fun Friday Giveaway, from last week, sponsored by Fun Stitch Studio, an imprint from CT Publishing.  The three winners are:

Ohio Lori
Mary on Lake Pulaski
Gene Black

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Quilter’s Christmas Party – Door Prize Winners

SewCalGal wishes to thank the following Sponsors that have generously donated prizes for the Quilter’s Christmas Party:

ASF/Lightware Solutions/The Reading Light (Beam N Read), Kelly Jackson of I Have A Notion (IHAN), Island Batik,  Martingale
MyMemories American & Efird LLCSewEZI QuiltingLark CraftsCozy Quilt DesignsCraftsy, Judy Chain of Sew Fun QuiltsNew Leaf Stitches, Rebecca Goldsmith of  Piece O’ Cake, Ebony Love (Love Bug Studios) and Lily Patch Quilts.

Both the physical and the virtual Quilter’s Christmas Party were held on Sunday, December 9th.    Everyone that attended received a Door Prize Ticket just for coming.



Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light
A Beam N Read personal light donated by ASF Lightware Solutions

That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2013
Martingale - Sew Embellished! (Print version + eBook bundle)Sew Embellished!,Artistic Little Quilts, Personalized With Easy Techniques, by Chery Lynch
$10 Gift Certificate to SewEzi Quilting
A PDF purse pattern, of your choice, from LilyPatch Quilts

$25 Gift Certificate to

The Giving Quilt, donated by Cozy Quilt Shop

Clearly Perfect Angles donated by New Leaf Designs
Multiple Bali Crackers (10” X 10” squares – 40 squares) in Wildberry, from Hoffman California Fabrics
A class of your choice from
Multiple Fat Quarter Bundles of beautiful batiks and  hand-dyes from Hoffman California Fabrics
Multiple fat quarter bundles of military-themed fabrics for two different winners, from Hoffman California Fabrics
MyMemories software version 4.

The Giving Quilt, by Jennifer Chiaverini

Thread bundles donated by American & Efird LLC

Thread bundles donated by American & Efird LLC


Accent on Angles:  Easy Strip-Set Quilts, by Susan Purney Markis donated by Martingale

Kaleidoscope Paper Piecing: 10 Dynamic Quilt Designs, by Nancy Mahoney donated by Martingale

Simple Gifts for Dog Lovers, by Catherine Tough donated by Martingale
Make It Sew Modern: Gather, Twist, Pleat, Texture, by Vanessa Christenson of V and CO. donated by Martingale
Sewing Pottery By Machine, by Barbara Warholic  donated by Martingale

and there were more door prizes too!

Congratulations to the following winners of door prizes at the virtual and physical Quilter’s Christmas Party.

  1. Ann C.
  2. Barbara P.
  3. Barbara W.
  4. Becky R.
  5. Bobbie N.
  6. Bobbie Z.
  7. Bonnie C.
  8. Beth N.
  9. Carol I.
  10. Colleen
  11. Dana
  12. Heather B
  13. Helen H.
  14. Jane C.
  15. Janet M.
  16. Jeanne S.
  17. Judy S.
  18. June D.
  19. Kathie F.
  20. Linda T.
  21. Lindsey P.
  22. Lu Ann B.
  23. Lynn C.
  24. Lynn W.
  25. Marilynn W.
  26. Mary G.
  27. Mary S.
  28. Missy A.
  29. Nina Lise M.
  30. Nina-Marie
  31. Patty B.
  32. Rebecca J.
  33. Ruth J
  34. Sheila R.
  35. Shelly
  36. Susan G.
  37. Teresa
  38. Terrie S.

Those attending the physical Quilter’s Christmas Party and won a Door Prize have already received their prize.  For those that attending the Virtual Quilter’s Christmas Party winners of Door Prizes have received an email notice and SewCalGal is in the process of packaging prizes that should be shipped to winners tomorrow, December 19th.

Stay tuned, soon I’ll be announcing winners of the Raffle Prizes at this party.  And, I’ll be kicking off a virtual Silent Auction Fundraiser to benefit Operation Homefront too!

Thank you to everyone that helped to make the Quilter’s Christmas Party a fun event, to those that purchased raffle tickets (aka donated to Operation Homefront).  And, thank you to all of our generous sponsors.  I couldn’t have hosted this event without your help.


