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#FreeMotionQuilting – Ruler Work with Patsy Thompson

Patsy Thompson has created the most stunning rope design that I think I’ve ever seen.  In additional to sharing it on her blog, she has also shared plenty of tips that can help you learn to do this too.  Just click thru for more info.


If you are new to free-motion quilting and/or Ruler Work, Patsy has created an amazing collection of DVDs.  I can honestly recommend her DVDs, as I’ve learned so much from them, over the years.  And they are always fun to go back and watch again and again.   Her newest DVD is all about Ruler Work.

And she has a great collection of templates and supplies for ruler work, and more including a variety of rope templates:


You can find Patsy Thompson at:

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#FreeMotionQuilting/RulerWork On Domestic Machines: Continuous Rope Design

Today I want to highlight templates by Westalee, for stitching a Continuous Rope motif, using ruler work on a domestic sewing machine.  There are so many ways to use this design in your quilts, but for today, I’m just covering the basics.

There are three versions of the Continuous Rope template, where you can also find a variety of sizes.  Each of these templates pretty much works the same, where you continually sew out one side of a twist of rope at a time.  This works great for borders, creating frames around other motifs, but as you build up your expertise you can also stitch twisting ropes, as well as intertwining ropes.  

Here is a video tutorial from Westalee:

There are two different rope motif ruler template designs, as well as a variety of sizes of rope (e.g. .75″, 1.5″, 2.5″, 5.5″).

There is also a template that makes a beautiful rope wreath, as shown below stitched by Patsy Thompson.  Patsy also sells Westalee templates, as well as other brands and her own, online in her shop at Patsy Thompson Designs.

Of course, if you know Patsy, you know she never just quilts a simple motif.  Here is an example of what she created based off this rope wreath:

Personally, I’m looking forward You can also find Westalee templates at Sew Steady, AllBrands, Amy’s Quilting Adventure, as well as many premium quilt shops.  Of course, if your favorite store doesn’t carry them, let them know you are interested in having them stock such tools.  Ruler work is growing in popularity and many quilt shops don’t yet realize how many quilters are interested in this form of quilting.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find time to enjoy and create.  Of course, I also hope you are able to take time to learn/improve your free-motion quilting skills too!

You can find Patsy Thompson at:

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2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge – Looking Back, Current and Another Sneak Peek on the Future

NOTE:  This is two-post day.  If you are looking for the #CreativeGoodness Linky Party this week, click here (hopefully you’ll still read this post too!).

The first part of this post is for everyone, not just those  participating in the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge:

You are probably aware that I am an Affiliate with Craftsy and Amazon.  When you click thru my site to purchase something on these sites, you pay the same price as you would have if you had gone directly to them, but I may get a few pennies per purchase back. When you do I think of you as Postage Angels!

 What little funds I have earned goes toward “supplementing” post costs for when I ship prizes and giveaways.  And, you are probably aware postage costs have skyrocketed in the US, and it gets worse shipping international.  Thus, while I will ship all prizes/giveaways promised for this challenge (and other giveaways), I can’t afford to ship outside the US right now.  There have been quite a few non-US winners and combined with shipping costs to US winners, my  portion of the expense is way too high.

Prizes for the FMQ Challenge will not be impacted, but I’ll be hosting fewer giveaways this Spring and Summer, where I ship prizes.  I’ll revisit my budget this Fall and hopefully be able to increase prizes I ship for giveaways and “surprise prizes”.  In the meantime, I do hope if you are purchasing something on Craftsy or Almazon that you kindly click thru from my site.  Lastly, Craftsy is having a 50% off sale on ALL of their classes this weekend.

The 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge is an opportunity for everyone to learn/improve their FMQ skills.  In each monthly challenge there are 3-4 ways to enter, with at least one free opportunity.  The other opportunities are based on online classes, DVDs, or books where the FMQ Expert teaches (and also earns money for their family lives off of).  

Many may have already taken some of these online classes, or purchased the DVDs or books referenced in this challenge.  But if you have not done so, I do want to clarify such purchase is not required to participate in this challenge, but buying any or all of these tools will certainly help you learn/improve your FMQ skills.  I can honestly say every time I take another FMQ Class, purchase a book or DVD, I continue to learn and expand on the number of FMQ designs which I’m comfortable to stitch out on my projects.  And I expect you will also see growth in your FMQ skills as you expand the number of classes you take and/or purchase such learning tools (e.g. DVDs, books).

Bottom line:  If you have never tried FMQ this year is a great time to start and this challenge can help you.  Feel free to email me if you have questions on where to start.

And, regardless if you are participating in this challenge, or not, if you are doing any level of FMQ on any project, please share in our Flickr group for FMQ.  I can’t promise, but I’m working on getting a sponsor for a special gift for those that share FMQ in this Flickr group this year and I’ll periodically be showcasing some quilters that share in this group this year.  To clarify, you can be a blogger or non-blogger to share in this group!

2015 FMQ Challenge Info :

Participants in the 2015 FMQ Challenge that want to enter to win prize must share via the linky tool in the respective monthly challenge that they wish to enter.  Non-bloggers should first upload a photo of their project to the flickr group and then they can add a link from the monthly FMQ Challenge back to the flickr group.  Bloggers only need to add a link to their blog post, which was written and released in the month of the respective challenge.  It is then optional for the Bloggers to upload any of their photos to the Flickr group.  Again, the Flickr group is open to sharing entries for the monthly challenge (which is a pillow with FMQ per the rules of the monthly challenge) for any project.    Geez, that is long, but I hope it makes sense.

The benefits of participating in this challenge each month:

  • learning/improving your FMQ Skills
  • learning more about various FMQ experts
  • inspiration found in all the entries, as well as FMQ group on Flickr.
  • Opportunities to win monthly prizes
  • “Potential” of freebies at the end of the year are being worked on.  I’m hopeful that I can pull this off and all active participants in the monthly challenge (4 or more) will receive these items.  I just can’t disclose them yet. But I think recipients will be pleasantly surprised.  And they will be given out to WW participants!


2015 fmq challenge badge

If you are a Facebook user, you may have already come across the group “Free Motion Quilting Frenzy” started by Karen Miller.  This is a great group to find inspiration, Q&A, and share your FMQ Projects.  I’m so impressed with how talented the members are, as well as how helpful they are to newbies.

