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Summer Camp: Creativity with Citrus Peel

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Summer Camp is all about creativity and having fun, for kids of all ages.  Today I want to share insights with you about using orange peels to create garland, jewelry, embellishments for greeting cards and gift wrapping.  Possibilities are endless!

This inspirational video tutorial was created by PBS Parents:

If you are on a MAC, or have problems viewing this embedded video, here is a link where you can watch it directly in Youtube:


I hope you enjoy it. And, of course I hope if you create any orange peel related creativity that you’ll share them in our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties. but the #SummerCamp linky parties are all about kids being creativity and this event is for them (also includes families being creative with their kids, or any adult being creative with any kid).

I hope you enjoy this creative project with your kids. 

Want to know how to join #SummerCamp?

Everyone is welcome to join #SummerCamp, but there have been a few changes due to lack of participation.  To clarify, we’d love to have you participate but we no longer have a linky party to join, nor will there be prizes awarded at the end of this event.  Participants are asked to share what they create on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and use the Hashtag #SummerCamp.

Here is a list of links to previous posts for our virtual #SummerCamp 

#CreativeGoodness Linky Party – April 24th

Creative Goodness at QuiltShopGal

~ Create ~ Share ~ Inspire ~ #CreativeGoodness ~

Welcome to another weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Party.  I’m certainly enjoying all the sharing of inspirational projects.  Last week, there were many inspirational projects that I hope you have a chance to click thru to visit the blog post and sharing in Flickr, as you may be delighted to learn more.  Here is one sharing that caught my attention and could have been easily overlooked, if you didn’t click thru:

Dana Gaffney (Stormy Days) opted to share a beautiful project for our optional theme for April (Pastels, Spring, Easter).  This quilt is just so sweet, it is easy to smile when you look at it.    I hope you click thru to visit Dana’s blog as she designs the majority of her projects and has a great eye for color and design.  While I’ve been trying to encourage her to take time to turn some of her designs into patterns for sale, sadly it hasn’t yet happened.  On the other hand, I’m hopeful if you take time to give her such encourage she may officially become a designer one day where we can purchase her patterns.



As always. our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties are open for any form of creativity that you want to share, so long as it is your own.  It is optional to share something for the theme of the month. Still, I ask that you review the guidelines first, which are listed below.

While not required, I do appreciate it when bloggers share a current post and encourage others to come share their creativity.  I also hope everyone will click thru and visit all of the entries, for more inspiration, as well as to check out the blogs that have shared, as they frequently have very creative blogs with oodles of #CreativeGoodness.

Monthly I randomly select five participants to receive “Surprise Prizes”, as my way of saying thank you for participating and sharing inspirational creativity, tips, and sometimes tutorials.  If you have received such a prize, it is up to you to decide if you want to disclose what that surprise was.  But maybe you’ll want to leave a comment on this post to share what you won.  Totally up to you.

Monthly “Optional” Themes:

– April: Pastels, Spring, Easter
– May: Blues, Greens, Creams, Flowers
– June: Whites, Brides,Weddings, Anniversaries, #KidfriendlyProjects,#SummerCamp
– July: Red, White and Blues (Patriotic), #KidfriendlyProjects, #SummerCamp
– August: Summer Colors, #KidfriendlyProjects, #SummerCamp
– September: Primatives, #FallGoodness
– October: Orange, Black, Purples
– November: Primatives, Browns and Blacks
– December: Holidays, Sweets, Blues, Silver, Reds, Greens, Whites, #GlitterGoodness


Sharing is quite flexible and open to Bloggers and non-Bloggers.

  • “>Sharing is limited to anything you have created, for any form of creativity.  Tips and tutorials are always appreciated, but not required when you share.  For now, I do ask that sharing exclude links to such things as patterns for sale, challenges, quilt-alongs, or other items where the person sharing may want help with PR.  If this is your situation, feel free to email me and discuss first, but there are other ways to pursue such PR and in many cases I’m happy to help.
  • “>Like non-Bloggers, Bloggers can share old things.  But, of course, I do appreciate those that take time to write new posts, as well as those that encourage others to come join these weekly parties.  As you can only share an old project one time, you’ll need to remember if you shared it previously.  Thus, sharing new blog posts is so much easier to know if you have previously shared (or not).  I do want to clarify, participants in other challenges (eg. 2015 FMQ Challenge) also have the option of sharing in these weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties, as appropriate.


