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The Quilt Show -A Free Ruler Mastery Series, by Gina Perkes







The Quilt Show has partnered with Gina Perkes, an award winning quilter, author, teacher, and also an Expert Free-Motion Quilting instructor, to offer a FREE 10-month program on ruler work.  This program was officially launched by TQS this past July, but I think there was some confusion (at least to me) about accessibility.  Thus, I want to try to heighten awareness of this free series, encourage everyone to participate, as well as help clarify how you can get access, as well as how easy it is to learn endless possibilities for quilting on a domestic, mid-arm, or longarm machine, from this free series.  

You need not purchase anything to benefit from this free Ruler Mastery Series(e.g. you need not purchase rulers, nor pay for the class series, nor be a Star Member of TQS)  to benefit from this program.  I’m confident that all attendees, regardless of confidence level with free-motion quilting or ruler work, domestic machine or longarm quilters,  will pick up tips & tricks, as well as find plenty of creative inspiration from this free series.  At the same time, I can honestly say that being a Star Member of The Quilt Show, as well as buying the collection of rulers and templates that Gina designed and is showcasing in this free workshop, are well worth it and provide great value.  But that decision is totally up to you. I just don’t want you to overlook a great opportunity of learning/improving your skills with freemotion quilting for “ruler work” on a domestic, mid-arm, or long-arm machine.

There are 10 lessons, in this free series, of which seven have now been released.  But you can start anytime, as well as watch and learn at your liesure, repeating whenever you you may desire.  In this series,  you can create a whole-cloth quilt sampler which showcases a different ruler every month by using a domestic sewing machine or a longarm machine.

Did I mention this class is FREE and open to everyone? You can start from the beginning at anytime and work through the different lessons.
Purchasing the rulers will help, but if you opt not to purchase, you can still come away with great tips and ideas for the rulers you have already, as well as free-motion quilting in general.  I can honestly say I’m so impressed with this free series, as well as these rulers, that I’ve ordered a set and eagerly looking forward to quilting with them.  The possibilities are endless. 
Everyone can easily access all of the sessions, as they are released click hereAnd, there are free class downloads too!   IF by chance you ever lose the link, you can search on the TQS website for “Gina Perkes” and you can click on the link for her Ruler Mastery Series to see the complete list of all released classes (5 more will be added to the current list).  But here are links to each of the currently released free video tutorials for Ruler Work with Gina Perkes:

Series 1 – The Shirley Ruler – released in July 2017.  

Gina kicks off this series sharing tips for the practice quilt for this series, but they will apply to just about any FMQ and/or ruler work you ever do. E.G. fabric selection, marking the class sample quilt, gripping aids, thread selection and plenty of tips & tricks.

Series 2 – The Grace Ruler – released August 2017

This ruler offers great foundational shapes, which you can add your own FMQ to these shapes. Gina also shares plenty of tips about practice pieces, tension, weight distribution of the ruler.

Series 3 – The Elizabeth Ruler – released September 2017

A contemporary shape in two sizes great for block designs, but also fun to fill this design with just about any FMQ motif.

Series 4 – The Daisy Mae Ruler Making circles & pedal shapes – released October 2017

I enjoyed seeing how Gina incorporated different petal sizes together, to create beautiful floral motifs, as well as adding a few petals in various areas to create more interest.

Series 5 – The Amelia Ruler – released November 2017

I was impressed with the versatility of this ruler and suspect that I’ll be using it now in almost every quilt.  Very versatile.  Fun to see how it can help quilt a block, as well as add shapes that you can opt to add just about any FMQ motif you wish.


Series 6 –The Bette Ruler – released December 2017




During this session, Gina shares how to use grids with a ruler.


Series 7 – The June Ruler – released January 4th 2018






Gina again shares insights about the use of “gripping aids”, when working with rulers.  You’ll learn a new approach to flying geese, yet different than what was shared with the Amelia Ruler.  This is a fun ruler to also incorporate freemotion quilting to create a stunning quilt.