I also want to heighten awareness that Craftsy has 50% off of ALL of their classes this weekend.  While I personally enjoy taking classes at Craftsy, as they are so reasonably priced, have great teaches, and are hosted online in a format that is flexible and works fo rmy schedule, I also want to heighten awareness that there are also great classes on Craftsy for those that want to learn/improve their FMQ Skills. And, attendees of a few of the classes on Craftsy are with teachers being showcased in the 2015 FMQ Challenge and students in these classes can easily apply what they learn to create a pillow to enter this challenge!

The 2015 FMQ Challenge showcases a different FMQ Expert every month.  There are also 3-4 ways to enter the monthly challenge.  Some options are great ways to learn from online classes at Craftsy, from DVDs, or from books and every month there is at least one option to use a free tutorial.  You can complete one or all of the options to enter, but the more options you complete the more chances you get to win prizes.  And, of course, the more opportunities you get to learn/improve your FMQ Skills.

We are a couple of months into the 2015 FMQ Challenge.  You can still complete the monthly challenges that have closed and share what you create in our group on Flickr.  Here is a quick view of completed monthly challenges:


Month (Link) FMQ Expert Showcased Sponsors Highlights

Jan Molly Hanson Redex/Udderly Smooth65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nAurifilaurifilogowebThe Fat Quarter Shop


Molly Hanson/CT Publishing

3 options to enter; 41 participants
Feb Leah Day Redex/ Udderly Smooth65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nMartingaleCleaver Craft Tools/Grip & Stitch DisksGrip & Stitch Quilting Disks 3 options;22 participants
March Patsy Thompson Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n
Landauer PublishingFabrics N Quiltssquare.bmp
3 options to enter; 21 participants


The April Challenge is currently open and there are several options to enter, all using designs and techniques taught by the very talented  Christina Cameli.

Month FMQ Expert Showcased Sponsors Highlights
April Christina Cameli Redex/Udderly Smooth Moisterizers65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nthe Fat Quarter ShopFatQuarterShop-Circle-275x275Cleaver Craft Tools/Grip & Stitch DisksGrip & Stitch Quilting DisksCT Publishing 4 options to enter this challenge


Month FMQ Expert Showcased Sponsors – Sneak Peek (not all sponsors are listed) Challenge Highlights(Sneak Peek as more details will be provided in the respective monthly challenge)
May Cindy Needham Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n
CraftsyGotcha Covered Quilting
gotcha covered quilting
– Create a pillow using Cindy’s new Ultimate Stencil– Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the Craftsy class “Design It Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques”, with Cindy Needham

– Create a pillow using the free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, by Cindy Needham

June Diane Gaudynski Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nFabrics N Quilts.square.bmpLandauer Publishinglandauer – Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the book “Guide to Machine Quilting”, by Diane Gaudynski- Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the book “Quilt Savvy”, by Diane Gaudynski

– Create a pillow using the Free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, by Diane Gaudynski

July Paula Reid Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_nCleaver Craft Tools/Grip & Stitch DisksGrip & Stitch Quilting Disks
Fat Quarter Shop
-Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the Craftsy class “Start Machine Quilting”, with Paula Reid- Create a pillow with FMQ using designs taught in the DVD “Beyond the Basics“.

– Create a pillow using the free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, provided by Paula Reid

August Angela Walters Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n
Robert Kaufman FabricsCT PublishingGotcha Covered Quilting
gotcha covered quilting
– Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques from the book “Shape by Shape”, by Angela Walters to create a FMQ quilt that you turn into a pillow.- Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and techniques covered in the Craftsy class “Dot to Dot Quilting”, with Angela Walters.

– Create a pillow with FMQ using designs and technique from the free tutorial provided in the 2012 FMQ Challenge, by Angela Walters

September Kaleidoscope Kreator,JeannieTeri Lucas Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n

Fat Quarter ShopFatQuarterShop-Circle-275x275Martingale

Create a pillow with FMQ using Kaleidoscope Software and the free FMQ tutorial provided by Teri Lucas, in the 2012 FMQ Challenge.- Machine embroidery enthusiasts can use the Kaleidoscope Collections Feathers Embroidery designs with their KK Software. Non-Machine embroiders can use the Feathers Sw and manually FMQ around.- Use a FMQ design from the EQ/Quiltmaker’s quilting designs volume 3 on a pillow.
Lori Kennedy – The Inbox Jaunt
Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n

MartingaleGotcha Covered Quiltinggotcha covered quilting

Use  free tutorials by Lori Kennedy (The Inbox Jaunt) to create a pillow with a pumpkin motif and beautiful background.- Use a design from EQ Quiltmaker Collection #1 to create a pillow with FMQ.- Use a free tutorial from Lori – TBA

Sarah Vedeler
Redex/ Udderly Smooth  65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n

Fat Quarter ShopFatQuarterShop-Circle-275x275


-Use the free tutorial, provided by Sarah in the 2012 FMQ Challenge to create a pillow with FMQ.- Use Sarah’s Peace, Love, Joy pattern of Sarah Simplified to make a pillow with FMQ (need not be a machine embroider to create this beautiful pillow).

– Create a pillow with FMQ using any of Sarah’s Star machine embroidery design collection, or use her AccuQuilt dies to create an applique’ pillow that you incorporate free-motion quilting designs which she shared in the 2012 FMQ Challenge.

Wendy Sheppard
Redex/ Udderly Smooth 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n
Fat Quarter Shop
Electric QuiltLandauer Publishing
– Wendy teaches two online classes at Annie’s. Attendees of either of these clases (Learn to Machine Quilt or Machine Quilting Level 2) can use techniques and designs to create a pillow with FMQ.- Use the new book Recreating Antique Quilts, by Wendy to create the pillow project “Ginkgos on Prince Street Pillow”

– Use the free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge where Wendy shows how to stitch the Jester’s Hat design, to create a pillow with FMQ.



Again, more info will be provided for each of these monthly challenges, in their respective month.  While every month has an option to use a free tutorial, there are also many learning opportunities for those that pursue learning thru books, DVDs, or classes.



