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#CreativeGoodness – Rangoli – an Indian Folk Art

Are you familiar with Rangoli – an Indian Folk Art ?  I find it to be an interesting art form that is inspirational.  Have you been lucky enough to visit India and see this Folk Art being made?

Wikipedia desribes: Rangoli as an art form from India in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. It is usually made during Diwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals. Designs are passed from one generation to the next, keeping both the art form and the tradition alive.

I found this Youtube video to capture the beauty of this art, as well as share a little pespective on how it is made.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and finding time to enjoy and create.

QuiltCon 2016 – EIDOS Quilt Pattern

While at QuiltCon 2016 I was dazzled by a quilt that was designd by Agatha June, pieced by @dontcallmebetsy and quilted by @gina_pina.  Some lucky attendee won this quilt, but I’m not sure whom.    But this EIDOS Quilt Pattern is available for purchase from the MQG.



I loved the overall design, the colors, the strong angles in the quilting, that complimented the overall design.20160221_123844

I was drawn back to look and admire this quilt many times.20160221_123848

I found this quilt to be refreshing.


Definitely a quilt packed with #CreativeGoodness

You can find the Modern Quilt Guild at:

What do you think about this Modern Quilt?  


I hope you’ll have a chance to attend QuiltCon 2017





DIY Cat Tent

5 Minute Crafts created a video tutorial to make an adorable Cat Tent.  Seems like a great kid or family project for summer #CreativeGoodness that would be purrfect for anyone with a cat, or to make to give to someone that has a cat.  And, I bet your local Animal Shelter would also appreciate those that are willing to make these and donate to their shelter cats, that are in need of a fur-ever home.

If you have problems viewing this embedded video, here is a link to watch it directly in Youtube:

I also want to remind everyone that the Pets on Quilts Show, hosted by Jacque of Lily Pad Quilting, will be held mid August.  This is a great time to pull out your camera to get pictures of your pets on your quilts, or make a pet theme quilt to enter.  Of course, if you make a DIY Cat Tent, I’d also love to see a photo too.  Feel free to post it on my Facebook page at

Pets on Quilts 2016


 You can find 5 Minute Crafts at:


You can find Lily Pad Quilting at:

Wooden Toolbox Idea

While attending a workshop, awhile back, a fellow student had a beautiful handmade wooden toolbox that caught my attention. Her nephew had made this box for her to carry her tools to class, as well as store tools at home.  There were groves inside of the box, on three sides, allowing the ruler to slide making a top of the box. 

2015-03-08 16.49.28

I imagine this could be made for any size ruler, any size box, depending on your interest.  But it really was a beautiful handmade box.2015-03-08 16.49.30

Maybe you have a handy husband, family member, or friend who could make one for you.  I’m definitely going to research to see if I can find someone willing to take orders for such boxes and I’ll update this post, once I’ve found such a person.


My Favorite Tutorials: Chicken Pin Cushion

I originally learned about these Chicken Pin Cushions from Cindy Needham, several years ago,  as a guild she belongs to was making and selling them as a guild fundraiser.  Of course, I bought a “flock”, as they were so cute and for a great cause.

I was delighted when I saw this tutorial by Jenny Doan, of the Missouri Quilt Company, and knew instantly that I wanted to share it with you, as one of My Favorite Tutorials.

If you are using a MAC, or have problems viewing this embedded video, here is a link where you can watch this video directly in Youtube:

You can find Jenny and the Missouri Star Quilt Company at:

#CreativeGoodness With Modern Quilting And Free-Motion Quilting

While at QuiltCon West 2016, this past February, this stunning quilt, by Cheryl Brady, of Kansas City, Missouri, caught my attention:



Stunning quilt with inspirational free-motion quilting.


An interesting variety of quilting motifs, creating a feeling of movement.


And each design plays well with the others, as well as the pieced design.


I hope you enjoy seeing Cheryl’s quilt as much as I did.



You can find the QuiltCon at:




#CreativeGoodness – Re-Purposing

I love ideas for re-purposing.  I spotted this youtube video that shows how to take the cap of an empty plastic bottle to use for sealing a plastic bag.  And I wanted to share it with you today.  I hope you also find it helpful.  

If you are on a MAC or have problems viewing this embedded video, you can click this link to watch this video directly in Youtube:

The possibilities for using this bottle cap and a plastic bag are endless and I’m curious how you might use it.  Here are a few of my ideas:

storing buttons,
snacks to take to a quilting retreat,school lunches, etc.
storage of products that came in large containers, which take up space, but you may only have a small amount left (e.g. laundry soap)

What ideas do you have for using this approach for storage?