  •  Non-bloggers can participate in weekly linky parties by using and uploading a photo of their projects to a Flickr group “CreativeGoodness.  They can upload as many photos as they want to share to this Flickr group, but they are only allowed to link 5 photos to the linky party (any weekly linky party). And, once they’ve lined a photo they can not share that link in future linky parties.  Links shared must also fit the weekly theme for the respective weekly linky party. Please only link to pictures you’ve uploaded to this group and not to other areas:   If you do not know how, please check the FAQ list.


  • “> When you join one of these linky parties, you automatically give me approval to snag a picture from your post, whereby I can share it in a future post with a link on my blog to highlight your project.  To clarify, periodically I will showcase a participant and their entry to help increase awareness and inspire others.


  • “>Winners of “surprise prizes” will receive an email.  If they do not wish to claim their prize, or they do not claim it within 5 days, their prize goes back into the “pool” for a future drawing.  Due to my schedule, no prizes will be awarded for June-July-August, but we’ll have a larger prize pool in the Fall that will include participants who shared during the summer months.
  • I reserve the right to remove your link without notifying you, if your link does not align with the objectives and guidelines of this event.  To clarify, links that don’t promote creativity and inspiration, links that are posts for PR purposes, etc., are at risk of being removed.

 A new linky party will be hosted on QuiltShopGal every Friday.  I hope you’ll come join the fun. Don’t forget that, while not required, I appreciate those that share the badge for this event and invite others to participate, as well as visit all the bloggers and non-bloggers that share in these weekly linky parties.

Email QuiltShopGal if you have questions at Darlene at quiltshopgal dot com.  Of course, I’d also like to hear any suggestions you may have too!

email address for quiltshopgal


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Here is a list of links to previous #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties:

Worldwide Quilting Day / International Quilting Day (weekend) Celebration

I’m celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day / International Quilting Day (weekend) by spending time this weekend quilting, watching episodes of TQS, doing some quilty shoping, as well as some much needed blog organization to catch up on behind the scenes blogging tasks (e.g shipping prizes, prepping for giveaways, prepping for the April FMQ Challenge,  etc.).  Of course, I’m hoping you’ll join me for some virtual celebration this weekend, as well as enter to win some prizes I’m hosting for sponsored giveaways.  I also want to share insights with you on some freebies, amazing sales, and irresistible giveaways too!


To kick this party off,FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS are always fun:

Urban Threads: for those that enjoy machine embroidery (or know someone who does), Urban Threads has a super cute FREE design:



The Quilt Show


The Quilt Show hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, will open all of its shows from the first nine series– shows 100-1513 –for the entire weekend. This means that, for three special days, everyone will have the chance to view over 200 shows, featuring some of the quilting world’s leading artists, for FREE. 

There are also many amazing prizes!

To join the fun at TQS this weekend click here:

Spring Sales:  There are many amazing sales this weekend.  Highlights can be found at Fingertip Shopping.  But I do want to heighten awareness that Martingale has a great Spring Sale on eBooks, as well as a sale on physical books and ePatterns.

Did I Mention I’m hosting a Sponsored Giveaway?

I’m hosting a giveaway for WW followers only and I’ll be randomly selecting winners late Sunday.

Thank you to Martingale for sponsoring this giveaway.

martingale logo  Here are the prizes:

An email will be sent to five lucky winners late Sunday to confirm they want to claim their prize. I’m a firm believer good karma flows to those that pass on claiming a prize they really do not want, and they will one day win some thing that they will want. These are physical books, which I will pay to ship to winners, thus I prefer to ship to a winner who really wants to win the specific prize and will be excited when it arrives!.  Winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize, or another name will be selected.

Want to win a prize?

