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Bee Creative – A #StitchAlong, #FMQAlong, #DoodleAlong Linky Party – Charity Fundraiser with amazing prizes

As I’m Celebrating International Craft Month, all month long, I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to host a Bee Creative Charity Fundraiser this month which includes a Linky Party for everyone to participate in, as well as multiple creative options for creative souls and non-creative people, to help raise funds to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

bee creative kick off badgeThroughout March, I’m hosting a #StitchAlong, #FMQAlong, #DoodleAlong Linky Party where I hope to encourage everyone to Bee Creative and share.  It doesn’t cost anything to share and you don’t even have to finish a project.  But what you share needs to have a Mandala theme to it.  To clarify, you can draw or doodle on paper or fabric, paint, quilt, free-motion quilt, mixed media, etc. (possibilities are endless). And bloggers and non-bloggers are invited to join this linky party to share what ever they create, so long as has a Mandala theme to what you create.

bee creative party

If you are not familiar with Linky Parties and how to use this tool, or you are a non-blogger, please read prior FAQ posts before you try to add a link. If you still have questions, email me and I’ll try to answer your question and walk you thru what you need to do.  But think of this as a virtual #CreativeGoodness Linky Party that is opened all of March.  Of course, I encourage everyone to click thru to visit the bloggers and non-bloggers that share their various Mandala projects, as I’m sure you’ll find inspiration in their sharing.


bee creative charity fundraiser

I’m asking for your help to raise funds to benefit Cystic Fibrosis.  While anyone can join the Bee Creative Linky Party this month, I want to inspire you to be creative using a purchased Mandala design collection,, or simply donate to help raise funds.  To clarify, you need not create anything in March to donate, which will automatically enter you to win prizes.  But if you do make a donation, by way of purchasing any of the Mandala design collections showcased in this event, I also hope you’ll share what you create with these designs via our Bee Creative Linky Party.

Sponsors for this Charity Fundraiser include:  AurifilMartingale, Dragon Threads, ASF Lighting Solutions/Beam N Read, Fat Quarter Shop, Schiffer Publishing,  The Wooden Bear and Sweet Peas and Angels.

How are funds being raised?

As a charity fundraiser, this virtual event will have a variety of options to enter. Entries to win prizes are based on donations of $10 AU (about $7 US) for each virtual raffle ticket entry.  Maureen Russell of Beautiful Embroidery Designs will provide QuiltShopGal with a list of all donations (includes cash donations, as well as qualified purchases) in March, that get you virtual raffle tickets.

charity raffle tickets for CF

Three key opportunities to help raise funds for CF, through this event, as well as get entered to win prizes.  Each $10AU (~$7US) gets you an entry to win prizes.  Here is how you can donate and enter to win::

  1. Mandala templates, created by Maureen Russell, of Beautiful Embroidery Designs, can be purchased, by way of a donation to CF.  These downloadable PDF templates come in two sizes (small ~4″ and large ~8″), but you can resize them.  You may want to use these templates to print on card stock, or regular paper, to doodle, color, paint, or maybe you want to print on fabric and embellish for a quilting or sewing project.  I think these templates would also make great designs for free-motion quilting.  No matter how you look at it, the possibilities are endless. And, this PDF design collection is only $10 AU (~$7 US), with 100% of your purchase going to benefit the CF Foundation.  I’m looking at using these designs to create a paper banner with cheerful colored Mandalas this month.  Again, you can purchase these templates from Maureen @ Beautiful  Embroidery Designs in March and each $10 AU donation (~$7 US) you get an entry to win prizes.

justin's mandala templates artwork

2.  A Mandala Embroidery Design Collection (Justin’s Magic Mandalas), created by Maureen Russell, of Beautiful  Embroidery Designs, can be purchased via a downloadable option.  The 18 designs in this collection stitch out ~6″ circles and look stunning.  Again, for machine embroidery enthusiasts the possibilities are endless what you can create with them.  I’m looking at creating a wallhanging/table runner design this month.


The downloadable design collection is AU$50 (~$35 US).  A Multi-format CD is $10 additional, WW postage included!  But don’t forget 100% of the purchase price goes to help CF Research.  And, when you purchase in March you automatically get five virtual raffle tickets to win prizes!

3.  Cash donations to help the CF foundation are also appreciated.   Again, you need not create anything to donate, help the CF Foundation, and get a virtual raffle ticket to win prizes.  Those interested, can submit such donations via PayPal thru Beautiful Embroidery Designs using the PayPal email address of:

Don’t forget all proceeds will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Wikipedia shows a definition of Cystic fibrosis (CF) as:

a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine.

