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The Ultimate Quilting Challenge – Wrap Up

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The Ultimate Quilt Challenge was created to encourage quilters to learn/improve their free-motion quilting skills.  While any free-motion quilting style or motif could be used, the core focus of this challenge was to incorporate any of the versatile Ultimate Quilting Stencils, which have been designed by Cindy Needham, a Master Free-Motion Quilting Expert.  Participants in this challenge could share a project previously completed that incorporated any of these stencils, quilters could use the downloadable  Master Templates to sketch out and share ideas they’ve created on paper or electronically, or the final option to enter, was to stitch out any project, any size, any style, any design, using any of the Ultimate Stencils, but do so during the summer of 2016.  

Today I’m thrilled to share photos from some of the participants. I strongly believe all of the entries were absolutely beautiful and I hope that they inspire you to learn/improve your free-motion quilting skills, as well as see the versatility of using the Ultimate Quilting Stencils.  I also want to encourage you to click thru to visit these blogs, as the participants shared more photos and insights and many have more posts for inspirational FMQ, as well as working with the Ultimate Stencil Collections.

Karen of the Quilt Yarn shared an amazing whole cloth quilt which she had previously created, using some of the stencils from various Ultimate Stencil Collections.   Her project measures 35″x35″ and incorporates the original Ultimate Stencil Collection, as well as some hyperquilting techniques from Patsy Thompson.


Anna of Anna’s Quilting Studio shared her doodle/sketch ideas for designs using some of the Ultimate Stencils.


Karen of the Quilt Yarn shared a variety of doodle/sketch ideas using various Ultimate Stencils.  Karen has also shared a number of blog posts showing more stunning design ideas that she has sketched on paper, but recently she has also been sharing tips for using software for creating electronic sketches for various FMQ motifs appropriate for blocks, or wholecloth quilts.

Patty D of A Stitch N Time also shared inspirational doodle/sketch design ideas.


Kearstie of KB’s Quilting  shared her sketch designs, which incorporated some of the Ultimate Quilting Stencils.  And she shared a lovely project she stitched out with this design this summer.


Laura of Laura Luvs Loons shared sketches with us, for her design idea that incorporated some  of the Ultimate Quilting Stencils. She applied FMQ  ideas to a Vintage Linen to create a stunning table runner which she stitched out this summer.

Vicki of Fabric Under Foot shared her sketches with us, which incorporated some of the Ultimate Background Stencils.  And while Vicki is still stitching out this lovely project, she shared with us a photo show how much she has progressed this summer.

Thank you to our wonderful Sponsors:




Inspired LED

Robert Kaufman Fabrics



While I think anyone that uses any of the Ultimate Stencil Collections is a winner, as they truly are so versatile and help you create stunning free-motion quilting, the Ultimate Quilting Challenge has announced winners.  Congratulations to:  Karen of the Quilt YarnAnna of Anna’s Quilting Studio, Patty D of A Stitch N Time,  Kearstie of KB’s QuiltingLaura of Laura Luvs Loons and Vicki of Fabric Under Foot.  While we didn’t have that many participants in this Challenge,  those that did participate certainly shared inspirational ideas and projects.  Thank you.
You can find Cindy Needham at:

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The Ultimate Free-Motion Quilting Challenge – Summer 2016 – Kick Off with Virtual Quilt Show/Linky Party #1

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Welcome to the kick off of the Ultimate Quilting Challenge, hosted by QuiltShopGal this summer.   This first of three Linky Parties is all about showing off past quilt projects to help inspire and encourage others to continue to learn and improve their free-motion quilting skills, as well as have fun.    Ok – are you wondering how much fun you’ll have IF you have not made such a project?  Trust me, this Linky Party is going to be loads of fun and inspiration and we’ll have two different Linky Parties before this challenge is over, so keep reading….

ultimate quilt challenge linky party #1

We’ll have plenty of sharing, tips and tutorials shared along the way, as well as our generous sponsors will create some added fun, as everyone that participate will have chances to win prizes. 

Our sponsors for this event include, but are not limited to:

This summer, everyone is invited to participate in The Ultimate Free-Motion Quilting Challenge.  Quilters of all levels, from those new to free-motion quilting, those confident but want to practice and learn, those that are comfortable, as well as award winning quilters are invited to participate.  We’ll have plenty of sharing, tips and tutorials shared along the way, as well as our generous sponsors will create some added fun, as everyone that participate will have chances to win prizes.

Our Linky Parties are open up to bloggers and non-bloggers, but please take time to read the entire blog post, especially the rules, before you add a link, or you may find your entry is removed.



  • Bloggers and non-bloggers are eligible to enter:
    1. Bloggers need to share their entry in a current post, dated during this event (links to old posts will be removed).  Not required, but appreciated if you also let others know about this Ultimate FMQ  Challenge and include a link in your post.  Of course, you can share more than one project with as many photos and insights as you wish to share, but only one link per person.
    2. Non-Bloggers have a variety of ways to share, but they need to ensure that they only share one link in the linky post. Depending on the tool you use to share, you can reference that you are participating in this event and clarify if you have additional photos that can be viewed. For example, if you upload to Flickr you can link one picture, but share more via a folder, just be sure your security is open to anyone to view.  You can also share via uploading to Pinterest, or other free online sites, but you do need to ensure the site you upload your photo entry is open so that anyone can view it.  To eliminate the risk of having your link deleted, consider asking others to check for you.
  • You can only share a project previously made in this linky party (not all three).
  • When you share a project in any of the three Linky Parties for this event you are giving permission for QuiltShopGal and Cindy Needham to share a picture of your project, to recognize you, on our blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.
  • Prizes will be randomly awarded the last week of September.