While there are several ways to enter to win, you must be a blog follower that can be validated.  Must requirements to enter is one or more of the following options.

– BlogLuvin
– RSS/Email feeds

You can also sign up for either/both of the above options, but for RSS/Email feeds be sure to check your email (even your spam folder) as you’ll receive an email message where you’ll need to validate you signed up.

There are a variety of ways for extra options, including using the hashtag #CreativeGoodness by sharing one, or more photos, on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook showing what you are quilting this weekend.  Think of it as a #CreativeGoodness bomb on social media.  And sharing is a great way to join this virtual sew-cial and celebrate International Quilting Day / Worldwide Quilting Day (weekend).

To officially enter to win a prize, hosted by QuiltShopGal, please complete any/all the steps you want to claim using the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget to share photos of what you are working on this weekend using hashtag #CreativeGoodness on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Congratulations to the lucky winners.  An email has been sent to them to have them claim their prize.  This is who won which book:

Think Big: Sally
Country Elegance: Nancy H
Graphic Quilts: Lynn
Sew a Modern Home: Susan
Animal Parade: Karen A


You can find Martingale at:

The Sewing Party

US Residents are invited to join The Sewing Party “LIVE” on Saturday, November 8th.  This is the first ever all day DIY event in history!  Sewing and Crafting enthusiasts from all over the world will have a fun filled day of classes taught online by leading bloggers and educational experts.  Plus, the Party continues for 90 days after the event, as you’ll continue to have access to view ALL the classes (or re-watch your favorites!).

note:  The Sewing Party hopes to open up these parties, to world-wide participants, sometime in the future.  But, for the first event, they have limited it to US Residents only.

There are 30+ classes ALL available for a very reasonable fee that gets your admission to attend The Sewing Party on November 8th (and have access to all the classes for 90 days).

If you are on a MAC or have problems watching this embedded video, here is a link to watch it directly in Youtube:
Join “The Sewing Party” for the First Online-All-Day DIY Event in History
On Nov. 8, thousands will gather to participate in a fun-filled day of sewing and crafting classes;
Sponsors are Burda Style, Etsy, HUSQVARNA VIKING®, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, PFAFF® and SINGER®
La Vergne, Tenn. — On Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014, thousands of DIY-ers from across the nation will come together to participate in “The Sewing Party” – the first ever online-all-day sewing and crafting event in the US. Participants will enjoy a fun-filled day of immersing themselves in more than 30 interactive, fun and innovative classes taught online by leading bloggers, designers and educational experts.
“The Sewing Party” is about connecting, crafting and creating. Sponsored by Burda Style, Etsy, HUSQVARNA VIKING®, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, PFAFF® and SINGER®, classes will be available on the day of the event and for an additional 90 days; and will feature topics for every creative passion, such as home décor, fashion sewing, quilting, upcycling, and costume design, among others. Registration is $40 for the entire experience.
“We want to engage the next generation of sewers and crafters where they live, and that’s online,” says Katrina Helmkamp, CEO of SVP Worldwide, which spearheaded “The Sewing Party” and is the world’s largest consumer sewing machine company – source of the SINGER®, HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® sewing machine brands.
In recent years, the Do It Yourself (DIY) and Sew It Yourself (SIY) movements have not only taken the creative world by storm, but dramatically widened its size and scope – increasing the value and appeal of handmade crafts, customized projects and personal creativity as it attracts a new generation of sewers and crafters to the wonderful world of self-expression.
At “The Sewing Party,” you can pick and choose the classes that are right for you. Create “Throw Pillows with Pizzazz,” refresh your skills with “Sewing Machine Basics,” make a “Hand-Dyed Baby Rattle,” craft the perfect “Strips and Bricks Quilt,” learn “Bra Making with Madalynne,” or participate in all of the more than 30 classes for a full 90 days after the event.
One of the headline sponsors, Etsy, shared its strategy for and excitement about joining: “Etsy is a place for makers and creators to build independent businesses on their own terms, and we encourage aspiring creative entrepreneurs to explore our global marketplace,” said Kimm Alfonso, Manager of Seller Development at Etsy. “‘The Sewing Party’ celebrates all things DIY, and we’re joining to share tips for starting a shop, as well as inspiring stories of artisans and crafters who are making money selling their goods to shoppers from around the world.”
For just $40, participants can attend classes; chat with participants from across the country; interact with top bloggers and educational experts who are teaching; and explore the latest crafting and sewing tips, techniques and products in the virtual marketplace. Space is limited and likely to fill up fast. To see a full schedule of classes, read teacher biographies and register, visit
While all of the 30+ classes look interesting, here are a few highlights:
Also there are classes on Understanding Color Inside and Out, Throw Pillows with Pizazz,  Machine Embroidery Basics, Rob and the Zen of Machine Quilting and many more.  Visit The Sewing Party to see a complete list of classes, schedule for the party on Saturday, November 8th, and register for this fun event.  Don’t forget if you are busy on the 8th, there still is an amazing value to watch the recorded classes anytime in the 90 day window after the party.
SewCalGal views the Sewing Party to be an excellent opportunity for kids of all ages.  Consider making this party a family event!  Either way, it is an excellent value and will be a great way to learn, as well as have fun.  I’m certainly looking forward to it!
You can find The Sewing Party at:

