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The Quilt Show Honors – Tom Russell – Free Show on TQS


Tom Russell was an amazing quilt artist who had an special talent for incorporating beading and buttons in his projects.  Sadly, he recently passed away and the quilting world will miss him dearly.


In his honor, TQS has opened up access to their episode  with Tom (#1101)  – for free for everyone, through February 28th.

This is an inspirational episode which I hope every quilter can take time to watch.  If you are not familiar with Tom, this is a great chance to get to know him and see how talented he was.  It is also an excellent opportunity to learn from Tom, and be inspired to apply beads and buttons to a variety of projects.

Here is a link to this episode:  If you are not a member of TQS, you can sign up for a free account to view this episode (as well as get access to other freebies).

the quilt show tom russell

I am truly sorry about Tom’s passing, but at the same time, I want to encourage everyone to watch this TQS episide.  I think you’ll agree that Tom was an amazing quilter, who shared his expertise with using beads and buttons on to embellish and create beautiful quilted objects.


 Websites where Tom Russell shared insights:

You can find The Quilt Show at:


The Quilt Show, aka TQS and a Giveaway

I’m delighted to be able to share some current insights on The Quilt Show (TQS) with you today, as well as a giveaway from TQS.

For those that may not be aware of TQS, it is like a quilting magazine, but with videos and more!  Ok, it is better than a quilting magazine, as it has more to offer and you are going to want to view it over and over and over again!  And, now when you subscribe you not only get to view episodes that are released during your subscription period, but you also get access to previously released episodes!

The Quilt Show

Even free memberships at TQS can have fun.  Check out the free episodes, plus their blog for great tutorials, inspiration and fun.  

While every quilter should belong to TQS, which is completely FREE, there are a lot of reasons to become a Star Member of TQS from getting unlimited access to shows which you can watch at your leisure and watch again and again, even if your subscription expires!   There are also special events that only Star Members can participate in.  For example:

Starting, October lst, a Machine Quilting Skillbuilder Studio  video with Renae G. Allen will be available to Star Members through December 31st, 2014.   This is one of the bonus tutorials offered this year. 

note:  If you are on a MAC or have problems viewing this embedded video, you can click thru to watch it directly in YouTube:

And Star Members currently have access to the Becolourful DVD with Jacqueline de Jonge, through October 31st, 2014.

New episodes are released every two weeks.  And, this is the 15th year TQS has been helping to make our world of quilting so wonderful!  That means there are already approximately 189 episodes that you Star Members can watch!  These episodes cover a range of topics, with interviews, tips & tricks, and loads of inspiration with Designers, Teachers, and Award Winning Quilts.  While you may think 189 episodes is more than you may want to watch right now, you may want to prioritize viewing certain episodes based on your interest (e.g. free-motion quilting, color, precision piecing, Applique’, specific Designers or Teachers, etc.).  For example, here are some of the episodes on Free Motion Quilting that I’m wanting to watch this Fall:

Episode #112 – Threadplay and Sheer Ribbon Illusions (Libby Lehman), released November 2007

Episode #202 – Antique Linens and Textile Revival (Cindy Needham), released January 2008

Episode #308 – Artistry on a Long Arm (Gina Perkes), released October 2008


Episode #509 – Machine Quilting Magic (Joanie Zeier Poole), released October 2009

Episode 609 – Freeform Feathers and Happy Endings (Bonnie Browning / Judy Woodworth), released April 2010

Episode #1004 – “Painting” with Thread (Nancy Prince) released February 2012

Episode #1201 – The ABC’s of (Award-Winning) Quilted Feathers (Sue Nickels), released January 2013

Episode #1306 – No-Pin Curves and Quilting “Modern” (Sheila Frampton Cooper / Angela Walters), released September 2013


Episode #1506 – Two Amazing Women and the Power of Quilting (Lisa Sipes / Nola Emerie), released September 2014

Star Members also get access to a new  FREE BOM every year.

Star Members also get access to various FREE classes.  There is even an online class, for those interested in free-motion quilting, with Patsy Thompson, which was released in September 2010.  The most current class for Star Members is for the stunning “Lady of Shallot” design, with Ricky Tims.

To clarify, all quilters should join the FREE TQS membership as you do get access to quite a bit of fun free videos, blog and more.  But the Star Membership is always packed great episodes, free BOMS, classes, and other great opportunities for learning and inspiration.  Hopefully you’ll agree with SewCalGal in that the Star Membership is really a great value too!  Plus you can watch the episodes at your liesure and as often as you would like.