Series 8 – The Baby Jane Ruler – to be released February 2018


Don’t forget you do not need to purchase any of these rulers to enjoy this Ruler Work Series with Gina.  But, if you decide to order the rulers I can honestly say I think they are a great value and you’ll enjoy using them for quilting your projects.  Possibilities are endless.  Plus, you can purchase rulers individually or the complete set showcased in this series, which includes stencil templates that help to mark your projects for use of ruler work.

TQS website hosts a forum, which also has a section for participants in this free Ruler Master Series to interact with each other.  This is a great forum for questions, as well as sharing and inspiring like minded people.  Here is a link:

Thank you TQS & Gina Perkes for this fun and educational FREE Ruler Work Series.

Also, for those that are TQS Star Members, be sure to check out the following episodes with Gina Perkes:


Not a member of TQS? As mentioned, you need not be a member of TQS to participate in the Ruler Mastery Series, but TQS does provide a lot of value, fun, free patterns, inspiration and great shows to subscribed members.  Plus, if you join (or renew) now you get a FREE choice of Alex’s Quilter Select 3″ x 12″ non-slip ruler or a 5 piece set of replacement rotary blades.  That’s a gift valued up to $23.99 and TQS is also providing free shipping in the USA.

You can find The Quilt Show at:


You can find Gina Perkes at:


Our Precision Piecing Quilt-Along – Wrap Up

Before I wrap up the Precision Piecing Quilt-Along, by thanking sponsors and announcing winners, I want to let everyone know that QuiltShopGal migrated to a new (and cheaper) web hosting service.  It was supposed to have happened over a weekend, a week ago.  There was a point that I thought QuiltShopGal was going to die a quick death, long before I could complete all I wanted to do.  Thanks to Marian Pena of Seams to Be Sew, for her help and encouragement during this migration.  I still have a few pending issues in the migration, but now have email back up and running, as well as the ability to release new posts.  Woo hoo!    

note:  my address remains

So, today, I want to wrap up the Precision Piecing Quilt Along.    I hope to have inspired others to challenge their piecing skills with small blocks and seek out perfect cutting and piecing, to get us to slow down and improve our piecing skills.  There are a variety of ways to improve our precision piecing skills, but stitching small blocks is truly a great way to do so.  And, Hope’s Quilt Designs has many beautiful mini-block patterns that you can download for free.    


I want to recognize our generous sponsors who made this event more fun, by donating wonderful prizes:  The Fat Quarter ShopThe Quilt Show and Martingale 

I also want to share that ALL of the participants in this event, who are bloggers, were also added to My Creative Blog List, which is a great site to follow super creative blogs.  I hope all bloggers and non-bloggers check it out.  I have found this to be a great resource to follow a variety of creative blogs and I’m hearing from others that agree.



The Fat Quarter Shop  donated a $50 gift certificate.


Winner: Laura (LauraLovesLoons and Quilting too!)

The Quilt Show  donated a TQS membership

Winner: Nan Brown (Yellow Mound Quilts)

Martingale has donated 3 new books.  

martingale logo


Simple Friendships – Winner:  Barbara (Cat Patches)

Zen Chick Inspired – Winner:  Christi Scheffel

Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites – winner: Kim Rennie

You can still view all the entries in our  Linky Party for the Precision Piecing QAL.  When you click thru, bloggers typically share more inspiration on their blog.



Here is a list of previous #PrecisionPiecingQAL posts:

#PrecisionPiecingQAL – Week Three

Welcome to week three of our #PrecisionPiecingQAL.  Everyone has time to make a mini-block, with a free downloadable pattern designed by Hope’s Quilt Designs (links available in kick-off post).  You just need to make at least one block, to enter by March 19th, as I’ll be announcing the winners next week.

This event is sponsored by:

The Fat Quarter Shop

The Quilt Show


While many have made one, or more, of the free miniature quilt blocks, some have repeated the same block, to further improve their precision piecing skills, getting better results each time they make a mini-block.  And, some have turned their blocks into miniature projects:

Bea (Beaquilter) turned her blocks into a sweet pincushion.

Jan (non-blogger) shared this very creative quilt top she created using her miniature blocks.

Deadline to enter is March 19th.  I will be announcing the winners next week.

