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International Quilt Day Celebrations This Weekend

Time to start having fun celebrating International Quilt Day, which officially starts tomorrow.  SewCalGal just wants to make this a weekend of celebrating.

How about some Freebies?

Martingale has some great ebook on various quilting techniques.  And, they are all free!

Fons & Porter has a Log Cabin ebook that is free!  And, it has a great section that shares insights on Trapunto too!

the quilt show logo
The Quilt Show (TQS) has over 140 of their shows for free viewing this weekend and it starts today and goes thru Sunday, March 17th.  What are you doing?  You could be watching a free TQS episode right now!  Here are some that you may want to check out this weekend:

Episode 109 – Piping Hot Curves! (Susan Cleveland)

Episode 111 – The Purrfect Quilt (Ann Fahl)

Episode 112 – Threadplay and Sheer Ribbon Illusions (Libby Lehman)

Episode 202 – Antique Linens and Textile Revival (Cindy Needham)

Episode 205 – Digi BobbE – An Embroiderer’s Dream (Bonnie McCaffery)

Episode 402 – Quilting to Perfection (Sue Nickels)

Episode 407 – Precision… and Pizzazz (Elsie Campbell)

Episode 412 – Machine Ribbon Embroidery (Susan Schrempf)

Episode 509 – Machine Quilting Magic (Joanie Zeier Poole)

Episode 511 – Mini Delights (Terrie Sandelin)

Episode 606 – Showstopping Trapunto (Philippa Naylor)

Episode 609 – Freeform feathers and Happy endings (Bonnie Browning / Judy Woodworth)

Episode 710 – Conquering the Y-seam Tumble (Laura Nownes)

Episode 901 – State-of-the-Art Quilting: Tradition Meets Innovation (Susan Brubaker Knapp)

Episode 904 – The Wonderful World of Embroidered Appliqué (Sarah Vedeler)

Episode 1104 – “The Ten Commandments” of Precision Piecing (Tommy Romano)

Episode 1110 – Come to the “Strip Club”… Rated G! (Daniela Stout)

Episode 1201 – The ABC’s of (Award-Winning) Quilted Feathers (Sue Nickels)

Episode 1203 – Achieve “Stellar” Results with Precision Piecing (Marsha McCloskey)

Ricky’s Rhapsody Quilt class, which consists of two episodes of The Quilt Show, is also included in the free shows.

PLUS, you can watch Ricky’s Grand Finale video that shares insights on free-motion quilting that is spectacular! 

alex and ricky

And TQS is hosting an amazing giveaway where you could win a free Bernina 550QE, or one of 15+ other prizes:

  • AccuQuilt GO! package including a GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and AccuQuilt Dies autographed by Alex and Ricky
  • C&T Publishing package including books, foundation paper, an Eco Tote, and Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • A Deluxe Gammill Drafting Chair – perfect for longarm quilting.
  • 5 – $100 Gift Certificates from Superior Threads
  • A one-year membership to AQS and 6 of their popular books
  • RJR fat quarter fabric palette ($450 value)
  • And prize packages from Alex and Ricky

If you are new to TQS, simply start by creating a free membership account at:

Also, Kelly (I Have a Notion) has a giveaway this weekend to celebrate International Quilt Day too.  It is for a beautiful Hoffman Sushi roll

Don’t forget tomorrow, SewCalGal is hosting a virtual sew-cial where followers can win prizes sponsored by Hoffman California Fabrics and Martingale, just for joining the sew-cial.  They’ll be a special post tomorrow with a linky.  Bloggers can blog about projects they are working on, share tips, tutorials, etc, but their post needs to be dated the 16th of March to “link up”.  Non-Bloggers will be able to add photos to Flickr tomorrow and link up.

Sponsor(s) Prize(s)
One lucky winner will receive a yummy Sushi Bundle of Hoffman Batiks and Hand dyes.  You’ll not find this bundle in stores as it is a special bundle that SewCalGal finds yummy and wants to share.

book review March-001

martingale logo
Five lucky winners will receive one of the following book published Martingale.