Quilt show

Did I Mention A Giveaway?

 The Quilt Show is giving away a ONE YEAR membership to one lucky follower of SewCalGal, anywhere in the world!   To enter, followers can complete the Rafflecopter form and leave a comment on this post.  And, if you want more entries there are also a few extra ways to earn an extra entry (e.g. like TQS on Facebook)

SewCalGal will use Rafflecopter to randomly select one winner   announced here on Friday, October 10th.  The winner will be given a code that they can redeem for a ONE YEAR month membership to The Quilt Show (or add ONE YEAR to their existing membership).  This giveaway is open to followers, any where in the world.

Click here to use the Rafflecopter Form to enter this giveaway

You can find TQS at:



March Linky Party – A Handmade Chirstimas Challenge

Today is a busy day for many of us.  It is worldwide Quilting Day and I hope you are able to find time to quilt.  SewCalGal is certainly enjoying spending the entire day quilting.  Today also starts the March Linky Party for the Make It A Handmade Christmas Challenge

First, I want to share a insights on a couple of opportunities to celebrate  Worldwide Quilting Day that you might be interested in:

The Quilt Show is celebrating International Quilting Day by opening up over 160 shows for free viewing on Saturday, March 16th and Sunday March 17th.   Plus they have an amazing giveaway.  Click here for more info.

Craftsy is celebrating this weekend with ALL of their online classes on sale, many of which are 50% off.

51 Quilting Classes on Sale.

57 Sewing Classes on Sale

10 Embroidery Classes on Sale

24 Food and Cooking Classes on Sale

51 Knitting Classes on Sale

Time to talk about the Make It A Handmade Christmas Challenge, as today starts the March Linky Party for this monthly challenge.

Participate in any one or all of these challenges and you will automatically be entered to win prizes.  The more monthly challenges that you enter, the more chances you get to win prizes!

2014 Christmas Handmade Pledge

This event is all about making projects for Christmas gifts, making handmade decorations for your home, sharing insights on designs perfect for the Holidays, as well as inspiring others to make handmade gifts throughout the year vs waiting till the Holiday season and risk of the chance of creating more UFOs.  Plus we want to inspire others to make hand made gifts and share insights on designs, free patterns, tutorials and tips to make handmade Christmas projects.

To help get us in the spirit of making Christmas theme projects for gifts, or to decorate our home, I want to showcase a design from one of our sponsors.  Indygo Junction has a super cute pattern that is perfect for many holidays, called the Holiday Purseonalities pattern While you can make a super cute Halloween purse, a delightful Thanksgiving purse, this pattern also includes a heartwarming Christmas theme purse that are all whimsically cute and make for perfect gifts.  Even great bags for wrapping small gifts too!


One lucky winner in the Make It A Handmade Christmas Challenge will win a prize bundle of this cute pattern and a fabric pack of crossroads denim.

If you are looking for inspirational ideas for making handmade gifts, definitely check out all the prizes that our sponsors have donated as they’d all help you make wonderful gifts for Christmas or to decorate your home for the Holidays.  Plus you can view the entries in the  January challenge  and February challenge to see many inspirational projects,

SewCalGal wants to recognize and thank our sponsors for this event, as they have generously donated wonderful prizes, many of which are also perfect for making Christmas items!  And, I’ll be showcasing these projects throughout the year.  Here is our list of our current sponsors for this event:

    Before you add your entry (a link to this Linky), please be sure you read the rules below.


Rules to enter this challenge:

1) Projects need to be made in 2014 (they do not need to be made in the 10 day window of a given monthly and they must be something you make for a Christmas gift or to decorate your home for the holidays.  Please do not enter projects that you giveaway throughout the year, or previous holidays as that doesn’t bring you good quilting kharma!
2) You can enter one or more completed projects, but your linky needs to be in a current post (or non-bloggers can upload their photos and provide a link to a view able line tool like PhotoBucket, Flickr, etc.).   note:  Future challenges will require you to use only Flickr.  Click here to see a tutorial for using flickr.
3) Participants are asked to include comments in their post that share insights on the design(s) they use, any tips they wish to share, and if they made something with their own design they may wish to share a tutorial.
4) Bloggers are asked to include in their post information that that shows they have taken the “Pledge to make handmade Christmas Gifts in 2014” and are participating in this challenge.  It would be appreciated if you would encourage others to also participate, or at least come look at all of the entries each month, as hopefully we’ll inspire other quilters and increase awareness of designs, tips, tutorials to help make beautiful Christmas gifts and decorations.  Your blog post also needs to be dated during the period of this linky party (do not link to old posts).
This linky party will be open thru the 25th of  March, to give participants plenty of time to enter the challenge this month. If you are not familiar with how to use a linky click here for a tutorial.
Please be sure to read the rules before you add a link to enter the challenge this month.
Don’t forget our Challenge #4 Linky Party will be posted on April 15th.   You don’t have to participate in every monthly challenge, but the more monthly challenges you enter in 2014 the more changes you have to win prizes and the more handmade Christmas items you will have made this year!
There is also an optional email list for this event, that participants may want to sign up for.  As, SewCalGal realizes not everyone follows blog posts every day, I will try to send out reminder emails when monthly challenges are released to those that sign up for these email alerts.   There may also be additional Holiday theme clipart and related info shared in these emails that are not shared in my blog.
For blogger participants that are interested in posting a badge, I need to work on the code. But you are welcome to take any images from this post and link to the main page for this event.
Let’s not forget the spirit of this challenge is to make handmade gifts for Christmas or decorations for the holiday season, throughout the year vs waiting till the holiday rush.  We also hope to help increase awareness of designs, free patterns, tutorials and other products that help to make such products. And, your help in inspiring others to make handmade for Christmas is appreciated.  PR Angels are also appreciated.
If you have questions for this Challenge, please read the FAQ.


Winners of the 2013 Free Motion Quilting Challenges

There were over 2,000 quilters participated in the 2012 Free-Motion Quilting (FMQ Challenge where 15 FMQ Experts provided 16 tutorials and sponsors donated amazing prizes.    While SewCalGal did not plan to host more challenges in 2013, enthusiastic participants wanted to continue to learn and have more FMQ Challenges, inspiring SewCalGal to host 6 FMQ Challenges in 2013 that were primarily  based on tutorials released during the 2012 FMQ Challenge.  Sadly, there were relatively a small number of participants in the FMQ Challenges this year!  

SewCalGal continues to encourage quilters to continue take classes, read books, watch DVDs, follow blogs that share insights on FMQ and practice! And, for those that did not complete all of the tutorials released in the 2012 FMQ Challenge, or 2013 FMQ Challenge, the majority of the tutorials are still available for you to use and master.   And, I encourage you to take advantage of them all.  You’ll be amazed how much you can learn in a year of FMQ!

As SewCalGal continues to be passionate about free-motion quilting, insights and periodic challenges will continued to be shared on this blog.  But I will no longer have time to support the Facebook group created for the 2012 FMQ Challenge, nor send out emails to the email list created specifically for this challenge.  So, I do encourage those that are members of the FMQ Challenge Facebook group and/or signed up for the FMQ Challenge email updates, to follow this blog, as well as my Facebook page.   

Thank you to the sponsors for the 2013 FMQ Challenges:

Clever Craft ToolsFabrics N QuiltsFat Quarter ShopMartingaleMarble-T Design, LLC, The Quilt Show

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 FMQ Challenges:

2013 FMQ Challenge #1 – Threadplay with Libby Lehman

Winner:  #5 Tina.  Congratulations to Tina.

2013 FMQ Challenge - 1

2013 FMQ Challenge #2 – AAQI Piece  

Winner #8 Janet O (Rogue Quilter).   Congratulations to Janet.

2013 FMQ Challenge #3 – Feathers, by Joanne of Thread Head 

Raewyn (Love to Stitch).  Congratulations to Raewyn



2013 FMQ Challenge #4 – FMQ Postcard Swap

Winner:  Martha (Quilting to the Edge).  Congratulations to Martha.


2013 FMQ Challenge #5 – It’s All About Borders, with Patsy Thompson

 Winner:  Janet (Jansmusingsagain).  Congratulations to Janet.

2013 FMQ Challenge #6 – 2012 FMQ Challenge 2nd Chance.  

Winner:  Rebecca Grace (Cheeky Cognoscenti).  Congratulations to Rebecca Grace.


Other winners in the 2013 FMQ Challenge include:

After winners for each challenge were randomly selected, those names were randomly awarded prizes.  And, as we had more prizes than challengers all of the names of everyone that entered any of the 2013 FMQ Challenges were added into the drawing for the remaining prizes.   SewCalGal will send an email to the lucky winners where they have 3 days to claim their prize.  If they do not wish to claim their prize, or do not respond within 3 days a different name will be drawn.  Sadly, winners will need to decline a prize if the prize is tagged to be shipped to a country that the winner does not reside in.  But, on a positive side they will be given first priority for winning any unclaimed prizes and I’m a strong believer those that decline a prize, especially for things they are not interested in winning, receive good kharma that helps them win future giveaways and prizes in blogland in general.  Good kharma is also given to those that may have one more than one prize and wish to pass on claiming more than one, so that another person may win one.

