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New Fabric Line: Tonga Zen and New Patterns

SewCalGal recently had the opportunity to attend a reveal presentation of a new line of batik fabric at Cozy Creative Center.

This new line of fabrics is from Timeless Treasures.


Daniela  Stout is the owner of Cozy Creative Center (previously Cozy Quilt Shop), and the author of many designs and books published by Cozy Designs, as well as the famous Strip Tube Ruler and Jr.  She is also a fabric designer for Timeless Treasures.

You may be familiar with Tonga Cabana, which was designed by Daniela Stout and became a very popular fabric line.  She has now released her 2nd fabric line called Tonga Zen, which has a collection of 25 beautiful batik fabrics that include vibrant colors, as well as perfect blenders, with some really cute batik stamped designs.  Plus, there are quite a few new patterns designed specifically for this new collection.


Daniela has also designed three new patterns that look great made with Tonga Zen and can be purchased at Cozy Creative Center (wholesale orders can also be placed for these new designs):

Drop Diamonds

Plus, with each Pre-cut Tonga Treat bundle comes bundled with a free pattern:
Also, for a limited time, Cozy Creative Center  has a kit with Tonga Zen fabric and the Winter Soltice pattern, nicknamed the “Zen Kit“.

Your should be able to find Tonga Zen fabrics (yardage and pre-cuts) in your favorite shops.   If not, let them know you would like them to carry it as they may not yet be aware of this beautiful new fabric.  Of course, you can find the entire collection at Cozy Creative Center

You can find Timeless Treasures at:

You can find Daniela Stout at:

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Dancing Butterfly Pattern, by Leah Day

Free Motion Quilting Project

Leah Day has released a new pattern that I’m excited to share insights about, with you today.  The “Dancing Butterfly” pattern combines machine applique techniques with free-motion quilting, to make a finished quilt that measures 64″ x 72″.


The downloadable pattern with easy to follow instructions,  great visuals, fabric requirements, cutting instructions, finishing instructions,  free-motion quilting design worksheets for each design in this pattern, as well as full size templates for the applique’ butterfly.  The finished quilt will have 12 applique’ butterfly blocks and 24 free-motion quilting sampler blocks, with supporting videos for each block and FMQ design.

But even better yet, the purchase of this comprehensive 60 page pattern gives you access to over 40 videos that you can use to follow along at your own pace.   Highlights of these videos:

Video #1 – Dancing Butterfly Pattern Introduction
Video #2 – How to Fuse and Cut the Butterfly Shapes
Video #6 – Preparing and basting blocks
Video #9 – Troubleshooting FMQ Issues
Video #11-#46 – FMQ Designs (each come with a FMQ worksheet in the downloadable Dancing Butterfly Pattern)
Video #47 – How to connect the blocks with binding
Video #48 – Attaching the binding
Video #49 – The End

The pattern includes instructions to assemble the blocks, using a suggested layout, but you can also modify the layout as you wish.


There is also an optional Facebook group for this quilt along, with links to this group included with the pattern.   

Click Here to learn more.   A printed version of this pattern will be released on December 10th. 


QuiltShopGal highly recommends the Dancing Butterfly  pattern and quilt-along, with Leah Day, for anyone interested in free-motion quilting and wanting to build on their skills.  At $29.95, this pattern, including videos, is an exceptional value and will certainly be fun to make.

This pattern would also make an excellent gift.  If you are interested in purchasing it as a gift, simply submit such a request through Leah’s contact form at:  and let them know that you want to purchase one, or more copies, as a gift.  They will provide an email with the steps to support this type of purchase.

QuiltShopGal also wants to share that for those that one of the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenges will also have an option to make a pillow, based on the Dancing Butterfly Pattern, but this option will only apply to those that purchase this pattern from Leah and join her QAL.  More details for the 2015 FMQ Challenge will be released on SewCalGal the end of December.

