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Pets On Quilts Show – 2017

It’s time.  I can honestly say this is my favorite event of the year – The Annual Pets on Quilts Show, hosted by Snoodles of Lily Pad Quilting.

Pets on Quilts 2017
I love seeing all the cute pets on beautiful quilts.  This is a super fun event for bloggers and non-bloggers who love animals.  I’ll confess I love all sorts of animals and I love quilting, so this show is meant to be.  Plus, Snoodles does such a great job hosting this event and has lined up amazing sponsors who have donated generous prizes.  But while winning prizes can be great fun, the fun is really all about seeing all the sweet pets and beautiful quilts.  And, you’ll even find pet themed quilts that are inspirational.


I’ll also confess, I don’t have a pet.  All my pets are now in pet heaven.  While I’d love to adopt a pet from a shelter, I’m a few years off from being able to offer a furr-ever loving home. In the meantime, I volunteer to pet watch and walk where ever I can.


I thought I’d share a picture of a sweet dog on a recent quilt I made.  The quilt was a free pattern and video tutorial from the Fat Quarter Shop for a classic Jacob’s Ladder Quilt.


This cute dog is a long hair Corgi.  He was all about food and fortunately I had dog biscuits that his 2 legged mother approved me giving him one.  He wanted to explore everything and became super excited once he found my quilt.  He actually didn’t seem to want to get off of it.  While I would have approved him to stay for an extended visit (even longer than a summer), his 2 legged mother insisted that he had to go with her when she left.


I want to encourage everyone to check out the Pets on Quilts Show which officially begins today.  You can find a Linky Party tool on Lily Pad Quilting.  Participants can share anytime during the show (linky tool is live), so you may want to bookmark and go back.  I love to click thru all the entries to learn more about the sweet pets, as well as the beautiful quilts.  IF you have a pet or a pet themed quilt, don’t overlook the fact that even though this show started today, there is still time to snap some photos and enter.  Just pop by Lily Pad Quilting for more info on this super fun event.  And, I hope you’ll help spread the word too!

Need A Good Chuckle? Check Out All The Entries in the Pets On Quilts Show and Vote For Your Favorites

Voting for your favorite entries in the Annual Pets On Quilts Show, hosted by Lily Pad Quilting is currently open.  I hope you’ll click thru, enjoy seeing all the entries, which I think many will quack you up, and take time to vote for your favorite.  You might even win a prize simply for voting!

Are you wondering how one or more entries in this event might quack you up?

quack me ups by quiltshopgal

There are plenty of entries that are purr-fect, some that will touch your heart and you’ll probably go AHH!  And, then some that just simply quack you up.  For example:

Kathy’s Quilting Blog entered this photo in the 2016 Pets On Quilts Show:


When you visit her blog post entry, she introduces you to her ducks and chickens, each with great names.   “Pepperoni” definitely made me laugh and I was already laughing after just seeing her photo entry.  I also had no idea Ducks and Chickens enjoyed watermelon.  

I hope you’ll click thru to get a chuckle at Kathy’s blog. And, while you are visiting, check out her blog. She shares her projects, insights about raising ducks, chickens, her quilts, her longarm quilting of customer quilts, and more.  You may find more posts that quack you up.  I certainly did.

But don’t forget you can click thru to Lily Pad Quilting, where you can view all the entries and vote for your favorite this week.  To clarify, please vote for your favorites. I’m not soliciting votes for my entry and have already advised Snoodles, of Lily Pad Quilting, I don’t want to win any prizes.  I just enjoy this event and hope others do too!  

Pets on Quilts Show 2016 – Who Loves Pets?

Today’s post is all about pets, as Lily Pad Quilting has kicked off the Pets on Quilts Show.  I hope you’ll have as much as I do learning about all the pets, as well as enjoy the beautiful quilts, that are shared in this super fun virtual show.  

I’ll confess I could easily become the Crazy Old Pet Lady, as I love almost every type of pet, in every shade and every color.  I’m just not home enough to be a good pet parent, so I need to get my “pet fix, aka pet love” by being around pets of family, friends, and neighbors.  I’ve seriously thought about posting “FREE” pet sitting services, even willing to travel to do so!

