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Girly Fun For Quilters And Free Pattern from It’s Sew Emma (and the Fat Quarter Shop)

Are you a quilter that enjoys pampering?  You may also enjoy girlfriend time too!  From my research, most quilters enjoy quilting time with friends, as well as spending time with quilting friends in other ways too.   But there are a variety of ways we can enjoy our friendships.  It might be that we go out to lunch, a movie, or maybe go together for some pampering and have a manicure and/or pedicure?  Yes, pampering time with girlfriends can be great fun.  And a girlfriend can also be a Mother, Daughter, Aunt, Niece, Cousin.  Some time we girls just need to spend time together to help keep our inner balance and sanity in the world!

Do you like brights or neutrals for your nail polish?

Silly question, but I’m quite curious if you like similar colors for your quilts which you might like in nail polish?  To clarify, do quilters that like to work with bright colored fabrics also prefer bright nail polish or do they prefer neutral nail polish?  Hmm.  Another market research opportunity for SewCalGal????

Do you ever go out with girlfriends for some pampering time?

Do you enjoy getting your nails done, or have a girlfriend who does?  Do you enjoy the chuckles when a little girl gets such pampering time?  Well, I’m excited to let you know about a new quilt design that really creates great quilty fun for those that enjoy such pampering.  And, I think this design would also make quilts that would make excellent gifts.  Of course, it could also make for a great quilt guild challenge too!

This cute design is a delightful new pattern from It’s Sew Emma and it is a free pattern you can download.

While you can make this quilt using any fabric, The Fat Quarter Shop has very reasonably priced kits that use Moda Bella Solids to make this 14 1/2″ x 22 1/2″ quilt, as shown.  But be prepared, I’m confident you’ll want to make more than one.

While the pattern is well written and has easy to follow instructions, Kimberly Jolly and The Fat Quarter Shop has created an excellent YouTube video tutorial:

If you have problems watching this embedded video, or are on a MAC, here is the link to watch it directly in YouTube:

And while Kimberly shows how to topstitch this quilt using crosshatch grids, for those that enjoy free-motion quilting I think this design and the Bella Solids fabric would make for a perfect quilt to show off your free-motion quilting.

Also, visit the Fat Quarter Shop Blog on August 4th to get more info on this design as well as links to a variety of quilt blogs that have made this design and will be sharing photos of their Nail Polish quilt that they’ve made using this free design.

kits available.

You can find the Fat Quarter Shop at:

You can find It’s Sew Emma at:

Don’t forget to  download your free pattern.

And, SewCalGal hopes you and your girlfriends can find some pampering time together very soon!  It is good to treasure and nurture these special friendships with such girlfriends, especially quilting friends.

June Linky Party – Make It A Handmade Christmas Challenge

Amazing how fast Christmas comes around and how easy it is to plan to make handmade gifts, or make items to decorate our homes, but not be ready.  Or maybe you are interested in inspirational ideas for handmade Christmas items. Either way, Christmas is soon going to be knocking on our doorstep.

Welcome to the June “Linky Party” for those that want to participate in the Handmade Christmas Challenge.  Quite simple.  You can make handmade Christmas gifts or decorations or your home for the holidays, anytime in 2014 and enter in any of the monthly challenges for a chance to win prizes.  There are over 70 prizes, of which the majority of these prizes will be randomly awarded to participants at the end of this challenge.  You get an entry for every monthly challenge you enter.

This challenge isn’t all about winning prizes.  It is about having fun making handmade gifts for the holidays and for decorating your home. It is also about inspiring others to also make handmade.  Participants are encouraged to share tutorials, tips and insights about designs that are perfect for the holidays.

SewCalGal wants to recognize and thank all of our sponsors:

 Everyone is invited to join the monthly linky parties for the Make It A Handmade Challenge.  Before you add your entry (a link to this Linky), please be sure you read the rules below.

While there are many sponsors and many wonderful prizes for those that enter in one or more of the monthly Linky Parties in the Handmade Christmas Challenge, that are open to quilters worldwide, as SewCalGal will be shipping this particular prize to the lucky winner and currently has limited funds for shipping prizes, the winner of this bundle will need to be a US resident.