Here is our Linky Party for the Precision Piecing QAL.

Don’t forget this coming Saturday is Worldwide quilting day.  


And, to help celebrate, The Quilt Show is allowing everyone FREE access to all their current and past episodes plus giving away ~$10k in prizes.

I hope you will take time to make a miniature quilt block this weekend, to practice your precision piecing skills, as well as celebrate International Quilt Weekend.  This is always one of my favorite weekends of the year.

Here is a list of previous #PrecisionPiecingQAL posts:

#PrecisionPiecingQAL – The Fat Quarter Shop

Welcome to week two of our #PrecisionPiecingQAL.

  Today I want to inspire everyone to work on their precision piecing skills by highlighting some great opportunities available thru the Fat Quarter Shop, as well as share some projects that some of our participants have made with their miniature blocks made during this challenge.  To clarify, you need not make anything with these miniature blocks to enter to win prizes, but for those that want to not just use this QAL as a technique learning opportunity, but to create, the possibilities are endless.


The Fat Quarter Shop shares a wealth of helpful tutorials that can help quilters, including those wanting to improve their precision piecing skills.  Here are a few which I highly recommend:

And, the Fat Quarter Shop also has very helpful notions:

  • ByANnie stiletto –   useful to hold fabric down as you sew as you get close to the needle
  • Creative Grid rulers –   easy to read markings and non-slip backs so you can cut precisely
  • Triangle paper – get exact units, especially when working with bias edges
  • Rotating mat – move the mat, not the fabric, when cutting
  • Ideal Seam Guide – set yourself up for success with accurate seams


Amanda Best (PatchworkPrincess82) shared all her blocks, as well as this beautiful miniature quilt which she made, on Instagram.

Barbara (Cat Patches) shared insights on her creative blog, about the blocks she made and how she turned them into a miniature quilt, which she plans to use as a hot pad in her camper.  I thought it was cute she named this project “At a Minimum”.

Still plenty of time for you to make a miniature block (or more) to enter to win prizes from our generous sponsors:  The Fat Quarter Shop, The Quilt Show, and Martingale.  It only takes one entry for a chance to win a prize, but of course, I hope you’ll use this QAL as an opportunity to improve your precision piecing skills.  So, if you don’t feel your miniature block is perfect, make more till you get it right.  There are a variety of free patterns that you can use, all listed in the kick off post for this event.  But do let me know if you have any questions.

Deadline to enter is March 19th.

Here is our Linky Party for the Precision Piecing QAL.



Don’t forget this coming Saturday is Worldwide quilting day.  I sure hope you find time to enjoy and quilt.  Always fun to quilt with friends, even virtually.

And, The Quilt Show is also opening up all their shows to everyone to watch this weekend, as they also have plenty of episodes & more, to help you improve your piecing skills..  More info on my prior post for this event.


Here is a list of previous #PrecisionPiecingQAL posts:

#PrecisionPiecingQAL – WorldWide Quilting Day – The Quilt Show

Today I’m sharing a variety of insights, with a common theme:  Precision Piecing.    You may already be a perfect piecer who can tackle the most challenging projects and always come out with crisp points and even seams (lucky you).  I’ll confess I’m far from perfect, but I have found ways that have helped me and I need continual reminder to slow down as well as check my accuracy along the way.  And, yes, it can still be fun!

The #PrecisionPiecing QAL has officially kicked off, but I’ve extended the deadline to March 19th, to enter to win prizes.  New posts are released every Wednesday, supplemented with a few extra precision piecing themed posts throughout the event.

While WorldWide Quilting Day is this coming Saturday, March 18th, many of us enjoy celebrating International Quilting Weekend March 17-19, 2017.  While I hope you can find time to enjoy and create anytime, I really hope you can do so this coming weekend.  It is also a great time to visit your local quilt shops, but you’ll also find great fun online.  And, even plenty of opportunities to work on your precision piecing skills.  