Meet Lily, a 14 year old yellow Labrador.  She belongs to my brother-in-law and has the best temperament, with eyes that are so sweet and thoughtful.  Although, her eyes really looked guilty when I coached her up on the bed (my BIL had never let her on top of the bed before).    She liked a little snuggle time, before she’d go sleep in her own bed, for the night. And, I understand she’ll now do this with my BIL. To clarify, he is now letting her get a little snuggle time before they both go to sleep.  I’ll confess the quilt isn’t mine, but one that was on the guest bed at my BIL/SIL’s home this summer.  Note to self: I think I need to make them a quilt.

Lily absolutely loves fresh fruits and vegetables. I had a blast taking her on walks and picking blackberries for her. I think she thought it was great too. While she can eat them off the bush, she does it every so carefully to avoid the thorns.  I could pick a hole handful for her in less time, so she learned to wait for me to pick them for her.  But her favorite treats are watermelon, strawberries, or tomatoes.  It is amazing how her nose gets so excited when she smells them.

Sorry for the long post, but I also want to take time to heighten awareness of Pets living in shelters that need loving fur-ever homes.  And the shelters need help.

Here is a sweet video showing a shy shelter dog flipping out when he realized he’s found some a home:

If you have a problem viewing this embedded video, here is a link to watch it directly in Youtube:

Pet Shelters need all sorts of volunteers from helping to walk the dogs, play with the cats, singing to the birds, grooming horses, etc.  And shelters also appreciate donations of easy to make  pet beds, so animals don’t have to sleep on concrete floors and can get a better night sleep.  There are a variety of free patterns to make pet beds and many work well with scraps of batting:


Aurifil released the Small Kennel Quilt Thread Kit last year, as a fundraiser for the Petfinder Foundation.  This kit contains 10 spools of 50 wt thread, with 200 yards each.

Help Aurifil help TQPM care for homeless pets. Buy an Aurifil Small Kennel Thread Kit and a portion of each sale will be donated to Petfinder.  And, if you don’t find them in your favorite quilt shop I hope you can let them know you’d like them to help support this effort to help TQPM.

charity program with aurifil

Petfinder is an online, searchable database of animals who need homes. There overall Mission, is to increase awareness and ultimately the adoption of pets in need of forever homes.


This new charitable thread kit can be purchased wholesale through Checker.

I also want to give a shout out that you can find this kit at the Fat Quarter Shop

I hope you’ll visit Lily Pad Quilting and enjoy all the entries for the Pets on Quilts Show.  Of course, I’m hoping that you’ll share your pet (or borrowed pet) on your quilts, or maybe a animal theme quilt.  The more sharing the more fun.  Here is a link to this party:

Pets on Quilts 2016


You can find more info at:

Pets on Quilts Show 2016 – Starts Sunday

The 2016 Pets on Quilts Show, hosted by Snoodles of Lily Pad Quilting kicks off this coming Monday. This is my favorite virtual show, as it incorporates inspirational quilts, sweet pets, animal themed quilts, and much more.  It is also open for bloggers and non-bloggers to participate.   Plus there are many ways to enter to win great prizes from very generous sponsors.
Pets on Quilts 2016
If you are not yet ready with your photos, you still have time this weekend.  I don’t want anyone to miss this super fun show, so please help let others know about it too!
To help inspire everyone, I asked Snoodles permission to use photos from her post showing 2015 Viewers’ Choice Award winners, but don’t forget there are many ways to win.
2015 Viewers’ Choice Awards
First place in the Other Animal on Quilt category: Trixie of Crafty Tokyo Mama II
First place in the Animal Themed Quilt category: Hank of Penny Dog Patchwork.DSCF9116-330x530
First place in the Cat(s) on Quilt category: Custard and Cupcake of Missy’s Homemaking Adventures
First place in the Dog on Quilt category: Molly of MacDonald’s Patch
Pets on Quilts 2015 1
Don’t forget, the 2016 Pets on Quilts Show starts Sunday, August 14th.   You can find more info at:

DIY Cat Tent

5 Minute Crafts created a video tutorial to make an adorable Cat Tent.  Seems like a great kid or family project for summer #CreativeGoodness that would be purrfect for anyone with a cat, or to make to give to someone that has a cat.  And, I bet your local Animal Shelter would also appreciate those that are willing to make these and donate to their shelter cats, that are in need of a fur-ever home.