1) Projects need to be made in 2014 (they do not need to be made during the 10 day window of a a given monthly linky party.  But they need to be something you made for a Christmas gift or to decorate your home for the holidays.  Please do not enter projects that you giveaway throughout the year, or previous holidays as that doesn’t bring you good quilting kharma!
2) You can enter one or more completed projects, but your linky needs to be in a current post (or non-bloggers can upload their photos and provide a link to a view able line tool like PhotoBucket, Flickr, etc.).   note:  Future challenges will require you to use only Flickr.  Click here to see a tutorial for using flickr.
3) Participants are asked to include comments in their post that share insights on the design(s) they use, any tips they wish to share, and if they made something with their own design they may wish to share a tutorial.  Your help to encourage others to make handmade gifts, throughout the year to give as gifts or to decorate their home, is appreciated.  And, of course, you can also inspire others by sharing your projects, providing tips and tutorials, as well as recognizing the source of the design for your project, should others be interested in making it too!
4) Bloggers are asked to include in their post information that that shows they have taken the “Pledge to make handmade Christmas Gifts in 2014” and are participating in this challenge.  It would be appreciated if you would encourage others to also participate, or at least come look at all of the entries each month, as hopefully we’ll inspire other quilters and increase awareness of designs, tips, tutorials to help make beautiful Christmas gifts and decorations.  Your blog post also needs to be dated during the period of this linky party (do not link to old posts).

This linky party will be open thru the 25th of  this month, to give participants plenty of time to enter the challenge this month. If you are not familiar with how to use a linky click here for a tutorial.
Please be sure to read the rules before you add a link to enter the challenge this month.

For blogger participants that are interested in posting a badge, I need to work on the code. But you are welcome to take any images from this post and link to the main page for this event.
Let’s not forget the spirit of this challenge is to make handmade gifts for Christmas or decorations for the holiday season, throughout the year vs waiting till the holiday rush.  We also hope to help increase awareness of designs, free patterns, tutorials and other products that help to make such products. And, your help in inspiring others to make handmade for Christmas is appreciated.  PR Angels are also appreciated.
If you have questions for this Challenge, please read the FAQ

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Free Pattern – Duck Dynasty Apron – From Fat Quarter Shop

SewCalGal is just giddy about being able to share insights with my followers about a new pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I’ve promised to not divulge this new pattern till today.  This is a super fun and fast pattern that will make for great gifts, throughout the year, but you’ll also want to make it for use in your home!  It is an apron design that is super fun.  Even my hubby loves this design and wants me to make more!
And Fat Quarter Shop Design Team is celebrating the release of this new design with a blog hop today!
The Fat Quarter Shop team has written an easy  to follow pattern that you can download in PDF format.  And they have also created an excellent youtube video tutorial:
This cute apron is a super easy design that can be made quite quickly using a dish towel that you can find at Target, WalMart, or just about any store that carries kitchen items.  Plus one yard of fabric.  You may want to use a seasonal motif fabric, but really any complimentary fabric to your kitchen towel will work.
I enjoyed making an apron using nautical fabric.
Of course, I quickly realized the fun of creating aprons to celebrate Spring.  And I thought this Hoffman batik made for a fun combination for the season (although my photo doesn’t capture the colors).  
As I have a friend that loves purple, I  also enjoyed using some purple Hoffman batiks to her an apron!  
Thank you to my hubby who endured being a last minute photo model. But as he was about to BBQ, it seemed like a perfect opportunity.  Plus, I do think if is an apron-aholic.  If he likes an apron I know the design is a good one. And he LOVES this design!
SewCalGal believes the possibilities are endless with this fun and fast apron design from the Fat Quarter Shop.  You could use it to make hostess gifts for when you are invited to dinner at a friend, add to a gift basket, decorate for an upcoming Easter Brunch (or any holiday).  Of course, SewCalGal is hoping to see some entries using this fun and fast design for entering one of the monthly challenges in the  Handmade Christmas Challenge (these aprons would certainly make for great gifts or use in your home for the holidays).
Click on over to the Fat Quarter Shop blog to see all the other inspirational aprons that fellow bloggers participating in this hop have created.



You can find the Fat Quarter Shop at:


Make It! Challenge – Phase Three In The Year of Red And White Quilt Challenges

SewCalGal welcomes you to the Make It! Challenge, the third event in the Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges.

I want to recognize and thank all of the sponsors for this challenge who have donated wonderful prizes that will be awarded at the end of the Year of Red and White Challenges:

Aurifil, Classic Metal Company, Fat Quarter Shop, Island Batik, Leah Day Designs, MartingaleMcCalls Quilting,  Miska’s PlaygroundPrairie Sky Quilting and Quilt N Bee.

You can enter one or more of the events and you are automatically entered to win prizes.  But the more you enter, the more chances you get to win prizes.  Click here to see a complete list of prizes.