Another Kid Friendly Craft Project with my Silhouette Cameo

I bought my Silhouette Cameo, several years ago, during a Black Friday Sale.  If you are not aware, SewCalGal researches and shares insights on steals and deals throughout the year, but my favorite is Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales where I’ll share insights on Fingertip Shopping.

Today I’m playing catch up, which includes picking winners on four sponsored giveaways hosted at SewCalGal during the It’s All About Kids blogging event last week.  There were 11 giveaways hosted on the participating blogs in this event, several still have open giveaways, including one sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop at Ivory Spring.

I thought I’d share another kid friendly craft project, perfect for kids of all ages, which I quickly and easily made with  my Silhouette Cameo.

I enjoy using my Cameo to cut fabrics, cardstock, metal, leather, plastic, vinyl and a variety of other materials for quilting, mixed media, machine applique’ embroidery and many other fun crafty projects.  I’m also excited to see the growing popularity of this cutter within the quilting, sewing and embroidery communities, where I now see many designers also releasing their designs with files that we can use to cut fabrics on the Silhouette.  While I will later strive to increase awareness of such designers, today I’m focusing on what is called a “print-n-cut” project.
Basically, the Print-N-Cut technique allows you to take a design file, print it on your printer, place that printout in your silhouette to cut the design you printed and then use that cutout on your quilt, t-shirt, greeting card, etc..  The possibilities are endless.
I’ve found this technique to work well when I print-n-cut using EQ Printables to make quilt labels, or photo silhouettes, applique shapes, etc..

While you can use your own photo or clipart, for this project I used one of thousands of fun designs that you can purchase from the Silhouette online store
Using the Silhouette software I sized the design for my project to get 3 shapes for a single piece of t-shirt transfer material.  I printed the t-shirt transfer and used cut out the shapes with my Silhouette.  Can you imagine how long it would have taken to cut these shapes by hand?  Too long to want to do this project for me!
It was easy to take these shapes and iron the transfer onto t-shirts, but the possibilities are endless.
This sweet design transferred to the t-shirts beautifully, even on the pink t-shirt.
Sweet.  And definitely a fun kid friendly project, or depending on the age, a fun family craft project.

Have you ever used t-shirt transfer paper to embellish a t-shirt or other items? If so, how did your experience go?  Any tips to share?  Do you have a favorite brand of printable t-shirt transfer material?

Seems like these could also make for fun Holiday gifts.  Which reminds me, the last monthly linky party to Make Handmade Gifts For Christmas will be hosted on SewCalGal November 15th to the 25th.  We’re getting down to the wire to be ready to give handmade gifts for the holidays.  Click the tab on my blog labeled “A Handmade Christmas Challenge” for more info, as well as links to the monthly challenges.  Everyone is invited to join and share any type of handmade project that they make for holiday gifts for the 2014 season.  Great way to find and share inspirational handmade gift ideas, as well as ideas for decorating your home for the holidays with handmade items.