Super Scrap Quilts

book review March-003


Paper Piecing Perfect Points – 13 Fabulous Quilt Patterns,  Debby Kratovil

book review March-005


Fast and Fun Baby Quilts

book review March-002

Everyday Handmade – 22 Practical Projects for the Modern Sewist,   Adrienne SmitkeCassie Barden

book review March-006

Holiday Cheer Quilts

book review March-004


And, don’t forget For those that use Twitter, all weekend long we can chat using the hashtag  #WWQuiltDay

I sure hope you have a wonderful weekend and find time to enjoy and create.  Especially so, on International Quilt Day!


2013 FMQ Challenge #1 – A Day of Threadplay with Libby Lehman on The Quilt Show

This is the first of 4-6 free-motion quilting challenges that SewCalGal will host in 2013. This one is so opportunistic, I want to release it today, yet this post will most likely be updated throughout the year, so check back.


The Quilt Show (TQS) is a wonderful online program that you can enjoy by way of a free account, yet paid subscribers (aka Star Members) get more benefits, such as viewing all shows forever which are released during their subscription period.

Currently, there is an amazing episode that is available for all members for free and  this challenge is going to be based on learnings from this show:

Libby Lehman is well known for her amazing quilts, which often incorporate stunning threadplay.  She has a signature technique called “Sheer Ribbon Illusions” which is spectacular.  She shared her insights through a video tutorial on The Quilt Show, in episode #112 – Threadplay and Sheer Ribbon Illusions.

thread play with libby lehman 1

If you do not yet have a free subscription (or better yet, Star subscription), SewCalGal highly recommends you sign up ASAP.  I’m not sure how long Episode #112 will be available to watch for free through February 28th.

Libby’s also has a  DVD “A Day of Threadplay with Libby Lehman” which can be purchased at Ricky Tims’ site.


Challenge Overview:

Watch Episode #112 – Threadplay and Sheer Ribbon Illusions (Libby Lehman) on The Quilt Show

thread play with libby lehman 2

Apply Libby’s techniques for Sheer Ribbon Illusions on any size project that you want to create.  This is a great challenge to try various brands of threads, as well as types of threads.  This TQS video episode also interviews Mother Superior who shares insights on various threads.  SewCalGal hopes you take advantage of this challenge and try different types of threads, and share insights in your entry on your perspective of using different threads for this challenge.

Do keep in mind that this challenge is all about learning/improving your FMQ skills, as well as getting to know more FMQ Experts, products, and sources of learning.  The intent of this challenge is that you enter by way of showing evidence of current efforts to apply this tutorial to your project or sample (not something you created ages ago).  Take time to master this technique, not just a fast stitch out that reflects you wanted to enter to win a prize. There is plenty of time between now and the deadline for you to you to practice and master insights shared, that can help you and your future projects. . To clarify, DO NOT just add a link to your blog, but to your post that shows that you have completed this tutorial. You get one link, so keep practicing until you feel you are finished with this tutorial.   This linky will be open thru October 31st, 2013….so you have plenty of time to practice, but not much time to watch this video for free (e.g. it is only available for free viewing thru May 28th).

Rules to enter this challenge:

For bloggers:

Please post your entry on your blog. To clarify, you can include as many photos of this tutorial exercise in your post, but you can only add one link to the linky tool below. You may also want to include insights in your post about your past FMQ experience and thoughts about this tutorial. Totally, optional, but you may also want to let everyone know that you have taken the Pledge and you did this exercise to enter the the challenge this month, where randomly selected winners will win a prize. You may inspire others to want to join this challenge too!
Bloggers should not add a link to their blog, but a direct link to their blog post that shares evidence that they applied Libbys threadplay techniques to a project or practice sandwich.


