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Happy Thanksgivikkah, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah – AND Insights on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Shop Small Business Saturday

First off, Thanksgivikkah.  Do you realize both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are on the same day this year?  This rare event will not happen again for another 70,000 years!  What ever holiday you celebrate, I hope it is a wonderful one.  And, I hope you have time to do some shopping for amazing steals and deals too!  After all, it does help our quilty budgets make more quilts! 

 For those celebrating Hanukkah, I hope hope you have a  ‘chag sameach’. And, of course,  I hope everyone enjoys this video by Adam Sandler titled the “Chanukah Song”. 

For those celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

happy thanksgiving

For everyone, I hope you find time to enjoy this weekend, to spend time with family and friends, and to hopefully find time to enjoy, as well as create.  

If you are a new follower of SewCalGal, you may not be aware that I work hard to research and share insights about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday Sales (aka Steals and Deals) that may be of interest to quilters.  And this is the time of year where I share such insights.

I actually launched “Fingertip Shopping” as a “sister” blog to SewCalGal.  And Fingertip Shopping is where I try to share insights with you on steals and deals throughout the year.  This is not a blog full of paid advertisement, but sales that catch my attention and I think are worthy of sharing. 

If you are not yet a follower of Fingertip Shopping, you should pop over their soon to check out the deals I’ve found that are available this weekend – all perfect for quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts.  And, these sales only come once a year!  And my insights are not paid advertisements, but a result of my research looking for steals and deals that might be of interest to quilting, sewing and/or embroidery enthusiasts.

One sale, I do want to call your attention to is hosted by Craftsy.  I’ve become a big fan of Craftsy and found so much value in their classes that I signed up to be an affiliate.  When you click thru to Craftsy from SewCalGal and purchase a class or a product in their online store a small % is given to SewCalGal (your price remains the same).  I use these funds to supplement shipping expenses for prizes and giveaways.  More funds earned by way of Craftsy simply means I can offer to host more giveaways and ship more prizes.  So, thank you to those that do click thru to Craftsy from my site to sign up for classes at Craftsy or buy products in their store.  

And, even if you don’t want to click thru to Craftsy from my site I still want to increase awareness that Craftsy has an amazing sale going on this weekend. Their prices are always reasonable, but this sale is one that is simply too good to overlook.  Even if you are too busy to take an online class right now, don’t forget that you can sign up now (when they are on sale) and take the class at your leisure any time.  And, a class at Craftsy would also make a great gift. 

Here are some insights that I’ve heard from Craftsy on their sale this weekend.

Black Friday /Cyber Monday Sales at Craftsy!

All Craftsy classes are on sale $19.99 or less!  Be sure to check out their sale on “supplies” as you’ll find some AMAZING deals too!

Craftsy Class Sale up to 66% off from 11/29-12/2!
Craftsy has brilliant savings for a limited time only! All their online classes are on sale for $19.99 or less. With classes priced up to 66% off, now is a great time to get the classes you’ve been eyeing all year! Craftsy classes also make a great gift, so do some holiday shopping for the crafter in your life.

Craftsy Yarn and Fabric sale up to 80% off from 11/27-12/2!
Craftsy has brilliant savings on the craft supplies you want! With up to 80% off yarn and 65% off fabric, get the best prices of the year while you can.


Don’t forget to visit Fingertip shopping ( to learn about other amazing Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday sales going on this weekend.

And, in the spirit of Giving, I hope you also find time to check out the Quilter’s  Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser.  There are some wonderful prizes in the online auction that you can bid on, as well as raffle prizes you can buy raffle tickets for a chance to win.  100% of your donation will go to benefit the non-profit charities showcased in this event. And, you can decide which of the four charities that you’d like to donate your money to!

Collector Plates With Quilting

P1060496 masked
Over the years, there have been Collector Plates issued with various quilting artwork.  Pondering … many quilters collect such plates and if there are enough of us to have a virtual Collectors Plate Quilt Show?

Do you collect such plates and have any with quilts on them?  Do they hold any special memories for you?

