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Happy Holidays

While I rarely share personal info, I can honestly say I love all the holidays.  Yes, I love Hanukkah, the Ramadan celebration, and many more holidays, but I don’t ever want to lose sight of celebrating Christmas, as well as wishing those that celebrate this holiday a Merry Christmas.   What ever holiday you celebrate, I hope it is a happy one for you and your family.  I also wish for you a very happy and healthy New Year, with time to enjoy and create.


I want to thank and recognize all of the sponsors for our recent “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways”.  All of the winners have been announced, notified and their special Christmas gifts are in the process of being shipped.  While I had hoped that this would have been done so that these gifts would arrive in time to open on Christmas, the “Grinch” hijacked my website and the downtime created a delay.  But the lucky winners will receive their prize very soon.  


Thank you to all of our generous sponsors:

Cherry Blossoms Quilting StudioMarjorie Busby of Blue Feather Quilt StudioASF Lightware Solutions/Beam n ReadLandauer Publishing,The Quilt ShowFat Quarter ShopUdderly Smooth/RedexIsland BatikAurifilThe Electric Quilt CompanyThe Fat Quarter Gypsy, and Martingale.


Here is a list of all of the posts for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways which also shows each of the lucky winners. 


This Holiday season, let’s spread happiness and good cheer.

Lastly, I’d like to ask a special favor of you.  Diane Gaudynski is an amazing award winning quilter, Master free-motion quilter, teacher and author.  She retired a few years back from teaching and rarely updates her blog.  She just released another blog post and I believe she’d love to hear from you.  Thus, I hope you can take a few moments to pop over to her blog and leave some kind words to share good Holiday cheer with her.  You can find her blog at:

Day 12 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Martingale




Welcome to day 12 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, with this being the last day of our sponsored Christmas Giveaways. The goal was “each day” QuiltShopGal will showcase a different sponsor and unwrap (reveal) their gift to one lucky winner.  To clarify, there are plenty of open giveaways that you can enter (links  to enter to win, you need to claim at least one option in the Rafflecopter form, but for those that like to increase their odds, there are a variety of options and you can claim as many as you wish.  Due to a recent hijacking of QuiltShopGal, this event was delayed, but fortunately not cancelled. Thus, there are many pending giveaways that have extended deadlines to enter by the 19th of December.  Be sure to check the links at the bottom of this post to enter other giveaways.

I’m truly delighted to have Martingale as our sponsor today. And while I want to share insights about some of their new books, fun patterns, freebies, as well as a sponsored giveaway, I want to start by recognizing Martingale for 40 years of making our world of quilting so wonderful.

When it came to celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year, Martingale has been pretty quiet about it.  To me, it is an amazing milestone for any company and one that needs to be recognized by quilters around the world.  Thus, I want to take a little walk down memory lane, to heighten awareness of how much Martingale has become a key contributor to helping creative people learn, improve their skills, as well as help talented designers become authors that have enabled us consistently easy to follow instructions with great visuals, all at a very reasonable price!


To begin our walk down Memory Lane, while I remembered when Martingale was launched in 1976  by Nancy J. Martin,founder of That Patchwork Place, now known as Martingale.  Click here for more historical info as well as a free downloadable pattern from Nancy’s book “Patchwork Picnic”.


Over they years they’ve published more than 3,000 books and products which have sold more than 24.1 million copies.

In 2007, company founders Nancy and Dan Martin retired from Martingale and did something not many founders do. They sold their company to their employees.  A tight-knit group of 26 now operates Martingale, and 80% of the team sew, knit, crochet, or craft in their spare time.

Martingale has a simple Mission – it’s all about you!  In their words “We empower makers who use fabric and yarn to make life more enjoyable”.

I informally interviewed Jenny Wilding Cardon, earlier this year.  She has been with Martingale since 1997 and currently has the role of Content Editor, but has held down a variety of jobs at Martingale, including copywriter and web assistant.  Jenny is very talented and like the majority of the team members at Martingale, she enjoys being creative.  Click here for more info on Jenny.