If you have questions for this Challenge, please read the FAQ:

Winners will be selected randomly and this post will be updated accordingly, after I send an email to notify the winners.

email QuiltShopGal if you still have questions at Darlene @ quiltshopgal dot com and I will try to respond as fast as I can.


email address for quiltshopgal

Here is a list of previous posts 2015 FMQ Challenge:


2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge – March Challenge with Patsy Thompson


This post has been updated to announce the winners.  This is the first time in WordPress that I’ve saved a published post to draft mode (while I was selecting winners) and then updating/publishing.  If you receive this update via email/RSS feeds, please let me know.

Welcome to the March Linky Party for the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge.

2015 fmq challenge badge



Open to quilters of all levels that want to learn/improve their FMQ skills, regardless if you are using a domestic, mid-arm, or long machine, everyone is welcome. There will be a big emphasis, throughout the year, to ~Create ~ Share ~ Inspire ~ #FreeMotionQuiltingGoodness, aka #FMQGoodness.

Each month there will be a linky party where bloggers and non-bloggers can share what they created, for one or more of the options set for the respective month.  This challenge is actually more flexible than many realize, but it does ask that you turn your FMQ Sandwich into a pillow of any size.  Those that view they are not pillow people may want to make FMQ pillows for gives, or make a larger “pillow bed” for a pet, or donation to an animal shelter.  But the intent is to be proud of your FMQ and turn it into a finished project.  It is up to you to decide if you complete stitch out on a practice sandwich and later stitch out on your quilt sandwich that you will turn into a pillow.  Still, as the options to enter will be flexible, you are encouraged to sketch out your design on paper before you attempt to stitch it out using your machine.

While “Sneak Peaks” were shared in late 2014, as well as throughout the 2015 FMQ Challenge, participants will need to finish their project and enter (link up) in the month that the respective challenge is released.  Those that want to apply the challenge to projects other than pillows, or those that complete the challenge after the given month, as well as those that may wish to share other FMQ projects are encouraged to share in a Flirk group that has been created specifically for group sharing and inspiration:


Aurifil, Clever Craft Tools/Grip & Stitch Disks, Fabrics N Quilts, Fat Quarter Shop, Martingale, The Stencil Company, Udderly Smooth, and Landauer Publishing.

Prizes will be awarded monthly, where specific prizes will be showcased, as well as recognition of the monthly sponsors.  To clarify, prizes will vary every month.  Also, many will be shipped directly to the winner from Sponsors, but QuiltShopGal will be shipping some of the prizes using funds earned from Affiliate programs, thanks to Postage Angels who kindly click thru links on this blog when they sign up for an online class, or make a purchase.  Your price remains the same, as if you had purchased elsewhere, but I receive a few pennies from some sales and those funds are used to supplement my shipping expenses.  Some prizes will be identified as only being eligible to participants in the US or US/Canada, but many will be open to WW participants.  Either way, I hope participants join this challenge to learn and have fun and not just to win a prize.


Our expert this month is Patsy Thompson, a Master Free-Motion Quilter, Designer, Author, Teacher and also a machine embroidery digitizer!

PMT-photo Patsy Thompson

As you get to know Patsy you quickly realize what a wonderful woman she is and how compassionate and kind she is, which is perfect given she is also an MD.  But, she also has an amazing creative side, loves to continually learn, as well as to teach and share her expertise with others.

Patsy has created a number of excellent DVDs on free-motion quilting, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning/improving their FMQ skills.  If you are longtime follower of QuiltShopGal, you probably already know I have learned so much from these DVDs.  While I frequently watch them, they are also one of the first things I pack whenever I go on a trip.  Like many of us, I’d like to take my sewing machine with me when I travel, but that isn’t always practical.  So, I always take Patsy’s FMQ DVDs and my sketch pad and I continue to learn while traveling!   They are reasonably priced, packed with tips, gorgeous designs and easy to follow instructions that will help you master the techniques of free-motion quilting and many stunning designs!


Patsy has two FMQ techniques that are uniquely her style of quilting and I love.  Both she has shared in two books that she has written:


Feather Adventures!






Patsy can also be found on Craftsy now, where you can take her amazing class “Ultimate Free-Motion Quilting with Patsy Thompson

I am definitely fond of Patsy Thompson and would eagerly sign up for any class, as well as purchase any book or DVD that she ever offers.  I’m continually amazed how she pushes the envelope on free-motion quilting and what an amazing teacher she is.

 Patsy is also generously offering 30% off all of her Free-Motion Quilting DVDs, created by  Patsy, during March, when purchased from her online store.  QuiltShopGal recommends all of Patsy’s FMQ DVDs, at their regular price. And to get them at 30% off to be an amazing deal.  Just use code “FMQChall30” at checkout.  I honestly can’t recommend one of Patsy’s DVDs over the other, as much as truly recommend her entire collection for those that are seriously interested in in learning/improving your FMQ skills.  Maybe for beginners, any of her “Fast and Free” DVDs could be a good place to start, where as others may be more interested in some of her “Free Motion Fun with Feathers”.  If you search my blog, you’ll find where I’ve written honest reviews, for many of her DVDs.  And, I truly can recommend ALL of her DVDs for anyone interested in learning/improving their FMQ Skills. This special of 30% off certainly makes it a deal, which I hope will encourage you to purchase one, or more, of Patsy’s FMQ dvds.


For this particular challenge, while I did not ask FMQ experts to provide tutorials, Patsy has been working on stitching some FMQ Pillow samples. I hope you’ll click thru to check out Patsy’s samples for this challenge, as well as other inspirational FMQ samples and more, which you can find on her blog 

You can find Patsy at:’


  1.  a sketchbook, which is a great place to start whether you are brand new to FMQ, or wanting to plan FMQ on a pillow, quilt or other project.  Sketching a FMQ motif on paper is a great way to embed a design in your muscle memory.
  2. practice quilt  sandwiches are really important.  Even FMQ Experts using practice sandwiches before they stitch any design on a project, even if they have stitched that design previously.  Practice helps you master a design, as well as ensure your machine is stitching properly.
  3. pillow form that is purchased or handmade, of any size, but I personally prefer a 18″x18″ or 16″x16″ pillow for these challenges.
  4. fabric marking pen that will wash out
  5. Quilting Gloves or Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks
  6. Supreme Slider
  7. Free-Motion Quilting foot for your sewing machine (aka open toe foot)
  8.  40 or 50wt cotton thread that compliments your fabric.  Aurifil is an excellent choice!
  9. Fabric for your quilt sandwich:
    • Pillow front: minimum of 20″ x 20″ (or larger) of neutral fabric that will show your stitching, but it is up to you to pick your fabric.
    • Pillow front backing: 20″ x 20″  (or larger) of any fabric.   As this fabric will be on the inside of your pillow and not visible, this is a great time to pick a fabric from your stash that is your least favorite.
    • Pillow backing: 20″ x 20″ (or larger) of a fabric that compliments the front of your pillow. Note, the size of your pillow backing should align with the size of the quilt sandwich for your front if you wish to do any FMQ on your back, which is totally optional.
    • Pillow back side – backing: totally optional, if you wish to add FMQ to the back side of your pillow.  Size should match your pillow backing sandwich (see above).