Ultimately, I hope everyone agrees the FMQ Challenges were more about learning/improving our FMQ skills than winning prizes.  And, I hope you will congratulate the winners as well as remember to thank the sponsors.
Sponsor(s) Prize(s)
Two $25 Gift Certificates, one each for two winners anywhere in the world.


#1 Janet (Jansmusingsagain)

Raewyn (Love to Stitch)
 photo martingalelogo_zpsbf8704e3.png Four quilting books, one each for four lucky winners.  SewCalGal will be shipping these prizes to winners and they will be open to winners living any place in the world.


#3 Tina

#4.        Patty (A Stitch In Time   
#5 Wendy Garrison 
#6  Tina G. Quilting for Enjoyment.

Marble-T Design, LLC
Hand-Marbled Fine Art Fabrics
Two Fat Quarters of hand-marbled fabrics, one each for two winners.  The sponsor will be shipping these prizes directly to the winners who will need to reside either in the US or Canada.


#7  Martha (Quilting to the Edge)
#8   Rebecca Grace (Cheeky Cognoscenti)

Fabrics N Quilts

Two $25 Gift Certificates, one each for two lucky winners any where in the world.


#9 Tina
#10 Jacqueline Bahi 
Quilt show
The Quilt Show
One lucky winner will receive a one year membership to The Quilt Show.  This prize is open to one lucky winner any where in the world.


#11 Janet O (Rogue Quilter)
 Clever Craft Tools
Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks
Three Lucky winners will receive one pair of Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks.  The sponsor will be shipping these prizes directly to the winners who will need to reside in the US.


#12  KearstieGrenier
 #13  Patty (A Stitch In Time   
 #14  TinaG. 

Again, congratulations to all of the lucky winners. And thank you to the wonderful sponsors of the 2013 Free Motion Quilting Challenges.

Links to 2012 FMQ Challenge Tutorials

January,  Frances Moore
February,  Diane Gaudynski
March,  Ann Fahl (post is visible, but tutorial was removed, as requested by Ann)
April,  Don Linn
May,  Leah Day
June,  Cindy Needham
July, Angela Walters
August, Wendy Sheppard
September, Paula Reid
October, Teri Lucas
November, Sarah Vedeler
December, Patsy Thompson
May Bonus Tutorial #1, Linda Moran
August Bonus Tutorial #2, Susan Brubaker Knapp
October Bonus Tutorial #3, Diane Loomis
December Bonus Tutorial #4, Teri Lucas

Links to additional information participants are encouraged to read:

Again, SewCalGal encourages quilters to continue to learn and improve their free-motion quilting skills.  I’ll continue to share insights on FMQ with followers of my blog, as well as those that “like” SewCalGal on Facebook.

Thanks for reading to the end of this long post.  I do want to let you know I have a couple of Challenges planned for 2013 that are not necessarily targeted for FMQ quilting, but one will certainly allow you to show off your FMQ skills if you enjoy learning/improving your FMQ.  These Challenges will be announced in early 2014 on SewCalGal and I’ll also be sending out an email with info to those that sign up for my General email list.

Glimpses of Quilt Market #4 – Libby Lehman

Today I want to share insights with you on Libby Lehman, as well as announce the winner of the 2013 FMQ Challenge #1 – A Day of Threadplay with Libby Lehman on The Quilt Show.

While at Quilt Market I had an opportunity to tour a special quilt exhibit that shared many of Libby Lehman’s amazing quilts.  And, I also feel fortunate to have a had a chance to have met Libby’s sister Ellen and hear her insights on Libby’s recovery.  But first I want to share with you photos of a some of this quilts in this amazing exhibit:

P1050641 maskedP1050643 maskedP1050645 masked


Everyone of the quilts in this exhibit was inspirational.

P1050649 maskedP1050647 masked

The Threadplay and use of color was amazing.
P1050651 maskedP1050652 maskedP1050661 masked
The feeling of movement was commonly spotted in these quilts.
P1050663 maskedP1050664 masked

While my photography is not great, I was drawn to these quilts and inspired.   And, I hope they inspire you too!
P1050665 masked

Bill Arnold also took excellent photographs of this exhibit and you may want to visit his portfolio.