While I personally have been quilting longer than Martingale has been publishing, my memory is not all that good, so I appreciate Jenny helping to share insights that I’m sharing with you today.  I also hope others will share comments on their memories of Martingale Publishing, over the years, as well as their favorite books, especially any “must have”.

I asked which current employee has been their the longest?  Jenny shared that she believes it is their amazing photographer, Brent Kane, who celebrated his 24th year with the company in 2016.  Personally, I think Brent is an amazing photographer and helps provide a special signature stamp on all of Martingale’s books, with absolutely inspirational photos of the beautiful projects that are published in their books.  Thank  you Brent!

I asked Jenny about best sellers from their early publications?  She called my attention to Happy Endings, by Mimi Dietrict.  It was first published in 1988.   When the print run ended, quilters objected, so we brought the book back into print. Then another print run ended. Quilters objected. The published it again. And again. And in 2013, we did it again! Another print run for the book just ended, and they will be making Happy Endings available as an eBook. That way it can live on forever!



I asked Jenny about some of their early authors?  She shared that their early authors included:  Early authors include Nancy J. Martin, Judy Hopkins, Donna Lynn Thomas, Marsha McCloskey, Mimi Dietrich, Carol Doak, Sally Schneider, Margaret Rolfe, and Country Threads… to name a few.

This led me to ask “What author comes to mind that has been with you currently the longest?”.  Jenny shared “That would definitely be Nancy J. Martin – who founded Martingale! She wrote the very first “That Patchwork Place” book, and has written more than 40 books over the years. She and her husband, Dan, are retired from the business now.

When I asked which author has been the most prolific?, she shared: “Again, Nancy J. Martin is a contender here! But we have many authors that have been immensely prolific, such as Kim Diehl, Amy Ellis, Country Threads, Nancy Mahoney, Kim Brackett, and Kathy Brown… again, to name a few”.

Over the years, Martingale publishes wonderful quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and craft books.  And who doesn’t love their Calendars.  They even have a fun new adult coloring book “The New Hexagon Coloring Book – 60 Hexagon Designs to Color!”, by Katja Marek


Martingale also sales Patterns which are downloadable e:patterns for quilting and sewing.  Here area few which caught my attention:


Martingale has many free patterns available on their website and they frequently share tips and tutorials on their blog. Here are few free holiday patterns that caught my attention:

Home For Christmas wallhanging


Beaded Christmas Stocking


Embroidered Christmas Hand Towels


Christmas Cat Chat


Personally, I enjoy encouraging people to make money with their creative skills.  And, I also like to encourage creative people to publish their designs in patterns and books.  Of course, I also recommend Martingale as a publisher.  I consistently hear good feedback from authors who work with Martingale, as well as consistently find their books have easy to follow instructions with great visuals.  I truly don’t feel Martingale is just about publishing, as much as helping creative people publish a collection of their designs and techniques in books, to help people learn, improve and create beautiful projects.  If you have an idea for a new book, be sure to check out info on how to submit a book proposal to Martingale.


There are actually a couple of giveaways where you could win a giveaways sponsored by Martingale:

Stitch This, the Martingale blog has a giveaway where you could win an copy of “Small & Scrappy: Pint-size Patchwork Quilts Using Reproduction Fabrics”.  Click here to learn more about this book and enter to win an e:book.  Deadline to enter: December 20th.


As a sponsor for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Martingale is giving one lucky follower an amazing gift.


Time to reveal what this gift is.


One lucky winner, will receive a bundle of books from Martingale.

I Love Nine Patches: 16 Quilts from an All-Time Favorite Block


Perfect book for quilters of all levels:  Stunning quilts range in size from 25 1/2″ x 29 3/4″ to  78 1/2″ x 90 1/2″, with the majority of the designs being pieced, yet one incorporates beautiful applique’.