For non-Bloggers:

1) You will need to have a Flickr account (
2) Upload your photos for this month’s challenge to Flickr, batch organize, send your photos to groups, select “FMQ Challenge“. While Flickr, limits the amount of text you can share in your description, feel free to share your perspective on this exercise and/or your past FMQ experience, if you wish.
3) After your photos have successfully been loaded to the “FMQ Challenge” group, click on your best photo in that group, ideally one that shows you created a project or sharing your practice sandwich that reflects insights that Libby shared in this video tutorial published on The quilt Show.  Be sure to Copy the URL link to your specific photo entry. Add that link to the linky tool above, to officially enter this show.

SewCalGal will be hosting a number of FMQ Challenges in 2013.  The focus should be on learning/improving your skills, but there will also prizes. I’m still trying to wrap up the 2012 FMQ challenge and didn’t want to announce any of the 2013 challenges, until  I was completely wrapped up several pending items…but as so many of you asked for opportunities to learn about threadplay, this opportunity to learn by Libby Lehman and have fun with The Quilt Show, just couldn’t wait.  So, I hope you’ll watch this free episode (or sign up and buy this previously released episode to watch anytime, at your liesure. …and enter what you create with Libby’s Threadplay tutorial in this challenge.

Have fun.
Winners for the 2013 FMQ Challenges will be randomly selected and once all six challenge winners have been selected, prizes will be awarded.

The winner of this challenge is:

#5 – Tina


2013 FMQ Challenge - 1

Free Episodes On The Quilt Show

The Quilt Show has some free shows that are available to everyone this weekend, as well as a special show to those with a Star Membership (paid membership).  This is a great opportunity that I hope you’ll take advantage of and find some time to watch these shows while they are available for free.  If you don’t yet have an account on The Quilt Show, do take time to create a free membership account at 

Show #402 Sue Nickels – Quilting to Perfections

Sue shares insights on precise and enhanced stitchery.  This episode is free to everyone through New Year’s Day.

Episode 707 – Stellar Star Circles with Judy Mathieson  shares some of the techniques that she is famous for, including her precision paper-piecing method—no paper to remove!—and how she builds her characteristic star circles, segment by segment.  This episode is free to everyone thru December 31st.

Episode 701: Animal Magnetism with Nancy Brown  award-winning, hand-appliquéd animal portraits, explains how childhood outings to the zoo inspired her choice of subject matter, and reveals a surprising secret about her wedding dress. She also shares the thought process that goes into each design, the various techniques she employs to translate the design to fabric, and some of her favorite hand-appliqué tips.  This episode is free to everyone thru December 31st.

Episode 906 Katie Pasquini Masopust 
Katie  shows how to work with the results to create an original quilt design. In addition, Ricky demonstrates the “Flip and Sew” technique on a variation of the Drunkard’s Path/Fan block.  This episode is free to everyone thru December 31st.

And Star Members (paid subscribers) should not overlook free shows for them include:
Episode 313 – TQS Quilting Legend 2008 (Jinny Beyer)
Episode 513 – TQS Quilting Legend 2009 (Libby Lehman)
Episode 713 – TQS Quilting Legend 2010 (Yvonne Porcella)
and, Star Members get to watch “A Day of Threadplay” with Libby Lehman free thru December 31st.

As a Star Member, I’m also looking forward to Episode #1201 – The ABC’s of (Award-Winning) Quilted Feathers (Sue Nickels) being released on January lst.  That will be a great way for me to kick off working on my quilty goals for the New Year.

And, episode #1203 – Achive “Stellar” Results with Precision Piecing (Marsha McCloskey) will be released January 28th 2013 for Star Members too!

Can you guess what my quilting goals are for 2013?


Fun Friday Giveaway – The Quilt Show

Quilt show

Welcome to another Fun Friday.  

Today I want to share with you some of the reasons I enjoy my subscription to The Quilt Show.  I also want to share that they were kind enough for me to share photos with you in this post today.