You can find Leah Day at:


Quit Pattern Showcase: Glory Stars


This beautiful quilt design is named “Glory Stars” and designed by Sandi Blackwell.    And this pattern was created for the Quilted in Honor program, hosted by Island Batik.

The Quilted In Honor (QIH) program, led by Island Batik, is a fund raising initiative for Operation Homefront, one of the top military fundraising organizations which focuses on helping wounded veterans and their families, along with enlisted soldiers (E1-E6) and their families during situations of emergencies not covered by the government (e.g. illness in the family and they need funds to fly home, accidents, etc.).

Through this program, should you decide to purchase this pattern, or one of many patterns designed for this program, or fabric from the QIH collection, proceeds from the sale are donated to Operation Homefront.  In the case of this pattern, 100% of the proceeds are generously donated to Operation Homefront.  

This pattern is a downloadable design available from Landauer Publishing for a reasonable fee of $10.   And don’t forget, 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this pattern are donated to Operation Homefront.

The pattern makes 3 possible sizes – 40″x31″, 60″ x 47″ and 79″ x 63″ and it is available exclusively from Landauer Publishing.

Sandi also teaches a class at Craftsy “Sensational Square-agonals.

You can find Sandi Blackwell/Stitched Buy at:

You can find Laundauer Publishing at:

You can find Island Batik at:

Quilt Pattern Showcase: Heroic Stars


This beautiful quilt design is named “Heroic Stars” and designed by Penny Haren.  The pattern is a downloadable design available from Landauer Publishing for a reasonable fee of $8.   And, 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this pattern are donated to Operation Homefront, by way of the Quilted in Honor Program, hosted by Island Batik.The finished size of this quilt is 60 1/2″ x 74 1/2″” and it is available exclusively from Landauer Publishing.

You can find Laundauer Publishing at:
You can find Island Batik at:

Quilt Pattern Showcase – Freedom Is Our Strength

Quilted in honor is a fundraising initiative hosted by Island Batik, with Landauer Publishing as on of the partners.  And today, I’m excited to share insights with on a beautiful quilt pattern that has caught my attention and become one of My Favorite Designs:

This beautiful quilt design is named “Freedom Is Our Strength“.  The pattern is a downloadable design available from Landauer Publishing for a reasonable fee of $8.   And, 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this pattern are donated to Operation Homefront.

Finished size 57 1/2″ x 72 1/2″ and is available exclusively from Landauer Publishing.

You can find Laundauer Publishing at:

Island Batik Logo

You can find Island Batik at:

Inspirational Quilts

Cozy Quilt Designs has a lovely design called “Rising Star“, which is designed to work with strip bundles (or you can cut fabric from your stash or cut yardage into strips).  It is designed by Daniela Stout and comes with well written easy to follow instructions, that include excellent visuals.  The pattern also has fabric requirements and instructions to make this design in a variety of sizes (e.g. Throw, Twin, King).   

And when I saw this quilt made by Mary Landon (Addicted to Fabric), I absolutely fell in love with this design and Mary’s quilt.  Mary used beautiful fabrics that make this design so cheerful and she also did spectacular free-motion quilting.

Thanks to Mary for allowing me to show off her quilt with you.  You may also want to click over to her delightful blog to see more photos of this gorgeous quilt.

You can find this pattern at Cozy Quilt Shop and more info on Daniela and other Cozy Quilt Designs at:

Daniela Stout
Owner . Designer . Publisher
Cozy Quilt Shop | Cozy Quilt Designs |
Phone: 619-670-0652  619-670-0652 

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Don’t Miss Seeing Daniela Stout on The Quilt Show – FREE Episode

SewCalGal certainly enjoys The Quilt Show and is delighted with episode # 1110: Come to the “Strip Club”…Rated G! Featuring:  Daniela Stout.   This episode will always be available for those that have a current subscription to The Quilt Show, but for a limited time it is also available for viewing to anyone for free through December 2nd.

