Being creative with thread has endless possibilities.  On one end of the spectrum is the basic straight stitch.  I’m honestly not sure when you push the limit, what the other end of the spectrum might be, but I currently visualize it with Threadplay, using a variety of colors and thread textures, and creating a project where thread compliments the material, but thread overwhelming is the key to creativity. And somewhere in the middle is Super Stitches Sewing, with endless possibilities of creativity.

Beautiful stitches with thread can be created by hand or machine, but so often we get busy and do not understand the variations of how a particular stitch design can be used, or how many stitch designs may work for our project.  This is why I’m so excited to be able to share insights with you today about a new book “Super Stitches Sewing: A Complete Guide to Machine-Sewing and Hand-Stitching Techniques“, by Nicole Vasbinder, published by Potter Craft.

As this is International Craft Month,this just seemed like a perfect time to talk about beautiful stitches and encourage you try to expand your stitching repertoire.

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Super Stitches Sewing is a soft-cover book published by Potter Craft.  This book is packed with insights on stitches, by hand or machine, that are excellent for sewing, quilting and embroidery enthusiasts to master and add beauty, as well as durable seams to their projects.

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The Perfect Stitch for Every Project

Does your sewing machine come with lots of fancy stitches that you’ve never thought to try? This essential guide to machine and hand stitches will teach you how to use any and every stitch for professional-looking seams, hems, gathers, darts, and more. Unlock your full sewing potential with 57 machine stitches, 18 hand stitches, and tips to choose the correct needles, threads, and sewing machine accessories, complete with detailed step-by-step tutorials and illustrations.

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This comprehensive stitch dictionary is a must-have companion for any sewer, whether you just bought your first sewing machine or you’re a seasoned expert looking to polish your skills. If your passion is dressmaking, tailoring, or simply mending your own clothes, Super Stitches Sewing gives you all of the information you need to make every project a success.


 81uT7tnf8VL._UX250_Nicole Vasbinder is the owner of StitchCraft, a hip sewing studio and fabric store in Petaluma, CA. Nicole has taught thousands of people the joy of sewing over the last decade through her popular sewing, patternmaking and design classes. If you can’t take one of her sewing classes in person, you can also take one of her classes on Craftsy. Prior to starting her own company, she worked as a designer and merchandiser in the garment industry. She is an alumnus of the Academy of Art University and Otis College of Art & Design.


All of the stitch designs, in this book, have a variety of insights that are shared, to help you expand your use knowledge and ultimate use of the stitch.  Ms. Vasbinder tells you about the stitch, what it is commonly used for, and shares great examples. For example”

– Straight Stitch: insights are shared for using this stitch as a basic seam, how to sew a hem using a straight stitch, how to sew a dart using a straight stitch, even how to install a zipper using a straight stitch.
– Overcasting stitch: insights are shared on how to overcast a seam, how to sew knits using stretch overedge stitch.  Insights are also shared on the double overedge stitch, as well as the closed overlock stitch.
– applique stitch: insights are shared on how to applique’ using the applique’ stitch and how to do reverse applique using the reverse applique’ stitch.

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With 57 machine stitches and 18 hand stitches that are thoroughly covered in this comprehensive book, you’ll find the perfect stitch for every project!   In addition to the sections on Machine Stitches and Hand Stitches, there is a thorough section on tools and equipment.

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I hope you have a chance to check out this book at your favorite quilting or sewing center. If you don’t find it, do let them know you are interested in having them offer it, as they may not be aware of it.  Of course, you can also check out this book on  This is an excellent reference book that will certainly be handy for quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts!

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