It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event – Day 5

Welcome to Day 4 of the It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event.  Today, I want to talk about how much fun doodling can be and what a perfect crafty activity it can be for family craft time.  And doodling is more fun when you have a large selection of fun colors and great pens.  Thus, I’m delighted that BIC Mark It! is one of the sponsors for this blogging event and is giving away an amazing bundle of spectacular pens that can bring out the doodler in every kid!

BIC Mark It has a fun page on Facebook where they frequently share inspirational doodling and more.  They kindly agreed to allow me to share with you some of my favorite drawings on their page, which I find quite inspirational.

Doodle ideas for clothing.
Doodle ideas for nature.
Doodle sweet notes to stick in lunch boxes, or to give to friends and family.
Doodle inspiration pictures and words.
Doodle your imagination.
Just Doodle to have fun and create smiles.

The BIC Mark It comes in a Ultra Fine, Fine, Bold, Chisel and Retractable Fine points which you can find in collections of 5, 12, 36 or individual permanent marking pencil purchase on Amazon, Target, WalMart and various craft stores.  These pens can certainly be fun for kid friendly projects, but as they are permanent markers they are not appropriate for young kids.  Consider using with family craft times, where you have good parental supervision and judgement, if you have young children.

I love to doodle with these markers. They are fun to play with using a sketchbook and various papercrafts.  As the BIC Mark It is a permanent marker, it is also excellent to use on fabrics.  But, for a kid friendly project this week I used some plain greeting cards from Michaels and ran them thru my eBosser using embossing folders.

Then it was great fun to use the BIC Mark It pens to color these greeting cards and they also make for fun kid friendly projects!

It has also been fun to doodle with these markers on plain cardstock, as well as fabric.  Later, I’ll share with you some fun projects with fabric and these permanent markets, to make gifts.

Did I mention a Giveaway ?

BIC Mark It is a sponsor for the  “It’s All About The Kids” blogging event, this week,  and they have donated a set of 36 Colorpermanent markers and a set of 8 Metallic markers.

If you are interested in winning these beautiful BIC Mark It pens, please enter by using the Rafflecopter form below, after you have read the rules underneath.   And, for those that are on Facebook you an get an extra entry if you like BIC Market It‘s page, which I highly recommend. As mentioned it is a super fun page full of inspiration and tips.  And, for those of you that take time to visit all the blogs participating in this blogging event and leave a thoughtful comment on the respective blog posts, you can also claim an extra entry for each blog you’ve visited in the hop this week!.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules for this giveaway:
1) This giveaway is open to followers of SewCalGal that reside in the US.  The sponsor will ship a copy of this prize directly to the lucky winner.
2) Followers are asked to complete the rafflecopter form, which will be used to randomly select a winner on Sunday, November 2nd.  SewCalGal will notify the lucky winner via email and this post will also be updated to announce the winner, once they are notified.

Don’t forget several blogging friends are joining me this week, to help share insights on kid friendly projects.  Here is the schedule and links to all the participating blogs.  You’ll also find some great giveaways in this hop, but most importantly we all hope to inspire others to help provide opportunities and encouragement to help kids find their creative side and the joy of being crafty.

Monday, October 27th 

SewCalGal – Event kick off

Tuesday, October 28th 


Wednesday, October 29th


Thursday, October 30th

I Have A Notion

Friday, October 31st


Wendy Sheppard/Ivory Spring 

If you are a blogger or non-blogger and would like to join the fun and share insights on projects suitable for kids, tips, or tutorials, as appropriate, you are also welcome to join the fun and add a link to the linky below.  Non-bloggers can upload photos in a Flickr group called “It’s All About The Kids”. An InLinkz Link-up 

You can find Bic Mark It at:



It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event – Day 3 – Free Kid Friendly Patterns From The Fat Quarter Shop

Welcome to Day 3 of the It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event.  Today, I want to share a  sewing project with you that is kid friendly, as well as some free kid-friendly patterns from the Fat Quarter Shop who is also a sponsor for this blogging event and is giving away several gift certificates too!