For those that do not currently subscribe to The Quilt Show and want to watch this episode simply click this link and register for a free account, where you’ll be able to watch episode #1110 with Daniela Stout.  You’ll also find many other free benefits of being a member of the Quilt Show, for example:

If you already have a basic account, you should be able to log on as a regular member, using the above link. If not, log in via your normal link and then click this link:

But, paid members that subscribe to The Quilt Show get to see all shows released during their subscription for free, plus attend free classes and more.

Compliments of Daniela and the Quilt Show you can get  20% off subscribing to The Quilt Show.  Just follow instructions on the Quilt Show’s site, referenced above the episode to view Daniela’s episode.

You may also want to check out all the beautiful patterns, as well as fun books by Cozy Quilt Designs too.  I’m looking forward to making a new pattern called Sierra Stars, designed by Beth Nidzieko, owner of Sierra Stars Quilting Vacations.

And here is a YouTube video Daniela created to show you how this design comes together.

And, I’m hoping to finish my version of the beautiful Prickly Pear Design, by Georgette Dell’Orco

You can also watch a Youtube video of Daniela sharing insights how this design comes together.

Do you have a favorite Cozy Quilt Design pattern or book ?  SewCalGal loves them all.  And, she loves The Quilt Show too!

If you see this in time, check out the Cyber Monday sale at!

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Enjoying Fall – A Quilter’s Way to Relax and be Inspired!

I have a long list of things to do, but today I’m taking a break.

I’m planning on simply enjoying Fall.

And, I’m going to do it by finding a quiet spot where I can enjoy the beautiful Fall colors and fresh air, whilespending time relaxing and reading the October Issue of Quilter’s World Magazine.
I do love Quilter’s World magazine, and several others too.  But, I’ll confess that I no longer subscribe to any printed quilting magazine.  I prefer to buy off the rack, based on the content of the issue.  And, I’ll also share that when Wendy Sheppard is included in any magazine I definitely buy that issue!

To my delight the October issue of Quilter’s World magazine is packed full of great Fall projects, inspirational tips and more. Plus, it has two (yes two) patterns by Wendy Sheppard.  

While I’ve enjoyed this issue, today I’m planning on some special “me time” where I will get to thoroughly read this magazine.  It will definitely be an inspirational quilting experience for me.  I could have fun reading this magazine while getting a manicure/pedicure, a much needed hair cut, soaking my feet in epsom salt, enjoying a glass of iced tea, but I think I’ll most likely sit outside and enjoy the Fall weather while enjoying this issue, that has a wonderful Fall Theme. 

In this particular issue, Wendy shares a beautiful quilt design called “Mosaic Stars“.  It is a wonderful design that certainly looks great in Fall colors, but I think this design would look great in a variety of color choices. 
This is a fun two block design that has spectacular applique’ borders.  The fabrics used in this quilt are from Quilting Treasures’ Autumn Bouquet collection.
I also love how Wendy shares insights on how to quilt this quilt.  While this design could be quilted in a variety of ways, she is an FMQ Expert and I love her free-motion quilting, so greatly appreciate insights on how she’d quilt it.. Quilting was done using Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton thread over Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk Batting
Be sure to visit Wendy’s post where she shared insights on her “Mosaic Stars” design as I’m sure you’ll be delighted seeing more photos of this beautiful quilt and spectacular free-motion quilting.

This issue also has an article by Wendy that shares her “A Tale as Tall as a Tree” pattern, which uses fun fabrics from RJR Fabrics‘ Silly Suggestions for Kids collection, including a panel!
Some quilters think you stitch a panel “as is”, but Wendy’s article and pattern shows you that you can take that panel and create an amazing quilt with it.  This just looks like such a fun whimsical quilt and cute panel/focal fabric too!

I do hope you have a chance to pick up this issue of Quilter’s World, as well as visit Wendy’s blog, as I’m confident you’ll be inspired and enjoy following her delightful blog.  And, I hope you also have a wonderful day and are enjoying Fall.