You can use any Pillow Pattern or tutorial that you wish to use to make your own pillow form and/or pillow, but I have also written a couple of free patterns that will be released shortly.  In the meantime, if you have questions on how to create a pillow form or pillow and don’t want to wait for me to release my free pattern, email me with your questions and I will try to help you.  My email is Darlene AT  quilt shop gal  DOT com

But while you can make a FMQ pillow for this challenge, of any size, I recommend you start with a quilt sandwich that is at least 20″x20″.  You can mark a square in the center of your sandwich to reflect your ultimate pillow size (eg. 16″x16″, 18″x18″, etc), and use the extra size for room for your hand placement when stitching near the edge of your pillow shape.



Use the free FMQ tutorial provided by Patsy, from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, to create a FMQ Pillow adapting her border approach to your pillow design.  To clarify, you get to decide the number size of your pillow, the number of borders you wish to use, as well as which of the designs Patsy shared in this free tutorial, as you feel appropriate.  Sketch out your design on paper before you attempt it on fabric.  This was a fun FMQ tutorial and will certainly create a fun project to show off your FMQ skills.



Show off FMQ designs and techniques taught in the “Ultimate Free-Motion Quilting with Patsy Thompson” on Craftsy.  You can use one or more designs taught in this class, creating your own unique Pillow that shows off your FMQ skills.

Maybe you want to use Patsy’s techniques for hyperquilting, her stunning feathers, trapunto, plumes, or a combination.  Any design, or combination that you want to use, so long as it is a design and technique taught in this class, is appropriate to claim this entry. And, of course, all of the tips, techniques and designs that Patsy shares in this class will help you learn/improve your FMQ skills, as well as have great fun.



Create a Pillow using techniques and designs provided in any of the DVDs created by Patsy.  Beginners may want to consider one of her Fast and Free DVDs, and confident beginners or those experienced with FMQ may want to consider using techniques and designs from any of her Feathers themed DVDs.  Of course, QuiltShopGal sincerely recommends all of Patsy’s DVDs as they truly are excellent tools to help you learn/improve your FMQ skills.


For inspiration, while you can certainly create a beautiful FMQ pillow with an all over design, or as shown in option #2 of using a “borders” approach to segmenting FMQ quilting space, you may also want to consider segmenting your quilting space into bars, squares, etc.  Maybe the more confident FMQ quilter may want to be creative by drawing large eggs on their sandwich and filling them with a variety of FMQ motifs taught by Patsy and filled with a background, to create a FMQ Pillow for Easter. There is no right or wrong for this challenge, as any of the 2015 FMQ Challenge.  This month, our goal is to simply get to know an amazing FMQ Expert, Patsy Thompson, and apply her teachings and designs to you pillow project, while having fun creating and inspiring others.


Don’t forget, you can enter the March Challenge by one or all of the three options above.  With each option you complete during this monthly challenge, you can “link up” and claim the respective option for your entry.  Those that take on this challenge, after February, or opt to use this challenge on a different project than a pillow, can share photos in the Flickr Group, but those entries do not count as entries to win prizes.  But don’t overlook that while it is fun to win a prize, this challenge is really all about  learning and improving our FMQ skills, as well as sharing and inspiring others to do the same.



1) Entries need to be completed pillows that show free-motion quilting that aligns with the options defined in this monthly challenge.

2) You can enter one completed pillow for any, or all of the options.  Bloggers can do so in one blog post, but to help with the entries, their post needs to show photos and clarify which options they are entering for this monthly challenge.  Non-bloggers need to reflect the same as bloggers, in the comments for the photo they upload to the flickr group for this challenge. Both bloggers and non-bloggers can add one link to the linky tool, for each of the options they wish to enter.  Note, to help with administration, please be sure the photo in the linky tool reflects which of the challenge options you are claiming when you enter/add the link.

3.   In keeping with the spirit of this challenge, I hope in you encourage others to enter this challenge as well as check out all the entries to get inspired.

4.  In the spirit of ~Create ~ Share ~ Inspire ~ #CreativeGoodness, those that wish to share tips and tutorials during any of these monthly challenges will be appreciated.  And, as always, QuiltShopGal will try to do her best to help increase awareness of such.  Collectively, we can create great fun and help others learn/improve their FMQ Skills.


This linky party will be open thru the last day of the month.  You need to have your project completed and linked to enter to win prizes.  Those that may complete this challenge at a different time, as well as those that want to share any FMQ related project, are encouraged to share photos in the Flickr group created for this challenge:

If you are not familiar with how to use a linky click here for a tutorial.

For blogger participants that are interested in posting a badge, the badge code is now on the right hand column of this blog.  Thank you for posting the badge.


(note: formatting in this table is different in WordPress vs blogger and I’m still trying to learn the tricks for WordPress.  I hope to be able to find a solution for better formatting and update this table shortly).

Sponsor Prize Winners
Udderly Smooth, by RedEx 65668_10151884614025894_331473606_n  A gift pack of Udderly Smooth products.  Product bundle shipped may not be exactly like what QuiltShopGal is showing.Estimated Retail value $25.  Prize is open to participants living in US/Canada.  Prize #1  winner – Dizzy Dog
Landauerlandauer Threads The Basics and Beyond, by Debbie Bates and Liz KettleQuiltShopGal will ship this prize to a winner, anywhere in the world. Prize #2 Winner: Raewyn
Fabrics N Quilts One lucky winner will receive a $35 Gift Certificate to Fabrics N Quilts Prize #3 winner: LC’s Cottage

UPDATE:  I want to share insights on how the winners are randomly selected.  I use a Random Number generator tool.  I try to match the first name drawn with the first prize and repeat.  If a name is drawn that is not a US resident and can’t be matched to the prize that was being drawn for, I try to match them up with another prize, as appropriate.