The Fat Quarter Shop team has written an easy  to follow “pocket N pies” pattern that you can download in PDF format.    FQS has shared that this design would be appropriate for age 7 and up.
And they have also created a very helpful youtube video tutorial:

For those that have problems watching this embedded video, or are using a MAC, here is a direct link to view it on Youtube:

In addition to the pocket and pies apron being a great kid friendly sewing project, an excellent apron for in the kitchen, it is also an excellent apron to wear when doing messy craft projects.  And, I found some cute fabric, to compliment the towel.  And there was enough fabric left over that I can make a matching  pencil roll up.

The Fat Quarter Shop has many free projects with video tutorials, and here are a few that kid friendly projects that would be great fun:

Kitchen Towel:
Coffee Koozie:

And definitely check out the fun Makin It Cute templates at the Fat Quarter Shop, from Me and My Sister Designs. You can make sweet 3D embellishments that you can use to decorate with, or use as an applique’ on bags, towels and more.  The possibilities are endless and it makes for a great kid friendly and/or family craft night project.

Makin It Cute:

In 2014 Kimberly and the Fat Quarter Shop team hosted a super fun quilt-along to help raise funds for Make-A-Wish.  Their goal was to raise $10k and to help them reach their goal, their Wishes Quilt is now at auction.  ONLINE bidding closes November 30th.

You may wish to check out this online auction and place a bid, or maybe you can be a PR Angel and help FQS raise funds for Make-A-Wish by increasing awareness of this auction with all of your quilty, as well as non-quilty friends.  The url for the auction is:

Did I mention a Giveaway ?

Fat Quarter Shop has sponsored the “It’s All About The Kids” blogging event and generously donated six $25 gift certificates.  You’ll find the giveaways for these certificates on various blogs participating in this event this week.  And, followers of SewCalGal can use the rafflecopter form below to enter to win one of these $25 gift certificates.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will use the random number generator to select one lucky winner, any place in the world, on Sunday, November 2nd.  The winner will be announced on this post and I will also send them an email to notify them.

Don’t forget several blogging friends are joining me this week, to help share insights on kid friendly projects.  Here is the schedule and links to all the participating blogs.  You’ll also find some great giveaways in this hop, including six giveaways sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop for gift certificates.

Monday, October 27th

SewCalGal – Event kick off

Tuesday, October 28th


Wednesday, October 29th


Thursday, October 30th

I Have A Notion  

Friday, October 31st

Jacquelynne Steves, The Art of Home

Wendy Sheppard/Ivory Spring 

If you are a blogger or non-blogger and would like to join the fun and share insights on projects suitable for kids, tips, or tutorials, as appropriate, you are also welcome to join the fun and add a link to the linky below.  Non-bloggers can upload photos in a Flickr group called “It’s All About The Kids”. An InLinkz Link-up

You can find the Fat Quarter Shop at:


It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event – Day 2 – Graduating from Sticky University

Welcome to Day 2 of the It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event.  Today, I want to share a fun papercrafting project, which also works well with some baked goods (e.g. cookies), but also many other treats and handmade items.  And, I also want to share insights with you about Sticky University, as well as encourage you to visit blogs that are sharing a variety of kid friendly crafty projects this week.  After all, it really is all about the kids…..

Tombow is all about crafty goodness with many kid friendly products to help kids of all ages create and have fun.  SewCalGal has been a fan of Tombow for many years and sincerely recommends their products.  You may also recall SewCalGal was a participant in the 100 days of Tombow Campaign, where Tombow celebrated 100 years in the crafting business, by raising money for the Council of Art Education.

Recently SewCalGal was asked to participate in Sticky University, where Tombow was seeking crafty bloggers to create using their new “Xtreme Adhesive“.  Participants receive a  “Sticky U Starter Kit”, which contains a free sample of Xtreme Adhesive, a Sticky U certificate and a Sticky U t-shirt and mentions on the 
 Tombow USA Blog, the Sticky U Pinterest Board, Tombow’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.  And, for this blogging event, Tombow will giveaway 3 opportunities for bloggers in the US/Canada to join Sticky University and receive a Sticky U Starter Kit for you to create with too!  