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Sponsors of the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser – THANK YOU

Today I want to recognize and thank the Sponsors for the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser that kicks off November lst.  These amazing sponsors donated wonderful prizes that will be used for a raffle/auction fundraiser during November, where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to four non-profit charities that will be showcased during this event.  

quilter's bee giving badge


        Incomparable Buttons
        Dream World Northwest / Sew Steady

                Gail Pan Designs logo
                Kelly Jackson of I Have A Notion (IHAN)
                  IHAN Logo oval


                            quilt kit market
                              Quilt show
                                Sew EZ Banner
                                    SewCalGal will officially be sharing insights on all of the prizes, raffle process, auction process and insights on how quilters that may also want to raffle, auction, sell handmade items to raise funds for these charities may want to participate in the Quilter’s Bee Giving.  Mark your calendar for more insights on November lst, when not only SewCalGal will be sharing insights, but Marjorie’s Quilting BeeGreen Fairy Quilts Jaybird Quilts, and Lilypad Quilting will be sharing insights about non-profit charity programs that they are passionate about.  Your purchase of raffle tickets or auction items will allow you to donate money directly to your favorite of these four worthy charity programs.  To clarify, 100% of your money will be donated to these charities.

                                    If you want a sneak peak on all of the wonderful items that have been donated, visit the page labeled “Charity Announcements“.  This page will also be used during this event as a main page, where links to current information during the event will be shared.

                                    Thank you again, to the generous sponsors of this event.  Without their help, this charity fundraiser would not be a possibility.  As such, SewCalGal hopes when you are shopping for quilting, sewing, or embroidery items you will consider supporting these sponsors by purchasing their products.

                                    SewCalGal is De-Stashing – Are You?

                                    While all the items I currently have posted for sale have sold, I am hoping to update this post on Friday with more things.  Thus, you may want to check back later in the week.

                                    I’m running late posting insights on items that I’d like to De-Stash.  While I don’t have my complete list ready, I wanted to post this now….and I’ll try to update it to let you know as I add things.

                                    Fingertip Shopping is hosting the Fall De-Stash.  Several quilt participants have “linked” to share insights on items that they would like to sell and de-stash. And, we have a few quilters in the business who are selling things that are advertising their great deals, while also making a donation to the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser. To clarify, it is free for quilters to advertise and sell items from their stash in the Fall De-Stash, but for those in the business that want to promote the sale of their products (e.g. items on their ETSY store, online store, etc) they are asked to donate $5 to one of the four non-profits to be showcased in the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser.

                                    So what does SewCalGal want to de-stash?

                                    I have a couple of “duplicate” AccuQuilt dies that I purchased on sale.  To clarify, these are new in package dies that bought in an excited shopping spree.  And, I’m willing to pass on the amazing discount deal that I found.  If you live in So. Cal. and can pick up, you get even a better deal. Otherwise a buyer is expected to pay for shipment. Typically a die is about $8 to ship US in good packaging or you can authorize shipment in a flat rate envelop (no padding).  But the ultimate buyer of these dies will need to pay shipping.

                                    For Sale Fall 2013 b_2-002
                                    Asking:  $22.75 (35% discount), plus buyer pays shipping
                                    For Sale Fall 2013 b_2-001
                                    Asking:  $19.50 (35% discount), plus buyer pays shipping

                                    For Sale Fall 2013 b_2-003
                                    Asking:  $100, plus buyer pays shipping

                                    I also have some fabric cuts and some cool cutting tools (e.g SLICE Fabrique, Cricut) that I hope to add to this de-stash list this week.  So, I hope you’ll check back.

                                    If you are interested in purchasing any of the items SewCalGal is selling, in the Fall De-Stash, email me.  I could be wrong, but I anticipate these items will GO! quickly.  Again, the AccuQuilt dies are duplicates which I purchased on sale at a great price and am simply sharing these deals with use on these unused dies.

                                    And, of course, I hope you’ll pop over and check out all the participating sites in the Fall De-Stash linky party. There are some great deals and amazing quilting products up for sale.  And, many are offered for sale to raise funds for one of the four charities to be showcased in the Quilters Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser that kicks off November lst.
                                    Oh, don’t forget there is still plenty of time for you to sell items from your stash in this Fall De-Stash event too!  Great opportunity to turn your stash into cash!

                                    fall theme frame copy

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                                    In The Style Of Who Keeps Us In Stitches – Help Send Stitches Of Friendship And Healing


                                    Have you ever wondered how Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) is used?  Maybe doctors uses it to transfer a design to a foot, before they do what they do?  While I had heard about this product and seen many inspirational projects made using this media, it was a post by Kelly Jackson/IHAN that really helped me understand how this product helps quilters/fibre artists create beautiful projects.


                                    What surgeon or quilter need good lighting when working on detailed stitching?  While there are a variety of lighting products on the market, I first learned about the benefits of the Beam N Read Personal Lighting System from Kelly Jackson/IHAN.  While I couldn’t find Kelly’s post where she captured a surgeon wearing a Beam N Read, I think followers of Kelly/IHAN are well aware of the benefits of these personal lights.