I did learn from Ellen that Libby is continuing to make great progress.  She is aware of many quilting events, and was honored to have her quilts on exhibit at IQF Quilt Market (and this exhibit was also shared at IQF Festival/Houston this past weekend).

Libby appreciates cards and has been delighted by hearing from students and those inspired by her work.

Libby is receiving physical therapy and great care, but SewCalGal wants to increase awareness that this care has exceeded insurance coverage.

The family maintains a caring bridge where they share updates on Libby and those interested can comment.  They read these comments to Libby and Ellen shared that Libby and the entire family appreciate the support by quilter’s throughout the world.  Of course, I know we all want Libby to get well.

In SewCalGal’s 2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge, challenge #1 was to  Watch Episode #112 – Threadplay and Sheer Ribbon Illusions (Libby Lehman) on The Quilt Show 

thread play with libby lehman 2

and/or purchase Libby’s DVD “A Day of Threadplay with Libby Lehman”and enter a project in this challenge using Libby’s teachniques for beautiful FMQ with threadplay for creating spectacular ribbons on your quilted projects.


The winner for this challenge is #5 Tina.  Congratulations to Tina.

2013 FMQ Challenge - 1

note:  For those wondering what the prizes are for this challenge winner, the sponsors of the 2013 FMQ Challenge donated many wonderful prizes. But, SewCalGal needs to randomly select winners for all six of the 2013 FMQ chalenges before randomly assigning prizes.  You’ll be able to find updates on the main page of this event, and all winners will be notified vie email and recognized in a post on this blog, by the end of November.

If you are not yet a member of The Quilt Show (TQS), SewCalGal highly recommends joining.  While they do have free memberships that are quite fun, there is quite a value of having a paid membership as you get access to more shows, classes, challenges and more.


And, all memberships (free and paid) can now watch Episode 513 – TQS Quilting Legend 2009 (Libby Lehman).  If you haven’t yet watched this episode, I hope you’ll take time to watch it soon.  Just remember you do need an account (free or paid membership) at TQS to be able to watch it.

Lastly, TQS has a great blog too.  Here is a link to a post where they shared insights on this special quilt exhibit that was displayed during Market and Festival, along with their video interview with Libby’s sister Ellen.


Colors of Autumn: Flights of Fancy, by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero (2013)



This spectacular quilt was probably not designed with the thought of Fall in mind, but it is a quilt that inspires me to think about Fall, beautiful sunsets, end of summer, romance and more. Ok, I think it would work anytime of the year and it is so beautiful, I wanted to share it with you today.

What do you think of when you look at this quilt?

The name of this quilt is “Flights of Fancy”.  It was designed and created by the very talented Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero   And, it won a lst place award, in the Miniature Category, at the Road to California Conference and Quilt Show in 2013.  It also won a 3rd place ribbon in Paducah.

When you look at the detail in the image it is difficult to imagine this quilt as a miniature, yet it measures 12.5″x12.5″.  Impressive! Easy to understand why this is an award winning quilt. And, when you take time to realize how easy the tools that Jeanie used to create this brilliant design, you will also be as excited as I am.  There are more award winning quilts to be made using these tools and techniques that Jeanie has created.   And, you could be a creator of such an award winning quilt using these tools too!

Jeanie used Kaleidoscope Kreator Software to create the print in the focal block, which certainly draws our attention.  Yet, when you look at the stitching your eye is drawn in to the beauty and wants more.  Amazing this piece was a way for Jeannie to learn to digitize machine embroidery designs.  Another example of how talented she is.  And, to my delight we can create using her Kaleidoscope Kreator Software and 

Here is a youtube video that Jeanie shared about using the Kaleidoscope Kreator Software, which allows you to take images and create unique designs kaleidoscope designs that you can print on fabric to create your own projects. And, now you can use her Filigrees Embroidery Collection to embellish these printables!   

The ability to combine machine embroidery with your own printable fabric is so brilliant the possibilities are endless.  Think how easy it would be to use any of your photos and threads, to create a unique machine embroidery Kaleidoscope quilt of your own!


Amazing stitching details.