Creating Color Palettes with Anna Maria Horner

Today I want to share insights about a way you can learn/improve your comfort and skills for working with color.  Creativebug has a new class “Creating Color Palettes“, with Anna Maria Horner.



Expert bag maker and pattern designer, Nicole Mallalieu, shares an array of unique tips and tricks to construct your new favorite weekend-away bag. Featuring copious straps, clasps, and pockets, this roomy bag can be customized using a combination of your favorite fabrics. Although it is highly detailed and includes many steps, Nicole’s expert knowledge and extensive teaching experience will give sewists the confidence to make this skill-building bag step by step.

Learn how to:
  • Block fuse and cut fabric accurately and efficiently
  • Make and attach a four-fold bag strap
  • Make and insert an outside zipper pocket to a bag
  • Attach O-rings and snap hooks to a four-fold strap
  • Make and insert bag lining with custom-sized slot pockets
  • Make a steady bag base and insert purse feet
  • Insert a zipper closure to the top of a bag
  • Make and attach an adjustable four-fold shoulder strap using a slider




I’ll confess I’m color challenged, so you should consider this when reading my review.  It is not easy for me to select fabrics and feel I end up with a quilt that has beautiful fabrics.  I’m safe when I make a Hawaiian applique’ quilt (it typically only uses 2 fabrics), but all too often I’ve finished a quilt and wish I had used different colors/fabrics.  Thus, I’m off to research ways to learn/improve our ability to select colors and prints. My approach will be similar to that which I used for learning free-motion quilting (not that I’m an expert).  But I pursued taking every class, reading every blog post and book, as well as practice, practice, practice, to see if I could learn a raindrop of knowledge.  

For those that may not be familiar with Creativebug, there are several opti,  for you to watch this class: 1) You can purchase and download this class as a standalone class, 2) you can subscribe to be a member of Creativebug, for a month, where you get access to all past classes and anything released for that month, or 3) you can purchase a yearly subscription, for a reasonable rate, where you get access to all past classes, as well as classes released during your subscription and you can save 12 classes to your library, to view anytime after your membership expires.

Anna Marie shares her super fun color game, which is a great way to learn to play with color.  Her approach to learning and playing with color is easy to embrace and learn.  Absolute a great class that I am confident I’ll enjoy repeating again and again, yet I’m sure those with more color savvy would enjoy and learn, yet only need to watch one time.

You can find Creativebug at:

Facebook: http://on.fb.e/1Ai7nTg

You can find Anna Marie Horner at:

Leah Day Designs – Machine Embroidery – Stitch N’ Paint

Have you seen the new Stitch N Paint designs at Leah Day Designs? These are machine embroidery designs that stitchout beautifully, and perfect for using fabric markers to color, as you design.  You can frame your works of art, turn them into greeting cards, mini-wallhangings, zipper purses, etc..  The possibilities are endless and they are so much fun they are downright addicting.  Certainly a great family craft project and would also make a wonderful gift, finished or for someone who enjoys coloring.

Did you know these designs are perfectly digitized by Leah’s father, Max Gray?    They truly are beautiful machine embroidery designs.  Leah creates the design on paper, stitches it out with free-motion quilting, then Max digitizes her design absolutely perfectly.  I’ve stitched out many of his work and they always stitch out beautifully.  You can find his embroidery files at Leah Day Designs, under the embroidery tab.

Stitch N Paint Landscape



Here is a youtube video that Leah created for this design, showing how to stitch the design out, as well as color it:


I found this design stitched out perfectly, with amazing detail.


For coloring, I decided to use Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.  When you first color your fabric (or paper) the color can look intense, yet has a dry look to it. While this is not a tutorial, I’ll try to share a few tips for using these water color pencils, but don’t forget just about any permanent fabric marker would work well for coloring these designs. Heck, even color crayons would probably be fun and you can heat set them on cotton too!



When using Inktense watercolor pencils, you can use a water brush (or lightly dip a  small paintbrush in water) to paint where you’ve colored.  Just be careful to brush lightly using minimal water, and you’ll see the colors become more vibrant.  Keep a paper towel handy, to wip off your brush before changing to a different color, as well as using to press on your fabric should you accidentally add too much water.20160427_162724

Can you see how the colors really pop after brushed lightly with water?  I’ll now heat set with a hot iron and I’m going to use this particular stitch n’ paint landscape to turn into a greeting card.


Stitch N Paint Love

This is the newest design in this series that has just been released.  Easy to fall in love with this design and I’m confident it will stitch out beautifully.  And, it is on sale at Leah Day Designs thru next Wednesday!


Here is a youtube video that Leah created for this design.

I’m already looking forward to seeing what future designs Leah’s dad releases in his new Stitch N’ Paint designs. I’m sure they will all stitch out beautifully and be fun to paint.

You can find Leah at:

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