There is no cure for cystic fibrosis. Lung infections are treated with antibiotics which may be given intravenously, inhaled, or by mouth.

Fortunately, the management of cystic fibrosis has greatly improved over the past 70 years, but much more research is needed for further improvements and to ultimately find a cure. While infants born with cystic fibrosis 70 years ago would have been unlikely to live beyond their first year, infants today are likely to live well into adulthood. Recent advances in the treatment of cystic fibrosis have meant that an individual with cystic fibrosis can live a fuller life less encumbered by their condition.



While you can donate and support Maureen’s fundraising project to benefit the CF Foundation and not create anything, I’m hosting a #StitchAlong, #DoodleAlong, and #FMQAlong this month.  And I’m hoping you’ll join me and share what you create, using Maureen’s Mandala designs (Machine Embroidery or PDF templates designed fr doodling, free-motion quilting, etc).  Each week, I hope to share with you what I’ve been creating with these designs, as well as showcase examples of what others have created.

Today, I’d like to show two inspirational quilt projects made with Maureen of Beautiful Embroidery Designs, using her Justin’s Magic Mandala Design Collection.

Quilt (002)

{above}  This quilt was made by Pam Evans who made this quilt for the CF Foundation to raise funds for research.


{above}  This quilt was also made by Pam Evans to help raise funds to benefit the CF Foundation.

I hope you’ll help us raise funds to benefit the CF Foundation and maybe join along in my #StitchAlong, #DoodleAlong, or #FMQ Along this month. charity fundraiser #StitchAlong Justin's Magic Mandalas


Thanks to our sponsors, we have amazing prizes that will be used for our fundraiser to benefit CF.  Again, for every $10 AU (~$7 US) that you donate via cash, or purchase of the Mandala PDF templates or Mandala Machine Embroidery designs, by Maureen Russell of Beautiful Embroidery Designs, you automatically get entered to win prizes.

Sponsor Prize Winners

Fat Quarter Shop
Little Ruby Small Aurifil Thread Box Bonnie & Camille: includes 10 spools (220 yards each of Aurifil 50 wt Cotton Thread).

fat quarter shop prize

The Fat Quarter Shop will ship this prize directly to one lucky winner, anywhere in the world.

Prize #1

winner – tbd

Schiffer Publishing Nature’s Mandalas


Painterly Days


Dragon Threads Color My Garden: An Adult Coloring Book,  by Jane SassamanPrint

Small Summer Birds Scarf, designed by Julie Paschlis

signed summer bird scarf

This sponsor will ship these prizes to the respective lucky winners in the US/Canada

 Prize #2

winner – tbd


Prize #3

winner – tbd



fons and porter logoheader-logo.fw_


A bundle of Fons & Porter’s notions and book, with a estimated value of $75.This sponsor will ship the prize bundle to one lucky winner in US/Canada.



 Prize #4

winner – tbd



ASF Lightware Solutions / Beam N Read Beam N Read personal lights are great tools for crafters.  One lucky winner will receive a BNR LED 6-3F6 LED beam n read  Prize #5



The Wooden Bearfooter_logo_20150615091630 Five lucky winners will receive an A la Carte Pattern of their choice.standupquiltingstitches_20150627194446

Five lucky winners will get to select a pattenlet of their choice.patternlet

US winners can select if they prefer a printed or electronic pattern.  International winners will receive electronic patterns.

 Prize #6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (Patterns a la Carte)Prize #11, 12, 13, 14, 15






One lucky winner will receive a Mary Fons –  Wonder thread with 12 large spools collection.

Aurifil will kindly ship this prize WW


 Prize #16

winner – tbd



Martingale Striking Strip Quilts, by Kate Henderson

terrific T-Shirt Quilts

Learn to Paper Piece

I Love Log Cabins

Sew, Slice, Spin and Sash

These books will be shipped by QuiltShopGal.  As I do not have any funds available to ship internationally, nor Postage Angels supporters at this time, these prizes will be limited to US Only winners.

 Prize #17

winner – tbd

Prize #18

winner – tbd

Prize #19

winner – tbd

Prize #20

winner – tbd

Prize #21

winner – tbd



Sweet Peas and Angels

sweet peas banner300x300 (300 x 300)

$50 Gift  Certificate

Open for WW winners

 Prize #22

winner – tbd






Don’t forget to share and check back every weekend in March.  Our Bee Creative Linky Party is open throughout March for sharing anything you create in March with a Mandala theme.  Not a requirement to win prizes, but definitely a great way to share and inspire #CreativeGoodness.  And, I’m shooting to share my #StitchAlong, #DoodleAlong, #FMQAlong for Maureen’s beautiful Mandala designs every Saturday this month.  Of course, I’d love to have you join me.