Welcome to the Quilter’s Christmas Party ***Updated after the Parties****

I’m delighted you are able to come to the Quilter’s Christmas Party today.  Everyone is welcome to come have fun at this party, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas.  Still, this is a Christmas Party.  You can get dressed up, or come in casual attire.  You may want to share tips, tutorials, inspiration, share insights on your favorite Christmas, holiday recipes, or what you plans are for this holiday season.  Or, simply pop by and see what everyone is doing.

As this is a virtual party, their are some pros & cons.  We may not all get together in the same place, at the exact same time, but we can still get together and have fun.  A linky is provided for bloggers and non-bloggers to use.  For those that link up today, you’ll get a door prize ticket to win fantastic door prizes.  There is also the option to buy raffle tickets to win raffle prizes and 100% of the funds will be donated to Operation Homefront.

While SewCalGal rarely shares personal insights, to start this party I thought I’d do a little introduction and share some holiday insights.  I just hope I don’t bore you, as I really don’t have a very exciting life.  Here are a few things you may not know about me:

How long have I been quilting? 40+ years

Favorite style of quilting?  No favorites  – love them all (applique, piecing, handpiecing and more recently free-motion quilting.

Favorite Christmas Memory ?  The year I received a new 3-speed bicycle, not a hand-me-down.  I crept out in the middle of the night, to find a fire in the fireplace, lights on the Christmas tree and a “tire”.  Confused, I went back to bed.  Later, there was a bicycle frame and a tire.  Later, the frame and two tires.  Eventually a completely assembled bicycle.  I never did spot Santa!

What do I most enjoy about the holidays?  Spending time with friends and family.  It can be as simple as time spent taking a walk on the beach, enjoying coffee, or sharing a meal.  “Time” shared is the best gift.

Do I give handmade gifts?  I love to receive handmade items, as well as give them.  This year I’ve been too busy to make many handmade gifts.  Well, I have made many charity gifts.  I’m currently working on making luggage tags for a number of friends, using a great tutorial that I found at I Have A Notion.   They are fast & fun to make and also make great stocking stuffers.

Ok, I shared a few insights about me.  I could spend more time sharing quilting tips, tutorial, or inspirational quilts, but as I’m also the host for this party, I think I’ll keep my part short.  Still, I hope you’ll share insights to help introduce yourself to others.  No need to answer questions that I covered, but share what you want to.  Some will be sharing tips, tutorials, insights on what they are doing for the holidays and inspirational projects.

For bloggers, it is pretty easy to write a post and add a link. Just be sure your post reflects you are participating in the Quilter’s Christmas Party with a link back to this post.

For non-bloggers, you have several ways you can link up and join this party.  Here are a few:

  • Upload a photo to any site that will allow you to add text and allow the photo to be shared publicly to anyone on the internet. This could be via Google Images, Photobucket, Flickr, etc..  Be sure your text shows that you are
  • Download free software from which will allow you to upload photos and add text. You can create a slideshow that you can get an url that you can add to the linky to enter.
  • Consider creating an MSWORD document or create aPDF that includes photos and text and uploading it to Google Drive (aka Google Docs) where you can also share it and get the link
  • Search the web, as there are many sites that will allow you to upload photos and create a text while also giving you the ability to share, by way of giving you an URL that you can add to the link.  You just need to make sure that the link is viewable by those that may not have access to that same forum (or program).
  • Be able to validate what you do is viewable, or you risk being removed.  Sorry, but we don’t have a techy available to walk you thru it today, but if you’ve linked up to prior linkys as a non-blogger you should probably be fine…otherwise do be sure to validate your link.  There will also be a red x next to your link that you can click on to edit your link, if you have problems.

Note:  As this Party is also a fundraiser for Operation Homefront, all prize winners will be asked to pay for postage of their respective prize(s).

Once you are “linked up” you’ll be given a Door Prize Ticket, where you’ll automatically be entered to win a door prize (assuming you meet the rules).  Note:  Deadline to purchase raffle tickets is Thursday, December 13th.