Here are the numbers that were drawn for prizes.

winner #1 winner #2 winner #3 winner #9 disqualified

 Number 9 was disqualified from winning as what they entered was not a pillow.  While we all appreciate sharing of any FMQ project, to clarify only FMQ Pillows that follow the quilting challenge rules should be shared in the linking.  General “sharing” is very much appreciated and enjoyed but should only be shared by way of the FMQ Flickr group, OR by leaving a comment on this post with the blog post link that you may wish to share.  (Flickr group gets more visibility and I’m looking into ways to award prizes at the end of the year for ALL participants, including those that share any FMQ project in the Flickr group).


If you have questions for this Challenge, please read the FAQ:

Winners will be selected randomly and this post will be updated accordingly, after I send an email to notify the winners.

email QuiltShopGal if you still have questions at Darlene @ quiltshopgal dot com and I will try to respond as fast as I can.


email address for quiltshopgal

Here is a list of previous posts 2015 FMQ Challenge:

Downloading YouTube Videos for Quilters on the Go!

Have you found good Youtube videos that you’d like to easily watch again and/or watch when you are offline?

There are times when I want to watch Youtube videos without having to go thru Youtube.  To clarify, I like having them saved on my tablet to watch at my liesure, as well as when I’m traveling.  Free-Motion Quilting videos, as well as other tutorials are a great example of Youtube videos that I like to download and watch again and again, to embed it in my muscle memory, as well as to simply have creative fun when traveling.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to download Youtube videos.  I originally thought I’d share insights on my top FAVS, but I have concluded that the easiest to use free version is what I’d like to share with you today:

ClipGrab is a free downloader for Youtube, Vimeo and many other online video sites.

You simply visit their website and download their free software:

In this example, I’m showing how I downloaded Youtube videos by Patsy Thompson.  She has a variety of videos for beginners interested in Free-Motion quilting, to various levels of free-motion quilting, machine embroidery and more.  But as I don’t always have time to watch them while connected to the internet, I like to download them to my tablet and watch while offline.

To download a copy of a Youtube video, run your installed ClipGrab software. The menu main menu will appear:

how to copy a youtube video

Steps are really quite easy:

1) Open your browser in Youtube to view a video you want to download.  Copy the url for that video.

2) In the ClipGrap menu paste that url into the first box, which is above “Format”.

3) Click the “Grab It” button to engage the software to copy the Youtube video.

4) Respond to prompts to save your copy in a location that you want. For me, I copy to my dropbox account to make it easier to move a copy to my tablet.

clipgrab video


You can add a number of videos to a que for copying and the ClipGrab software menu will let you know when they have been completely copied.  You can then leave these copies on your computer, or move them to your tablet, smartphone, or another device.



You can find ClipGrab at:

ClipGrab also has a good FAQ and Support:

Machine Embroidery Blog Hop – Patsy Thompson Designs and a Giveaway

Today is the last day of the Machine Embroidery Blog Hop, where participating blogs are showcasing designs from the very talented Patsy Thompson Designs, as well as sharing tips, inspirational projects, and giveaways too!  SewCalGal is delighted to be able to participate in this blog hop, which was organized by Kelly Jackson of I Have A Notion (IHAN).

I want to share with you a few insights on Patsy Thompson, free-motion quilting, pre-cuts vs e:cutters vs manual cuts of applique, as well as showcase a machine embroidery (ME)  design set by Patsy Thompson and hopefully inspire those that enjoy ME, or want to learn it, to try ME designs by Patsy, as well as see a variety of ways to use ME designs.  Oh, there is also a giveaway I have to share with you too! 
It was actually Kelly that introduced me to Patsy Thompson, many years ago.  I was researching to see if an old quilter like myself could learn free-motion quilting (FMQ), and committed to focusing a year on FMQ.  Kelly recommended various FMQ DVDs, that were available in the IHAN store and I still feel that was one of the best investments I’ve ever made to help me learn FMQ. And, I’ve gone on to buy and watch other FMQ DVDs from Patsy, to such that I have almost every DVD she has created and can honestly recommend all of them, as well as her FMQ books.

But in addition to being a FMQ Expert, Patsy is also an amazing quilter, teacher, designer, and machine embroidery digitizer who loves to create projects that incorporate beautiful applique’ shapes.

Like many of us, Patsy doesn’t like the work to manually cut out applique’ shapes, especially when you work with a fun design that you want to use many times in a particular project, or in a variety of projects.  With the emergence of die cutting machines, she created her own line of PTD dies that are compatible with the Sizzix® Big Kick, the Sizzix® Big Shot, and the Sizzix® Big Shot Pro.  Of course you can still cut out these shapes manually, or even by way of using a e:cutter (e.g Silhouette Cameo, Brother Scan N Cut, etc), but the dies do provide amazing detail and ability to create multiple cuts at once, making the process of incorporating applique’ into your projects significantly easier and faster.

Patsy also sells pre-cut kits and pre-cut fusible applique shapes, at a very reasonable price, which are perfect for those that don’t have a die cutting machine, ecutter (e.g. Silhouette Cameo, Brother Scan-N-Cut, etc), and don’t want to cut out applique shapes manually either as pre-cuts or the old fashion in the hoop method! 

SewCalGal is also a big fan of Quilting Stencils designed by Patsy, but you can find many wonderful products in her online shop.

I recently had the pleasure of taking an embroidery class with Patsy at Road to California, for her Harmonic Song Birds collection.  This collection can be used to make a beautiful machine embroidered applique quilt, as well as just about any machine embroidered project you can imagine.  Possibilities are endless to use these designs, portions of these designs, stitch in vibrant colors, neutral colors, tone on tone, etc..

In her class at Road we made a beautiful wallhanging.  Patsy is an excellent teacher.  You may want to talk with your local quilt shop or sewing shop to recommend that they host Patsy to teach an embroidery class and/or a free-motion quilting class in your area.  I’m confident you’ll have fun, learn and create a beautiful project too!