The Make It! Challenge is all about making your own red and white quilt!  You can use your own design, a purchased design, or a free pattern of your choice.  And, of course, make your quilt in any size, using fabrics from any fabric manufacturer. You may even have enough red/white fabrics (includes reds of any shades and whites/tans/creams commonly thought of as neutrals).  And you have until September 30th to enter.


During the Make It! Challenge, SewCalGal will be showcasing products, tips and tutorials that can help you with precision piecing your quilt, as well as free-motion quilting your quilt.  But it is up to you if you wish to do your own free-motion quilting or have a longarm quilt topstitch it for you.  This is a very flexible challenge that is all about having fun, learning and, of course, making your own red/white quilt!  SewCalGal also encourages those that enter this challenge also consider sharing any tips or tutorials on precision piecing or free-motion quilting that they feel appropriate to share. 

As professional designers have been invited to participate in the Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges, as well as want to be designers, SewCalGal understands that some may be showing their new design, that may now be available for purchase, or will be available for purchase in the future.  Likewise, some may be making red/white quilts that they wish to sell. And, SewCalGal gives those permission to do so to increase PR during this event.
If you are making your own quilt design and you wish to provide a tutorial on how others could create such, that would also be welcome and appreciated by many!  


Throughout this challenge period, SewCalGal will also be increasing awareness of precision piecing tips and tutorials, free-motion quilting tips and tutorials, as well as products to help with making our red and white quilts that are perfectly pieced (or applique’), as well as beautifully free-motion quilting.  But, of course, you can also have your quilt professionally quilted by your longarmer too!

Challenge Timeline:  March 24th  thru September 30th

Mark your calendar and don’t wait too late to make your project to enter.  The deadline will arrive before we know it.
Again, when you enter this challenge you are automatically entered to win prizes donated by sponsors.  The more events in the Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges that you enter, the more chances you get to win prizes!

Note:  InLinkz has made changes to the free version, which now does not allow me to create a linky thru the end of September, to support this challenge.  Please use this linky while I research to find a solution (linky that for the entire horizon of the Make It! Challenge).


1) You can make a red and white quilt using any shades of red/white so long as it captures the spirit of a red/white quilt (e.g. no red/white/black, no purples or other colors, but red/tans, red/creams and various shades of red are acceptable. Your quilt can be of any size or style and can be made using your own design, a purchased design, or a free design)
2) While not required, SewCalGal hopes when you enter you will also share insights on the designer/pattern name, any tips that you may want to share for precision piecing or free-motion quilting that you feel appropriate to share.
3)  The Make It! Challenge does not require you completely finish your quilt during this challenge, but SewCalGal hopes you are able to do so.  There is plenty of time in this challenge to allow you to make a good size quilt, but we all know “life happens”.  Still, I hope you can make a red/white quilt and enter this challenge.
4) You need to show evidence (e.g. photos of the process to make it or anything that you feel appropriate to show you made it during this challenge will be accepted).   Bad Kharma to those that enter using something that may have been made previously.
5) One entry link per person.  You can share as many photos and projects as you wish, through your single blog post or upload to the group for this challenge on Flickr for non-bloggers.  But you are only allowed to enter one link.

If you have questions for this Challenge, please read the FAQ.

 email address copyif the FAQ does NOT answer your question and I will try to respond in a timely manner.

Check back, as SewCalGal may update this post to provide clarity, based on questions by participants.  I will also try to create a badge code, but while this blog is copyright protected, you do have my permission to copy the artwork for this challenge and any part of this blog post that you may want to share with others.  As always, SewCalGal appreciates PR Angels who help increase awareness.  The more people that participate the more fun we’ll have.  And, ultimately, more of us will have red and white quilts (or more red and white quilts, by making more than one).


Fat Quarter Shop – 12 Days of Christmas Sale

The Fat Quarter Shop has different products on sale for their 12 Day of Christmas and the prices are so good that you’ll think Santa is giving these items away.  Every day they have an amazing daily deal, but it is only available online for one day.