Be sure to read this entire post, before add a link.  And, check back as this post will be updated a couple of times.  SewCalGal is hosting this virtual party and a physical party in So. Cal. today.   I’ll be updating this post later today, to share insights on both parties.  I’ll update it again, in a few days, to announce the winners of the door prizes.  And, about December 15th, I’ll be given a report from Operation Homefront that will show donations with comments that reference “SewCalGal”, that essentially buy raffle tickets (more ways to get a raffle ticket listed below).  This post will be updated to announce raffle prize winners about December 16-20th.  And, a special post will be made at that time, with this post being updated to provide a link, to a special Silent Auction that will also benefit Operation Homefront. While it was originally planned to only have door prizes and raffle prizes, as more prizes have come in, we’ll also have a Silent Auction fundraiser in December. All will have great prizes.

SewCalGal wishes to thank the following Sponsors that have generously donated prizes for the Quilter’s Christmas Party:

ASF/Lightware Solutions/The Reading Light (Beam N Read), Kelly Jackson of I Have A Notion (IHAN), Island Batik,  Martingale
MyMemories,   American & Efird LLCSewEZI QuiltingLark CraftsCozy Quilt DesignsCraftsy, Judy Chain of Sew Fun QuiltsNew Leaf Stitches, Rebecca Goldsmith of  Piece O’ Cake, Ebony Love (Love Bug Studios),   Lily Patch Quilts and Sizzix.

Here are a few peaks at some of the prizes that may not be shown on the previously published list:

The Giving Quilt, by Jennifer Chiaverini

Beautiful bundles of fabrics and quilt kits from Hoffman California Fabrics.

Lovely threadpacks from American & Efird LLC.

Kelly Jackson (I Have A Notion) donated items for one of the Golden Ticket Gift Baskets.  And items from just about all the sponsors were used to create the other basket.  Both baskets are packed full of wonderful prizes and each exceed an estimated value of $200.

To see more info on Door Prizes and Raffle Prizes click here.  Don’t forget that more prizes have been donated and not all are currently reflected.  With luck, I’ll have them all updated by the end of day today.  But, I think you’ll agree their are many amazing prizes.

Win a Raffle Prize by donating a $1 or more to Operation Homefront.  Each $1 donation gets you an entry to win a Raffle Prize.   Note:  The last day to purchase raffle tickets is Thursday, December 13th.


Win one of two  Golden Ticket Prize Bundle by getting a Golden Ticket for every $10 you donate to Operation Homefront.


There are many ways you can donate to Operation Homefront:

Quilters that make cash donations to Operation Homefront can do so by visiting their website and submitting an online donation (click here).  Any amount is appreciated and can help to make a difference to a Military Family in need of special assistance. 

And, be sure to enter “SewCalGal” in the comments so that I can recognize your donation accordingly. Operation Homefront will provide SewCalGal with a list of donations that will be used to assign raffle tickets/Golden tickets for the drawing of prizes!

Operation Homefront will be providing a report that I’ll use to generate raffle tickets for each $1 donation and the winning raffle tickets will be randomly drawn and announced by mid-December.


Quilters that make cash donations to Operation Homefront can do so by visiting their website and submitting an online donation (click here).  Any amount is appreciated and can help to make a difference to a Military Family in need of special assistance. 

And, be sure to enter “SewCalGal” in the comments so that I can recognize your donation accordingly. Operation Homefront will provide SewCalGal with a list of donations that will be used to assign raffle tickets/Golden tickets for the drawing of prizes!

If you do not want to use the donation form on the Operation Homefront site you can also send me a check, made payable to Operation Homefront, or donate via my PayPal account and I’ll gladly give 100% of your donation to Operation Homefront. Again, any amount is appreciated.

You can also include the State in the comments, if you wish your donation funds to be used in a specific state, otherwise it will be used at the National level and allocated as they feel appropriate.

If you don’t want to use the online form you can send a check made payable to “Operation Homefront” to SewCalGal and your check will be given OH!

OR you can write a check to “Operation Homefront” and mail it to SewCalGal.  I will hand deliver it to a representative of Operation Homefront.

OR you can issue a PayPal transaction using  my mailing address  and specify funds are to be used for Operation Homefront, but please note this PayPal transaction will not qualify you for a tax deduction, whereas donations direct to Operation Homefront are tax deductible as it is a 501c3 non-profit program.   I will issue a check made payable to Operation Homefront for 100% of any donations received in this manner and deliver the check to a representative of Operation Homefront.