One Bundle of Fun: Turn Any Bundle, Roll, or Pack into a Great Quilt


“Must have” book for quilters that enjoy working with pre-cuts, but it could also make for a great resource to help with stash busting. 12 patterns thatt range in size from 39 1/2″ x 41 1/2″ to 64 1/2″ x 80 1/2″

Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery: Hand Stitches, Holiday Projects, by Gail Pan


This book is packed with 17 festive projects with whimsical designs that would make for great gifts, as well as decorations for your home for the holiday.

A Common Thread: A Collection of Quilts, by Gwen Marston


This coffee table book is filled with excellent photos of Gwen’s quilts representing more than 40 years of quilting, with 80+ quilts representing and a variety of styles, from an award winning quilt artist.

To enter, simply claim one or more of the options in the Rafflecopter form below.  These books will be shipped to one lucky winner by QuiltShopGal.  Due to postal expenses I will ship for free to a US resident, but those with an international address will need to pay for postage.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find Martingale at:


martingale logo

Here is a list of all of the posts for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.  There are quite a few giveaways that are still open, so click thru and enter, those you are interested in winning, if you have not yet done so. 

Countdown to Christmas – But First Comes 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

 Who is counting down the days till Christmas?  I hope to get you in the mood, with 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways which will start on December lst.


Are you wondering how this will work?  Very simple.  I have 12 fabulous sponsors who have donated amazing prizes that are still wrapped (aka a secret).  Each day, I’ll showcase a sponsor and reveal the prize.  You can enter to win a prize each day, but you’ll have to be quick, as you’ll only have one day to enter to win.  Mark your calendar, so that you don’t forget the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways starts December lst.  

Here is a lineup for the sponsors, showing the days that I’ll unwrap and reveal the prize they have generously donated.


Day 1 – Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio


Day 2 – Marjorie Busby of Blue Feather Quilt Studio


Day 3 – ASF Lightware Solutions/Beam N Read


Day 4 – Landauer Publishing


Day 5 – The Quilt Show


Day 6 – Fat Quarter Shop


Day 7 – Udderly Smooth/Redex


Day 8 – Island Batik


Day 9 – Aurifil


Day 10 – The Electric Quilt Company


Day 11 – The Fat Quarter Gypsy



Day 12 – Martingale



 note:  Many prizes will be open for International participants, but some will be open to US Only, or US/Canada winners due to postage expenses.  Rules will be reflected on each daily giveaway.


Here is a list of all of the posts for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways at:

New Books with #CreativeGoodness from Martingale

I’m excited to be able to share insights with you today about some new books with #CreativeGoodness from Martingale.  


Huggable Amigurumi, by Shannen Nicole Chua


My Review:

This is an absolutely adorable book, that uses basic stitches to crochet amigurumi softies that will certainly delight all ages.  They would certainly make great gifts, as well as be cute to decorate your own home.  Absolute irresistable.  This book has easy to follow instructions, with great visuals, making this book perfect for confident beginners, as well as those with great expertise with crocheting.

Sew This and That! 13 Quick-to-Make Quilted Projects, by Sherri K. Falls


My Review:

With more than a dozen fun projects this book is an exceptional value.  All the projects would make great gifts, as well as usable handmade items for your home.  And, this book includes a stamp of Martingale’s high quality books, in that each project has easy to follow instructions with great visuals.  

Moda All-Stars Mini Marvels: 15 Little Quilts With Big Style, by Lissa Alexander


My Review:

Each project offers the opportunity to try a different technique (e.g. traditional piecing, applique’, paper piecing, and even embroidery).  And, all come with easy to follow instructions with great visuals.  With the focus on mini-quilts, most of these projects could be completed very quickly, probably in a day for most quilters. And, for those that may want larger projects, the designs could easily be adapted.  Certainly these projects would also make great gifts, as well as to use to decorate your home throughout the year.

Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt: Learn the basics of walking-foot & free-motion quilting.



My Review:

This will certainly be a popular book for fans of Pat Sloan, who are wanting to learn the very basics of walking-foot and free-motion quilting.  There is a good section on the basics, with great visuals.  Another section focuses on Walking-Foot Quilts, which includes easy patterns to make a Strippy Table Runner, a Mini Charm Star, Checkerboard Hearts, etc, with all easy to follow instructions that make for easy walking-foot quilting projects.  The last section shares a few easy patterns that are good projects for beginners to learn free-motion quilting.