You may also want to keep an eye out for the December issue of Quilter’s World, as Wendy is also published in this issue too.

{above}Warm Blessings.  Image source: Quilter’s World.

{above} Cottage Chic Christmas is now offered for a limited time as a featured pattern that is downloadable for free from QW’s website.  Image source: Quilter’s World.

You can find Quilter’s World at:
And, you can find Wendy Sheppard (Ivory Spring) at: 
Again, I do hope you have a wonderful day and are able to enjoy Fall, as well as find time to create!

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Fun Friday Giveaway – Sponsored by Island Batik and Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio

Are you starting to feel a cooler breeze flow your way?  Maybe it is a tropical breeze.  For me, I think of such a breeze, when Fall arrives bringing much needed cooler weather. Of course, I also feel such a breeze when I get to create with beautiful tropical fabrics and fun designs.  It was just recently that I was working with designs from Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio, that I thought how they’d look great is tropical fabrics, like batiks from Island Batik.  As such, I’m delighted to share insights with you today that showcase fabrics from   Island Batik Fabric AND designs using two designs from  Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio.

Island Batik Logo


Cherry (Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio) made two beautiful quilts using Island Batik fabrics to make her  Feathered Christmas and Feather Fancy wall hanging designs.  

note:  You may want to double click on the images of these two quilts to better view the color and detail in the beautiful batik fabrics used to make these lovely wall-hangings.

Don’t you love how Island Batik fabrics work in these beautiful designs?   
To my delight, Island Batik and Cherry Blossoms studio are sponsoring the giveaway this week.  They have created kits which you could win to make one of these wall-hangings.  Each kit comes with all the fabric as well as the pattern.  

Bundle #1 includes Island Batik fabric and the  Feathered Christmas quilt pattern, by Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio.

Bundle #2 includes Island Batik fabric and the  Feather Fancy   quilt pattern, by Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio.

You may also want to check out Island Batik fabric at your local quilt shop. Here are the SKU#s for the fabrics used in these kits.  If you don’t find them in your local quilt shop, or your favorite online store, let them know you’d like them to stock them and they can place an order with Island Batik.  But these designs would look great in a variety of fabrics from Island Batik too, so you may want to check out their online catalog (open to wholesale orders only).

Feathered Christmas

White – NC28-02
Red #1 – IB87-K2
Red #2 – BE19-8B
Red #3 – NO44-RSC

Feather Fancy

White – NC28-02 
Dark Green – IB93-H1
Light Green – IB83-T2
Red – IB87-K2 

You can find Island Batik Fabrics at:

For designs from Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio retail patterns are now appearing in your local quilt shop. If you do not see them, let your quilt shop know you’d like them to place a wholesale order with  Brewer Sewing.  Retail orders can be placed online through Cherry Blossoms Shop.
I'm on Etsy! 

You can also find Cherry at:

Did I Mention A Giveaway?

Island Batik, Inc. is giving away two fabric bundles with yardage to create the beautiful  Feathered Christmas and the Feather Fancy design.  Cherry (Cherry Quilting Blossoms Studio) is giving away a pattern for her Feathered Christmas and Feather Fancy Design.   To clarify, two  winners will a bundle of fabrics and pattern for either the Feathered Christmas or the Feather Fancy design. Kits will be sent directly to the winners, from Island Batik.

To enter to win, public followers simply need to leave a comment on this post.  If you have a preference of which bundle you’d like to win, feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to try to match winners up with their favorite bundle.  Two winners will be randomly selected and announced next Friday.  

This giveaway is also limited to those living in US or Canada.  

Want an extra entry?   Here are a couple of ways you can get extra entries, but for each one you wish to claim, please leave an extra comment on this post to let SewCalGal know you are claiming this extra entry opportunity:

1) For Facebook users, “like”  Island Batik and leave a comment on their wall telling them what you think of the fabrics used in these wall-hangings.

