I had the pleasure of meeting Christina Cameli at Fall Quilt Market, 2013.  She was at market promoting her first book “First Steps in Free-Motion Quilting” and also teaching classes on free-motion quilting.  I was also able to pop in and observe her class, where I was able to get my first experience with her teaching style and I found her to be a wonderful teacher and stitch lovely free-motion quilting.

Christina now has two books on free-motion quilting, both published by CT Publishing:

First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting: 24 Projects for Fearless Stitching

 Click here if you want to check out my review of this excellent book on free-motion quilting.

Step by Step Free-Motion Quilting, by Christina Cameli, was published January 2015 and is now beginning to appear in quilt shops.  Of course, if you do not see it, let them know you are interested.  I will be sharing more insights on this new book soon.

Christina is also an instructor at Craftsy.  Her online class is called “The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting“.  And I’m delighted to be able to share insights with you today, as I’ve just completed this class and absolutely loved it!

After my first year of free-motion quilting, where I spent time taking as many FMQ classes, watched as many FMQ DVDs, and read as many FMQ books as I possibly could, I was so impressed with what I learned and how much fun I had.  But I continue to  learn from taking classes, buying FMQ books and DVDs and continued practice.  It seems with each class, book, DVD I learn more designs, and continue to have fun learning/improving my skills.

What I think is great about Christina’s class is it is perfect for beginners, as well as experienced FMQ quilters.  I learned so many news designs, great tips, trouble shooting and design de-construction techniques by completing this class.  And, I’m confident that my top stitch quilting on my future projects will reap the benefits!    Here is what I can tell you about this class, based on class info:

About the Instructor:

Christina Cameli has been free-motion quilting for over a decade, and writes the quilting blog A Few Scraps. She is the author of First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting and Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting, and contributes to numerous publications, including Stitch, Quilts and More, Quilty and The Quilt Life.

Each lesson Christina walks you thru the design by showing how to sketch it, stitch it out, as well as showing many variations of the design, along with tips and tricks for troubleshooting.

Course materials include downloadable booklet has a drawing of the FMQ designs.  Of course, it is up to you to decide if you want to stitch one or all of the designs on practice pieces, or actual projects. But don’t forget the classes on Craftsy allow you to take these classes at your leisure, repeat as often as you wish, as well as interact with the teacher and fellow students.  From my perspective Craftsy classes are an exceptional value and an excellent way to learn/improve your skills.

Lesson 1: Nested Designs (23.57 minutes)

This Lesson is organized in the following chapters: Getting Started, How Nesting Designs Work: Pebbles, Double Pebble, Asterisk, Beach Ball, Web & Quantum, Ovals, Rectangles and Triangles,  and Re-creating Nestled Designs

lesson 1 nestled designs

Lesson 2: Beads on a String Designs (31:20) minutes)

This Lesson is organized in the following chapters: Basic Bead Designs, Asterisk Design, Flower Design, Slyph Design, Interlocking Square Spirals, Tuft Design, Adding Lines, Creating Guiding Lines, and Deconstructing Beads.

lesson 2 beads on a string designs

Lesson 3: Echoing Designs (22:30

This Lesson is organized in the following chapters: Finding Starting Points, Variations, Stitching Emerging Designs, Filling Empty Spaces, Approaching Edges, and Troubleshooting Empty Triangles.

I felt this lesson had excellent examples of light and shadow, for where your eye will be drawn to and tips for how to quilt to find a good balance.  Christina also shared great tips to fill open space.

lesson 3 emerging designs

Lesson 4: Climbing Designs (27:17)

This Lesson is organized in the following chapters: Basic Echoing Designs, Echoing Variations, Deconstructing an Echoing Design, and Moving without Traveling.  You’ll also learn tips for turning corners and more!

lesson 4 echoing variations

Lesson 5: Climbing Designs  (27:17)

Lesson is organized into the following chapters:  Climbing with Feathers and Spirals,Climbing Motif Variations, Antler, Climb Freely, Turning Corners, Blooms, On Borders, and All Over Climbing Designs.

lesson 5 climbing designs

Lesson 6: Branching Designs (20:17)

Lesson is organized into the following chapters: Branching Basics, Building Branches, Branching Variations, and Deconstructing Branching Designs.  Christina also shared troubleshooting insights for when you have a light spot that may be too large, without any quilting.

lesson 6 branching designs

Lesson 7: Follow Along Designs (21:34)

Lesson is organized in the following chapters: Overview, Twinkle, Turning Corners, Using Open Space, Dandy Feather and Auditioning Designs.

lesson 7 follow along designs


My Conclusion:

Christina is an excellent free-motion quilting teacher, for quilters of all levels. This online Craftsy class is an exception value and Christina does a great job sharing a large number of designs, where she provides a good de-constructing of designs to allow attendees to visualize them before they stitch, as well as great examples of seeing how to stitch these designs out.  In addition, on the Craftsy platform attendees can ask questions, post photos and solicit feedback from fellow students as well as the instructor.  Christina does a great job providing feedback in a timely manner.

Be sure to visit Christina’s blog, where she shares tips, tutorials and inspiration.  You’ll also find more insights about this class on her inspirational blog.

 Did I mention a Sneak Peak on the 2015 Free-Motion Quiilting Challenge?

Christina will be one of the FMQ Experts that I will showcase in April.   There will be several ways to learn/improve your FMQ skills in this challenge, including:

1) Attendees of “The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting”  with Christina on Craftsy will also be able to use the designs, tips and techniques shared in this class in the April Challenge, as one of the options in April to enter will be based on this class.

2) For those that have a copy of “First Steps in Free-Motion Quilting“, and follow the instructions in this book to create a beautiful pillow that shows off your free-motion quilting.


3) Those that have a copy of the newest book by Christina, Step by Step Free-Motion Quilting, will also be able to use it as one of the options in the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge!

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