All of these books come with Martingale’s quality and value where they each have easy to follow instructions and great visuals, making them perfect for all levels of creativity (beginner to advanced).  I hope you get a chance to check out these books at your favorite quilt shop.  But if you don’t see them, let them know you are interested in them making these books available in their store.  They are such new books, the store may simply not be aware of them.  Of course, you can also check out these books online at Martingale, or Amazon.  

I also want to share that Martingale is a sponsor of an upcoming event which I’ll kick off on December lst, to celebrate “12 Days of Christmas”, with daily giveaways.  

You can find Martingale at:

martingale logo   

Fall Quilt Market – Things Attendees Should Not Miss

Quilt Market is a trade show for those in the business, held twice a year.  It is a great opportunity for quilt and sewing shops to learn about new products and place their orders, as well as learn how to use new products and take professional classes.  It also offers an opportunity for professional networking with others in the business.  Today I want to share some highlights that I recommend attendees to not miss:



Before you go to market, be sure to download the FREE Quilt Market Event App on the App Store of Google Play!


AURIFIL  (booth #1924)

Don’t miss the Premier Schoolhouse Session, Aurifil Unwound! Take a peek behind the scenes of this Italian family company and see their new fine and thin 8wt threads. The first 1300 enrolled Schoolhouse attendees to pick up their printed catalogue will also receive an AURIFIL Swag Bag. Friday, Oct. 28 at 10:00 AM in Ballroom C at Quilt Market in Houston.




ME & YOU, BY HOFFMAN (booth #1900/01)

This refreshing new brand of fabric, by Hoffman, has their first guest designer of indah batiks, Melissa Averinos who will be in their booth, to show what she has been working on.


MARTINGALE (booth #2126, 2127)

There will be beautiful quilts and other handmade items on display, as well as the ability to check out new books in Martingale’s booth.  And you’ll get a chance to meet the authors of many of their new books.


PATRICK LOSE (booth #1546)

Patrick is introducing new pre-cut assortment collections and new fabrics.


Quilt Market attendees can take a selfie next to this sign and share on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win a bundle of this new line of fabric.

ISLAND BATIK (booth #746)

Be sure to check out their new batiks, as well as meet Leah Day, a Master Free-Motion Quilter, designer and teacher.



You’ll find many new creative books in the booth for  Landauer Publishing.  But don’t miss an opportunity to meet Wendy Sheppard, an amazing quilter, designer, author and teacher will be signing books:

  • Oct 29 – 4 to 5 pm Landauer Demo and Book Signing at Landauer’s booth
  • Oct 30 – 9:30 to 10:30am Landauer Demo and Book Signing at Landauer’s booth.
    You can also find Wendy, Oct 28 – 2:50 to 3:05pm My 2 Cents on Domestic Machine Quilting (Quilt Market Schoolhouse, Room 352A)

LUNCH BOX QUILTS (booth #2437)

Angie has so many creative designs and will also be showcasing new designs at market.

TIMELESS TREASURES (booth #1314, 15)

Be sure to check out all the new fabric lines from Timeless Treasures.  I think they also have the best collection of whimsical prints that I’ve ever seen.  Each line is packed with #CreativeGoodness that would be so much fun to create with.


Don’t forget that there are a variety of excellent classes, for those in the business to help them build their business skills and network.   Check out:


  • #102 – How to develop a whizbang staff, with Bob Negen, WhizBang! Training
  • #200 – Secrets of running a successful business for 34 years, with Anita Covert, PhD and Ann Covert Fuller, Country Stitches
  • #211 – How to create the experience, with Deb Luttrell, Stitchin’ Heaven
  • #513 – Successful retailing is no accident – why some shops fail and others succeed, with Alex Anderson and & Kay Brooks, RNK Distributing/Floriani

For a complete list of classes and events:


Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to check out the new Sulky Iron-on Transfer Pen (Sulky Booth #1035, 47).  I predict this pen is going to become very popular, as word gets out for all the creative possibilities you can do with it.  Definitely  check it out at Market.  I’ll also be sharing insights about this pen in the near future.