Today’s Daily Deal is 50% OFF hundreds of items from Henry Glass Fabrics and Art Gallery Fabrics!
All of the fabrics on sale are stunning.  Great fabrics to make a quilt, backings or with this deal, to justify adding to your stash.  But I also found some wonderful blenders and thought I’d show you some of my FAVS:
Bear Hugs Flannel by Shelly Comiskey for Henry Glass Fabrics
Buggy Barn Basics by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass Fabrics
Buggy Barn Basics by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass Fabrics
Bear Hugs Flannel by Shelly Comiskey for Henry Glass Fabrics
Blushing by Margot Languedoc for Henry Glass Fabrics
Creamery Neutrals 6 by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass Fabrics
Creamery Neutrals 6 by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass Fabrics
Nature Elements by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics
And, there are some lovely Christmas Fabrics on sale too!
Holiday Frost by Jan Shade Beach for Henry Glass Fabrics
Don’t forget this 50% off  is only good for today.  Click here to see more fabrics offered in this special one day sale at Fat Quarter Shop.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales – Steals and Deals for Quilters and More

You may have spotted all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales (steals and deals) that I shared on Fingertip Shopping.  There really are some amazing opportunities for quilters at Craftsy, Fat Quarter Shop, Martingale, C&T Publishing, Dream World Northwest/Sew Steady Tables, Leah Day Designs, Quilt in a Day, Patsy Thompson Designs, Quilt Market Kit, Silhouette, Therm O Web, Smilebox, MightyBright, CafePress, Christa Quilts, Electric Quilt, Craft Sisters, Havel’s Sewing, Pat Wys/Silver Thimble, Annie’s and more!    As SewCalGal launched Fingertip Shopping to be able to share insights on steals and deals with you, I hope you’ll pop over and check out all the amazing deals this weekend.

And, don’t overlook that ALL of the online classes at Craftsy are 50% off this weekend.  You can buy now and watch anytime you want in 2014, 2015, 2016….whenever.  This is a super steal that you won’t want to miss.  Plus they have a great Black Friday sale on fabrics, yarns and other supplies!


Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt, with Kimberly Einmo
Craftsy Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt Class with Kimberly Einmo  logo
digitizing machine embroidery designs
Don’t forget ALL of their classes are 50% off this weekend.  Craftsy has classes for:
quilter's bee giving generic event button
This weekend I hope you have time to check out the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser this weekend.  Still plenty of open online auctions, as well as time to purchase raffle tickets.  Over $4,000 worth of quilty goodness prizes from amazing sponsors.
auction quilters give from the art divider

Auction Item #2 
auction basket #2
This prize bundle includes a fat quarter of Kona Cotton donated by Robert Kaufman Fabrics,  two quilting books by Martingale, notions from Dritz, a craft bag by Yazzi, patterns, etc..  

This prize will be shipped directly to the winner,from SewCalGal and is open to anyone any place in the world, but you will be asked to pay for shipping.  For US Winners this prize will be shipped in a medium Flat Rate Box.
Please follow the rules for submitting bids or your bid may be removed.
Estimated value:  $150+

1. 50.00 Barb
2. $55 rita goshorn
3. $70.00
4. $80.00 Mary
5. $90.00 Mary
6. $95 Carol


(Submissions close in 17d 4h 9m)

Link tool by
To bid on this item, simply click on the “Add your link” button above.  You will need to provide your email address, but it will not be shared with anyone.  In the text box please type in your bid amount $$$ followed by your name or blog name or code name.  You do not need to add a URL.
To see a complete list of all of the auction items click here.  All of the auction items will close mid-December, but as this is a charity fundraiser SewCalGal is not disclosing the date for when any given auction item will close.  So, bid now and check back often.  
To see a complete list of all of the raffle prizes click here.
To learn about the four non-profit charities showcased in this event, click here.


auction quilters give from the art divider


Black Friday, Cyber Monday Steals and Deals

quilters love sales

Quilters do love sales, so I’m delighted to be able to share insights with you on some excellent Black Friday and Cyber Monday Steals and Deals with you.  I’ll be updating this post throughout these sales, so be sure to check back as more info may be added.

And be sure to scroll down, as this is a huge list of steals and deals you won’t want to miss!

quilt clip art shopping

Fat Quarter Shop

The Fat Quarter Shop always has a wonderful selection of new fabrics, great bundles patterns and more.  And while they have excellent prices every day of the year, weekly sales, they also have an amazing Cyber Monday sale.  

25% off all pre-cuts for 2 days only!  No code necessary!  Sale ends Saturday December 3rd, 2013 at midnight CST.  Not combinable with any other offer and is not applicable to clubs, programs or the purchase of gift certificates.


Leah Day 
Leah Day Logo

Leah Day is holding a Black Friday sales  from Thursday, November 28 to Monday, December 2nd and has 50% off all download products.