PR Angels are also appreciated to help spread the word about this event. Of course, that also means you can invite all your family and friends to donate, even if they don’t personally want to win a prize they can make a donation in your name, to help you win prizes and help raise much needed funds for CF.

Creative Goodness landscape copy

You can find Beautiful Embroidery Designs at:

bee creative every day

Let’s Celebrate International Craft Month – by sharing tips, tutorials, inspirational projects with a fun Blog Hop and Giveaways

One of my favorite months of the year is March, as it is International Craft Month.   For me, this is a great time to be creative, as well as learn new crafty skills. It is also a great time to encourage others to be creative.bee creative kick off badge

I’m thrilled to be Celebrating International Crafting Month, with many blogging friends who volunteered to share tips, tutorials, inspirational projects and simply help encourage everyone to be crafty.

I want to recognize and thank Timeless TreasuresAurifil, Fat Quarter Shop, Martingale, Dragon Threads, ASF Lighting/Beam N Read and The Wooden Bear for sponsoring this event.  They have generously donated many amazing prizes.


We have 20 prizes to giveaway and everyone can enter by simply visiting one or all of the blogs.  


While I’ll confess the project I worked on and wanted to share with you today, has photos captive on my camera that didn’t have an SD Card inserted when I took the photos. So, that project will have to wait to another day to be shared.  Still, I have a fun crafty product to share with you that I think is also extremely versatile and economical.


Inktense watercolor pencils are vibrant colored pencils that are fun to doodle, sketch and create with. You can lightly touch with a water brush, after you have sketched, to create a result of watercoloring.  These pens work great on paper, as well as fabric (just heatset).  Colors are amazing.


It is also fun to use stencils with your Inktense watercolor pencils.  For those that enjoy free-motion quilting, or wanting to learn, consider using a FMQ stencil, coloring in areas with Inktense pencils, setting them with a little water on a brush, heat set, then sandwich and free-motion quilt for an amazing look.

Don’t overlook how much fun it would be to use Inktense watercolor pencils with the Mandala designs, on fabric or paper.  Definitely check back this coming Saturday, when the Charity Fundraiser to benefit Cystic Fibrosis kicks off.  And, hopefully you’ll want to enter to win prizes in our virtual fundraiser, #StitchAlong, #DoodleAlong, #FMQAlong.   Of course, I’m hoping to see some cheerfully colored Mandalas, on fabric or paper, that could be colored with these pencils, or any marker (depending on what media you transfer the 12 Mandala designs to).  So many ways to be creative and have fun!

update:  Many are asking where they can find the Inktense water color pencils?  They are often available in various craft and art supply stores.  And, as an Affiliate thru Amazon, I also want to share that you can find a variety of Inktense water color pencil collections on Amazon.


I’m honored to have a variety of blogging friends that volunteered to help kick off the Celebration of International Craft Month today.  They will each be sharing a variety of tips, tutorials and inspirational projects on their blogs today. To clarify, this is not a traditional blog hop as they are all sharing insights on March lst.  And, you can claim an extra entry to win prizes by visiting one, or all, of these blogs.  Here is the list of blogs that are helping with this celebration:


note:  If you have problems viewing this table, please try a different internet browser such as Chrome.  Or see if you can use your – / + keys to reduce down the size of your display.

Sponsor Prize Winners

A bundle of Flora and Fauwn

TT Fabric bundle

This prize will be shipped by the sponsor to a US only winner.

 Prize #1  winner – Connie R
Dragon Threads Color My Garden: An Adult Coloring Book,  by Jane Sassaman


Small Summer Birds Scarf, designed by Julie Paschlis

signed summer bird scarf

This sponsor will ship these prizes to the respective lucky winners in the US/Canada

 Prize #2

winner – Vicki S


Prize #3

winner – Pauline Ann P.



fons and porter logo



A bundle of Fons & Porter’s notions and book, with a estimated value of $75.  

This sponsor will ship the prize bundle to one lucky winner in US/Canada.



 Prize #4

winner -Linda H



ASF Lightware Solutions / Beam N Read Beam N Read personal lights are great tools for crafters.  One lucky winner will receive a BNR LED 6-3F 

6 LED beam n read

 Prize #5

winner:  Bea L.



The Wooden Bear


Five lucky winners will receive an A la Carte Pattern of their choice.