Here are a few insights on The Quilt Show (TQS):

The Quilt Show is a virtual based magazine plus more.  They share insights on a blog, that is available to everyone (even if you don’t subscribe to TQS).  Like a magazine, they have a video show that shares insights on various quilters, tips and more. They also have online courses, free patterns and more.  And, like a magazine, when you subscribe you’ll always be able to access shows that were released during your subscription. You can watch them at your liesure when ever you want and as many times as you want.

Here are a few more things about TQS that you may not be aware of:

Sarah Vedeler is the quilt design and machine embroidery designs for her beautiful Sedona Star quilt, through a current block of the month program available for free to the Quilt Show members

I’m definitely looking forward to an upcoming video episode, to be released  November 5th “Episode 1110 – Come to the “Strip Club”… Rated G! (Daniela Stout)”

There are so many wonderful episodes on the Quilt Show that it is impossible to pick my favorites, but I’d definitely encourage everyone to watch:

Episode 901 – State-of-the-Art Quilting: Tradition Meets Innovation (Susan Brubaker Knapp)

Episode 611 – Applique the Piece O’ Cake Way (Becky Goldsmith)

The TQS Blog is free to everyone and shares great tips and inspiration.  One of my recent favorites was a spectacular Star of Valor quilt made by Sherry Reynolds.

Isn’t this QOV quilt spectacular?  I love it and love it even more knowing it is a QOV quilt.  Truly an inspirational quilt and another great example of why I love The Quilt Show.

Did I Mention A Giveaway?
When I renewed my subscription to The Quilt Show I was given a six month gift certificate to give to a friend.  I decided the best way to give it away is by using it as a prize on a Fun Friday Giveaway.

To enter to winpublic followers simply need to leave a comment on this post.  You can still follow via RSS/Email feeds, but also be a public follower through your Google profile. If you are not sure what a public follower is, or if your settings are correct, please click here to read a prior post on public followers.

And, if you don’t want to be a public follower they’ll be plenty of other giveaways and contests where you can win prizes and need not be a public follower.  This particular giveaway is just meant to thank those that care enough to be a public follower!

This giveaway is open to public followers that live any place in the world.  One winner will be randomly selected and announced next Friday.  They will be given a code that they can redeem for a free six month membership to The Quilt Show (or add six months to their existing membership).

I’m also delighted to announce the winners of the Fun Friday Giveaway, from last week, sponsored by Island Batik and Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio.    Congratulations to:

An email will be sent to the winners today.  They need to send an email confirmation they want to claim their prize within 3 days, or another winner will be randomly selected.  

Fun Fridays – The Quilt Show

SewCalGal is a big fan of the Quilt Show.  While I enjoy subscriptions to various quilt magazines, I really enjoy the content on the Quilt Show, as well as the ease of being able to click and re-visit any episode that I’ve subscribed to anytime.  Much easier than filing stacks of magazines.

To my delight, I have been able to meet Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. They are both as heartwarming in person as they are on their show!

The Quilt Show  has amazing tutorials, inspiration, challenges and more.

Free membership offers:
free shows
–  insights posted on The Quilt Show’ blog
– a fun forum to network with other quilters
classes including free free-motion quilting videos with Patsy Thompson
and, much, much more – all for free.
Star membership offers:
shows that are created twice a month
BOM , including the current 2012 BOM designed by Sarah Vedeler
Sedona Star
Projects including this cute Bird on a Branch, by Linda Jenkins

I hope you get a chance to check out this The Quilt Show, if you haven’t already.  I think you’ll enjoy it, as I certainly do. 

Did I mention a giveaway? Thanks to the Quilt Show, as some how I managed to walk away from a quilting event with 5 certificates for 30 days free “Star Membership” to the Quilt Show.  While free members can have fun, Star Membership offers you access to all the fun, all the classes, all the videos that the Quilt Show offers and more.

Want to win a certificate for a 30 day free Star Membership to The Quilt Show? Followers of SewCalGal can simply leave a comment on this post to enter. Five lucky winners will randomly be selected and announced next Friday.