SewCalGal recommends this opportunity to anyone interested in learning/improving your free-motion quilting skills.  Great opportunity to download Leah’s excellent e:books, Flames to Feathers downloadable video, patterns and more.


Dream World Northwest / Sew Steady Tables


Get a FREE 11″ Universal Sew Straight Guide & Polish Kit with our NEW! Quilter’s Wish Table purchases for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

Your Cost $150.00   –    Total Value $181.00

Sales start on Friday, November 29th and run through midnight Monday, December 2nd where you can get 25%* off your order of $25.00 or more! This includes their entire stock of books and products for quilters, sewers and crafters.

Enter discount code TURKEY2013 where noted in the shopping cart.

Don’t forget to check out their  Gifts section !

Black Friday /Cyber Monday Sales at Craftsy!

All Craftsy classes are on sale $19.99 or less!  Be sure to check out their sale on “supplies” as you’ll find some AMAZING deals too!

Craftsy Class Sale up to 66% off now thru 12/2!
Craftsy has brilliant savings for a limited time only! All their online classes are on sale for $19.99 or less. With classes priced up to 66% off, now is a great time to get the classes you’ve been eyeing all year! Craftsy classes also make a great gift, so do some holiday shopping for the crafter in your life.

Craftsy Yarn and Fabric sale up to 80% off now thru 12/2!
Craftsy has brilliant savings on the craft supplies you want! With up to 80% off yarn and 65% off fabric, get the best prices of the year while you can.


Quilt In A Day

QIAD has daily doorbusters during their Black Friday Sale and through this coming weekend.  Click here to view all of the deals and steals in their “Black Friday” sale, and also consider signing up to receive daily email alerts, or simply visit their online store every day.

Highlights from this sale are:

Clover WonderClips (50 pk) – 45% off
Batik Fat Quarter Bundles – 50% off
Olfa 18×24″ cutting mat – 50% off
Olfa blades – 50% off
June Tailor Shape Cut Slotted Ruler – 40% off
Olfa Rotary Cutter – 40% off
Quilt Novels 40% off
AccuQuilt dies up to 50% off
and more!

On Saturday, November 30th they have an amazing deal for a fat quarter bundle (12 fat quarters) for $20 of batiks!

Patsy Thompson Designs
PTD Store Banner

Nearly all our quilting fabrics and notions are discounted by 20% off MSRP every single day, but we’ll be offering some great additional discounts in our Black Friday Through Cyber Monday sale!  Beginning Thanksgiving Day and running through 9 am EST on Tues 12/3/13:
*Take an additional 10% off all retail purchases at checkout with discount code TURKEY!
*Earn a $5 gift certificate to our online store for merchandise purchases $50-$99
*Earn a $10 gift certificate to our online store for merchandise purchases $100 +
…and if you’re looking for a unique gift, check out some of our quilt-themed coffee mugs or one-of-a kind seam rippers or ruler holders!


note: SewCalGal higly recommends Patsy’s DVDs and books for free-motion quilting, as well as her own stencil designs.  This is a great sale to stock up on PTD products.

Quilt Market Kit

quilt kit market
Specials starting on Thursday at midnight and ending at midnight Monday night

Quilters are busy people, especially around the holidays. In an effort to make shopping our great sale as convenient as possible this weekend, we are going to start the sale at midnight, Thursday, November 28th and it will end at midnight, Monday, December 2nd, 2013.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the great deals we will be offering:
Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls – $28.00 (regularly $39.00)
Charm Packs – $8.00 (regularly $9.50)
Mini Charm Packs – $2.50 (regularly $4.00)


Fat Quarter Assortments starting at $ 20.00
quilt market
New Doorbuster Deals each day !
Make sure you check out the What’s New section and our Sale sections to see more quilting must haves. 

Free Shipping on all orders shipped within the United States (no minimum purchase either).

GO! Daddy has a 35% off purchase and renewals for their Black Friday sale.  Be use to use promo code gd31132bt in your cart when you place your order.

Black Friday Featured offer! 35% off new products from GoDaddy!


Black Friday sale starts on Thursday, Nov 28. Use the code HOLIDAY to take 40% off most Silhouette products (exclude machines and download cards) in the Silhouette Store.

Use the code HOLIDAY at checkout to get the deal.

ADOBE Black Friday Sale
Traditionally, Adobe has an amazing sale every year for Black Friday. Thanks to Connie/Free Motion Quilting on the River for sharing insights with us on the Adobe sale this year:

Adobe has a bundle package on sale for Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC for only $10 a month.  For more info:.

