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Stencil and Sew A Make-up Bag

Today I want to share insights about a new class “Stencil and Sew A Makeup Bag”, by Anna Joyce, available at Creativebug, which I think is a fun creative class perfect for almost all levels of creative individuals and ages.  Definitely a perfect class that could be #kidfriendly for mature kids, possibly assisted by an adult depending on their age.  

During this class, Anna teaches you how to create a stencil, how to stencil on canvas, basic sewing skills, working with leather type products, how to box corners, as well as a super easy way to sew a zipper.


About Anna Joyce

Textile artist Anna Joyce’s design process is intuitive, relaxed, and rooted in the belief that we should live with color and pattern every day. Inspired by vintage fabric, folk art, shapes in nature, and exciting new color combinations, Joyce’s distinctive style showcases the mark of the artist’s hand.

Her work has been featured in print in Real SimpleAnthology, and Lucky magazines, and online on Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, and sfgirlbybay. She sells her work online at, and in shops around the world.

Anna’s first book on handprinting and painting patterns, Stamp Stencil Paint was published in September, 2015 by STC Craft.



This class showcases a super cute stenciled zipper pouch project that is perfect for all levels of creative individuals.  Also makes a great gift.

Also, this class and project would make for a fun project for kids that you want to introduce to stenciling and sewing.  Anna does a great job going over every step of the process:

  • great overview of the supplies and tools, as well as how they will be used
  • how to prepare and cut a stencil manually (but for those that have electronic cutters, or die cutting machines, you could also use techniques in this class to create stencils using your modern tools).
  • tips for working with leather type fabrics
  • easy approach for installing a zipper
  • the downloadable PDF with provides a list of supplies and the stencil for this project, although you could easily adapt almost any design you wish to stencil, but for newbies, I do recommend you first try stenciling using the design provided in this class.

zipper bag

Creativebug provides many options to view this class:

  • subscribers can purchase membership by month or year and during your subscription you get access to view all past, current and future video classes that are released during your subscription.  You also get to archive for future viewing, 1 class per month of your subscription to view anytime after your subscription has expired.  For example, if you have a year membership, you get to pick and save 12 classes to watch over and over again, forever!
  • purchase a class. To clarify, non-subscribers can purchase specific classes that they are interested in.  Note: I truly think there is greater value to subscribers, but for some this option may be appropriate.

You can find Creativebug at:

Facebook: http://on.fb.e/1Ai7nTg

You can find Anna Joyce at:

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Creating Color Palettes with Anna Maria Horner

Today I want to share insights about a way you can learn/improve your comfort and skills for working with color.  Creativebug has a new class “Creating Color Palettes“, with Anna Maria Horner.



Expert bag maker and pattern designer, Nicole Mallalieu, shares an array of unique tips and tricks to construct your new favorite weekend-away bag. Featuring copious straps, clasps, and pockets, this roomy bag can be customized using a combination of your favorite fabrics. Although it is highly detailed and includes many steps, Nicole’s expert knowledge and extensive teaching experience will give sewists the confidence to make this skill-building bag step by step.

Learn how to:
  • Block fuse and cut fabric accurately and efficiently
  • Make and attach a four-fold bag strap
  • Make and insert an outside zipper pocket to a bag
  • Attach O-rings and snap hooks to a four-fold strap
  • Make and insert bag lining with custom-sized slot pockets
  • Make a steady bag base and insert purse feet
  • Insert a zipper closure to the top of a bag
  • Make and attach an adjustable four-fold shoulder strap using a slider




I’ll confess I’m color challenged, so you should consider this when reading my review.  It is not easy for me to select fabrics and feel I end up with a quilt that has beautiful fabrics.  I’m safe when I make a Hawaiian applique’ quilt (it typically only uses 2 fabrics), but all too often I’ve finished a quilt and wish I had used different colors/fabrics.  Thus, I’m off to research ways to learn/improve our ability to select colors and prints. My approach will be similar to that which I used for learning free-motion quilting (not that I’m an expert).  But I pursued taking every class, reading every blog post and book, as well as practice, practice, practice, to see if I could learn a raindrop of knowledge.  

For those that may not be familiar with Creativebug, there are several opti,  for you to watch this class: 1) You can purchase and download this class as a standalone class, 2) you can subscribe to be a member of Creativebug, for a month, where you get access to all past classes and anything released for that month, or 3) you can purchase a yearly subscription, for a reasonable rate, where you get access to all past classes, as well as classes released during your subscription and you can save 12 classes to your library, to view anytime after your membership expires.

Anna Marie shares her super fun color game, which is a great way to learn to play with color.  Her approach to learning and playing with color is easy to embrace and learn.  Absolute a great class that I am confident I’ll enjoy repeating again and again, yet I’m sure those with more color savvy would enjoy and learn, yet only need to watch one time.