I’m also happy to announce the winner of the Fun Friday Giveaway last week, for a copy of the quilting book “Simple Style – Easy Weekend Quilts“, by Sarah Dieperslooot, published by Martingale & Company, is Josie (Insanity Defense).  I’ll send the winner an email to request their mailing info and confirm they want to claim this prize. If I do not hear back within 3 days I will randomly draw another name.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping

Last year, about this time, I compiled a list of products that I thought would make great Christmas gifts.  This year, I decided to do some research on Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping for quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts, as well as share insights on some products that I think would make great Christmas gifts.

I believe most everyone is aware that Black Friday (sometimes Green Friday) is a term used to refer to the point in the year where merchants typically feel they are now profitable and Cyber Monday is a day where online sales tend to be at their highest point of the year, at least in the US.  No matter what the definition is, this window tends to be the busiess shopping days of the year.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any Market Research to determine how this all applies to businesses focused on quilting, sewing or embroidery.  So, I set out to do some research on my own and much of this post shares insights with you about some Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales that you might be interested in.

Warning:  This is a long list, but I do think it is worthy of checking.  And, I’ve also included a list of my recommendations for Christmas gifts to quilting friends (or yourself).

Martingale & Company is going to be offering an amazing Black Friday deal to their email subscribers. So if you’re not signed up yet, go to their website and sign up now so you don’t miss out!”   You also get a coupon for 30% off your next purchase, when you sign up for their newsletter.

Quilted in Clay is having a 20% off sale for any order over $40.  Sale good only for the four days after Thanksgiving!

Cozy Quilt Shop  Has  a variety of specials throughout Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  One current special is for a free Mary Ellen’s Best Press Gift Set with any $100 purchase, or buy for $10 with a $50 purchase, while supply lasts.
Black Friday:
1. Quilt Sale! They will be selling many sample quilts that they can’t use anymore. Give them a quilt for Christmas. Only you will know you didn’t make it!
2. Morning sale. From 9:30am-noon we will offer our now-famous coupon draw. Top savings include 20% off of your fabric, 40% off all your fabric off the bolt, 30% off your entire purchase (excluding machines), or the coveted 20% off your fabric for an entire year!
3. Noon Sale. From noon -3pm, we will have all Fall Fabric 60% off (1 yard minimum.)
4. Afternoon Sale: 3pm-5:30pm. 35% off Christmas fabric sale (half yard minimum.)
5. They also have a Friday Night Fever Sit and Sew with a special focus on making stockings for soldiers. We’ll have an early start at 3pm… $20. Includes dinner and people can sew until 10pm!

All Weekend (including Friday!)
1. Double Santa Points
2. Every $10 you spend gets you a ticket to win your own Christmas present*. Prizes include
a. A stained glass Christmas applique wall-hanging.
b. A very fun polka dot sewing machine carrier.
c. A $30 gift certificate.
*Need not be present to win. Winners will be drawn and notified on Monday, Nov 29
3. Bernina offers:  · Bernina Buy Back… let us buy back your older Bernina and get great savings on a new Bernina.   25% off any single BERNINA item of your choice (up to $499).   Cozy Gift Pack with any $500 software or sewing machine. Gift pack includes
a. automatic top tier Santa Points savings which is 30% off everything you can stuff in a giant red shopper bag.
b. 20% off your fabric off the bolt for an entire year.
c. Thread and fat quarter starter pack (the higher the machine the better the pack).
note:  they have had some sever issues this week, so do check back to get to their site if you have problems today.

Quilters Paradise
Will have a 25% off sale on Friday, Saturday & Sunday after Thanksgiving, for all non-sale items (fabric, notions, books, patterns, kits, etc.).   Unfortunately, for those not living in So. Cal. this sale is only good for items in their store (and currently in stock).  Sale does not apply online.  They are located at:  1451 Monteil Road, Ste 140, Escondido, CA  92026  (760) 738-9877.