                                    polar fleece socks

                                    Maybe you remember Kelly’s post where she shared insights on make really cool polar fleece socks?  Perfect gift idea for someone who has recently gone thru foot surgery, as well as the obvious (those that want comfy and warm foot clothing).  Certainly looks like a fun project to make for gifts, as well as make for yourself.

                                    I could go on an on about all the great products that Kelly/IHAN has recommended.  Needless to say, SewCalGal is a big fan of Kelly/IHAN.  Kelly gets to know her customers and only recommends products that she feels to be of good quality, functionality and value. And, if you find that your purchase isn’t up to your expectations she is great about returning it.  I’ve been a happy shopper at IHAN for years and respect Kelly’s recommendations.

                                    For those that are Fans of the Kelly Jackson/IHAN Club, you probably know that Kelly took a fall this week and broke her foot/ankle in three places. She had surgery today.  If you want to send a card and do not have her snail mail address, please email me.

                                    While the next couple of weeks may be slow for Kelly to respond to orders placed at IHAN, I hope you understand what is going on. And, I’m sure Kelly still appreciates your support with your orders, as well as patience on deliveries.  This is till a great time to place your orders to ensure delivery in time for Christmas too!  After all, Christmas is about 8 weeks away (OMG).  Fortunately, IHAN is a great place for shopping for Christmas gifts.  Definitely where I’ll be shopping this year. I really appreciated Kelly’s personalized wrapping and greeting card service last year.  Very helpful.  And she has many products that also are perfect for non-quilters too.

                                    IHAN logo 300x125

                                    If you agree, Kelly keeps us in stitches  – stitches of friendship, I do hope you’ll consider sending her a card. I’m sure she’d appreciate hearing from you. And, of course, SewCalGal also recommends that you check out IHAN for shopping.  Great resource for advice, excellent prices and superior customer service.


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                                    Welcome to Fall De-Stash

                                    Quilters from all over the world are invited to participate in this Autumn De-Stash where you can turn your stash into cash, as well as do some shopping for some super steals and deals!  It is a linky party that is free for quilters to participate, but your help to increase awareness is needed when you participate.

                                    The Fall De-Stash is a free event for bloggers and non-bloggers, but I will ask for those in the business (e.g. you have a store, ETSY, etc) to donate $5 for each link up.  And, your donation will go to the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting four non-profit charities.   Email me if you are linking to a business and want to donate to the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser, or you are selling items in your stash to raise money for one of the charities to be showcased in this fundraiser.  To clarify, you need quilters selling items from their stash need not donate money, but if you do please email me so I can track it, accordingly.

                                    This linky is setup for anyone that wishes to participate in this Fall De-Stash event this week. Bloggers need to have a current blog post  and link directly to your De-Stash post (not a generic link to your blog).  Non-Bloggers can upload photos of what you want to sell and ensure the description provides details and your email contact. You’ll also need to add a direct link to your photo that can be viewed by anyone, not a generic link to your flicker account.  Please verify your links after you have added, to avoid risk of them being removed.  For more details on the rules, please click here to read a pre-event post.

                                    fall theme frame copy

                                    Email me if you have questions and check back, as I’ll add FAQ below:

                                    Fall De-Stash Starts Monday at Fingertip Shopping

                                    Just a suggestion…….

                                    fall theme frame copy

                                    This is a great weekend to go through your sewing area and see if you have any quilty type items that you may want to de-stash.  Monday kicks off our Fall De-Stash sale where quilters world wide are welcome to link up and sale things, as well as do some shopping.

                                    The Fall De-Stash is a free event for bloggers and non-bloggers, but I will ask for those in the business to donate $5 for each link up.  And, your donation will go to the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting four non-profit charities.  So, take time to get your de-stash collection ready.

                                    Shoppers might find some great deals on patterns, kits, pre-cuts, fabric, books, CDs/DVDs, table toppers and more.   I’m certainly hoping to find some red & white pre-cuts, as well as some fun patterns.

                                    quilt shopping is always fun in the fall

                                    Maybe you have some fabric, quilt kits or want to use your die cutting to cut some of  your stash to sell.

                                    Accuquilt pre-cut ideas

                                    Maybe you have some tools, such as rulers or templates, possibly AccuQuilt dies, or other items that you are not using and would like to turn into cash.

                                    extra notions

                                    Maybe you have some things taking up space, such as sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers, electronic cutting machines, etc. that you would like to get rid of so you can use that space for something else.

                                    You can keep 100% of the proceeds from your sale.   But sellers are responsible for setting terms and shipping items.  As such, you can negotiate if your price includes shipping or if the buyer needs to pay for shipping.  Just try to be as clear as you can and have a way to be contacted.

