ultimate quilt challenge badgeThis summer, everyone is invited to participate in The Ultimate Free-Motion Quilting Challenge.  Quilters of all levels, from those new to free-motion quilting, those confident but want to practice and learn, those that are comfortable, as well as award winning quilters are invited to participate.  We’ll have plenty of sharing, tips and tutorials shared along the way, as well as our generous sponsors will create some added fun, as everyone that participate will have chances to win prizes.

Sponsors (preliminary list):

There will be several phases of this challenge, with different ways you can enter to win prizes:

  • VIRTUAL QUILT SHOW – PREVIOUSLY MADE QUILT: Kicks off June 15th, when a Linky Party is released, for those that have previously made a project, of any size/style, which incorporates free-motion quilting using any of the of the Ultimate Stencil Collections, by Cindy Needham. Share and inspire others.


{above} This quilt was made by Jacqueline and incorporates a variety of stencils from the Ultimate Background Stencil Collection.


{above} Block made by Lori Lucille Nanson Korell using the Ultimate Stencil Collection.

  • SKETCH/DOODLE Challenge: Kicks of July 15th, with a Linky Party,  where you can use the templates for the Ultimate Stencil Collection to sketch out your design ideas, share and inspire others.  Sharing is open to any design possibility with the Ultimate Stencil, regardless if you stitch it out or not.  Of course, if you stitch it out, we hope you’ll share that too!
  • VIRTUAL QUILT SHOW – PROJECTS MADE THIS SUMMER Kicks off August 15th, with a Linky Party, for those that create a project, of any size, any style this summer and show that you have used one or more of the stencils, from the Ultimate Stencil Collection, by Cindy Needham.
  • VOTING FOR YOUR FAVORITE Quilts (from all Linky Parties during this event) will be held the week of September 19th.
  • Prizes randomly awarded the last week of September.


ultimate quilting challenge badge

To clarify all entries must incorporate The Ultimate Stencil Collection and/ or The Ultimate Background Stencil Collection, by Cindy Needham.  The design possibilities with these stencils are endless, but if you feel stumped with what to create, throughout the summer, you’ll find tips, some tutorials, as well as many inspirational projects to help you learn/improve your FMQ skills.

The design possibilities are endless with these stencils.



Here is a message from Cindy:

Hi Everyone! I’m thrilled to be joining you once again for yet another FMQ challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your projects. I am trying to post as many of my students’ projects as possible using The Ultimate Stencils on my Pinterest page. If you would be interested in having me post YOUR project please send me a photo via email (linenqltr@comcast.net). You can access my Pinterest page via the home page of my website and be inspired by designs for your own project. Thank you and I’m excited to see what you come up with!  Hugs, Cindy 🙂

 I also highly recommend that you watch the Youtube videos that Cindy has created for to share insights on the Ultimate Stencil: https://www.youtube.com/user/linenquilter
ultimate stencil by cindy needham with blocks
Don’t forget Cindy has a 21-page booklet on these stencils that you can download for free, from her website.
ultimate stencil by cindy needham
Cindy has also written many handbooks (aka  e:books), which she updates annually.  While you can purchase these books individually, when you purchase the Complete Collection, you receive updated copies for free, every year.  Trust me, you’ll want the Complete Collection.  It is an amazing value, packed with Cindy’s insights for creating beautiful free-motion quilting, with easy to follow instructions and great visuals.
You can find Cindy Needham at:

PR Angels that can help spread the word about this 2016 Free-Motion Quilting Summer Challenge are certainly appreciated.  You also have my permission to use the artwork for this event, which is at the top of this post.

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  1. I have forgotten that I bought her set of stencils! I didn’t buy the book but I really should make a quilt and try them out. Thanks for the reminder Darlene!

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