Today I’m kicking off a week of topics about free-motion quiting, starting with insights about a new stencil collection designed by Cindy Needham,  as well as a sale:

Cindy Needham is a Master Quilter, teacher, author, designer whom I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning, or improving their free-motion quilting skills.  I also strongly urge anyone interested in FMQ to check out her “Complete Collection” of e:books, as well as all of her Ultimate Stencil collections.

Cindy has just released a new Ultimate Border Collection and they are on sale thru May 5th ($10 savings).  And for those that may not have her Complete Ultimate Collection, this collection now includes the new Ultimate Border Collection, plus the original Ultimate Stencil Collection, the Ultimate Background Stencil Collection and the Ultimate Shape Collection.  Needless to say, the “Complete” collection is an amazing deal, with endless possibilities of designs.  And, it is also on sale thru May 5th.  Plus these stencil collections come with accompanying e:books appropriate for each stencil collection that will help show you how to use these stencils, as well as incorporate an amazing variety of designs for each stencil, with “your” projects, or to apply on project designs inspired by some of Cindy’s amazing work.

Today I want to share a few insights about the versatility of Cindy’s new Ultimate Border Stencil Collection:

It contains six different borders in three sizes each:

It also contains 12 different motifs in three sizes each:

Each border design comes with the “halfway”  lines already cut as well as the 45 degree line cut in the corner.

Each motif has the center point cut as a dot.  This allows you perfectly centered designs and easy repeats.  Each of the motifs is designed to be added as an embellishment to any of the six border designs or to be repeated as a border themselves!  These motifs can be used as designs in your quilt blocks too.

Cindy has written a 50+ page E-Book to accompany these stencils that includes many design inspirations on how to use each border design and motif and a full chapter on how to make borders fit.

The design possibilities with this set of stencils is limitless!  You are encouraged to combine motifs and stencils to make your own custom border designs.  Your borders will always be centered, your corners will always be “spot on” and the repeats will always be equal.

This 20 stencil set is on sale for one week only for $65.00. This will run $75.00 after the sale is over.   Cindy has a flat rate shipping for domestic orders for $5.00 and international for $12.00.  She’ll pick up the rest of the tab for postage

CLICK HERE to be taken to Cindy’s website to purchase!

Don’t forget, If you don’t own any of Cindy’s Ultimate Stencils and would like to purchase the complete package, Cindy is offering the Complete Collection of Stencils on sale for $165.  This will run for $175 after the sale.  It includes the Ultimate Stencils (4 pieces total); the Ultimate Backgrounds (20 pieces total); Ultimate Shape (4 pieces total) and the new Ultimate Borders (20 pieces total).  It also comes with instructional E-Books for each set totaling about 150 pages.

CLICK HERE to be taken to Cindy’s website to purchase!


You can find Cindy Needham at:


Here are links to previous posts where I’ve shared insights about Cindy Needham, as well as a few of her awesome free-motion quilting tutorials:

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