You can find International Quilt Market at:


I will also be following many on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blogs, who will be at Market and I’ll share highlights, as appropriate.   I hope you’ll follow me, to learn about new products and more.  Attending Market virtually is not as exhausting as being their.

When The Unexpected Happens And Life Changes In A Blink Of An Eye

Today I want to talk about a situation where the life, of any of us, can change in a blink of the eye.  Our world, as we know it can shatter quickly.  How do you get thru it?  How do others help? 

Our worldwide quilting community is a group of talented and giving people.  I’ve truly seen miracles happen in our community through the power of prayer, fundraisers to help those in need, as well as words of kindness and encouragement.  PR Angels often help to spread the word, and many find other great ways to help.  We each have a story, but today I want to share a story about an amazing quilter, teacher, and author who could use our prayers, positive thoughts, as well as support and encouragement in so many ways.

Karen Sievert is an Author, Teacher, Speaker and International Award Winning Longarm Machine Quilter.  


Karen is the author of two amazing books:

 “Better Together“, published by Martingale in  2010


Prairie Point Pizzazpublished by Martingale in 2011


This past year Karen and her husband Vince, moved into a beautiful log home in Bailey, NC.   This home was designed with plenty of space for Karen to design and quilt, as well as provide accommodations for 1-6 quilters, in an ideal and tranquil setting for intimate classes and retreats with Karen.  Sounds absolutely inviting to me.  Especially perfect for those that want to learn/improve their free-motion quilting skills to make quilts such as what Karen has:

Besides the move, besides her hectic teaching schedules, as well as working on more quilts to enter into quilt shows, she also had to go thru various hand surgeries.  But she pushed thru it with amazing style and grace.



On September 16th Karen and Vince lost their beautiful log cabin dream home to a fire.  They lost ALL their possessions, including years of making beautiful quilts, as well as her Award Winning Quilts!  Clearly, their life has changed with such a devastating loss.

While positive thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement are appreciated by Karin and Vince, a Go Fund Me program was launched by a friend.  It won’t replace all of their possessions, nor her quilts, but even little donations add up and help.  Here is a link for those that are able to make such a donation:


You can find Karen at:


New Books with #CreativeGoodness from Martingale – Plus Giveaways Sponsored by Martingale

I’m excited to be able to share insights with you today about some new books with #CreativeGoodness from Martingale.  I also want to share insights with you about some giveaways, sponsored by

Preserving History – Patchwork Patterns Inspired by Antique Quilts
by Julie Hendricksen

My Review:

This is a “must have” book for anyone who appreciates antique quilts, as well as a great book for anyone who enjoys patchwork.  While the quilts in this book showcase reproduction style fabrics, I believe the designs would also look great in modern fabrics, or just about any fabric you wish to use, making it another great book for those that may be looking for stash busting project ideas.

A Change of Seasons – Folk-Art Quilts and Cozy Home Accessories By Bonnie Sullivan


My Review:

A Change of Seasons is packed with cozy quilts and home accessories that make for perfect projects to decorate your home, as well as to make for gifts.  This is a “must have” for anyone whom enjoys primitive style decorating, as well as those that may want to make fun and fast seasonal projects.

The Big Book of Fat-Quarter Quilts – 66 Designs


My Review:

With 66 fun projects this book is an exceptional value.  Retail price works out to $0.42 per design.  This is a “must have” for any quilter looking for stash-busting projects, as well as those that want fun and fast projects.

A Knitter’s Know-How – 127 Techniques Every Knitter Needs to Know By Cap Sease


My Review:

This is a great resource for beginning knitters, as well as experienced knitters that are looking for tips and tricks to help finish projects.  This book is a technique book that does a fantastic job demonstrating with close-up photos and easy to follow instructions.