TQS is hosting an amazing World Wide International Quilting event, where everyone can access all TQS shows over the weekend, for free.  Plus everyone can enter to win amazing prize bundles sponsored by AccuQuilt, Jinny Beyer, Eleanor Burns and Quilt In A Day, Gyleen Fitzgerald, Bonnie Hunter, Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson and Bernina.  Just be sure to enter to win on March 18th on the TQS site.

I can honestly say that I love everything about TQS and find great value in their premium “Star” members ($42.95/year), where you can watch all of the 250+ shows including 26 Brand new shows a year., at your liesure.  And, yes, they have a number of episodes with tips to help you learn/improve your precision piecing skills.  Here are some that caught my attention and I hope you get a chance to watch this weekend (but Star Members can watch anytime):

Dee Christopher talks about Precision Piecing, in her show that was released Jan 25, 2017.  Here is a short Youtube excerpt about pinning:

  • #1801 – Lessa Siegele – perfect piecing techniques
  • #1602 with Sally Collins How to cut precision templates for your quilting projects, Learn the correct way to sew straight and press your fabrics
  • #1401 Janet Stone – piecing tips to achieve perfect results – create Flying Geese and HST’s
  • #1203 – Marsha McCloskey – Drafting and piecing the perfect Feathered Star
  • #1107 – Ricky Times – Piecing the Montana Star or Lone Star Quilt
  • #1008 Alex Anderson – Make a custom pincushion with perfect piecing
  • #905 – Anita Grossman Solomon – Cutting & Piecing – Key West & Windmill Blocks for Accuracy
  • #407 – Elsie Campbell – Precision Piecing – choosing fabric – 8 pointed star HST
  • #311 Alex Anderson – Piecing the perfect pinwheel

Classrooms – TQS hosts a variety of classrooms that offer a variety of learning opportunities, all free for Star Members.


BOM Quilts – every year TQS releases a free BOM quilt that is always stunning and free for Star Members.  This year the design is the beautiful  Halo Medallion Quilt, including tips for paper piecing, fabric selection, trimming, and pressing. Even if you aren’t making the quilt, you might want to check out these great tips.

FEATURED GUEST DVDs offer a great learning opportunity where various DVDs, from world class quilters, are accessible for Star Members.  The topics vary, but always fun and educational, increasing the value of a TQS Star Membership.

You can find The Quilt Show at:

Here is a list of previous #PrecisionPiecingQAL posts:

Our Precision Piecing Quilt-Along – Official Kick Off

Today I want to officially kick off our Precision Piecing Quilt Along.  I want to recognize our sponsors:

The Fat Quarter Shop has generously donated a $50 gift certificate, which will be randomly awarded to one lucky participant.  To clarify, this is open to WW participants.


The Quilt Show has generously donated a TQS membership, which will be randomly awarded to only lucky participant.  To clarify, this is open to WW participants.

Martingale has donated 3 new books.  

martingale logo

As QuiltShopGal will be shipping these prizes to the lucky winners (1 book each), postage has been raised by those that kindly use my Affiliate links when making a purchase at Craftsy, AccuQuilt, CreativeBug, ThermoWeb or Amazon.  As such, a maximum of one international participant will win a book, with all US/Canada participants eligible to win a book.

Throughout this event, I’ll be showcasing tips, tutorials, teachers, books, etc., to help you improve your Precision Piecing skills.  Here are a few tips:

precision piecing quote 2 by sally collinsprecision piecing quote 1 by sally collins

Riley Blake has a free downloadable PDF with really good basic tips for precision piecing.

This QAL allows you to work on one, or all mini blocks, designed by Hope (Hope’s Quilt Designs) which you can download from Craftsy for free.  Just stitch out a block and share via the linky tool, before March 15th 19th, to enter to win prizes.  Here are the mini blocks by Hope:

The Rainbow Flowers Mini Block

full_2008_81562_RainbowFlowersMiniBlock_5.jpg craftsy free pattern from hope's quilt designs

Autumn Tints Mini Block

Churn Dash Mini Quilt

Friendship Star Mini Quilt Block

Rolling Stone Mini-Block

You can finish your mini-block how ever you wish. You may want to make several and create a mini-quilt, or mug rug.  You could even turn one into a cute zipper pouch.  Possibilities are endless.  But this QAL is really all about learning/improving your precision piecing skills by making these sweet mini-quilts.