Five lucky winners will get to select a pattenlet of their choice.patternlet

US winners can select if they prefer a printed or electronic pattern.  International winners will receive electronic patterns.

 Prize #6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (Patterns a la Carte)


Collette, Donnalee, Peggy G., Gene B., Mary E

Prize #11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (Pattenlet of their choice)


Heather, Marian P, Carol, Donna L.,Trudy, San, Nancy





One lucky winner will receive a Mary Fons – Small Wonder thread with 10 small spools collections.

Aurifil will kindly ship this prize WW


 Prize #16

winner – MaryEllen



Martingale Striking Strip Quilts, by Kate Henderson

Snow Happy, by Robin Kinglsey

Here Comes Spring, by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks

Jo’s Little Favorites, by Jo Morton

These books will be shipped by QuiltShopGal.  As I do not have any funds available to ship internationally, nor Postage Angels supporters at this time, these prizes will be limited to US Only winners.

 Prize #17

winner – PK Solberg

Prize #18

winner – Rosemary B

Prize #19

winner – Chris S.

Prize #20

winner – Carol S.



To enter to win a prize, simply visit one or all of the blogs participating in this kick off.  For each blog that you visit and leave a comment on their post for this event, you can claim an entry.  While it really only takes one entry to enter and win, many like to increase their odds of winning prizes.  I also like to think that the more blogs you visit, the more inspiration and fun you’ll find. And, I want to clarify that the bloggers that have helped to kick off this event are also eligible to enter the giveaway and win prizes in this event.  The only thing they can not do is claim an entry for visiting their own blog.

You have until March 13th to visit all of the participating blogs, just remember to claim all the entries you qualify for via the rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Don’t forget to visit all the blogs that are helping to Celebrate International Craft Month by sharing tips, tutorials and inspiration on their blogs the lst of March.  You can also follow these blogs from My Creative Blog List.

#StitchAlong – December 5th – Bag It! with Patty D of Elm Street Quilts

Welcome to another #StitchAlong, where you are invited to join the fun. I’m participating in an event hosted by Patty D of Elm Street Quilts called “Bag it” .  Each week in November she is providing a bag tutorial and you get entered to win prizes, with every bag you make (the more bags you make, the more entries you get).  Here is her schedule:

Elm Street Quilts
But actually, Patty provided so many more tutorials for sweet bags throughout this fun event:

I sure hope you are joining the fun, as these bags are great for yourself to use, but also make excellent gifts.  Patty even has kits you can order!  Can’t get any easier than that!  Plus, if you purchase two kits and she’ll throw in a third kit for free!  (No coupon code required – ends Dec 15th.

To officially enter to win prizes:   Personally, I’m not doing this to win prizes.  This is a great way to learn and improve our sewing skills, have fun stitching with others, as well as make items to give to others.

BAG IT #StitchAlong

This week, I’m having great fun using Patty’s tutorial for Headphone Zippered Pouches, to make more zippered pouches for hand sewing supplies.


I’ve also adapted Patty’s tutorial to make larger versions to hold rulers and other quilting tools.  I’m definitely having great fun creating these pouches and hope will join the fun and make some too!

Previously, I stitched ten bags using Patty’s Basic Zippered Pouch Tutorial”,  of which some I boxed the corners and some I did not.



It is easy to get addicted to making zippered bags.  While I think I have room for plenty of improvement, I think I’m now doing much better sewing zippers.

Don’t forget, if you share your photos to include hastags #elmstreetquilts and #stitchalong.  But, what ever you are doing, I hope you are having fun and finding time to enjoy and create.


You can find Elm Street Quilts at:


I’d love to have you join me in these virtual #StitchAlong projects.  You can share on social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) using the hashtag #StitchAlong.  Of course, I also hope you’ll also share in the weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties which I host every Friday.   And, these zipper bags will be some of the “handmade surprise prizes” randomly given to participants in these weekly parties.

 What ever you do, I hope you find joy and time to create.  

Creative Goodness landscape copy


Here is a list of previous posts for #StitchAlong:

Wishing You and Yours a Very Happy Thanksgiving

This can be a hectic time for those that celebrate Thanksgiving, but I want to wish all of you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.  I also hope you can find time to enjoy and create….as well as find time to laugh!

If you have problems viewing this embedded video, here is a link to watch it directly in Youtube: 


For all my Pet loving friends, let’s not overlook the annual Home for the Pawlidayz program. Zappos has partnered with many animal shelters to cover the adoption fee.  But even if our local shelter is not covered, please remember that every pet deserves a loving home for the Pawlidayz.  Maybe your home, or you may know of someone who would provide a loving home.  This is a great time of year to visit your local pet shelters and see if you can provide a furr-ever home.