You may also be interested in seeing my original announcement post about the Quilter’s Christmas Party, where I share more insight on Operation Homefront.

Want extra entries for door prizes?

SewCalGal appreciates PR Angels.  If you posted a badge and/or a blog post prior to December 9th, please leave a comment on this post to let me know you did and share the link, for an extra entry for a door prize.  With your help, we’ll have more people come participate in this party. And, even better if more people buy raffle tickets (donate to Operation Homefront) for chances to win raffle prizes.  And, your help to increase awareness of the upcoming silent auction, to benefit Operation Homefront, is also greatly appreciated.  SewCalGal values PR Angels.  I couldn’t do what I do without your help and encouragement.

Visit all of the blogs and non-bloggers participating in this Christmas Party (linked up) and leave a thoughtful comment on their blog.  Come back here and leave a comment to claim this extra entry to let me know you helped to spread good holiday cheer and you’ll get an extra door prize entry!

Virtual Party Highlights:

Martha (Quilt to the Edge) shared a great tutorial to make really cute quilted coasters.

Nina Lise (Mrs Moen) shared a tutorial on how to make really cute pillow covers.  And, her post today (12/10) is for a giveaway where you could win one.  Her giveaway is open thru December 16th.

Terrie (Bits and Pieces) shared a tutorial to make really cute bookmarks.

Kelly Jackson (I Have A Notion) created captured on video some of the party participants dancing a fun jig.

And she also shared that she is donating a Beam N Read Light as an additional raffle prize. Thank you Kelly!
Beam and Read LED6 Deluxe Hands Free Light-

Dana (Stormy Days) shared a wonderful story that I hope everyone reads.  It is really what Christmas is all about!

Physical Party Highlights:

Insights on Operation Homefront:  Gayle Morelan, from Operation Homefront shared insights with everyone about this Nationwide program.  SewCalGal’s summary is that this program typically helps low-level enlisted soldiers and their families.  They work with various banks to help provide mortgage free homes where the need is great and funds can be raised to assist.  Typically, as wives are often in a location where they do not have friends or family to throw them a baby shower, group baby showers are frequently held where the wives are invited and given baby gift baskets and/or items appropriate for babies.  Many states, offer homes where a wounded soldier (and their family) can live as they exit the Military until such time they are well enough to get a job and find a place to live on their own.

The Operation Homefront also showcases emergency situations on the respective state website, where you can essentially help Military families with special needs.  For example, a Military family of a wounded veteran is struggling with finances to cover rent, after a death in the family has resulted in them taking on caring for two more children, expanding their family of 5 to 7.  While donations to Operation Homefront are always appreciated, they also share such insights where you can donate to directly help situations like this.

And, 94% of every dollar donated to Operation Homefront goes to needs defined in their Mission Statement.  To clarify, only 6% is used to cover rent of their warehouses, printing flyers, website maintenance, or other administrative costs.  Few non-profits are that efficient!

As they also are in need of toys, for a Christmas Party for kids of special needs Military family, many attending this party also brought toys to this party to donate to OH.

A few members of Champagne Quilters attended the party and shared insights.  This is not a quilt guild, but a group of quilters, that belong to various quilt guilds.  Monthly they meet to work on making baby gift baskets that are donated to women, about to have babies, when their spouse is off in a war zone.  More volunteers in every state are needed to help in this manner.  It might be a good opportunity for quilt guild’s, or individual quilters.  Anyone interested can contact their local Operation Homefront to drop off such donations.

And many attendees brought items to donate for these baby gift baskets.

Julie Herman (Jaybird Quilts) attended the party.  She recently moved from Philadelphia to Southern California and SewCalGal was delighted to have her attend.  She also generously helped to create fun at the party, by decorating the tables with oodles of quilt magazines and patterns, which attendees were allowed to take home for free.

Linda Nitzen of Sizzix gave an insightful demonstration of cutting fabric with the Sizzix Big Shot and Big Shot Pro.  Plus, we were all treated to a wonderful show of beautiful quilts, table toppers and wallhangings that had been made using Sizzix die cutting tools.   

Linda also donated a Sizzix Big Shot and dies that will be used to help raise funds for Operation Homefront, by way of a Silent Auction that will be announced by SewCalGal shortly.