If you have problems viewing this embedded video, here is a link to watch it directly in Youtube:

I also want to remind everyone that the Pets on Quilts Show, hosted by Jacque of Lily Pad Quilting, will be held mid August.  This is a great time to pull out your camera to get pictures of your pets on your quilts, or make a pet theme quilt to enter.  Of course, if you make a DIY Cat Tent, I’d also love to see a photo too.  Feel free to post it on my Facebook page at

Pets on Quilts 2016


 You can find 5 Minute Crafts at:


You can find Lily Pad Quilting at:

COMING THIS SUMMER – Pets on Quilts 2016

 Jacque of Lily Pad Quilting is hosting another super fun Pets on Quilts Show this summer.  This is a great time to pull out your camera to get pictures of your pets on your quilts, or make a pet theme quilt to enter.

Pets on Quilts 2016

If you are wanting to find some ideas, check out my board on Pinterest for Pets on Quilts.  

In addition to all the fun that this event provides, I’m confident they’ll also be many generous sponsors who donate amazing prizes.

You can find Lily Pad Quilting at:

#CreativeGoodness Linky Party – August 21st

Creative Goodness at QuiltShopGal

~ Create ~ Share ~ Inspire ~ #CreativeGoodness ~

Welcome to another #CreativeGoodness Linky Party.  Any form of creativity that you create can be shared in this Linky Party.  And bloggers and non-bloggers are welcome to share. While not required, I do appreciate it when bloggers share a current post and encourage others to come share their creativity.  I also hope everyone will click thru and visit all of the entries, for more inspiration, as well as to check out the blogs that have shared, as they frequently have very creative blogs with oodles of #CreativeGoodness.

I’ve certainly been enjoying all of the creative sharing that participants in our weekly linky parties have created.  Definitely #CreativeGoodness with oodles of inspiration.  And, I do appreciate those that let others know about our weekly parties and encourage others to participate.  The more the merrier.  And even better when there is a variety of creativity being shared.

This past week we had some wonderful sharing, by all of those that joined our Linky Party.  But today I want to highlight sharing by Jacque’ of Lilypad Quilting.  She made a lovely quilt for a brand new grandma and shared all sorts of tips and inspiration.  If you didn’t see her post, I hope you’ll click on over to check it out and see photos of this lovely baby quilt.


And, if you are not yet aware of Lilypad Quilting, definitely check out Jacque’s delightful blog.  Plus, her Annual Pets on Quilts Show starts this next week.  This is one of my favorite events of the year as it is packed with sweet photos of pets on quilts, quilts with animal themes, and all sorts of inspiration and love, as well as plenty of amazing prizes.

You may just have so much fun at the Pets on Quilts Show that you forget about our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties.  I’ll fully understand, but still I’m hopeful that everyone will continue to share any form of creativity that they wish to share in our weekly linky parties:

If you have questions, please check the main page for this event which you can find by clicking the following tabs, underneath the blog header:  EVENTS > #CREATIVEGOODNESS > WEEKLY LINKY PARTIES

Monthly “Optional” Themes:

– August: Summer Colors, #KidfriendlyProjects, #SummerCamp
– September: Primatives, #FallGoodness
– October: Orange, Black, Purples
– November: Primatives, Browns and Blacks
– December: Holidays, Sweets, Blues, Silver, Reds, Greens, Whites, #GlitterGoodness


Sharing is quite flexible and open to Bloggers and non-Bloggers.

  • Sharing is limited to anything you have created, for any form of creativity.  Tips and tutorials are always appreciated, but not required when you share.  For now, I do ask that sharing exclude links to such things as patterns for sale, challenges, quilt-alongs, or other items where the person sharing may want help with PR.  If this is your situation, feel free to email me and discuss first, but there are other ways to pursue such PR and in many cases I’m happy to help.
  • Like non-Bloggers, Bloggers can share old things.  But, of course, I do appreciate those that take time to write new posts, as well as those that encourage others to come join these weekly parties.  As you can only share an old project one time, you’ll need to remember if you shared it previously.  Thus, sharing new blog posts is so much easier to know if you have previously shared (or not).  I do want to clarify, participants in other challenges (eg. 2015 FMQ Challenge) also have the option of sharing in these weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties, as appropriate.