Lastly, every year I research to find Black Friday/Cyber Monday steals and deals for quilters.  I’ve just released my research list at Fingertip Shopping.  Pretty large list this year of some amazing deals, which you can shop at home in your pajamas – no need to get dressed and fight crowds in the shopping malls.

click here for a list

sign this blogger took the day offYeap, this blogger is taking the day off, which means the #WinterBliss virtual #StitchAlong won’t be posted today.  Of course, you can use this time to stitch out your blogs. And, the giveaway for a CD collection by Marjorie Busby, of your choice, will remain open until the #WinterBliss Stitch Along is completed.  Click here for more info on this giveaway.

I enjoy sewing virtually with you, I also want to heighten awareness that this month the free-motion quilting challenge which showcases Lori Kennedy of the Inbox Jaunt.  This is a fun challenge with several options to learn/improve your FMQ skills, including the option of using a new tutorial by Lori to create a gorgeous pumpkin motif FMQ sampler.  While there is still time to FMQ one, or all of the options, it is still fun to click thru to see all the inspirational entries that have been shared to-date.



I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find time to enjoy and create.  Don’t forget to share what you create in our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Party.  Of course, it is also fun to click thru and see what everyone is sharing.  All forms of creativity are welcome.



Halloween Haunts Blog Hop and Giveaway

Halloween Haunt 2015

Today, I’m honored to be a stop in the Halloween Haunts Blog Hop, hosted byMarian Pena of Seams to Be Sew. If you are visiting for the first time, welcome.  If you are a follower and now learning about this blog hop I want to encourage you to take time to visit all of the blogs in this hop.  Everyone is sharing Spooktacular projects, full of inspiration and #CreativeGoodness.  You’ll also find a variety of giveaways at each stop, including an opportunity to win a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop, thanks to the FQS for sponsoring every blog in this hop for a unique giveaway!

I searched for spooky quilty words and clipart, but didn’t find anything to catch my attention.  I created ten different clipart/word art and I’d love to hear your favorite, or what quote you might like to see for Spooktacular Quilty Clipart/WordArt, in the future.


For me,it sure seems like Gremlins have been causing havoc and prohibiting me from being creative lately.  I couldn’t find the right threads in my stash and needed to wait for deliveries to come via broomstick mail.. Then my my sewing machine was taken over by auto thread cutting Gremlins, before it even began the first stitch.  I could go on and on, but I’ll simply share that several planned projects are not finished in time to share for this post.  But stay tuned, as I hope to share before Halloween.

In the meantime…..I hope to inspire you to get in the mood for a Spooktacular Halloween by being creative:

Consider stitching a project with Superior Threads – Nite Glowing Threads. I have bought a few different colors and have been delighted with the results.  I’m now inspired to want to purchase the entire collection.

I love scrappy quilts, particularly for Halloween.  This quilt was made using the >AccuQuilt Tumbler die and the Cat and Bat die.P1130997

For the border, I used techniques from the book “Just Around The Corner“, by Kari Carr.  Her techniques are easy to learn and really apply an interesting border.

I hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween.



Did I mention a blog hop?  Marian Pena is hosting a super fun blog hop with plenty of inspiration and giveaways along the way.  I hope you will click thru and enjoy this hop. Here is the line up:

Did I mention a giveaway?

Thank you to Marian Pena of Seams to Be Sew for arranging for this giveaway and to the Fat Quarter Shop for being the sponsor and donating a $25 gift certificate. To enter, simply follow the steps in this Rafflecopter widget:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

#StitchAlong – October 17th – #WinterBliss And A Giveaway

I hope you have had a great week and are finding time to enjoy and create.  Of course, I also hope you will #StitchAlong with me – anytime you can.  Virtual sewing together can be great fun.


THIS WEEK…. I’m working on a couple of projects using the Winter Bliss machine embroidery design collection, by Marjorie Busby.  But, I do want to clarify, that if you don’t have an embroidery machine, this is also a great design to apply raw edge applique techniques.  While some may want to make a wallhanging, I’m making a fabric book for a child, using Eco Fi Premium Felt from the Kunin Group and the machine embroidery applique (MEA) blocks stitched using the Winter Bliss Design collection.  

I’m also be using this design collection to make gift bags, all with a 12 days of Christmas theme, but I’ll show you the easy way to assemble these gift bags next week as today I want to focus how to easily create pages for the fabric book using these MEA blocks.  