All of these books come with Martingale’s quality and value where they each have easy to follow instructions and great visuals, making them perfect for all levels of creativity (beginner to advanced).  I hope you get a chance to check out these books at your favorite quilt shop.  But if you don’t see them, let them know you are interested in them making these books available in their store.  They are such new books, the store may simply not be aware of them.  Of course, you can also check out these books online at Martingale, or Amazon.

Did I Mention Some Giveaway Opportunities?

There is still time to enter a giveaway hosted by QuiltShopGal where you could win a copy of the new The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar – 365 Blocks  Katja Marek.  I’ll be randomly selecting a winner for this giveaway late Sunday, October 2nd.  Here is the link if you haven’t yet entered and would like to win this sweet perpetual calendar:

Martingale also has a giveaway this week where you could win a copy of Knitter’s Know How.


You can find Martingale at:

martingale logo   

Welcome Fall – Preparing For The Countdown, Calendars, and a Giveaway


Are you excited about the arrival of Fall?  I am.


I think of Fall as a window that quilters pull out quilts and quilted items to decorate their home, as well as to use to keep warm.  Many of us also kick into high gear to make quilts and quilted projects for winter, which might be used in their own home, for gifts, or for charity.

Fall also reminds me that the new year will be arriving soon.  At the time of preparing this post, there are 100 days left before 2017 arrives.



And about 90+ days till the arrival of Christmas.




For those that use Calendars, there is a high probability you are a planner and organize your time to pack in as much as you can in the limited time we have.  After all, quilters around the world know that 24 hour days just are not enough time.  But for Quilters,  Calendars are not only a way to help us organize, they are a way to help inspire.  There are also Calendars that come with patterns to create beautiful projects.  As 2017 will be arriving soon, I’m wanting to showcase some inspirational Calendars that can help inspire you, as well as help you be organized with your time.  Speaking of which, this is a great time to order a Calendar for 2017! 
Martingale has some wonderful calendars that I think would be great to use in 2017.  They are also available at a reasonable price and each packed with plenty of inspiration and more!

That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2017 – Complete Instructions for each Project


Publisher’s Insights:

Celebrate the changing seasons with color-splashed quilts and more from That Patchwork Place®. Complete instructions and patterns for each design are included so you can sew along all through the year.

  • Be inspired by beautifully styled photography; tempting projects include quilts ranging from
    wall hangings to throws–plus pillows, embroidered coasters, and a table runner
  • Enclosed pull-out booklet features step-by-step illustrated instructions for every design
  • 12 specially selected projects by top designers


Stitches to Savor 2017 – Wall-Art Calendar of Designs by Sue Spargo

Publisher’s Insights:

Treat yourself to a year of beauty as only Sue Spargo can stitch it! Long admired by quilters, the work of folk artist Sue Spargo is an exploration of texture, fabrics, and embellishments. Now, for the first time, her captivating pieces are yours to enjoy every day for an entire year with Stitches to Savor: 2016 Wall-Art Calendar of Designs by Sue Spargo, available from Martingale. Her creativity–the distinctive way she blends simple shapes, exquisite stitches, and diverse thread and fabric choices–shines through with each passing month. You’ll want to slow the days to savor each amazing stitch!

  • Enjoy rich, full-color photography that comes in so close, you’ll find yourself running your hand across the pages–you can almost feel the texture of Sue’s handwork
  • Featuring at-a-glance dates, the 12″-square calendar unfolds to showcase stunning 12″ x 24″ detailed photographs
  • Discover breathtaking stitcheries rendered in remarkable combinations of wool, cotton, and assorted embellishments

The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar – 365 Blocks  Katja Marek

Publisher’s Insights:

Wake up each morning to a bright new hexagon! Discover the possibilities of English paper piecing as you create dynamic shapes and unique designs year after year with this perpetual calendar.