Rosies Calico Cupboard
Black Friday sale:  25% off Christmas Fabric, embroidery software, fleece, all shirts and more.  $1 fat Quarters. Be sure to visit their famous Holiday boutique.  7151 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA  92115

Fons & Porter is having a Black Friday sale with many kits and other items at a great sales price.

I Have a Notion has an special opportunity.  With every purchase on Friday, Saturday & Sunday after Thanksgiving, your name will be placed into a hat for a drawing of a special surprise gift.  This mystery prize will have a $50 value.  And, SewCalGal knows Kelly always has great giveaways, excellent customer service, wonderful notions, and amazing prices.  All perfect stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts too…but see my list below of recommended Christmas gifts for more insight.

 Fabricworm is running a special on Cyber Monday.  They will be giving away this cute Moda Home Apron, called “birds the word apron”, to the first 20 customers to spend over $100 on Monday 11/29 beginning at 6am PST.

JoAnn’s has a great after Thanksgiving sale for many products in their store and online.  AccuQuilt GO! for $199.  And, they will have all die cutting machines and accessories will be 40% off. I’m hoping this means the AccuQuilt dies will also be 40% off.  {I sent them a message, but have not received a reply} Gingher 2-pc scissor gift set for $29.99 (reg $59.99).  Slice Cordless Design Cutter $49.99 (reg $149.99), entire stock of lighting 50% off, and Olfa rotary cutters and blades are $6.99 each (reg $15.99 and $19.99 ea).

Patrick Lose Studios is having a special sale on Cyber Monday.  It is a surprise, but I hope you’ll go visit his online store to see what it is.

AccuQuilt is having a Black Friday Sale that ends on Cyber Monday, November 29th.  Also, be sure to check out their daily deals with something unique every day of the year.

Zundt Designs (Machine Embroidery) has a Black Friday sale, thru Sunday,  November 28th. you get a 20% discount  on all items excluding Adorations and gift certificates.  During the checkout process, enter the code ‘Thanksgiving 2010’ (no quotes).  into the ‘Coupon & Gift Codes’ area. Then click on ‘Redeem Coupon’ button and when checkout is completed you’ll receive the Thanksgiving discount.This discount includes all items except Adorations volumes 1 thru 6 and gift certificates.

Flamingo Island Designs has 25% off the entire store, including sale items.  Sale prices are good thru Sunday, November 28th.  Enter this code at check out:  25 from Floozie

Prairie Home Quilts has 10% off in their store from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday. has 75% off EVERYTHING on Black Friday (11/26).  Enter code MyEmbNov2010 at checkout.

Fabrics N Quilts has a big sale going on with door busters from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday.

Fat Quarter Shop has a Black Friday sale for 20% off your purchase.  Code = BlackFriday needs to be entered at checkout.  Good thru Cyber Monday (11/29).

Quilt in a Dayhas a great special on gift certificates.   Gift Certificate Promo valid until Dec. 25th, 2010. Valid for all United States and International customers.  They also have a Fall sale thru November 30th:  Quilt in a Day boks are 30-70% off, all patterns 25% off, notions 25% off, sale fabrics 25% off, rulers 30% off, jelly rolls layer cakes and honey buns 25% off, DVDs 30% off and more.  50% off international shipments of $100 or more (includes Hawaii and Alaska** has free shipping the week of Thanksgiving!

InchWorm Fabrics has 15% off their already low prices thru the end of November. has free shipping from now from now through Sunday, November 28, 2010  This is a great source for blanks, as well as machine embroidery designs, for those that do machine embroidery.

Electric Quilt has 50% off their EQ6 companion books and selected software, which also work great for EQ7!

Fat Quarter Shop has some great sales going on.  They also have an extra special deal going on till Friday on their Facebook page.