FLIGHTS OF Fancy border closeup

And the scale is impressive.  Perfect for miniatures, yet adaptable to a variety of sizes.

flights of fancy scale

SewCalGal has yet to stitch out these machine embroidery designs, but is certainly looking forward to doing so.  Anyone with an embroidery machine could stitch out these designs, but you may want to take a class with Jeanie.  She is currently scheduled to teach at the 2014 Road to California Quilt Conference (#7008: Kaleidoscope Embroidery: From Photos to Fabulous). While this class quickly sold out, you can ask to be added to the wait list.  You can also talk to your local quilt shop or sewing center to have them  contact Jeanie to schedule a class in your area soon.

For those that want to have fun stitching out this machine embroidery collection on your own, you should be able to find the Filigrees Machine Embroidery Design Collection at your local quilt shop or sewing center, as well as your favorite online sewing retailer.  If not, let them know you’d like them to offer this design collection and they will be able to order wholesale copies from Kaleidoscope Collections.  Or, you can order your own copy directly from Kaleidoscope Collections.

filigrees design collection

For those attending Quilt Market or IQF Houston, be sure to visit the Kaleidoscope Collections booth. You can meet Jeanie and see all of her beautiful designs.  

For more info on Kaleidoscope Kreator, including the new Filigrees Machine Embroidery Collection:


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Thank you to sponsors for the 2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

SewCalGal wants to recognize and thank the sponsors for the 2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge.  This challenge is open to any quilter that wants to learn/improve their Free-Motion Quilting skills.  It does build on the 2012 FMQ Challenge, but you need not have participated in the 2012 Challenge to enter.  To clarify, there are six ways to enter to win prizes in the 2013 Challenge!  For more info visit the page on this blog labeled “Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

Sponsor(s) Prize(s)
Two $25 Gift Certificates, one each for two winners anywhere in the world.
 photo martingalelogo_zpsbf8704e3.png Five quilting books, one each for five lucky winners.  SewCalGal will be shipping these prizes to winners and they will be open to winners living any place in the world.
Marble-T Design, LLC
Hand-Marbled Fine Art Fabrics
Two Fat Quarters of hand-marbled fabrics, one each for two winners.  The sponsor will be shipping these prizes directly to the winners who will need to reside either in the US or Canada.

Fabrics N Quilts

Two $25 Gift Certificates, one each for two lucky winners any where in the world.
Quilt show
The Quilt Show
One lucky winner will receive a one year membership to The Quilt Show.  This prize is open to one lucky winner any where in the world.
 Clever Craft Tools
Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks
Four lucky winners will receive one pair of Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks.  The sponsor will be shipping these prizes directly to the winners who will need to reside in the US.



Libby Lehman

Today, I want to share insights with you about a call out to quilters, around the world, on a couple of ways we can help Libby Lehman.  For those that may not have heard, on April 30th Libby suffered a ruptured aneurysm in her doctor’s ofice as she was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital.  Lester had taken her to the doctor’s office because she had suffered severe headaches for a few days, starting in Paducah Kentucky, at a quilting conference.  The following day she had a 7 hour surgery to clip the aneurysm.  Several days later she suffered a stroke and vascular spasms and required additional surgery.  

Unfortunately medical insurance coverage is reaching the limit and Libby still needs more treatment.  Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, along with the Quilt Show Team have come up with three ways you can help and 100% of the funds raised will go directly to the Libby Lehman Medical Fund.

Method One – Enter To Win Ricky’s/Alex’s Quilt

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims are each donating a quilt as a fundraiser. Two people’s names will be drawn. The first name drawn will have a choice of either quilt. The second name drawn will get the other quilt.

Amish Sawtooth Star

Made entirely by Alex Anderson and published in her book Simply Stars (page 41). It is machine-pieced and hand-quilted with meandering feathers in the body of the quilt and a twisted feather border. It is a classic Alex Anderson quilt and is in excellent condition. (52″x 52″)

 Harmonic Convergence – Revelation
Made entirely by Ricky Tims and made from Ricky’s first commercial fabric line.  It is machine-pieced using Ricky’s Convergence technique and machine-quilted on a domestic machine with both variegated and metallic threads. It is finished using Ricky’s well-known piped-binding method. This contemporary wall quilt measures (48″ x 48″) and is in excellent condition.


To enter to win one of these quilts AND help liby click here.

Method Two – Raise Funds with YOUR Quilts

If you are making a quilt for Libby, please consider finding a way for that quilt to generate money for the Libby Lehman Medical Fund. Raffle or sell it and then send the money and a picture of the quilt directly to the fund at Libby’s sister Cathy’s address below (not through the TQS fundraiser address in Method One above).