When asked to join this blog hop, I thought about how many times I’ve heard someone talk about various embroidery designers (aka digitizers) and design collections, saying things like “I don’t like the colors” (therefore I don’t like the design) OR “I don’t have all the thread colors required (therefor it would cost me too much to make this design).  While designs will always look as beautiful as the designer creates, when you use their exact thread colors (and fabrics), you can use your own color selections, as well as reduce the number of colors used, if you prefer, for just about any design you want to stitch out, from any designer.

I like to stitch out practice pieces before I finalize my own color choices. And, as you can see in this piece, I also played with combining different design files from this collection, as well as stitching out only portions of certain design file.  But I also wanted neutral colors so I used various shades of brown and a burgundy color.   In this piece you can see I only used applique for the bird and the feathers on the top of the bird, but I could have used applique in other shapes.

Another option would be fun to stitch out would be to only use the applique placement line and create Trapunto!

In this next piece I used one portion of a design to create a frame.  I think this layout would be great to add machine embroidered text, but I have plans specifically for free-motion quilting that calls for such a frame.
BTW, these pieces will be turned into 18″ pillows during a free-motion quilting challenge that SewCalGal will host next year.  Each month I’ll host a challenge and showcase a different designer.  Of course, the month these projects will be showcased the designer will be Patsy Thompson!  You can consider this a sneak peak to one of the challenges in 2015.  And, in that particularly monthly challenge, you’ll have the option to stitch out any machine embroidery design by Patsy Thompson Designs and combine with free-motion quilting to enter the particular challenge.  More details on the challenges will be shared next year, as they are released on SewCalGal.  But you may want to check out the free tutorial, by Patsy Thompson, that was shared during the 2012 FMQ Challenge:

You can find Patsy at:

Did I mention A Giveaway?

Patsy has generously offered to sponsor this giveaway where one lucky winner can select their favorite machine embroidery design, or design collection, from Patsy Thompson Designs (PTD).  To enter, simply visit PTD’s online store and come back and leave a comment on this post telling me what design/design collection you would want to win.  But also be sure to use the Rafflecopter form below as it will be used to randomly select the winner on November 20th and announce it on this post.  I will send the lucky winner an email, as well as update this post to announce the winner.  

note:  Google/Blogger has a sporadic problem with comments.  If you do receive a kickback message in your email, that appears I didn’t receive your comment, do not fret.  Such messages will later appear on this blog (and other blogs).  They just get hung up in the blogger tool and I, like other bloggers, need to manually release them via the blogger tool.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget to visit all of the blogs participating in this blog hop.  You’ll find inspirational projects on a variety of designs from Patsy Thompson Designs and a giveaway at each stop, where you can enter to win a design (or design collection), of your choice, from PTD.

November 10th – Kelly Jackson/I Have A Notion
November 11th – Gene Black an Alabama Artist and Quilter
November 12th – Marjorie’s Quilting Bee
November 13th – Jean Creates 
November 14th – SewCalGal

Happy New Year – FLASH Giveaway, Quilty Goals for 2014

To a Quilter, starting a New Year can be like starting fresh with a clean slate.  You can create new quilty goals and dreams and re-prioritize what you may want to work on and learn this year.  The slate is fresh for you to decide.  But, I hope to inspire you to think about a few things that you may want to add to your list of quilty goals for 2014 as I share a few goals with you.

goals for 2014First, to help 2014 be a super fun year there are 15 FLASH Giveaways on Facebook where you could win some amazing prizes on New Year’s Day.  Sponsors for these giveaways include:

 Clever Craft Tools, 
Fabrics N Quilts, 
Island Batik,
Judy Martin Books,
Patsy Thompson Designs,
Quilt In A Day,
Rasberry Rabbits,
Sarah Vedeler Designs,
Quiltboxes and,
The Quilted Kitty,
Quilt Market,
Splinters and Threads,

Each of these participants in the FLASH Giveaway will be giving away a prize valued at $25 or more and their giveaway will be open only on New Year’s Day.  Each will set the rules (e.g. if the deadline is the 2nd or ?, if they will ship US Only, US/Canada, or Internationall).  Simply “like the page on Facebook and leave a comment under their post for their “FLASH Giveaway” to enter.

SewCalGal will be giving away a $25 Visa Gift Card, that I hope you’ll use to shop at your favorite quilting shop to buy you some fun items to enjoy in 2014!

facebook new years flash giveaway-003

While this FLASH Giveaway is only open to those on Facebook, if you are not yet on Facebook I hope you’ll consider joining.  It is free and there are over 300,000 quilters on Facebook that share inspirational projects, tips, Q&A, and there are frequently great giveaways too!    But don’t worry, if you are not a Facebook user I’ll be hosting blog giveaways and contests throughout 2014 that you can enter.   Here are a few sneak peaks.

2014 is going to be the Year of Red and White Challenges that will hopefully have something for everyone.  They’ll be challenges for Designers/EQ Users, Quilt Shows for those that have previously created Red and White Quilts, a Make-It Challenge which I hope you’ll want to participate in, and we’ll have a virtual quilt show for those that make a red/white quilt project in 2014 too!  Details are still being worked out, but they will be finalized by the end of January.
artwork year of red and white quilt challenges_edited-1

Learning and improving is always a fun goal for quilters of all levels, so this is certainly an area SewCalGal is going to work on in 2014!

Organizing is an area that SewCalGal has all too often overlooked so you’ll see me paying more attention to this in 2014, but guest bloggers who may want to share tips, tutorials, or inspirational posts are encouraged to and let me know what you are thinking about. Where I can, I’m hoping to schedule some guest bloggers to help share insights and inspire all of us for organizing anything from our sewing room, craft rooms, kitchens, to simply being more organized people!

This is also going to be a year where SewCalGal will be sharing insights about Christmas projects and handmade gifts throughout the year.  In an effort to encourage everyone to work on those projects throughout the year vs just the pre-holiday rush, I’ll be hosting a special challenge.

The  Handmade Christmas Challenge will consist of monthly challenges throughout the year, where you can share projects you make and complete for 2014 by way of a linky that I’ll post on the 15th of each month, starting in January and going thru December.  Participants will work on their own projects with the goal of being ready to give handmade for Christmas, but collectively we’ll be sharing tips, tutorials and inspiration for a variety of handmade projects that would work for decorating your home for the holidays, as well as items that make for great Christmas gifts.  Bloggers and non-bloggers will be able to participate to help inspire and encourage handmade gifts, as well as have chances to win prizes.