                                    Bloggers are encouraged to post the badge for this event, but not required.  Bloggers will need to have their blog post dated October 14th or during the week (no old or early posts) AND have a link back to the sale linky on Fingertip Shopping that will be released Monday, October 14th.  By everyone including a link back to the main post, which will have a linky setup and we all encourage our readers to check out all the items for sale (linked up) hopefully we’ll everyone will have a good de-stash next week.

                                    turn your stash into cash

                                    Non-Bloggers can upload photos of the items they have for sale to Flickr.  Then be sure to add a linky to your direct photo, which has description, pricing, terms (all the details the bloggers put in their post) in the comments under your photo on flickr.

                                    Bloggers and non-Bloggers can keep 100% of their sales, or they can opt to donate funds to the Quilter’s Bee Giving fundraising event (picking a charity of your choice).  For each $1 you donate you will be given a raffle ticket for a drawing for a special prize.  Please email me for more info on how to get your raffle tickets.

                                    shop for deals and steals at Fingertip Shopping

                                    Those in the business that want to add a link to items that they may have for sale on their ETSY site or online store are invited to participate, but they will need to donate $5 per link to one of the four charities to be showcased in the Quilter’s Bee Giving Charity Fundraiser.

                                    So, I hope you’ll take a look at your Stash this weekend and consider joining the De-Stash Party at Fingertip Shopping this coming week.

                                    Email SewCalGal  email address copyif you have any questions.

                                    50% off T-Shirts for Quilters (and others too) at CafePress With Code

                                    Did you know CafePress has some really cute t-shirts for quilters?  They come in a variety of t-shirt styles (e.g. long-sleeve, short sleeve,neck style, colors, etc).  And a large variety of quilty artwork designs and sayings too.

                                    Here are a few that caught my attention, but they have many more t-shirts perfect for quilters that you may want to check out.  And, you can even take advantage of this sale and buy non-quilty t-shirts too.  Just use code = BDAY50 at checkout.


                                    This sale is good for 50% Off T-Shirts with code BDAY50 and is part of a celebration to Help Celebrate CafePress’ Birthday with our Tee Sale!  Sale is only good thru tomorrow, October 10th.


                                    You Are Invited To Help Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Quilt In A Day with Eleanor Burns

                                    Has it already been 35 years?


                                    Yes, Quilt in a Day is celebrating their 35th Anniversary!  And, SewCalGal has a way for Quilter’s all over the world to help celebrate and “surprise” Eleanor and the QIAD team!

                                    happy 35th Anniversary To Quilt In A Day

                                    For 35 years Eleanor and the QIAD team has been helping to make our world of quilting fun.  There have been great patterns, books, rulers and entertainment that have taught many of us, and inspired most of us.  And an amazing amount of humor and fun!  


                                    And, SewCalGal wants to let you know of a “secret” way you can help recognize Eleanor and the Quilt in a Day Team.

                                    For those living in Southern California, consider attending the QIAD Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, October 19th.

                                    attend the QIAD party
                                    For those that do not live nearby, or are unable to attend this celebration, consider sending a card to Eleanor and the QIAD team to congratulation them.
                                    help celebrate by sending a card to QIAD

                                    If you anticipate your card not arriving prior to the 19th, feel free to send your card directly to Eleanor (same address as above just mark it “attn: Eleanor”).   And, for those lucky ducks attending Quilt Market or Festival, if you get a chance please congratulate Eleanor on 35 years when you see her.

                                    While the content in this blog has a copyright, for this particular post if you would like to copy all, or part, to share with others you are certainly welcome to do so.  The more quilters, from around the world that hear about this, may help to surprise Eleanor and the QIAD team and let them know how much they are loved.  SewCalGal truly appreciates all PR Angels and a firm believe it also brings you good kharma!   

                                    Don’t forget – Please keep this a secret to the QIAD team until the Celebration party on October 19th!



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                                    Quilter’s Paradise

                                    When Quilter’s Paradise closed their retail shop, to focus on their laser cutting services, they thought they sold off all of their inventory. They’ve just spotted a few things in their warehouse that were not sold and have a limited supply of items for sale at amazing prices. 

                                    Check out their amazing deal on selected Books ,  Perle CottonFloss and EQ7 upgrade opportunities.

                                    EQ7 Upgrade Photo
                                    Amazing price for EQ7 upgrade software (for EQ6 users only).  Lowest price SewCalGal has ever seen.

                                    Don’t forget this great opportunity is only good while supply lasts!


                                      Full Disclosure - Affiliates with QuiltShopGal