Better yet, do you have a quilt in your stash that you are willing to sell on Libby’s behalf? If so, sell it or raffle it and send the money directly to the Medical Fund at the address below along with a picture of the quilt. This will mean so much to both Libby and her family.There is no immediate deadline for doing this.  The Lehman family will need assistance for a long time ahead.

Please make checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks in US Dollars payable to “Libby Lehman Medical Fund” and send them directly to Libby’s sister:

Cathy Arnold
2220 Stanmore

Houston, TX 77019

Method Three- Just GIVE!

A bank account has been set up at JPMorgan Chase Bank. The name of the account is the “Libby Lehman Medical Fund.” Checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks (U.S. dollars only) should be made out to “Libby Lehman Medical Fund” and mailed to her sister, Cathy Arnold, 2220 Stanmore, Houston, TX 77019.  Please include your name and address if it is not on the check. If you wish to use an online secure transfer method from any bank (called Chase Quick Pay), please email Cathy’s husband, Bill Arnold, at, and he will provide you with proper instructions.   

For more information on how you can help Libby thru efforts hosted by the Quilt Show click here.

Sarah Vedeler Designs is also trying to help raise funds to help with Libby’s medical expenses.  


If you purchase any of Sarah’s design collections during the month of June, 2013, she will send 40% of the proceeds to Libby’s Medical Fund. You can make your purchase by clicking here. When you are ready to check out, click on “Enter Payment Information”. Then, on the right hand side under “Choose Payment Method” click on “Add a note to your order”. In the note enter “For Libby“. 

And for those that would like to send cards or quilted cards to Libby, you can send them to:

Libby Lehman
617 Caroline
Houston, TX 77002.

To follow Libby’s progress you can get updates through Caring Bridge at:  ss at  



Fun Friday Giveaway: The Quilt Show

The Quilt Show (TQS) is like a quilting magazine, but with videos and more!  Ok, it is better than a quilting magazine as it has more to offer and you are going to want to view it over and over and over again!

The Quilt Show

Even free memberships at TQS can have fun.  Check out the free videos, plus their blog for great tutorials, inspiration and fun.  And, if you didn’t see their blog post about the new Magic Stitch Eraser, definitely take time to check out this amazing new tool.  SewCalGal highly recommends the Magic Stitch Eraser tool for quilters of all levels!

While every quilter should belong to TQS, there are a lot of reasons to become a Star Member of TQS from getting unlimited access to shows released during your membership that you can watch at your leisure and watch again and again, even if your subscription expires!

10054_sm project bird on a wire

{above} There are pages and pages of FREE Projects, including this cute “Bird on a Branch” wallhanging design, by Linda Jenkins that all Star Members get access to.

thread play with libby lehman 2

And, Star Members are offered access to a variety of “bonus” tutorial videos.  Earlier this year, many participating in SewCalGal’s 2013 Free-Motion Quilting (FMQ) Challenge enjoy watching a free video where Libby Lehman shared insights on Threadplay and we’ve created a FMQ challenge for quilters using Libby’s technique too!


Currently, Star Members have access to view three DVDs by Award winning designer, teacher, author Sharon Shamber  through June 30th.

Designing for the Quilting Process
Sharon walks you thru the process of designing a whole cloth quilt.  Sections in this DVD cover: Tools and deciding on the scale, Creating the Triangle, Center Medallion, Mirroring, Circles, Feathers, Radiating Lines, Marking the Quilt, Gridlines and more.

Domestic Quilting:  Filling  the Spaces
Sharon shows the how to get that quilt quilted as she shares nsights on the best basting technique I’ve seen, Feathers, Square Wreaths, Paisley, Ditch Work, Borders, and various tips!

Domestic Beginning Stippling
Sharon provides a basic stippling class using your domestic sewing machine.  Designs include not just basic stippling, but also a Serpentine, Gridwork, Pebble or Circle, Bubble in a Bubble, Woodgrain and various tips.

Yes, Star Members at TQS can watch three DVD videos by Sharon Schamber for free through June 30th!   Not a member?     At a minimum, create a free account and go watch show #802- Tips and Tricks for Triangles and Stars, with Edyta Sitar.  This episode is currently free to all members (even free membership) at TQS.  Just remember if you don’t yet have a free account with TQS, you need to take a moment to setup a free account to be able to watch this free episode.  But the Star Membership fees are really quite reasonable and you get so much value and fun as a member, I do hope you’ll check it out.  And, for those that might be wondering – No, SewCalGal doesn’t make money if you are a member or not.  It is simply a matter that I think TQS is a great value for quilters!