SewCalGal also did a quick sharing of the Silhouette Cameo, SLICE Fabrique and the AccuQuilt GO!.

We had a yummy potluck lunch.

There were plenty of door prizes (oops, I forgot to take pictures of all the door prizes wrapped and under the Christmas tree).

Wonderful raffle prizes.

And the Grand Prize (aka Golden Ticket Prize) was definitely a prize everyone wanted.  Packed full of notions donated by Kelly Jackson (IHAN),  a Beam N Read Light, threads donated by American & Efird LLC, and multiple packs of beautiful fabrics donated by Hoffman California Fabrics!

Everyone at the physical Quilter’s Christmas Party and virtual party all had fun.  I’ll be sharing more insights, announcing the winners for the door and raffle prizes, as well as the winner of the Golden Ticket Prize (virtual party) the week of the 15th, as well as more info on the Silent Auction fundraiser for Operation Homefront.


Beam N Read’s Annual Pre-Holiday Giveaway

I’m excited to share insights you today about Beam N Read’s Personal Lights and their Annual Pre-Holiday Gift Giveaway.

I was introduced to Beam N Read by Kelly Jackson, the owner of I Have a Notion .  I’ve come to learn when Kelly recommends a product, I know I’m going to like it.   Before I share more about these cool lights,   for those that know Kelly, you may not know that she took a bad tumble at Quilt Market last week.  She broke a bone in her hand and will be going thru surgery today (Friday 11/2).  You probably know she has a great sense of humor, so I encouraged her to take a Beam N Read light to her surgeon (to make sure they can see), as well as some high quality “fine” quilting pins (to make sure they do a quality job pinning).   You may want to visit her blog, send her an email, or a card via snail mail.

Update:  Kelly’s surgery went well.  It probably helped that her surgeon wore a Beam-n-Read light!  You may want to check out her post-surgery post.

Ok, back to sharing insights on how I’ve come to join Kelly in wanting to give an honest recommendation for the Beam N Read Personal Lights…..

I’ve found that they are very handy to take with you when traveling and wanting to do some handwork in a car, airplane, boat or train.  In addition to helping me see while doing handwork they are also very helpful when reading a book.  They have a strap that makes it easy to wear around your neck, but you can also stand these up on top of your sewing machine, book case and other places, to add light when needed.

The new Beam N Read Personal lights have the ability to turn on all six LED lights or just three, which is really a great feature.  Helps to better adjust the strength of the light to your situation.  It also comes with large clip on color filters and magnifier, which can be very helpful.

One thing that I’ve found challenging when wearing Beam N Read Personal lights is that it is difficult to take a picture of yourself!  So, I recruited a few friends to help show you how they work.

{above} My friend El shows how she likes to use the light in 3 LED mode when she is quilting.

{above} Oreo likes to have all six LED lights on when he is reading.  And he really loves the new “Simply Fat Quarters” book by the Sew Emma Team too!
{above} Beaky likes how you can easily change the angles of the personal light, as well as the length of the neckstrap, to help adjust to your body.  Beaky will also share with her long nose that without the Beam N Read, regular lights just cast too much shadow onto her projects, for her to be able to see at night.  Thus, when she uses the Beam N Read, she doesn’t get any shadows on her project and has better visibility with her projects late at night.

{above} Woody also enjoys the angles as he tends to like to lay back when reading and the Beam N Read can easily be pointed upward to his book, to accommodate his preference for reading while on his back.

All my friends really like the Beam N Read as much as SewCalGal does too!  We also think the Beam N Read Personal Light would make a great Christmas gift too!  So, we are all delighted to participate in Beam N Read’s Annual Pre-Holiday Giveaway.

Did I mention a giveaway?

Thanks to Beam N Read, one lucky follower will receive their own Beam N Read Personal Light.    Public Followers can simply leave a comment on this post to let me know you are interested in winning your own personal light.  I’ll randomly select a winner and announce next Friday.  And, Beam N Read will l ship the prize directly to the respective winner.

I’m also happy to announce winners of recent giveaways.



I Hope you’ll mark your calendars to visit all of the delightful blogs participating in Beam N Read’s Annual Pre-Holiday Giveaway. You’ll find a variety of ideas on how they use their Personal Lights, as well as have more chances to win your own.