  • Choose from 365 vibrant 6-inch hexagon blocks, plus an extra block for leap year
  • Each hexagon includes a block photo, a placement diagram for each assembly, and full-sized templates
  • Sturdy spiral binding will keep each easy-to-turn page of the calendar intact for years of enjoyment


Quilter’s Block-A-Day Calendar, by Debbi Kratovil


Publisher’s Insights:

With a block pattern for every day of the year, this clever calendar will keep you quilting for years to come! You’ll never run out of ideas for creating your next quilt–use the perpetual format year in and year out.

  • Blocks for every occasion include traditional, seasonal, and holiday designs
  • Each block pattern includes a full-color illustration and an easy-to-use rotary-cutting key
  • Sturdy spiral binding will keep this calendar in tip-top shape, even through years of turning pages


365 Knitting Stitches A Year,


Publisher’s Insights:

For the first time ever, you can access hundreds of knitting stitches in a perpetual-calendar format! With a unique knitting stitch for every day of the year, this clever calendar design makes a valuable addition to every knitter’s pattern collection.

  • Find complete instructions for 365 easy to advanced stitches
  • Each day spotlights a beautiful swatch in a full-color, close-up photograph
  • Stitches range from simple knit and purl to ribs, cables, laces, and dozens of textured patterns
  • Discover a different knitting stitch each day–together let them inspire you year after year!


One lucky winner will win a copy of:

The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar – 365 Blocks  Katja Marek

To enter, blog followers can simply leave a comment, sharing anything you wish about Calendars.  Possibly you may want to say you have used in the past, or not used, which format you prefer, etc.  Next week I’ll randomly pick a winner.  This post will be updated accordingly and I’ll also email the lucky winner to let them know.  While I appreciate those who use my Affiliate links when they are purchasing items on Amazon or Craftsy, as I sometimes earn a small fee (you pay the same price) and those funds are used to help “supplement” my postage expense.  Unfortunately, my budget for postage is limited, combined with the fact for some silly reason the USPS doesn’t allow me to ship Calendars under their media rate, so I find them pretty expensive to ship, thus this prize will be limited to US only residents.  

UPDATE:  Congratulations to the lucky winner #9 – Diane



You can find Martingale at:

martingale logo   

Don’t forget to get your Calendars for 2017!

The Ultimate Quilting Challenge – Wrap Up

ultimate quilt challenge badge


The Ultimate Quilt Challenge was created to encourage quilters to learn/improve their free-motion quilting skills.  While any free-motion quilting style or motif could be used, the core focus of this challenge was to incorporate any of the versatile Ultimate Quilting Stencils, which have been designed by Cindy Needham, a Master Free-Motion Quilting Expert.  Participants in this challenge could share a project previously completed that incorporated any of these stencils, quilters could use the downloadable  Master Templates to sketch out and share ideas they’ve created on paper or electronically, or the final option to enter, was to stitch out any project, any size, any style, any design, using any of the Ultimate Stencils, but do so during the summer of 2016.  

Today I’m thrilled to share photos from some of the participants. I strongly believe all of the entries were absolutely beautiful and I hope that they inspire you to learn/improve your free-motion quilting skills, as well as see the versatility of using the Ultimate Quilting Stencils.  I also want to encourage you to click thru to visit these blogs, as the participants shared more photos and insights and many have more posts for inspirational FMQ, as well as working with the Ultimate Stencil Collections.

Karen of the Quilt Yarn shared an amazing whole cloth quilt which she had previously created, using some of the stencils from various Ultimate Stencil Collections.   Her project measures 35″x35″ and incorporates the original Ultimate Stencil Collection, as well as some hyperquilting techniques from Patsy Thompson.


Anna of Anna’s Quilting Studio shared her doodle/sketch ideas for designs using some of the Ultimate Stencils.


Karen of the Quilt Yarn shared a variety of doodle/sketch ideas using various Ultimate Stencils.  Karen has also shared a number of blog posts showing more stunning design ideas that she has sketched on paper, but recently she has also been sharing tips for using software for creating electronic sketches for various FMQ motifs appropriate for blocks, or wholecloth quilts.

Patty D of A Stitch N Time also shared inspirational doodle/sketch design ideas.