  •  Non-bloggers can participate in weekly linky parties by using and uploading a photo of their projects to a Flickr group “CreativeGoodness.  They can upload as many photos as they want to share to this Flickr group, but they are only allowed to link 5 photos to the linky party (any weekly linky party). And, once they’ve lined a photo they can not share that link in future linky parties.  Links shared must also fit the weekly theme for the respective weekly linky party. Please only link to pictures you’ve uploaded to this group and not to other areas:   If you do not know how, please check the FAQ list.


  •  When you join one of these linky parties, you automatically give me approval to snag a picture from your post, whereby I can share it in a future post with a link on my blog to highlight your project.  To clarify, periodically I will showcase a participant and their entry to help increase awareness and inspire others.


  • Winners of “surprise prizes” will receive an email.  If they do not wish to claim their prize, or they do not claim it within 5 days, their prize goes back into the “pool” for a future drawing.  Due to my schedule, no prizes will be awarded for June-July-August, but we’ll have a larger prize pool in the Fall that will include participants who shared during the summer months.
  • I reserve the right to remove your link without notifying you, if your link does not align with the objectives and guidelines of this event.  To clarify, links that don’t promote creativity and inspiration, links that are posts for PR purposes, etc., are at risk of being removed.

A new linky party will be hosted on QuiltShopGal every Friday.  I hope you’ll come join the fun. Don’t forget that, while not required, I appreciate those that share the badge for this event and invite others to participate, as well as visit all the bloggers and non-bloggers that share in these weekly linky parties.

Email QuiltShopGal if you have questions at Darlene at quiltshopgal dot com.  Of course, I’d also like to hear any suggestions you may have too!

email address for quiltshopgal



Here is a list of previous #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties, although this widget only shows the recent 10 (I’m researching to figure out how to modify this WordPress Widget)

Our motto:

Creative Goodness landscape copy


Pets on Quilts Show 2014 – Starts August 2nd

Lilypad Quilting is hosting the annual Pets on Quilts Show and it starts on Saturday, August 2nd.  There will be a linky party that that starts on the 2nd and everyone is invited to join the fun.  There will be a lot of wonderful prizes from generous sponsors and many ways you can win.

Mark your calendar and plan on visiting Lilypad Quilting on Saturday for some goody quilty fun.  The Pets on Quilts Show always quacks me up and I hope it will you too!  Plus, they’ll be inspirational quilts too!
quack me ups by sewcalgal copy

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The 2013 Pets on Quilts Show is open for entries this week – voting next week!

pets on quilts

Jacque at Lily Pad Quilting has officially kicked off the 2013 Pets on Quilts Show.  Entries can be submitted at the show post (click here) thru Saturday, August 17th. Voting for your favorites will be open Sunday, August 18th through Saturday, August 24th.  There are wonderful prizes, donated by very generous sponsors, and many ways to win a prize.  But this show is really all about having fun, showing off our pets, or how much we love pets in general.  Even if you don’t have a Pet you can enter.

While SewCalGal is sadly “pet-less”, I do so love all sorts of animals.  And, I love EQ7 so I decided to play around with this software to create a whimsical cat design to share with you today.

I call it “Cats playing on the grass at night”.  What do you think?

Pop on over and check out all of the super cute and fun entries in the Pets on Quilts Show.  They make me quack up!

While SewCalGal is copyright protected, if you would like a copy of the quilted duck (above) you are welcome to take a copy and use as you wish.  I hope it quacks you up too!
And, I’d love to hear you have an entry in the Pets on Quilts Show this year too!


Pets on Quilts Show – 2013 – starts August 11th

pets on quilts

Jacque at Lily Pad Quilting is getting ready to kick off the 2013 Pets on Quilts Show.  This fun event starts August 11th.  Time to grab your camera, your quilts and get your pets to pose?  Don’t have a pet?  How about an animal theme quilt?  Heck, you even have time to make a bed for a pet living in your local animal shelter where you can get an extra entry to win prizes in the 2013 Pets on Quilts Show.  Consider photographing a pet in your local shelter on your quilt when you drop it off!  Not only would you be helping a pet get a comfy bed, while living in a stressful situation, you might even be able to help with PR to find it a forever home!

Padsworths Project

Visit Lily Pad Quilting for more info on this fun annual event, as well as to see the entries as they come in on the 11th of August.


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