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Pets on Quilts Show – Vote for your favorite quilts

I want to thank all the quilters that have entered the the Pets on Quilts Show!   And thank you to all the sponsors, who have generously donated wonderful prizes!

Currently there are 61 entries in the show, but the deadline to enter is August 21st (midnight PST), so there will hopefully be more entries.  I’m particularly hoping to see some entries that include EQ6/EQ7 designs, which the rules for this show fully approve.  I’d also love to see some fibre artists/mixed media artists enter!

Plenty of room in this show for more entries, and definitely oodles of prizes.

Today starts this shows’ acceptance of votes for your favorite quilts.  There are three main categories for Viewer’s Choice:
1)  Dog on Quilt
2)  Cat on Quilt
3)  Other Pet on Quilt

For each category there will be three awards (prizes) given.  And, for those that take the time to vote for their favorite quilts, by posting their vote in the comments box below, these viewers that vote will be entered for 3 of the prizes.  You can also get a special entry to win one of these prizes by posting on your blog insights that Voting for Viewers Choice is now open and link to this post.  Anyone can vote, but they must be able to be contacted to win a prize (e.g. no reply bloggers, anonymous comments without email address, etc. will not qualify to win a prize).

As there are many ways to win prizes, anyone interested in winning a prize should take time to review the categories of prizes, be familiar with the rules that provide insight on how to win prizes in this show, and the list of prizes.

Any quilt that is entered before August 21 (midnight PST) is eligible to be nominated for the Viewer’s Choice Award, but clearly there is a benefit of entering earlier.  You can view ALL the quilts in this show, in order that they’ve been entered, by way of visiting the main show page.  The list below is the list that I’ve categorized, and updated as of August 17th.

Cotton Cocktails
May Your Bobbin Always Be Full
Crafted Angels
Lucky Pup Quilter
My Life in Quilts
Sun Naturals & Gifts
Quilting Book Lady
Southern Style
Creative Kick
Dana Gaffney
Marilyn’s Maze
Lenor Lynas
Little Bits and pieces
Bitten By The Quilting Bug
Mary McCrory
I don’t do zippers
Aunt Pollys Porch
MS Jans Quilts
Katy Pannell
BOM Quilter
Quilts and Boxes
All Things Crafty
Judy Leftwich
Felines and Fibre Arts
Sew Cindy
Avocado Salad
Paw Prints
Veggie Hunter
Quilt Times

I Quilt Scarlett & Gray
Cat Song Stitchery
My empty nest is full of cat hair
Scraps from Sheryl
Sideroad Stitcher
Lucky Pup Quilter
My Life in Quilts
Lynda Halliger Otvos
Cat Patches
Stella Bella
MJ Baker
Confused Quilter
Tiny Paper Crane
Diary of a Quilt Maven
Down the Avenue
Hettys Creation
Lori Olson Schmidt
Sew Fun 2 Quilt
Lotty Kent
Wonky Girls Journal
Patchwork Sanity
Sheila Painter
The Crafty Unicorn Quilting
Samelias Mum
Jean’s Page
Gatos E Panos
Quilt Jolein
Kim Sherrod
Loving Our Life!
Home School Mom Lisa
To Some I am Aunt Bonnie
Veggie Hunter


Cat Song Stitchery
Needled Mom
Talin’s Corner
Lucky Pup Quilter
Creative Kick
Bitten By The Quilting Bug
Nanbon’s Corner
Caribou Crossing
Creations by Nina Marie
Rabbits Eat Quilts

Remember there are many ways to win prizes in this quilt show, besides entering a quilt.  So, I recommend that you take time to review the rules, categories of prizes, and prizes.  There are some fantastic prizes that you could win.  But please let me know what prize(s) you might want to win.  I can’t guarantee, but I’ll do my best to match prizes up to the interest of the winners.

Also, if you are voting using the Anonymous option on posting your comment (vote) or you are a no reply blogger, you need to leave your email contact info if you want to be contacted should you win a prize, as well as to have your vote counted.  It is just too difficult hunting winners down without appropriate contact info.  Likewise, for voting to be fair voters really need to leave their contact info.