Groupon also had a deal for Adobe Photoshop 12 for 50% off ($50) for Black Friday. 


Martingale isn’t hosting a Black Friday Sale this year, but they are going all out to support independent quilt and yarn shops that are hosting their own sales and also encouraging shop Small Business Saturday.
But, Martingale will have an special “Cyber Week Sale”  with more than 160 eBooks at $6 each and ALL  ePatterns for $1.99!  
martingale ebook salemartingale ebook sale 2

Browse Books                          Browse ePatterns

No waiting for the mail, no shipping costs. Simply choose your favorites, download, and commence creating—all in a matter of minutes. (Questions about eProducts? Read this.)
What will you create today? Stock up on the eBooks and ePatterns that inspire you—but hurry! Saleends Sunday, December 8 at midnight.*

Therm O Web has 30% off EVERYTHING in their online store plus free shipping on orders over $25.  Sale is good thru Monday!

Cafe Press has a pre-Black Friday Sale for 55% off ALL T-shirts from 11AM-2PM, 3PM-6PM and 7PM-10P on Wednesday, November 27th only.

SmileBox has 50% off through 12/4. An annual membership is just $23.88 (only $1.99 per month)!


Our Black Friday sale is our biggest discount of the year – 30% off all orders (minimum order $15). Use coupon code BlackFriday13 at checkout. Offer is valid 11/29/13 only.


Our Cyber Monday sale is our biggest sale of the year – 30% off all orders (no minimum). Use coupon code CyberMonday13 during checkout. Offer valid 12/2/13 only.
Lighted Seam Ripper In Use1SML_in.use.3vusion.silver.45

ChristaQuilts is having  Black Friday Sale that is a huge blowout sale! Save up to 50% on hundreds of premium quality quilting cottons, from Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset, Moda, and more! She includes free US shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase. Shop early for best selection.
Early Birds may want to check her blog post for more insights on what will be on sale too!

Electric Quilt Cyber Weekend Sale
Save 20% site wide* at! (excludes EQ7)
Offer valid 12/1 – 12/3
Use promo code CYBER20 at checkout.
Not valid with any other offers.


Craft Sisters
 $5.00 Instant Download  – Ornament Pattern Sale for two patterns:
Hollie the Snowy Owl and The Extra Gingerman offer good Wednesday, November 27 – Sunday, December 1st 

Havel’s Sewing
Black Friday Sale at Havel’s Sewing can save you up to 50% off your favorite snips, scissors and rotary cutters.    Sale is currently running and goes thru Monday, December 2nd.

Pat Wys / Silver Thimble Quilt Shop has a 20% off EVERYTHING in her online store.  Just remember to use code My20 at checkout.

Twin Mom Scraps is a great source for those interested in digital clipart, scrapbooking and more.  And, they are having a  50% off (excluding bundles and collabs) to celebrate Black Friday.  Their sale is good between: November 27 – December 3

Word Art World is also a great source for those interested in digital clipart, scrapbooking and more.  For those on Facebook they are having a fun Black Friday Blog Hop where you can download freebies at each stop in the hop this weekend.  And you can find 60% off EVERYTHING on Black Friday.

Annie’s has 20% off all their products including online classes, notions, fabric, supplies and more.  Be sure to enter code EYKBFR at checkout.  Sale goes thru November 29th.

Embroider Shoppe has a Black Friday Sale for 30% off ALL of their embroidery designs.  Sale good thru Sunday.

MyMemories also has a Black Friday Sale with 35% off EVERYTHING. Sale ends November 30th!  And this includes their new release of Version “5” software!!!!

Patrick Lose has a Cyber Monday Sale with select fabrics, digital patterns and machine embroider designs up to 50% off.

Cozy Quilt Shop is celebrating Cyber Monday with a 25% off all Cozy Books,  20% all Cozy Patterns and 15% off all Cozy tools!  

Don’t you just love Black Friday/Cyber Monday steals and deals for quilters ?

black friday cyber monday sale sign

And don’t forget, Saturday November 30th is Shop Small Business Saturday.  Of course, SewCalGal thinks of this as “Shop Quilting Businesses Saturday”.
keep calm and shop small

Be sure to check back as more insights may be added to this page throughout Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  Notices on this page may also be removed if they are not posted “live” on Black Friday and clearly tagged as Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.  To clarify, while Fingertip Shopping shares insights on steals and deals throughout the year, this particular post is meant to be limited to those in the business that are having a black friday/cyber monday sale.