Quilt show

Did I Mention A Giveaway?
 The Quilt Show is giving away a ONE YEAR membership to one lucky follower of SewCalGal, anywhere in the world!   Simple follow the rules in the rafflecopter form by clicking here to enter this giveaway **giveaway closed***

 One winner will be randomly selected and announced here next Friday.  They will be given a code that they can redeem for a ONE YEAR month membership to The Quilt Show (or add ONE YEAR to their existing membership).

The winner of this giveaway is:

The winner is Jean.

More Opportunities to celebrate this weekend and winners

SewCalGal hopes you were able to find time to enjoy and create on International Quilt Day, as well as celebrate all weekend long.  Yes, there is still quite a bit of fun going on for quilters this weekend:


Martingale has some great ebook on various quilting techniques.  And, they are all free!

Fons & Porter has a Log Cabin ebook that is free!  And, it has a great section that shares insights on Trapunto too!

the quilt show logo

The Quilt Show (TQS) has over 140 of their shows for free viewing this weekend and it starts today and goes thru Sunday, March 17th.  What are you doing?  You could be watching a free TQS episode right now!  Here are some that you may want to check out this weekend:

And TQS is hosting an amazing giveaway where you could win a free Bernina 550QE, or one of 15+ other prizes:

    • AccuQuilt GO! package including a GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and AccuQuilt Dies autographed by Alex and Ricky


  • C&T Publishing package including books, foundation paper, an Eco Tote, and Microfiber Cleaning Cloths



  • A Deluxe Gammill Drafting Chair – perfect for longarm quilting.



  • 5 – $100 Gift Certificates from Superior Threads



  • A one-year membership to AQS and 6 of their popular books



  • RJR fat quarter fabric palette ($450 value)



  • And prize packages from Alex and Ricky


If you are new to TQS, simply start by creating a free membership account at:

Also, Kelly (I Have a Notion) has a giveaway this weekend to celebrate International Quilt Day too.  It is for a beautiful Hoffman Sushi roll

SewCalGal has been promoting “International” Quilting Day for several years and will continue to encourage it over a National Quilting Day.  Clearly, if you are here reading this you realize that our community is not just a nearby quilter, but we truly are connected to quilters from all over the world.

Dana (Stormy Days) shared a fun conversation during our virtual sew-cial where one of her sewing buddies (aka her dog Maya) asked about International Quilting Day and if we get presents.  I hope you’ll visit her post and check it out – very cute.  This definitely got me thinking.  Collectively we all need to continue to increase awareness of International Quilting Day and encourage bosses to give quilters that day off.  And, to encourage all non-quilting friends to give a fat quarter, or some other quilty item, to quilters.  Hmmm.  Do you think we can push so far ?  LOL!

We had  over 50 quilters, from around the world, join the sew-cial yesterday to celebrate International Quilters.  Thank you to Hoffman California Fabrics and Martingale for donating wonderful prizes for this sew-cial.  Time to announce the lucky winners:

Sponsor(s) Prize(s)
One lucky winner will receive a yummy Sushi Bundle of Hoffman Batiks and Hand dyes.  You’ll not find this bundle in stores as it is a special bundle that SewCalGal finds yummy and wants to share.

book review March-001

winner:  Joanna (Needle, Thread, Happiness)

martingale logo
Five lucky winners will receive one of the following book published Martingale.

Super Scrap Quilts

book review March-003

winner:  Cindy (Daisy Days)


Paper Piecing Perfect Points – 13 Fabulous Quilt Patterns,  Debby Kratovil

book review March-005

winner: Karen (Fireball Quilts)

Fast and Fun Baby Quilts

book review March-002

Everyday Handmade – 22 Practical Projects for the Modern Sewist,   Adrienne SmitkeCassie Barden

book review March-006

winner:  Ruth (County Log Cabin)

Holiday Cheer Quilts

book review March-004

winner   Norma  (BosBee Quilting

SewCalGal will send out an email today to notify the winners.  They need to claim their prize by Tuesday, by way of sending SewCalGal their mailing info.  Any  prize not claimed will have another name drawn, to announce a new winner on Wed.

I sure hope you are having a wonderful weekend and find time to enjoy and create.  Don’t forget you can still watch over 140 free videos at The Quilt Show today, plus there are oodles of fun giveaways and contests that you can enter to win prizes too.

And, don’t forget tomorrow starts the IHAN Machine Embroidery Blog Hop, sponsored by Anita Goodesign.  They’ll be oodles of fun, tips, inspiration and great prizes too!

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