Winter Bliss #StitchALong coming soon


You can join this #StitchAlong with or without an embroidery machine using AccuQuilt dies, or manually cutting the shapes.  But the dies will certainly make your cuts much more accurate and faster.  For those that use Marjorie’s Winter Bliss design collection, templates are included and easy to follow.

Did you catch the guest blog post by Marjorie on the AccuQuilt blog for a machine embroidery applique tutorial? If not, you may want to click thru and read it as she does share an inspirational new project and a helpful tutorial:

As with every #StitchAlong, you can adapt the designs to make whatever you wish.  Possibly you want to make wallhangings, quilts, placemats, or other project ideas.  


  • 1 yard – Kunin Eco-Fi Plus Premium Felt, 72″ color of your choice for the pages (I’m using a light grey)
  • 1 – yard Kunin Eco-Fi Plus Premium Felt, 72″ color of your choice from the frames (I’m using white)

note:  Eco Fi Plus Premium Felt is an 8 oz felt, made by using recycled post consumer plastic bottles that is safe from mold, mildew and odor resistant and is available in 18 colors.  It is also available in many premium quilt shops, as well as craft and sewing stors at a very economical price.  And, it is Made in the USA.   While you could use other felt, or other materials, for this project, this is my absolute favorite material for making a fabric book, as well as many other projects.  Give it a try – as I think you’ll fall in love with it too!


  • 12 – 8  1/2″ x 8 1/2″ blocks using the Winter Bliss design by Marjorie Busby.  While this is a machine embroidery design collection, you can also use her designs for raw edge applique.  Supplies for these blocks were provided in previous #StitchAlong posts (links are at the bottom of this post).

Instructions for making the “framed” pages for your fabric book:

  • cut your pages to measure 12″ x 14″ (cut 14) out of Eco Fi Plus felt, by Kunin.  I used a soft grey.
  • cut your frames to measure 10″ x 10″ and cut the inside square 8″x8″, creating a 1″ wide frame (cut 12).  I used a white Eco Fi Plus felt by Kunin.
  • Trim your MEA OR raw edge applique blocks to 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, leaving the stabilizer on.
  • Place one trimmed MEA block aligned to the right side of your page, leaving a 1-1/2″ gap on the top, right and bottom of your block.


  • Place your frame centered on your MEA block and pin to secure.
  • Stitch to secure using your walking foot, about 1/8″ or 1/4″ from the inside and outside edge of the frame, or use any fancy stitch on your machine that you may desire to secure.
  • Repeat stitching the MEA blocks and frames, to make all 12 pages.P1130995

Easy Peasy!

NEXT WEEK we’ll assemble and finish our fabric books, as well as make our gift bags.This is a great time to continue stitching your blocks using the #WinterBliss designs, if you have not yet finished all the blocks you need for one or more of these projects.  Or maybe you have decided to make other projects with these designs, as the possibilities are endless.

Come join me in this #WinterBliss #StitchAlong.  There are no deadlines, no pressure, just fun creativity while we work on this project that you can adapt to create anything you wish (e.g. placemats, table runners, etc.).  And, during October I’ll be here to help answer any questions you may have for this project this month, or pull in an expert to help!

You can find Marjorie Busby at:

You can also purchase her designs, as well as the dies, at AccuQuilt.  I am an affiliate, so if you click thru from my site, your price remains the same, but I receive a small fee back.  Those funds I use to supplement expenses for shipping giveaway and contest prizes WW.

You can certainly adapt these projects, as you wish.   I encourage anyone that wishes to participate to share your progress, as well as your project whenever you finish on any social media tool you wish to use (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, etc.).  You can also link up and share in our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties that I host every Friday.

I’d love to have you join me in my virtual #StitchAlong projects.  You can share on social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) using the hashtag #StitchAlong.  Of course, I also hope you’ll also share in the weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties which I host every Friday.  What ever you do, I hope you find joy and time to create.  

Creative Goodness landscape copy

Did I Mention A Giveaway?

As no one entered to win this prize last week, I’m keeping this opportunity open during the window for the #WinterBliss Stitch Along.  One lucky winner will receive a CD machine embroidery collection, of their choice, of the following designs by Marjorie Busby

  • Cute Car
  • Zoo Animals
  • GO! Birds
  • Sunbonnet
  • Overall Sam
  • GO! Home
  • GO! Sleigh & Snowflakes

P1130970To enter to win, your favorite CD, you have plenty of options and the more you claim the more entries you’ll get:

  1. Join this Winter Bliss #StitchAlong and share your progress in my weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties, that are released every Friday.
  2. For those that have previously stitched out any machine embroidery designs, by Marjorie Busby, share what you created in my weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties.
  3. Use any social media tool (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to share your progress for your Winter Bliss project, or any machine embroidery design you have stitched out using any design by Marjorie Busby.