While working on my certificate from Sticky University, SewCalGal put Xtreme Permanent Adhesive thru many tests with variety of crafty projects where I used paper,embossed metals, plastic, yarn, ribbons,buttons and fabric.
 I found Xtreme Permanent Adhesive to be the strongest adhesive in a  dispenser that I’ve ever used, making it one of my new favorite crafty products.  
As this adhesive comes in an easy to use dispenser, is non-toxic, acid-free and comes in a refillable dispenser, I’m confident it is also a kid friendly product.  SewCalGal recommends this product for 10+ ages, but it would also make an excellent product for family craft nights with parental supervision.
Of all the projects I created, my favorite kid friendly project was to use my Silhouette Cameo
to cut a bag from cardstock with an acorn motif, using Silhouette’s design #48175.
My “kid” volunteer helped to make these bags, as well as the Snickerdoodle cookies that we placed inside to give to neighbors.
We had fun baking Snickerdoodles, while the Silhouette cut out the acorn boxes.
It cut two boxes per 12″x12″ sheet of Fall colored card stock paper.
We lightly folded the box into shape.
And we rolled the Xtreme Adhesive dispenser on the tabs, to apply the adhesive.
And we lightly pressed the tabs with adhesive to the appropriate sides of the box.
And quite quickly, we had a very cute box ready to fill with treats!
And here is a photo showing a 3D box where I used Xtreme Adhesive to stick some beautiful handmade clay buttons from South Africa, from  Button Mad (Incomparable Buttons).  The buttons stuck easily, without me worrying about them falling off, yet the recipient of such a box could easily remove them from the paper box, to use these sweet buttons on clothing or other craft projects, in the future.  
While I’ve made 3D boxes many times before I found that when I filled them with odd shapes, or heavy items, the seams of the box would sometimes open up as the adhesive wasn’t strong enough.  With Xtreme Adhesive we didn’t have a single box to open up, even when we moved the filled boxes around and delivering them to neighbors!
Tombow also created a short Youtube video that provides a great overview of this new adhesive:

If you are using a MAC or having problems watching this embedded video, here is a link where you can watch it directly in youtube:

Also, Tombow has created a glue guide pdf that provides a great comparison of Xtreme Adhesive to other sticky products (glue tape, liquid glues, glue sticks, and tabs) which is a very handy reference tool when considering which product you may want to use to sticking various materials together.

Don’t forget several blogging friends are joining me this week, to help share insights on kid friendly projects.  Here is the schedule and links to all the participating blogs.  Some will also be hosting giveaways on their blogs too!

Monday, October 27th


Tuesday, October 28th

Wednesday, October 29th


Thursday, October 30th


Friday, October 31st

Jacquelynne Steves, The Art of Home

Wendy Sheppard/Ivory Spring


If you are a blogger or non-blogger and would like to join the fun and share insights on projects suitable for kids, tips, or tutorials, as appropriate, you are also welcome to join the fun and add a link to the linky below.  Non-bloggers can upload photos in a Flickr group called “It’s All About The Kids”.


Did I Mention A Giveaway?

This is a giveaway for bloggers that want to join Sticky University, where Tombow wants crafty bloggers to create using their new “Xtreme Adhesive“.  Three lucky winners will  receive a  “Sticky U Starter Kit”, which contains a free sample of Xtreme Adhesive, a Sticky U certificate and a Sticky U t-shirt and mentions on the 
 Tombow USA Blog, the Sticky U Pinterest BoardTombow’s Facebook page and YouTube channel

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules for this giveaway:

1) You must be a blogger that enjoys crafty goodness and want to participate in the Tombow Sticky University program, whereby you will later blog what you create and provide your honest feedback about Xtreme Adhesive.
2) You must reside in the US or Canada.
3)  Winners will be randomly selected, using the random number generator within the Rafflecopter tool and announced on this post Sunday, November 2nd


You can find Tombow at:


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