2014 Christmas Handmade Pledge

SewCalGal is definitely excited about 2014 and hope you are too!  It is going to be a FUN year!

And, I wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year too!


Patsy Thompson Designs – 50% off Digitized Designs and Appli-K-Kutz dies


Here is an amazing opportunity for those that like the ease of working with die cut applique shapes and/or machine embroidery designs….



Patsy Thompson Designs has an amazing sale on their “Appli-K-Kutz die” (excluding limited edition and bundles) and their Patsy Thompson Digitized Design.  For a limited time, you can get 50% off… that is the largest discount ever on these items, so don’t miss out! 


This sale is beginning immediately and running until Friday, December 20, 2013 at 9 AM (EST). 


Enter the discount code: WOW50 at checkout to get the discount!





Black Friday, Cyber Monday Steals and Deals

quilters love sales

Quilters do love sales, so I’m delighted to be able to share insights with you on some excellent Black Friday and Cyber Monday Steals and Deals with you.  I’ll be updating this post throughout these sales, so be sure to check back as more info may be added.

And be sure to scroll down, as this is a huge list of steals and deals you won’t want to miss!

quilt clip art shopping

Fat Quarter Shop

The Fat Quarter Shop always has a wonderful selection of new fabrics, great bundles patterns and more.  And while they have excellent prices every day of the year, weekly sales, they also have an amazing Cyber Monday sale.  

25% off all pre-cuts for 2 days only!  No code necessary!  Sale ends Saturday December 3rd, 2013 at midnight CST.  Not combinable with any other offer and is not applicable to clubs, programs or the purchase of gift certificates.


Leah Day 
Leah Day Logo

Leah Day is holding a Black Friday sales  from Thursday, November 28 to Monday, December 2nd and has 50% off all download products.

SewCalGal recommends this opportunity to anyone interested in learning/improving your free-motion quilting skills.  Great opportunity to download Leah’s excellent e:books, Flames to Feathers downloadable video, patterns and more.


Dream World Northwest / Sew Steady Tables


Get a FREE 11″ Universal Sew Straight Guide & Polish Kit with our NEW! Quilter’s Wish Table purchases for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

Your Cost $150.00   –    Total Value $181.00

Sales start on Friday, November 29th and run through midnight Monday, December 2nd where you can get 25%* off your order of $25.00 or more! This includes their entire stock of books and products for quilters, sewers and crafters.

Enter discount code TURKEY2013 where noted in the shopping cart.

Don’t forget to check out their  Gifts section !

Black Friday /Cyber Monday Sales at Craftsy!

All Craftsy classes are on sale $19.99 or less!  Be sure to check out their sale on “supplies” as you’ll find some AMAZING deals too!

Craftsy Class Sale up to 66% off now thru 12/2!
Craftsy has brilliant savings for a limited time only! All their online classes are on sale for $19.99 or less. With classes priced up to 66% off, now is a great time to get the classes you’ve been eyeing all year! Craftsy classes also make a great gift, so do some holiday shopping for the crafter in your life.

Craftsy Yarn and Fabric sale up to 80% off now thru 12/2!
Craftsy has brilliant savings on the craft supplies you want! With up to 80% off yarn and 65% off fabric, get the best prices of the year while you can.


Quilt In A Day

QIAD has daily doorbusters during their Black Friday Sale and through this coming weekend.  Click here to view all of the deals and steals in their “Black Friday” sale, and also consider signing up to receive daily email alerts, or simply visit their online store every day.

Highlights from this sale are:

Clover WonderClips (50 pk) – 45% off
Batik Fat Quarter Bundles – 50% off
Olfa 18×24″ cutting mat – 50% off
Olfa blades – 50% off
June Tailor Shape Cut Slotted Ruler – 40% off
Olfa Rotary Cutter – 40% off
Quilt Novels 40% off
AccuQuilt dies up to 50% off
and more!

On Saturday, November 30th they have an amazing deal for a fat quarter bundle (12 fat quarters) for $20 of batiks!

Patsy Thompson Designs
PTD Store Banner

Nearly all our quilting fabrics and notions are discounted by 20% off MSRP every single day, but we’ll be offering some great additional discounts in our Black Friday Through Cyber Monday sale!  Beginning Thanksgiving Day and running through 9 am EST on Tues 12/3/13:
*Take an additional 10% off all retail purchases at checkout with discount code TURKEY!
*Earn a $5 gift certificate to our online store for merchandise purchases $50-$99
*Earn a $10 gift certificate to our online store for merchandise purchases $100 +
…and if you’re looking for a unique gift, check out some of our quilt-themed coffee mugs or one-of-a kind seam rippers or ruler holders!


note: SewCalGal higly recommends Patsy’s DVDs and books for free-motion quilting, as well as her own stencil designs.  This is a great sale to stock up on PTD products.

Quilt Market Kit

quilt kit market
Specials starting on Thursday at midnight and ending at midnight Monday night

Quilters are busy people, especially around the holidays. In an effort to make shopping our great sale as convenient as possible this weekend, we are going to start the sale at midnight, Thursday, November 28th and it will end at midnight, Monday, December 2nd, 2013.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the great deals we will be offering:
Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls – $28.00 (regularly $39.00)
Charm Packs – $8.00 (regularly $9.50)
Mini Charm Packs – $2.50 (regularly $4.00)


Fat Quarter Assortments starting at $ 20.00
quilt market
New Doorbuster Deals each day !
Make sure you check out the What’s New section and our Sale sections to see more quilting must haves. 

Free Shipping on all orders shipped within the United States (no minimum purchase either).

GO! Daddy has a 35% off purchase and renewals for their Black Friday sale.  Be use to use promo code gd31132bt in your cart when you place your order.

Black Friday Featured offer! 35% off new products from GoDaddy!


Black Friday sale starts on Thursday, Nov 28. Use the code HOLIDAY to take 40% off most Silhouette products (exclude machines and download cards) in the Silhouette Store.

Use the code HOLIDAY at checkout to get the deal.