Scheduled Giveaways:

You can find Beam N Read reading lights in your local quilt shops.  If not, ask them to carry them and they can order wholesale thru ASF Lightware Solutions.  You can purchase online at ASF Lightware Solutions OR through Kelly at IHAN.

ASF Lightware Solutions


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales For Quilting, Sewing & Embroidery Enthusiasts

Like many of us, I love a good sale.  And, some of the best sales we can find are those for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  You may be a shopper that is willing to go out and fight the crowds, or one that wants to shop online.  Either way, today’s insights are focused on some super Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales for quilting, sewing & embroidery enthusiasts that you really should check out.  These opportunities do not happen very often and these businesses would appreciate your business too!

The Fat Quarter Shop

Black Friday Blowout:  Over 200 items 30-50% OFF for 3 days only!
Cyber Monday Sale:  25% off any order – 4 days only! Use coupon code: monday11. Offer expires at Midnight CST, Thursday, Dec 1st.     Terms: Coupon must be used online and can only be used once. Discount is not combinable with any other offer and is not applicable to clubs, programs or the purchase of gift certificates. Not applicable to previous orders.

Quilt in a Day has several products at amazing prices, including the best price I’ve ever seen for an AccuQuilt GO! Baby.  Plus, just about everything else in their store is 10% off.  Sale starts 2pm PST/5pm EST.

Day Style Designs Quilt Shop.
 all DIGITAL products are 50% off, starting Friday morning, November 25th

Martingale & Company, home of That Patchwork Place has an amazing Black Friday sale

Patsy Thompson Designs has a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale that starts 9am EST Friday and runs thru 11:59pm EST Monday. Everything in the store is 15% off retail price. For any retail purchase of $50, customer receives a free 6-pack of Sulky Solid Cotton Thread (retail value $34.14 – that means almost doubling the value of a purchase!)*** This is while supplies last, but we have a great supply of these thread packs! .For any retail purchase of $100 or more, customer receives the free thread above plus a $15 gift certificate toward merchandise in our online store.***
***a customer can receive the goods in #2 and #3 only once during this weekend celebration.

I Have A Notion

Free Shipping Sizzix Big Shot Pro and Sizzix Vagabond in the contigous US only.

Free Shipping (contigous US only) on Floriani Thread and Get Free Thread Too!
Buy 10 Spools Get 1 Spool Free
Buy 25 Spools Get 5 Spools Free
Buy 50 Spools Get 11 Spools Free
Buy 100 Spools Get 20 Spools Free AND a Free Sewing Machine Tote (shipping charged for the tote only) That is 249.00 in Free Sewing Notions!
Buy a Large, XL or XXL Tutto Machine on Wheels and Get a 50.00 Gift Certificate for a future purchase at IHAN.
Buy 4 Beam N Read 6 LED lights and get 1 free.
All other purchases over 100.00 get a free gift (value 15.00)

New Leaf Stitches

: The Clearly Perfect Angles and all patterns are 50% off. Anyone with a purchase of $50 or more will get their name in a drawing for a chance to win the new book, “Just around the Corner, Quilts with Easy Mitered Borders”. The sale will run from Friday thru Monday.

Just Around the Corner book cover

Quilted in Clay’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is for 20% off their beautiful jewelry. Yes, everything in their store – for all orders $40 or more. They also have their once a year free shipping order for all orders placed thru November 30th. Don’t forget you can order any of their designs as earrings, brooch, necklace, or as a set too!

Quilters Paradise is having a Black Friday sale that they are calling a Fab Sale (Fabric sale & Fabulous Sale). All merchandise is 25% off.
1451 Montiel Road Suite 140
Escondido, CA 92026

Sarah Vedeler Designs has a 20% off sale Friday thru Monday.  Just enter the code “Thanks2011” at checkout.  This is good for all CD and digital downloads, including the new “Jazzilicious” designs.

Wonderous Woven Fabrics has fabrics on sale for $4.99 per yard, or more. Nearly everything in the store is on sale. Patterns are on sale with the discount code “fall20” through 12/20/11.

Tranquility Quilts 40% off all fabric online and 30% off in store with an extra 10% for cash in store discount. Giving you a total of 40% off. All notions in store and online will be 25% off. Discount/last call fabric will be 50%. Beginning Friday November 26, 2011 through Sunday November 27, 2011

Silhouette has 30% off everything, excluding Cameo, download and giftcards.  Use Promo Code: Black   All shapes in the online store are $.50 each.