2) Be a public follower of Cherry’s delightful blog (Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio).

I’m also delighted to announce the winners of the Fun Friday Giveaway, from last week, sponsored by Cozy Quilt Designs, for a copy of their new Prickly Pear strip quilt design.  Congratulations to the Connie (Quilting by the River)!


Fun Friday Giveaway – Prickly Pear, by Cozy Quilt

Cozy Quilt Designs has introduced a new strip pattern called “Prickly Pear“.  SewCalGal was lucky to attend the unveiling of this new design at a recent Strip Club Meeting at Cozy Quilt Shop.  I thought it was such a lovely design, I wanted to share it with you today.  And, of course, I was delighted when Daniela agreed to sponsor a Fun Friday Giveaway, by giving away a copy of this fun new pattern!
The Prickly Pear pattern, designed by Georgette Dell’Orco, has easy to follow instructions, with great visuals, that will help you make this beautiful design in a variety of sizes (Lap, Throw, Twin, Queen, or King).  It is also designed to work with 2-1/2″ strips.
This spectacular design was shown in fabrics perfect for Christmas or Fall, but SewCalGal thinks this design would work well in just about any color palette!
Here is a video presentation of the unveiling of this new pattern:

{click here for a direct link to this video,, should you have problems viewing it from this post}
SewCalGal predicts this will be a very popular quilt pattern.  In the recent Cozy Quilt Shop newsletter, Daniela announced a special that you might be interested in:
Thru 9/25 you can get this pattern for free, with a $35 web order at  Just put “Prickly Pear” in the special instructions, when you check out.  And, if your order is for a minimum of $35 you do not need to add this pattern to your order to receive it for free.  To clarify, the Prickly Pear pattern will automatically be shipped to you if your order is for $35 and includes “Prickly Pear” in the special instructions.


Click for Details

Just in case you are wondering what you might want to order from Cozy, here are a few items SewCalGal suggests you check out:

Folded Corner Clipper

Folded Corner Clipper is a new tool that helps to make half-square triangles, flying geese, snowball blocks, diamond in a square and cornered rectangles

Cutting Corners Ruler(TM)

Cutting Corners ruler is an amazing tool that will help you create beautiful blocks and settings.  Definitely check out the videos that are available for this ruler and you’ll see why SewCalGal “loves” this tool.
And, Cozy has oodles of beautiful patterns, fabrics, tools and more, so it would be easy to find $35 worth of quilting supplies online and get a free copy of the new Prickly Pear pattern with your order.  Just remember to add “Prickly Pear” to the special instructions when you place your order.
Did I mention a giveaway? 
Cozy Quilt Designs is sponsoring this giveaway for followers of SewCalGal.  To enter, you simply need to leave a comment on this post and a winner will be randomly selected and announced next Friday.  This giveaway is also only open to US Residents only.

Want an extra entry?  For those on Facebook, become a friend of  Daniela Stout At Cozy and let her know you like her Prickly Pear design!  Come back and leave an extra comment on this post, to claim this extra entry.

Don’t forget you can find Cozy Quilt Designs at your local quilt shop.  If not,  let them know that you’d like them to order Prickly Pear and other Cozy Quilt Designs and products (wholesale orders).  And, of course, you can find Cozy Quilt Designs at:

I’m also delighted to announce the winners of the Fun Friday Giveaway, from last week, sponsored by Martingale/That Patchwork Place.  Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Best Wall Quilts – Maryellen (MaryMack’s Blog)
  • Skip the Borders: Easy Patterns for Modern Quilts – Marcia W
  •  Blocks, Borders, Quilts! A Mix-and-Match Workbook for Designing Your Own Quilts – winner:   Karen M. (Karen’s Sewing Room
  • Singular Sensations: 14 Great Quilts From One Simple Block – winner: Mom C
  • Urban Country Quilts: 15 Projects For the Home – winner: Belinda

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