Pets on Quilts Show – Katy Pannell

This special memory quilt, dedicated to a special terrier named Audrey,  was submitted by Katy Pannel.  Katy submitted this entry via Facebook, with the following insight:

This is dedicated to my terrier, Audrey, who passed away 5 years ago.
Katy also provided a closeup photo of the special words she incorporated into this heartfelt memory quilt.


Go directly to the show to view more quilts. 

I’ve extended the deadline out for non-bloggers to submit entries to me, as I haven’t found it to be as much work as I had thought (consolidating them with the other entries).  Thus, the new deadline for non-bloggers to enter is Friday, 8/13 midnight!  Bloggers will continue to be able to enter thru August 21st, but as a special post will be made this Saturday, to open up voting for Viewers Choice, there is clearly an advantage of getting your entry in sooner than later! 

To review the rules for this show click here.

 To see the list of prizes click here.  Note, as of 8/12 there are still a few more prizes that I need to add to this list.

Pets on Quilt Show: MJ Baker

This cute beautiful girl is the four legged child of MJ Baker. MJ submitted this entry via Facebook, with the following insight:

This is my entry for the Pets on Quilt Show. This is our cat Gia on my first quilt “Millenium” that I made for my husband, Dewey. What you can’t see (hopefully) is Gia hair everywhere! She loves this quilt as much as Dewey does. I have since downsized and begun working on queen, twin, and lap sized quilts.

Click here for more info on the Pets and Quilts Show, as well as viewing other quilts that have been submitted so far.  Entries will be accepted thru August 21st.  But those that want a chance at winning the Viewer’s Choice Awards (Dog category, Cat Category or Other Pet Category) need to have their entries submitted by Saturday, September 11th.

Pets of Quilts Show: Dana Gaffney’s Brady Bug

This cute guy is Brad Bug, the four legged child of Dana Gaffney.  Dana submitted this entry via Facebook, with the following insight:

Here’s my entry in the Pets on Quilts contest. This is Brady Bug who was thrilled to find a quilt on the floor, normally the dogs have to sneak up on them. I’ve even had Brady try to run off with one while I was sewing it. Brady came to us as a rescue, very sick with mange. After a year of love look how beautiful he is. I made the quilt using an X block. I like bright colors and this one turned out great. Thank you so much for opening the contest to non-bloggers. I know it makes your job a little more difficult. Just want you to know how much I appreciate it.

Click here for more info on the Pets on Quilts Show.

Pets On Quilts Show: Lynda’s CatCat

This entry to the Pets on Quilts Show has been submitted via Facebook from Lynda Halliger Otvos.  Here is Lynda’s insight on her entry:

This small quilt with the backing wrapped to the front and bound by machine is my first patchwork quilt and CatCat firmly believes it to be hers. In this picture they rest atop a small dresser; mostly she and the quilt lie on my desk where I spend all my not-sleeping or sewing time.

CatCat chose us shortly after we moved into our current, and hopefully last, home eight years ago. She had been born in the house across the yard and quickly decided that the kitty litter was cleaner on this side of the walkway! Although she will not sit on my, or anyone else’s, lap she rests on my hip throughout the night not complaining when I have to roll over.

She re-ignited aspects of my husband’s and my personalities that enable us again to care for little ones in our home: calm, accepting, nurturing tendencies that help us navigate the uncertainties of this economy, temper an empty nest syndrome, and keep us physically limber-these young ladies grow close to the floor.

CatCat and quilting have both enriched my life as retirement approaches for me and settles on my best friend and life partner.

For more insight on this show click here.

Pets on Quilts Show – 2010

Welcome to the Pets on Quilts Show.  Please be sure you have reviewed the rules before you post your link, to enter your quilt, in this show.  You can use the linky tool to link directly to your post (not your blog) and please use your blog name in the description for this linky tool.

Show officially starts at 12:01am on Saturday, August 7th and will continue until midnight on Saturday, August 21st.  Entries will be accepted up until the 21st.  Votes are now being accepted for Viewers Choice and anyone can vote.