You can find Creativebug at:

Facebook: http://on.fb.e/1Ai7nTg

You can find Anna Marie Horner at:

The Quilt Show – Episode #1808 with Sue and Ashley Nickels / Roderick Kiracofe


Episode #1808 on The Quilt Show, Featuring: Sue Nickels & Ashley Nickels / Roderick Kiracofe packed with tips, tricks, great insights, and plenty of inspiration.  And, of course, open for viewing to all Star Members any time they wish to view it, as well as watch again and again.   

UPDATE:  I originally thought I had spotted a notice that showed this show was open for free viewing, for anyone, thru the 24th.  But this must have been my error.  My apologies.  If you are not a Star Member, I hope this will get you thinking about becoming a member which gets you Full Access 24/7 to all Shows, Classrooms, Online DVDs, and Exclusive Patterns on all your devices. It’s like Netflix for Quilters

Sue Nickels is a very talented quilter, free-motion quilting expert, author and teacher.  AS this is her 3rd time on TQS, I’d encourage you to take time to watch this new episode, as well as watch episodes  #1201 (ABC’s of Award Winning Quilted Feathers)  and #402 (Quilting to Perfection).  Sue often finds inspiration in quilts from the 1800’s, where she enjoys wholecloth quilting, as well as creating stunning machine applique quilts, often with vibrant colors.

modern state of mind by Sue Nickels

In this current episode we get introduced to Sue’s daughter Ashley Nichols, who has been sewing for years, but became an avid quilter after recently attending QuiltCon, where she fell in love with modern quilting.  She enjoys gridwork quilts combined with beautiful free-motion quilting with designs inspired by “gates” where she lives in San Francisco.

Here is a behind the scenes interview where TQS talks to Sue and Ashley, about their different quilting styles and the possibility of a collaborative project in the future.


While Sue and Ashley have different quilting styles, they are both highly talented quilters.  I hope you get a chance to watch episode #1808 on TQS, as I think you’ll enjoy learning more about them, as well as learning a few tricks along the way, as well as enjoy all the inspirational projects that are showed in this episode:  Chapters for this episode cover:

  1. Ricky interviews Sue & Ashley as they each talk about how they have there own techniques on quilting

sue nickels and ashley nickels

  1. Sue talks about how she loves her 1800 patterns to transform into her flower garden borders
  2. Ashley Nickels, is new to quilting, and found her niche after attending QuiltCon
  3. Sue demonstrates how she applies the finishing touches to her “bird” applique with her fancy stitches

sue nickels on TQS sharing how to create fabulous borders


An absolutely wonderful episode, packed with great tips and inspiration.  I found it delightful to learn more about the people in this episode.  And I also thoroughly enjoyed learning great tips and tricks for designing applique borders (and strippy quilts), working with fusible applique, and an amazing tip for creating an applique eye of a bird.  Too cute.

I also learned about the Holly Girls Quilt Retreats in Michigan, where Sue Nickels and her sister Pat Holly host quilt retreats in Northern Michigan.  These retreats sound like great fun and certainly have two amazing award winning quilters teaching at these retreats, which makes it a exception opportunity to learn from experts, as well as have fun.  I’ve now added this to my quilting “Bucket List”.

free motion quilting by sue nickels

Ashley shares inspirational  tips to find inspiration for FMQ, plan out your free-motion quilting using a photo of her quilt and free software (adobe draw or Sketchbook) on her tablet.   I was amazed in the FMQ detail she creates without marking her quilts.

ashley nickels on TQS sharing how she finds inspiration for free-motion quilting

Roderick Kiracofe, an Author, Collector, Artist and Consultant (aka amazing man) shares many quilts and quilt tops in his collection (over 300 quilts and over 100 tops) and talks about his career publishing magazines and books about historic quilts.  He sounds like an absolutely wonderful man that is very talented.


You can find The Quilt Show at:

You can find Sue Nickels at:

A photo posted by Sue Nickels (@nickquilt) on

Here is a list of Sue and Ashley’s classes on Creative Bug:


Machine Quilting Basics
Quilt Finishing and Binding 
Raw Edge Applique 
Advanced FMQ 

Sue & Ashley:

Mother Daughter Quilting – Making Modern and Traditional Quilts 


Sew a reversible sun hat 
Sew a yoga mat
How to make binding tape 
How to attach binding tape
How to sew Mitred Corners
How to sew Pot Holders 
How to Chain Piece Fabric
How to Stitch in the Ditch 
Perfectly Pixelated Jelly Roll Quilt
Quilted Jelly Roll Baby Bibs 

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