Texas Quiltworks has 40% Off Online Coupon: re101117  Minimum fabric cut 1 yard.  Big saving on BERNINA in-stock accessories: Feet for older machines: 40% Off.  Feet for newer machines: 25% Off.  Remodel Sale ends November 27th

Pixies Rule  (KittyKitty Designs) has an amazing sale on ALL their machine embroidery designs $1, including their brand new design set for Christmas Cards..  Plus, they are having an amazing giveaway in November where some lucky winner will enjoy an EZ Lock serger.  SewCalGal definitely encourages machine embroiderers to visit Pixies Rule and to sign up for this amazing giveaway at KittyKitty Designs.

Pat Sloan has 20% off, or more, at her online store clearance page.  Sale prices good thru November 30th.

For those living in Southern California, Jenny’s Fabrics and M&L Fabrics has 20% off EVERYTHING, which their fabrics are already at amazing low prices.  Sale good November 26th thru December 9th.


Rose of Sharon Note Cards by Martingale & Company are only $12 for 12 cards.  An amazing value and amazing beauty.

A beautiful handcrafted wooden box with a quilt motif, from would certainly make a spectacular gift and an heirloom treasure.

A subscription to The Quilt Show would certainly entertain, inspire and teach any quilter in 2011, making it a great gift.

Electric Quilt has a variety of software packages and books that I think any/all would make for great Christmas gifts.  I don’t feel you can go wrong with a gift of anything EQ related. And, EQ has some wonderful bundles for Christmas.

Amy Butler Software is also 25% off with code HOLIDAY10.

ME Designs would also make great Christmas gifts.Sarah Vedeler’s machine embroidery designs for the AccuQuilt GO! would certainly make a wonderful Christmas gift.  GO! BeDazzled designs stitch out beautifully.  SewCalGal has the new GO! Embroidery Applique Nature Collection, GO! Embroidery Shapes Collection, GO! Embroidery Baby Collection, and the GO! Embroidery Festive Collection on my wish list.

And remember homemade gifts, gifts from the heart, are always loved.

If you have any additional insights on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, or other recommendations for Christmas gifts, I’d love to hear your feedback.

The Quilt Show

Do you subscribe to The Quilt Show? If not, why not?  I really wonder why it took me so long to subscribe to The Quilt Show.  But I’m now hooked and really enjoy being able to watch this delightful show at my liesure. And, I’m very impressed with the inspirational designers that Alex and Ricky have on their show!

On average, it seems that The Quilt Show releases ~12-13 new shows each year, each ~45 minutes long.  I love how you can stop/start these shows and watch them again and again.  I also love that there are no commercials and that while they have a primary guest, they also have multiple guests on each episode.

With your subscription, like a magazine, you get to view all episodes of The Quilt Show released during your subscription.  Sadly, past episodes are not viewable to new subscribers, but can be purchased for a nominal fee. There are many wonderful episodes, but some that caught my eye are:

{above} David Taylor (#406)

{above} Melinda Bula (#501)

{above} Jan Krentz (#506)

In addition to being able to view current and past episodes, members have access to various Projects:  There are many delightful projects, many are free like this beautiful stenciled table runner by EstherAliu.

Members are also inspired via Contests, and  Challenges.  A fun current contest is “Feeling Groovie: The Big Love Quilt Contest”, which subscribers still have time to enter.  But I also love that subscribers can view all the entries of current and past contests & challenges.  For example, the Table Runner Contest has recently closed but all of the inspirational entries are viewable:

There is also a delightful Quilt Gallery where various quilts can be viewed by members.

And, there are Classrooms that subscribers can participate in, with a variety of teachers:
Jan Krentz, Jenny Beyer, Patsy Thompson, Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, etc.

Clearly, there are many benefits of subscribing to The Quilt Show than I can list.  And, The Quilt Show also has many freebies for non-subscribers.  So, if you have not yet subscribed, I recommend you check out The Quilt Show soon and consider subscribing.  I do think you will enjoy The Quilt Show, as I have.

And, if you are on Facebook, you may also want to become a Fan of The Quilt Show.

  Full Disclosure - Affiliates with QuiltShopGal