If no one enters to win this prize, during the #WinterBliss StitchAlong, they will be used in a different giveaway after this event.  But I’m hopeful you may want to join me, or want to share other projects that you’ve created using any of Majorie’s designs in a #CreativeGoodness Linky Party, to help inspire others.

note:  This is also open to those that do not have embroidery machines and are using the designs by Marjorie Busby to stitch out using more traditional raw edge machine applique techniques.

BTW, these CD collections are available for wholesale orders.  You may want to let your local quilt shop or sewing center know you’d like them to make them available for customers in their store.  They can place wholesale orders directly with Marjorie.

I will randomly select a winner, from all the entries and announce in the #StitchAlong post next week. And I will send an email to the lucky winner.  But due to my limited funds for shipping prizes, this giveaway will be open to US only participants.

Lastly, based on feedback, starting next week, I’ll try to shorten these posts and only share insights on one #StitchAlong at a time, with separate posts for sharing insights on upcoming #StitchAlong projects.  But I will share, there are some small sewing projects that make great gifts coming up next, followed by more quilting and free-motion quilting.

Here is a list of previous posts for #StitchAlong:

EQ Seasons Row-A-Long Kick Off

note:  Today is a two post day.  Later today, If you are looking for the SEPTEMBER Free-Motion Quilting Challenge it should be released later today.  For now, I want to share insights with you about a super fun blog hop that starts today and encourage you to click thru to check it out.


Marian Pena of  Seams To Be Sew is hosting EQ7 Seasons Row-A-Long, where each stop in this fun blog hop will share a ROW quilt pattern that they designed in EQ7 and you can download a FREE PDF pattern.  Along the way you will have plenty of chances to win amazing prizes, see inspirational and beautiful quilts and learn about EQ software too!


Not familiar with a ROW Quilt?  Row quilts typically have a blocks designed for a particular theme in the row, yet each row compliments the overall quilt.  Of course, blocks may look great individually in a pillow or wallhanging, as well as a ROW could be turned into a wallhanging, but in this hop you can also pick ROWS to make your own unique quilt with one or all seasons.  And, all the patterns are free!  You just need to follow along this blog hop, that starts today.

While PDF patterns will be provided, these designs were created using Electric Quilt Software (e.g. EQ7, EQ6, EQ5) and some bloggers will be providing their EQ design files

And, for those on Facebook, there is also a public group you can join to chat and share with others participating in this event, as well as sharing what everyone creates with these free patterns.  The Facebook group is called “EQ Seasons ROW-Along

 photo EQ Seasons RAL Button_zpsyolsgram.png

Here is the line up for this fun blog hop:

1-Sep Marlene Kissed Quilts
1-Sep Lynn Thimble & Mouse
1-Sep Doris The Quilting Queen Online
1-Sep Janeen Quilt Art
1-Sep Bea Be A Quilter
1-Sep Anneka Stof Genoeg

8-Sep Lorna Sew Fresh Quilts 
8-Sep Carol Fun Threads
8-Sep Amy H Country Junktion
8-Sep Marian Seams To Be Sew
8-Sep Anneke Stof Genoeg

15-Sep Reeze Morning Glory 
15-Sep Marian Seams To Be Sew
15-Sep Jennifer Sew Hooked 
15-Sep Carol Just Let Me Quilt
15-Sep Anneke Stof Genoeg

22-Sep Carla Create In The Sticks
22-Sep Patti Patti’s Patchwork
22-Sep Nancy Patchwork Breeze
22-Sep Marian Seams To Be Sew
22-Sep Linda Linda Franz
22-Sep Anneke Stof Genoeg

29-Sep Amy W Sew Incredibly Crazy
29-Sep Darlene Quilt Shop Gal
29-Sep Marian Seams To Be Sew
29-Sep Loreen Loreen’s Schoolhouse Quilts
29-Sep Anneke Stof Genoeg
29-Sep EQ Blog Tutorial On Layouts Electric Quilt

6-Oct Marian Seams To Be Sew
6-Oct Doris The Quilting Queen Online
6-Oct Amy W Sew Incredibly Crazy
6-Oct Carla Create In The Sticks
6-Oct Carol Just Let Me Quilt


seasons of beauty

Here are some sneak peeks on a few of the great prizes, where different giveaways will be hosted at each stop in this blog hop for fabric and more:

