While researching an article on Quilt Show Judging, I heard many comments about the value of even experienced quilters taking Precision Quilting classes, watching DVDs and reading books to help them perfect their piecing.  And, in discussions with Sharyn Craig, at a workshop last year, I spoke with her about ways to improve your piecing skills.  One of Sharyn’s recommendations was that the book “Piecing Tips & Tricks Tool” is a great resource. Thus, when I saw this book on sale, at a recent CT Publishing Warehouse sale, I decided to pick up a copy. And, I’m so pleased with this book that I wanted to share insights with you today.

Piecing Tips & Tricks Tool: Piece Like the Experts“, by Alex Anderson, Sharyn Craig, Carol Doal, Nancy Johnson-Srebro and Ruth B. McDowell was published by C&T Publishing in 2006.

This book is a small pocket style book, with sections from each of the experts that are packed with wonderful insights.  You’ll find advice on a range from workshpace, rotary cutting, fabric selection, setting blocks, piecing curved seams, to paper piecing.  But, the tips shared by each of these experts can help a beginner to advanced quilter perfect their piecing skills.  Thus, I view this is a “must have” book for quilters of all levels.  I’m just sorry I took so long to pick up a copy of this excellent resource.

I hope you get a chance to check out this tool at your local quilt shop soon, or online at CT Publishing.

If you have any tips for how to perfect your Precision Piecing, any insight on classes, DVDs, or books, I’d appreciate hearing them.  Precision Piecing is an area that wanting to improve my skills on, as well as research to learn more about the various ways one can learn and improve such skills.

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