Martelli has a pre-Black Friday sale on Thursday, November 17th only.  This sale is on everything in their store, excluding: workstations/cutting tables, Janome sewing machines, XL cutting mats*, 45mm and 60mm right-hand rotary cutters*    Use the code: RL1115 at check out.
Moores Sewing  Is having an  After Thanksgiving sale: Store wide savings 20%-50% off. Also special incentives over and above our Holiday savings, All fabric, notions and software at the best prices of the year. Koala sewing studios at better then direct pricing. Special interest free payment plans available O.A.C. Holiday Hours 10-6pm Friday, 10 am – 5:30 pm Saturday, 1 pm – 5 pm Sunday Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm.  Holiday Buyers Guide: Special savings store wide thru  December 24th. 20% off  only valid for in stock items by using coupon code TURKEY2011 upon checkout from November 25th to 27th has a 75% off sale valid 11/23 thru 11/30 using code “SUPER75” at checkout. is offering an exclusive Black Friday deal for registered members only. The entire Craftsy class catalog is available at their lowest prices ever – up to 66% off! If you are not registered with Craftsy yet, sign up today so you do not miss out!”.  

AccuQuilt is starting their Black Friday sale early this week and lasting thru Cyber Monday.

ASF Lightware Solutions, creators of the Beam N Read Light, also have several sales post on Amazon:

Beam N Read LED 3 Hands Free Travel Reading Light:
MSRP $19.95, Sale: $16.95, ASIN: B000KPJ1PA
3 LEDs, includes batteries and red filter
Beam N Read LED 6 w4F Hands Free Night Vision Light with 4 Clip-on Color Filters
MSRP: $22.95, Sale: $18.95, ASIN: B001IQ3XX6
6 LEDs, includes 4 color filters (red, amber, green, blue)
Beam N Read LED 6 Hands Free Pilots Night Vision Light with 6 Red LEDs
MSRP: $19.95, Sale: $16.95, ASIN: B004761MGE
6 Red LEDs and a red filter (also very useful for astronomers)
Beam N Read Classic Hands Free Reading light
MSRP: $12.95, Sale $4.95, ASIN: B000BHORNI
Original incandescent bulb model, predecessor to the 3 LED light
For those living in Southern California:




Winner of the Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Gift Giveaway

Before I announce the winner of the Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Gift Giveaway, I want to take a moment to look at my counter for how many days left till Christmas arrives.  Oh my, it is coming faster than I thought. 

As mentioned in the post for this giveaway, Beam N Read wants to help you get ready for Christmas, which is why they launched the Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Gift Giveaway campaign, where SewCalGal is one of the participating blogs that was able to hold a giveaway for a Beam N Read light.  

While one lucky winner gets their very own Beam N Read to keep, or giveaway as a Christmas gift, Beam N Read (ASF Lightware Solutions)  hopes you’ll consider adding Beam N Read lights to your shopping list, and ultimately give some away as Christmas gifts. 

These lights are great for those that appreciate good lighting while they work on their hobbies, read books, etc..  Plus, the packaging size makes them perfect for stocking stuffers as well as economical gifts that you need to ship thru the mail.  Heck, I’ve heard Rudolph has ordered some Beam N Read lights  too!


Time to announce the winner.

And, lucky number 4 goes to Gene Black an Alabama Artist.  Congratulations Gene.

And, thank you to Bob of ASF Lightware Solutions for sponsoring the Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Gift Giveaway and allowing SewCalGal to be one of the participating blogs.  There are still a few blogs participating in this campaign that you can visit and enter their respective giveaways for more chances to win a Beam N Read light.  

Nov 7 to Nov 13 – Cotton and Chocolate         
Nov 7 to Nov 14 – Happy Cottage Quilter         
Nov 14 to Nov 20 – Patsy Thompson Designs   
Nov 14 to Nov 21 – I Have A Notion                   


For more information on Beam N Read lights, visit And, if you are looking for places to purchase this handy light you can order it via their site, as well as from Kelly of  “I Have a Notion”,
  Full Disclosure - Affiliates with QuiltShopGal