How about some prizes?
Electric Quilt – an EQ7 to one lucky winner!
Northcott Fabrics – each featured blog will give away a bundle of 6-8 yards of fabric
Fat Quarter Shop – 25.00 gift certificate to each blogger to give away
KLIC-N-KUT– Zing Air basic package
Craftsy – 3 winners will recieve a class of their choice
Sulky – 2 6-packs of their newest 30 wt cotton threads
Hobbs Batting – 5 bats
DreamWorthy Quilts – a pattern of the winner’s choice
Cherry Blossoms Patterns – a 25.00 gift certificate
Aurifil – several designer packs of cotton thread
Connecting Threads – 2 $25.00 gift certificates
Nancy’s Notions – 2 $10.00 gift certificates
Therm O Web – the following  to one lucky recipient: 7 colors of  iCraft® Deco Foil™ Transfer Sheets, 1 can of  iCraft® Deco Foil™ Fusible Spray Adhesive, 1 bottle of  iCraft® Deco Foil™ Liquid Adhesive, 1 pack of  iCraft® Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Adhesive Sheets, 1 pack of  HeatnBond® Ultra 1 yard pack, 1 pack of  HeatnBond® Lite 1 yard pack, and 1 pack of  StitchnSew™ Interfacing 1 yard pack

More great prizes from the Row-A-Long designers!
Lorna McMahon at Sew Fresh Quilts – her Fox and Friends Pattern
Linda Franz  at –  5 $20.00 Inklingo gift certificates
Janeen van Niekerk at Quilt Art Designs – an eBook of the winner’s choice
Marlene Oddie at Kissed Quilts – her latest book “You Can Quilt”
Loreen Bogdan at Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse Quilts – a  quilt kit for her row patterns
Jennifer Ofenstein at Sew Hooked – BOM Paper Piecing Vintage Pattern

Pets Come First – And More Insights on Fun Activities in Blogland

For those of us that have pets (or borrow pets), you know that they can do all sorts of cute things, just not always when you have a camera handy.  Actually, taking a picture of a pet on a quilt can sometimes be dog gone challenging.2013-10-07 12.11.20

But it can also be great enjoyment and help capture memories of our beloved pets and borrowed pet friends.  A friend has an absolutely huge St. Bernard that I borrowed to use as a model, but he was so large I couldn’t get a picture of him and my quilt.  But I did get some really sweet kisses and decided I needed to stick with some smaller models on my quilts in the future.  Either way, I l do so love all animals, but as I’m “borrowing” I’m not officially entering the Pets on Quilts Show, just sharing to inspire others.

2015-03-29 15.39.55

Today is the last day to enter a photo of a pet on your quilts, or an animal themed quilt in the annual Pets on Quilts Show, hosted by Jacque of Lilypad Quilting.  Tomorrow starts the voting process where you can help select the winners.  While the more people that share such photos, makes this event more fun, it really is fun to click thru and visit all the blogs and non-bloggers who shared.  So many sweet pets and many have amazing stories of how they came to live in their loving home.

There are some wonderful pets that have been adopted from shelters.  Of course, I love hearing these stories.  This summer I found a sweet read on Amazon that I wanted to increase awareness of:

Who’s That Dog? 35 Fabulous Rescues That Found Their Forever Homes, by Mark J. Asher  shares heartwarming stories on rescues.

His approach shows a photo of the back side of a dog, with a glimpse into the life of what that dog came from.

20150825_193538 (1)

And then the front photo introduces you to the dog.

20150825_193544 (1)

The 35 stories in this book are all heartwarming.  It is a free book for those with Kindle Unlimited and only $1.99 for others that may want to purchase this e:book.


Don’t forget to get your entry in today for the  annual Pets on Quilts Show, as well as click through to enjoy all the entries, as well as visit tomorrow (27th) to vote for your favorite.


There are also a couple of other fun events going on in blogland right now.  You can visit My Creative Blog List for more insights and opportunities to win prizes for the Summer In The Country Blog Hop that is currently going on and hosted by Island Batik

and the EQ7: Seasons Row-A-Long hosted by  Marian Pena of  Seams To Be Sew kicks off on September lst with a great group of bloggers that have designed ROWS of quilt blocks, where you’ll get a free downloadable pattern at each stop in the hop, as well as opportunities to win amazing prizes.

 photo EQ Seasons RAL Button_zpsyolsgram.png


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