If you have an American Express Card, you may want to register it and shop Small Business Saturday.  If you use your Am. Express card and make a minimum $10 purchase on Sat., Nov 30th they will credit you back $10 for shopping at a registered store.  Click here to register.  Click here to find shops that are registered.  At a minimum, if you don’t find a local shop consider shopping online at


Layer Cake Sale at Fat Quarter Shop – Celebration of New Free Layer Cake Pattern

The Fat Quarter Shop is celebrating their second Shortcut Quilts free pattern, called Layer Cake Lemonade!

This cute new free pattern  uses one Layer Cake and is quick and easy to make.

And they even provided a video tutorial on youtube.

If you are a MAC user and/or have problems watching this embedded video, click this link to watch it directly in YouTube:  Layer Cake Lemonade Video:


While this cake is shown in sweet fabrics, perfect for the Pink Lemonade name, SewCalGal thinks this would look great in just about any layer cake colors combination.  And, it would also make for a fun and fast Christmas gift too!

Want to see more inspirational ideas for making this quilt?  Visit the Jolly Jabber blog to see this quilt in different Layer Cake Lemonade Introduction Post:

And don’t forget Fat Quarter Shop is holding a 20% off all layer cakes through November 25th.


Layer Cakes at Fat Quarter Shop:

Winners of the 2013 Free Motion Quilting Challenges

There were over 2,000 quilters participated in the 2012 Free-Motion Quilting (FMQ Challenge where 15 FMQ Experts provided 16 tutorials and sponsors donated amazing prizes.    While SewCalGal did not plan to host more challenges in 2013, enthusiastic participants wanted to continue to learn and have more FMQ Challenges, inspiring SewCalGal to host 6 FMQ Challenges in 2013 that were primarily  based on tutorials released during the 2012 FMQ Challenge.  Sadly, there were relatively a small number of participants in the FMQ Challenges this year!  

SewCalGal continues to encourage quilters to continue take classes, read books, watch DVDs, follow blogs that share insights on FMQ and practice! And, for those that did not complete all of the tutorials released in the 2012 FMQ Challenge, or 2013 FMQ Challenge, the majority of the tutorials are still available for you to use and master.   And, I encourage you to take advantage of them all.  You’ll be amazed how much you can learn in a year of FMQ!

As SewCalGal continues to be passionate about free-motion quilting, insights and periodic challenges will continued to be shared on this blog.  But I will no longer have time to support the Facebook group created for the 2012 FMQ Challenge, nor send out emails to the email list created specifically for this challenge.  So, I do encourage those that are members of the FMQ Challenge Facebook group and/or signed up for the FMQ Challenge email updates, to follow this blog, as well as my Facebook page.   

Thank you to the sponsors for the 2013 FMQ Challenges:

Clever Craft ToolsFabrics N QuiltsFat Quarter ShopMartingaleMarble-T Design, LLC, The Quilt Show

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 FMQ Challenges:

2013 FMQ Challenge #1 – Threadplay with Libby Lehman

Winner:  #5 Tina.  Congratulations to Tina.

2013 FMQ Challenge - 1

2013 FMQ Challenge #2 – AAQI Piece  

Winner #8 Janet O (Rogue Quilter).   Congratulations to Janet.

2013 FMQ Challenge #3 – Feathers, by Joanne of Thread Head 

Raewyn (Love to Stitch).  Congratulations to Raewyn



2013 FMQ Challenge #4 – FMQ Postcard Swap

Winner:  Martha (Quilting to the Edge).  Congratulations to Martha.


2013 FMQ Challenge #5 – It’s All About Borders, with Patsy Thompson

 Winner:  Janet (Jansmusingsagain).  Congratulations to Janet.

2013 FMQ Challenge #6 – 2012 FMQ Challenge 2nd Chance.  

Winner:  Rebecca Grace (Cheeky Cognoscenti).  Congratulations to Rebecca Grace.


Other winners in the 2013 FMQ Challenge include:

After winners for each challenge were randomly selected, those names were randomly awarded prizes.  And, as we had more prizes than challengers all of the names of everyone that entered any of the 2013 FMQ Challenges were added into the drawing for the remaining prizes.   SewCalGal will send an email to the lucky winners where they have 3 days to claim their prize.  If they do not wish to claim their prize, or do not respond within 3 days a different name will be drawn.  Sadly, winners will need to decline a prize if the prize is tagged to be shipped to a country that the winner does not reside in.  But, on a positive side they will be given first priority for winning any unclaimed prizes and I’m a strong believer those that decline a prize, especially for things they are not interested in winning, receive good kharma that helps them win future giveaways and prizes in blogland in general.  Good kharma is also given to those that may have one more than one prize and wish to pass on claiming more than one, so that another person may win one.