ADOBE Black Friday Sale
Traditionally, Adobe has an amazing sale every year for Black Friday. Thanks to Connie/Free Motion Quilting on the River for sharing insights with us on the Adobe sale this year:

Adobe has a bundle package on sale for Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC for only $10 a month.  For more info:.

Groupon also had a deal for Adobe Photoshop 12 for 50% off ($50) for Black Friday. 


Martingale isn’t hosting a Black Friday Sale this year, but they are going all out to support independent quilt and yarn shops that are hosting their own sales and also encouraging shop Small Business Saturday.
But, Martingale will have an special “Cyber Week Sale”  with more than 160 eBooks at $6 each and ALL  ePatterns for $1.99!  
martingale ebook salemartingale ebook sale 2

Browse Books                          Browse ePatterns

No waiting for the mail, no shipping costs. Simply choose your favorites, download, and commence creating—all in a matter of minutes. (Questions about eProducts? Read this.)
What will you create today? Stock up on the eBooks and ePatterns that inspire you—but hurry! Saleends Sunday, December 8 at midnight.*

Therm O Web has 30% off EVERYTHING in their online store plus free shipping on orders over $25.  Sale is good thru Monday!

Cafe Press has a pre-Black Friday Sale for 55% off ALL T-shirts from 11AM-2PM, 3PM-6PM and 7PM-10P on Wednesday, November 27th only.

SmileBox has 50% off through 12/4. An annual membership is just $23.88 (only $1.99 per month)!


Our Black Friday sale is our biggest discount of the year – 30% off all orders (minimum order $15). Use coupon code BlackFriday13 at checkout. Offer is valid 11/29/13 only.


Our Cyber Monday sale is our biggest sale of the year – 30% off all orders (no minimum). Use coupon code CyberMonday13 during checkout. Offer valid 12/2/13 only.
Lighted Seam Ripper In Use1SML_in.use.3vusion.silver.45

ChristaQuilts is having  Black Friday Sale that is a huge blowout sale! Save up to 50% on hundreds of premium quality quilting cottons, from Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset, Moda, and more! She includes free US shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase. Shop early for best selection.
Early Birds may want to check her blog post for more insights on what will be on sale too!

Electric Quilt Cyber Weekend Sale
Save 20% site wide* at! (excludes EQ7)
Offer valid 12/1 – 12/3
Use promo code CYBER20 at checkout.
Not valid with any other offers.


Craft Sisters
 $5.00 Instant Download  – Ornament Pattern Sale for two patterns:
Hollie the Snowy Owl and The Extra Gingerman offer good Wednesday, November 27 – Sunday, December 1st 

Havel’s Sewing
Black Friday Sale at Havel’s Sewing can save you up to 50% off your favorite snips, scissors and rotary cutters.    Sale is currently running and goes thru Monday, December 2nd.

Pat Wys / Silver Thimble Quilt Shop has a 20% off EVERYTHING in her online store.  Just remember to use code My20 at checkout.

Twin Mom Scraps is a great source for those interested in digital clipart, scrapbooking and more.  And, they are having a  50% off (excluding bundles and collabs) to celebrate Black Friday.  Their sale is good between: November 27 – December 3

Word Art World is also a great source for those interested in digital clipart, scrapbooking and more.  For those on Facebook they are having a fun Black Friday Blog Hop where you can download freebies at each stop in the hop this weekend.  And you can find 60% off EVERYTHING on Black Friday.

Annie’s has 20% off all their products including online classes, notions, fabric, supplies and more.  Be sure to enter code EYKBFR at checkout.  Sale goes thru November 29th.

Embroider Shoppe has a Black Friday Sale for 30% off ALL of their embroidery designs.  Sale good thru Sunday.

MyMemories also has a Black Friday Sale with 35% off EVERYTHING. Sale ends November 30th!  And this includes their new release of Version “5” software!!!!

Patrick Lose has a Cyber Monday Sale with select fabrics, digital patterns and machine embroider designs up to 50% off.

Cozy Quilt Shop is celebrating Cyber Monday with a 25% off all Cozy Books,  20% all Cozy Patterns and 15% off all Cozy tools!  

Don’t you just love Black Friday/Cyber Monday steals and deals for quilters ?

black friday cyber monday sale sign

And don’t forget, Saturday November 30th is Shop Small Business Saturday.  Of course, SewCalGal thinks of this as “Shop Quilting Businesses Saturday”.
keep calm and shop small

Be sure to check back as more insights may be added to this page throughout Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  Notices on this page may also be removed if they are not posted “live” on Black Friday and clearly tagged as Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.  To clarify, while Fingertip Shopping shares insights on steals and deals throughout the year, this particular post is meant to be limited to those in the business that are having a black friday/cyber monday sale.

If you have an American Express Card, you may want to register it and shop Small Business Saturday.  If you use your Am. Express card and make a minimum $10 purchase on Sat., Nov 30th they will credit you back $10 for shopping at a registered store.  Click here to register.  Click here to find shops that are registered.  At a minimum, if you don’t find a local shop consider shopping online at


Patsy Thompson Designs

Patsy Thompson Designs has a fantastic sale on ALL Retail sales of the following product categories will be 25% off for the next week: 


PTD Books, 

Appli-K-Kutz fabric cutting dies, 

and all Stencils! 

This sale will run until Friday, November 22, 2013 at 9 AM (EST). 

Just enter the discount code: PTD NOV in the discount code box during checkout.

SewCalGal highly recommends Patsy’s PTD products for anyone interested in learning/improving their FMQ skills.  I have learned so much from Patsy.  This may sound silly, but I enjoy traveling with Patsy too!  Yes, I take her DVDs and books with me on trips and I’ve found when I return home my free-motion quilting improves.  Plus I don’t miss my sewing machine as much when I’m traveling.  Seriously besides enjoying watching her DVDs at home, they are great travel companions too!  

And I’m excited about this sale as I want to buy PTD stencils that are showcased in her “Free Motion Fun With Feathers, Volume 4” DVD.  To clarify, you need not purchase the stencils discussed in this DVD as you can still benefit from the insights shared and even use other stencils.  But I was so enamored by the designs created with the PTD Stencils I have decided “I Must” create some projects using these stencils!    

The suggested stencils in this DVD collection are:


PT4-5B; PT4-5C; PT4-5D (these are 3 designs that are part of a 5-piece stencil set)









  Full Disclosure - Affiliates with QuiltShopGal