Bloggers and non-bloggers can join this QAL.  Of course, I appreciate it when bloggers use the badge (from this post) and encourage others to join too!  I also appreciate it if everyone can use the hashtag #PrecisionPiecingQAL when sharing on any social media tool.  Non-bloggers can link to their photos shared via Pinterest, Flickr, etc., so long as it is viewable to others.  And, you can link as often as you wish.  Very flexible to enter, but do let me know if you have any questions.

The deadline to enter has been extended thru March 19th, to link up with International Quilt Weekend celebrations.  

Here is our Linky Party for the Precision Piecing QAL.



Here is a list of previous #PrecisionPiecingQAL posts:

The Quilt Show: Victoria Findlay Wolfe – #Show #2002

The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims has a variety of free shows, available to anyone with a free TQS account.  But for Star Members, who subscribe to TQS, they get 200+ Shows, Classrooms & Online DVDs with Star Membership, plus access to new shows as they are released during their membership.  To my delight, a new show has been released showcasing Victoria Findlay Wolfe and I know a way everyone can watch this show for free, this week.
This new show #2002 – Look Out! Double Rings and Curves Ahead modern and contemporary focuses on Victoria’s beautiful style of working with curves, as well as her signature Double Wedding Ring Quilts.

She also shares her improve way of cutting and sewing curves.  Her quote “belly on the bottom, floppy toppy” is definitely going to stick with me, after watching this great episode of TQS.

TQS show #1404 – 15 Minutes of Daily “Play” also has Victoria sharing her fresh look and approach to quilting.

Here is a show trailer for episode #2002:

This TQS episode also has guest Linda Faires of Gees Bend, who shares insights on colors and decorative stitches, which is also very insightful.

TQS Star Members get amazing value, not just with enjoying all of the TQS shows, but with the ability to watch Featured Guest DVDs, learn from a variety of teachers via classes only offered online at TQS, create via BOM programs unique to TQS and much, much more.

Did I mention I know a way everyone can watch the new TQS Show #2002 – Look Out! Double Rings and Curves Ahead for free?

Visit Victoria’s blog for a link to this TQS episode and you can watch it for free thru January 29th.

You can find Victoria at:


You can find The Quilt Show at:

Happy Holidays

While I rarely share personal info, I can honestly say I love all the holidays.  Yes, I love Hanukkah, the Ramadan celebration, and many more holidays, but I don’t ever want to lose sight of celebrating Christmas, as well as wishing those that celebrate this holiday a Merry Christmas.   What ever holiday you celebrate, I hope it is a happy one for you and your family.  I also wish for you a very happy and healthy New Year, with time to enjoy and create.


I want to thank and recognize all of the sponsors for our recent “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways”.  All of the winners have been announced, notified and their special Christmas gifts are in the process of being shipped.  While I had hoped that this would have been done so that these gifts would arrive in time to open on Christmas, the “Grinch” hijacked my website and the downtime created a delay.  But the lucky winners will receive their prize very soon.  


Thank you to all of our generous sponsors:

Cherry Blossoms Quilting StudioMarjorie Busby of Blue Feather Quilt StudioASF Lightware Solutions/Beam n ReadLandauer Publishing,The Quilt ShowFat Quarter ShopUdderly Smooth/RedexIsland BatikAurifilThe Electric Quilt CompanyThe Fat Quarter Gypsy, and Martingale.


Here is a list of all of the posts for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways which also shows each of the lucky winners. 


This Holiday season, let’s spread happiness and good cheer.

Lastly, I’d like to ask a special favor of you.  Diane Gaudynski is an amazing award winning quilter, Master free-motion quilter, teacher and author.  She retired a few years back from teaching and rarely updates her blog.  She just released another blog post and I believe she’d love to hear from you.  Thus, I hope you can take a few moments to pop over to her blog and leave some kind words to share good Holiday cheer with her.  You can find her blog at:

Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – The Quilt Show


Welcome to day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.    Each day QuiltShopGal will showcase a different sponsor and unwrap (reveal) their gift to one lucky winner.  To enter to win, you need to claim at least one option in the Rafflecopter form, but for those that like to increase their odds, there are a variety of options and you can claim as many as you wish.  