Ultimately, I hope everyone agrees the FMQ Challenges were more about learning/improving our FMQ skills than winning prizes.  And, I hope you will congratulate the winners as well as remember to thank the sponsors.
Sponsor(s) Prize(s)
Two $25 Gift Certificates, one each for two winners anywhere in the world.


#1 Janet (Jansmusingsagain)

Raewyn (Love to Stitch)
 photo martingalelogo_zpsbf8704e3.png Four quilting books, one each for four lucky winners.  SewCalGal will be shipping these prizes to winners and they will be open to winners living any place in the world.


#3 Tina

#4.        Patty (A Stitch In Time   
#5 Wendy Garrison 
#6  Tina G. Quilting for Enjoyment.

Marble-T Design, LLC
Hand-Marbled Fine Art Fabrics
Two Fat Quarters of hand-marbled fabrics, one each for two winners.  The sponsor will be shipping these prizes directly to the winners who will need to reside either in the US or Canada.


#7  Martha (Quilting to the Edge)
#8   Rebecca Grace (Cheeky Cognoscenti)

Fabrics N Quilts

Two $25 Gift Certificates, one each for two lucky winners any where in the world.


#9 Tina
#10 Jacqueline Bahi 
Quilt show
The Quilt Show
One lucky winner will receive a one year membership to The Quilt Show.  This prize is open to one lucky winner any where in the world.


#11 Janet O (Rogue Quilter)
 Clever Craft Tools
Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks
Three Lucky winners will receive one pair of Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks.  The sponsor will be shipping these prizes directly to the winners who will need to reside in the US.


#12  KearstieGrenier
 #13  Patty (A Stitch In Time   
 #14  TinaG. 

Again, congratulations to all of the lucky winners. And thank you to the wonderful sponsors of the 2013 Free Motion Quilting Challenges.

Links to 2012 FMQ Challenge Tutorials

January,  Frances Moore
February,  Diane Gaudynski
March,  Ann Fahl (post is visible, but tutorial was removed, as requested by Ann)
April,  Don Linn
May,  Leah Day
June,  Cindy Needham
July, Angela Walters
August, Wendy Sheppard
September, Paula Reid
October, Teri Lucas
November, Sarah Vedeler
December, Patsy Thompson
May Bonus Tutorial #1, Linda Moran
August Bonus Tutorial #2, Susan Brubaker Knapp
October Bonus Tutorial #3, Diane Loomis
December Bonus Tutorial #4, Teri Lucas

Links to additional information participants are encouraged to read:

Again, SewCalGal encourages quilters to continue to learn and improve their free-motion quilting skills.  I’ll continue to share insights on FMQ with followers of my blog, as well as those that “like” SewCalGal on Facebook.

Thanks for reading to the end of this long post.  I do want to let you know I have a couple of Challenges planned for 2013 that are not necessarily targeted for FMQ quilting, but one will certainly allow you to show off your FMQ skills if you enjoy learning/improving your FMQ.  These Challenges will be announced in early 2014 on SewCalGal and I’ll also be sending out an email with info to those that sign up for my General email list.

Fat Quarter Shop Sale and Free Jelly Roll Pattern

Fat Quarter Shop has introduced a new free quilt pattern series called shortcuts.  The first pattern uses one jelly roll to make two baby quilts.  To celebrate, this week only, ALL Jelly Rolls will be 20% off, so pick one up (or five) and make some Jelly Roll Jam

What jelly roll would you like to create with?
I see many jelly rolls, bali pops, and various strip bundles at Fat Quarter Shop on sale that I’d love to create with.  For this new Jelly Roll Jam pattern I’m wanting to create two quilts using the Giggles Jelly Roll, by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda Fabrics.  It just looks cheerful and fun to create with.
Kimberly and team created a youtube video to share insights on their new Jelly Roll Jam quilt pattern.  I love all the Precision Piecing tips included in this video too!

Doesn’t this inspire you to want to create using strips?

Jelly Roll Jam

Make this super cute 36″x36″ baby quilt with one jelly roll!

Did I mention a Freebie?

Fat Quarter Shop has a free downloadable pattern to make a cute jelly roll baby quilt.

And don’t forget Fat Quarter Shop has all jelly rolls, bali pops and strip bundles 20% off this week!

  Full Disclosure - Affiliates with QuiltShopGal