Thanks to our show Sponsors we have many wonderful prizes.  There are many categories of prizes where some will be awarded including PR helpers, viewers that take time to vote for their favorite quilts, viewers that visit the show, viewers that visit all the entries in the show, etc.    There are many ways to win a prize, so I highly recommend everyone takes time to review this information, and the rules for this show, to understand all the ways you could win a prize!

Please email SewCalGal if you have any questions, or need assistance.

I hope everyone has fun.

  1. I Quilt Scarlett and Grey:
  2. Cat Song Stitcher
  3. Cotton Cocktails
  4. Needled Mom
  5. Felines and Fibre Arts
  6. May Your Bobbin Always Be Full
  7. Talins Corner
  8. My Empty Nest is Full of Cat Hair
  9. Scraps from Sheryl
  10. Side Road Stitcher
  11. Crafted Angel
  12. Lucky Puppy
  13. My Life In Quilts
  14. Sun Natural Gifts
  15. Quilting Book Lady
  16. Southern Style
  17. Lynda Halliger Otvos
  18. Cat Patches
  19. Creative Kick
  20. Dana Gaffney
  21. Stella Bella Quilts
  22. MJ Baker
  23. Confused Quilter
  24. Marilyn Pond
  25. Tiny Paper Crane
  26. Lenor Lynas
  27. Diary of a Quilt Maven
  28. Little Bits and Pieces – Neptune
  29. Bitten by the Quilting Bug
  30. Down the Avenue
  31. Crafts and Stuff
  32. Mary McCrory
  33. I Dont Do Zippers: Checkers
    1. Lori Olson Schmidt
    2. Aunt Pollys Porch
    3. MsJanQuilts
    4. BOMQuilter
    5. Katy Pannell
    6. Sew Fun 2 Quilt: Window Cats by Jackie
    7. Lotte Klint
    8. WonkyGirls Journal
    9. Quilts & boxes: Can I have a cookie? Please??
    10. Patchwork Sanity: joey can lay with the best of them
    11. Sheila Painter
    12. The Crafty Unicorn Quilting
    13. All Things Crafty
    14. Judy Leftwich
    15. Samelias Mum
    16. My Charity Bird Quilt at Nanbons Corner
    17. Jeans Page
    18. Sew Cindy
    19. Avocado Salad – my quilty space on the web
    20. Bilbos quilt
    21. quiltcat timmie
    22. Kim Sherrod Studio
    23. Millies Quilt: First Time Sewing, Quilting
    24. Loving Our Life!
    25. Homeschool Mom Lisa
    26. Aunt Bonnie
    27. Vegetarian Hunter-Entry 4 SewCalGal Pets on Quilts
    28. Chains of Love
    29. Creations by Nina-Marie
    30. Quilt Times
    31. Russian Icon Rabbit
    32. Ive Got Hooters!
    33. Quilting Krazy
    This linky list is now closed.


Cat Week: The Search Begins…..

While looking for my Muse, I have found many sources of inspiration.  One “big” source for me is to read inspirational blogs.  There are many talented quilting enthusiasts who blog, a few sewing enthusiasts who blog, but I have yet to find any embroidery enthusiasts who blog (with the exception of quilters who periodically blog about embroidery).  I also found that is a great tool to track blogsites.  My mornings now start off with a cup of coffee and time spent reading my favorite blogs, as I look for inspiration. 

Today I want to share with you some evidence that there are Cats that are a Muse, as I’ve found evidence on blogs from some very talented people.  I hope you’ll pop by their blogs and enjoy following their posts as much as I do.  While I’m sure the cat lovers will enjoy hearing more about these bloggers and their cats, I think you’ll also enjoy reading their insights on quilting, sewing, and maybe embroidery too!

Mama Spark’s Blog

Again, while I’m still looking for my Muse, I must admit that I enjoy searching for my Muse while reading these blogs, and many others.  But I do feel the writers of these delightful blogs have a special assistant, may/may not be their muse, but clearly their cats are very helpful four legged friends, who provide advice and assistance, as appropriate.  And, are certainly willing to test any new quilt (or fabric) with a good catnap!
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