Note:  I was late getting this post out so in stead of one day to enter, everyone has 48 hours.

I’m thrilled to have The Quilt Show as a sponsor today.  I absolutely love, love, love TQS and I’m thrilled to be able to showcase them today.  Who wouldn’t love a TQS Star membership for Christmas, as it would certainly make for a fun and creative New Year.  TQS also has many freebies for everyone, but more for those that are Free Members.  Here are a few highlights


The Quilt Show was born Jan 2007, when Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson teamed up to create true TV quality shows focused around top quilters in the world.  They do this by providing two forms of membership:

Star Membership offers access to  all Shows, Classrooms, Online DVDs, and Exclusive Patterns on all your devices. It’s like Netflix for Quilters.  I also love their index of all shows, sorted by Artist and Technique.

Show #1912 with Rosa Roja, is one example where I was introduced to a quilter whom I wasn’t aware of, as well as learned some new innovative tips for applique, as she shares her love of Hawaiian applique’ with Star members.  Here is a preview of this episode:

Show #1802 with Kathy McNeil / Ann Harwell caught my attention when Kathy shared her technique for creating pictorial quilts.  As I’m also researching precision piecing techniques, I enjoyed Ann’s insights for precision cutting and piecing.


Here is the trailer for this episode:

All the TQS shows are inspirational, but I also love how you can watch current or prior shows anytime you wish, as often as you wish, during your Star Membership.


Free Membership: “Online Quilt Magazine”. Get quilting news, watch artist interviews, see member quilts, travel to quilt shows around the world, display your own quilts, learn from tutorials, and get free patterns.

While Star Members get access to all episodes of TQS, free-memberships also get a variety of freebies that are offered throughout the year.  Currently, free membership subscribers get access to:

The TQS STORE has some great notions that would make for perfect stocking stuffers.  The Karen Kay Buckley scissors, Quilter’s Select Fabric Prep, and free-motion quilting Rulers by Gina Perkes are on my wish list for Santa.  What are you wishing for?




TQS is giving away two Star Memberships, one for the lucky winner to keep and another for them to give to their best quilting buddy.

To enter, simply claim one or more options using the rafflecopter form below.  I’ll randomly select the lucky winner tomorrow in two days (as I was late releasing this post on day #5.  I’ll send them an email to let them know, as well as update this post.   This prize is open to WW followers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lastly, don’t forget, Day #6 of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways comes tomorrow.

You can find The Quilt Show at:

Here is a list of all of the posts for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways:

Countdown to Christmas – But First Comes 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

 Who is counting down the days till Christmas?  I hope to get you in the mood, with 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways which will start on December lst.


Are you wondering how this will work?  Very simple.  I have 12 fabulous sponsors who have donated amazing prizes that are still wrapped (aka a secret).  Each day, I’ll showcase a sponsor and reveal the prize.  You can enter to win a prize each day, but you’ll have to be quick, as you’ll only have one day to enter to win.  Mark your calendar, so that you don’t forget the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways starts December lst.  

Here is a lineup for the sponsors, showing the days that I’ll unwrap and reveal the prize they have generously donated.


Day 1 – Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio


Day 2 – Marjorie Busby of Blue Feather Quilt Studio


Day 3 – ASF Lightware Solutions/Beam N Read


Day 4 – Landauer Publishing


Day 5 – The Quilt Show


Day 6 – Fat Quarter Shop


Day 7 – Udderly Smooth/Redex


Day 8 – Island Batik


Day 9 – Aurifil


Day 10 – The Electric Quilt Company


Day 11 – The Fat Quarter Gypsy



Day 12 – Martingale



 note:  Many prizes will be open for International participants, but some will be open to US Only, or US/Canada winners due to postage expenses.  Rules will be reflected on each daily giveaway.


Here is a list of all of the posts for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways at:

  Full Disclosure - Affiliates with QuiltShopGal