  • SKETCH/DOODLE Challenge: Kicks of July 15th, with a Linky Party,  where you can use the templates for the Ultimate Stencil Collection to sketch out your design ideas, share and inspire others.  Sharing is open to any design possibility with the Ultimate Stencil, regardless if you stitch it out or not.  Of course, if you stitch it out, we hope you’ll share that too! 
  • VIRTUAL QUILT SHOW – PROJECTS MADE THIS SUMMER Kicks off August 15th, with a Linky Party, for those that create a project, of any size, any style this summer and show that you have used one or more of the stencils, from the Ultimate Stencil Collection, by Cindy Needham.  Don’t overlook the fact you can start working on your project now, as  you need not wait to August 15th to start!  
  • VOTING FOR YOUR FAVORITE Quilts (from all Linky Parties during this event) will be held the week of September 19th. 
  • Prizes randomly awarded the last week of September.

To clarify all entries must incorporate The Ultimate Stencil Collection and/ or The Ultimate Background Stencil Collection, by Cindy Needham.  The design possibilities with these stencils are endless, but if you feel stumped with what to create, throughout the summer, you’ll find tips, some tutorials, as well as many inspirational projects to help you learn/improve your FMQ skills.


The design possibilities are endless with these stencils.   Cindy also has a great collection of inspirational ideas for these stencils on Pinterest.


Here is a message from Cindy:

Hi Everyone! I’m thrilled to be joining you once again for yet another FMQ challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your projects. I am trying to post as many of my students’ projects as possible using The Ultimate Stencils on my Pinterest page. If you would be interested in having me post YOUR project please send me a photo via email ( You can access my Pinterest page via the home page of my website and be inspired by designs for your own project. Thank you and I’m excited to see what you come up with! 

Hugs, Cindy 🙂

 I also highly recommend that you watch the Youtube videos that Cindy has created for to share insights on the Ultimate Stencil:
ultimate stencil by cindy needham with blocks
Don’t forget Cindy has a 21-page booklet on these stencils that you can download for free, from her website.
ultimate stencil by cindy needham
Cindy has also written many handbooks (aka  e:books), which she updates annually.  While you can purchase these books individually, when you purchase the Complete Collection, you receive updated copies for free, every year.  Trust me, you’ll want the Complete Collection.  It is an amazing value, packed with Cindy’s insights for creating beautiful free-motion quilting, with easy to follow instructions and great visuals.

There are many prizes that our generous sponsors have donated, including some great prizes that will be eligible for International participants, not just US Only participants.  A detailed list of prizes is at the bottom of this post.


Note:  We hope you are inspired to participate in this event to learn/improve your FMQ skills and have fun, not just to win prizes.  On the other hand, we have some very generous sponsors who have donated amazing prizes that will be awarded to those that participate in one or all of these events.  To clarify, the more events you participate in the more chances you’ll have to win prizes.  You may also win prizes for Viewer’s Choice, which will open in September for all three Linky Parties.

Sponsor Prize Winners
Martingale Five new release books (to be announced later this summer)

QuiltShopGal will ship these prizes, one each, to five lucky winners. A maximum of 1 winner will be an International winner, with a minimum of 4 winners that are US only residents.

 Prize #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
Craftsy A Craftsy class of your choice.  This prize is open to WW participants.  Prize #6  winner – Tba
FabricWorm  A Fat Quarter bundle of Birch Fabrics.  Specific details are not yet available, but bundle is estimated at $35-95.

This prize is open to WW participants.

 Prize #7  winner – Tba
Inspired LED 5 LED kits, one each

These prizes are open to US only participants.

 Prize #8, #9, #10, #11, #12  winner – Tba
Robert Kaufman Fabrics A beautiful bundle of Radiance, 1 yard cuts of four different colors.  This prize is open to US only participants.  Prize #13  winner – Tba
Aurifil  Sewn Desert thread collection:

–          1 large Spool collection

–          1 small spool collection

These prizes are open to WW participants.

 Prize #14, and 15  winner – Tba
SewSteady Ruler Foot and templates for FMQ with a ruler on a domestic machine.  As the ruler foot is machine specific, the winner will receive a gift certificate that they can redeem for this prize.  More details on this prize will be shared shortly. Prize #16 – winner tba
You can find Cindy Needham at:

PR Angels that can help spread the word about this 2016 Free-Motion Quilting Summer Challenge are certainly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will try to get back to you as quickly as I can, but be prepared it may be 7-10 days before you hear back from me.  Thus, I also encourage you to add a comment on this post and I’m hoping others may also help out by replying to your comment, should I not be able to respond in a timely manner (bless those that help others).

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