Kearstie of KB’s Quilting  shared her sketch designs, which incorporated some of the Ultimate Quilting Stencils.  And she shared a lovely project she stitched out with this design this summer.


Laura of Laura Luvs Loons shared sketches with us, for her design idea that incorporated some  of the Ultimate Quilting Stencils. She applied FMQ  ideas to a Vintage Linen to create a stunning table runner which she stitched out this summer.

Vicki of Fabric Under Foot shared her sketches with us, which incorporated some of the Ultimate Background Stencils.  And while Vicki is still stitching out this lovely project, she shared with us a photo show how much she has progressed this summer.

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While I think anyone that uses any of the Ultimate Stencil Collections is a winner, as they truly are so versatile and help you create stunning free-motion quilting, the Ultimate Quilting Challenge has announced winners.  Congratulations to:  Karen of the Quilt YarnAnna of Anna’s Quilting Studio, Patty D of A Stitch N Time,  Kearstie of KB’s QuiltingLaura of Laura Luvs Loons and Vicki of Fabric Under Foot.  While we didn’t have that many participants in this Challenge,  those that did participate certainly shared inspirational ideas and projects.  Thank you.
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A Review of a Creative New Book And a Giveaway

Let’s Go Camping!  Crochet Your Own Adventure, by Kate Bruning and published by Martingale, is an amazing new book packed with creativity.



You can crochet the camping trip of a lifetime with adorable, miniature projects that will delight adults and kids alike. You’ll find all the camping gear you need for hours of creative play, including sleeping bags, backpacks, frying pans, picnic baskets, and much more. These easy-to-follow instructions plus your favorite yarn are all you need to create cute and collectible cabins, tents, boats, mountains, and trees for your dream campsite!


Kate Bruning lives in New Zealand with her husband and two sons. Her crochet projects are inspired by camping trips, European travels, and her sons’ play.


This book was first published in Great Britain in 2015 by Kyle Books, an imprint of Kyle Cathie Ltd..  It is an absolutely delightful book that I think would be perfect for Confident Beginners to crochet, thru experts interested in making these delightful projects.  What little kid would not want to play with the sweet campers, boats, tents, cabins, teepees, picnic blankets with baskets, sleeping bags, camping supplies, and so many more wonderful little projects that all make camping and imagination time so much fun.

There are also many patterns for accessories, including clothing that is sized for Playmobile size toy people.

While I am not a crochet expert, I do crochet and I found the book has a well written introduction for crochet, as well as easy to follow instructions with great visuals for all the projects included in this book.  This combined with such fun creative projects and an amazing low price, makes this book an exceptional value that should not be overlooked.   

I hope you get a chance to check out this book at your favorite place to purchase yarn, possibly even your favorite quilt shop.  But if you don’t see it, do let them know you’d like them to carry it.  This book is so new, they may not be aware of it.  Of course, you can also find it online at Martingale and Amazon.


Actually, there are two different giveaways, two different ways you can win a copy of this book:

  1.  Martingale is giving a copy away via their blog, where you can learn more about this book, as well as enter to win your own copy. Deadline to enter is September 7th.
  2. QuiltShopGal also has a copy to giveaway to one lucky follower.  Simply leave a comment, on this post, sharing anything you wish.  Possibly let me know how long you have been crocheting and what you like to crochet, or if you are knew to crocheting, that is fine too.  Due to my limited budget and postage rates, I will pay to ship to a US winner.  If a non-US winner is drawn, I do ask that they donate $20 as a postage angel.  Should postage be more (and often is) I will pay the difference.  Should it be less, I’ll recognize you as a postage angel (and your blog, as appropriate), the next giveaway where I ship prizes.  Postage Angels are always appreciated as they help me offer more giveaways.  In the meantime, I’m looking into Drone Delivery.  I’ll randomly select one lucky winner on the 7th of September and notify the winner via email, as well as update this post, as appropriate.


Congratulations to Sharon, our lucky winner.  An email has been sent to her to let her know she won a copy of this creative new book.


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