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Welcome to another weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Party.  These are fun events to find inspiration, tips, tutorials, recipes and more for a variety of creativity.  As Craftsy has a big Memorial weekend sale going on, I also want to mention that Craftsy is also a great resource for online classes, Aurifil thread, fabrics and other notions – and there are some great deals to be found this weekend:     Plus, as an Affiliate, when you click thru my site to purchase something on Craftsy (or Amazon) you pay the same price, but a few pennies of your sale goes toward “supplementing” postage expenses for prizes that I ship for giveaways and “surprize prize”.

Speaking of postage, I just mailed out a stack of surprize prizes to a number of participants that have been sharing in our #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties.  I’ve been trying to send out little handmade gifts, but as I was also shipping books the rate was much cheaper for me to ship the book at media rate and not include the little handmade item.  I’ll send that out later, under a different package.  But as there isn’t a media rate for international postage, I was able to include the little handmade item in with the book to a participant in Canada.

Did you know shipping a book within the US is about $2.50-$3.50 (postage rates increase again this coming Monday), but to ship that same book to Canada is about $10, to Europe about $15 and to Australia about $20.  Ouch!  So, my friends, you can see why I became an Affiliate at Craftsy and Amazon and appreciate those that remember to click thru my site when they purchase something, as it does help “supplement” my postage expenses.  In the meantime, I’m trying to gate the number of prizes I ship so that I don’t go too deeply in the red on any given month.  Prizes will definitely slow down this summer, but hopefully will pick up this Fall.  And, I do have some e:prizes as well as prizes that will ship from Sponsors to give out this summer.

Ok, back to our #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties…..

 Last week, many creative people shared inspirational projects.  

Marsha (Quilter in Motion) lives her RV, traveling, quilting, cooking and shares inspiration on her delightful blog. This past week she shared insights for organization using the “One Hour Basket” pattern, from Hearts and Bees.


This definitely looks like a fun and fast project to make cute baskets to help organize, as well as to give as gifts.  If you didn’t see her post, take a few minutes to click thru and see more photos and insights about this inspirational project.  She also has a delightful blog where she shares many inspirational projects, tips, tutorials and recipes!  Speaking of which, recipes are creative….so please feel free to share your favorite recipes in our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties.


As always. our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties are open for any form of creativity that you want to share, so long as it is your own.  It is optional to share something for the theme of the month. Still, I ask that you review the guidelines first, which are listed below.

While not required, I do appreciate it when bloggers share a current post and encourage others to come share their creativity.  I also hope everyone will click thru and visit all of the entries, for more inspiration, as well as to check out the blogs that have shared, as they frequently have very creative blogs with oodles of #CreativeGoodness.

I’ve just sent out emails to a batch of randomly selected participants of the weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties who will receive “surprise prizes” for participating.  Many of these prizes are handmade by me and some are items that help create a project.  They are “little gifts” to say thank you for sharing and inspiring your creativity.  

As cooking is also a form of creativity, I want to remind everyone sharing of your favorite recipes is also welcomed.  Maybe you have a favorite summertime recipe you want to share.  Or maybe you have a paper craft project, or other handmade project you want to share.  Don’t forget all forms of creativity, so long as you made it, are welcome.  Tips and tutorials are also appreciated.

Monthly “Optional” Themes:

– May: Blues, Greens, Creams, Flowers
– June: Whites, Brides,Weddings, Anniversaries, #KidfriendlyProjects,#SummerCamp
– July: Red, White and Blues (Patriotic), #KidfriendlyProjects, #SummerCamp
– August: Summer Colors, #KidfriendlyProjects, #SummerCamp
– September: Primatives, #FallGoodness
– October: Orange, Black, Purples
– November: Primatives, Browns and Blacks
– December: Holidays, Sweets, Blues, Silver, Reds, Greens, Whites, #GlitterGoodness


Sharing is quite flexible and open to Bloggers and non-Bloggers.

  • Sharing is limited to anything you have created, for any form of creativity.  Tips and tutorials are always appreciated, but not required when you share.  For now, I do ask that sharing exclude links to such things as patterns for sale, challenges, quilt-alongs, or other items where the person sharing may want help with PR.  If this is your situation, feel free to email me and discuss first, but there are other ways to pursue such PR and in many cases I’m happy to help.
  • Like non-Bloggers, Bloggers can share old things.  But, of course, I do appreciate those that take time to write new posts, as well as those that encourage others to come join these weekly parties.  As you can only share an old project one time, you’ll need to remember if you shared it previously.  Thus, sharing new blog posts is so much easier to know if you have previously shared (or not).  I do want to clarify, participants in other challenges (eg. 2015 FMQ Challenge) also have the option of sharing in these weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties, as appropriate.


  •  Non-bloggers can participate in weekly linky parties by using and uploading a photo of their projects to a Flickr group “CreativeGoodness.  They can upload as many photos as they want to share to this Flickr group, but they are only allowed to link 5 photos to the linky party (any weekly linky party). And, once they’ve lined a photo they can not share that link in future linky parties.  Links shared must also fit the weekly theme for the respective weekly linky party. Please only link to pictures you’ve uploaded to this group and not to other areas:   If you do not know how, please check the FAQ list.


  •  When you join one of these linky parties, you automatically give me approval to snag a picture from your post, whereby I can share it in a future post with a link on my blog to highlight your project.  To clarify, periodically I will showcase a participant and their entry to help increase awareness and inspire others.


  • Winners of “surprise prizes” will receive an email.  If they do not wish to claim their prize, or they do not claim it within 5 days, their prize goes back into the “pool” for a future drawing.  Due to my schedule, no prizes will be awarded for June-July-August, but we’ll have a larger prize pool in the Fall that will include participants who shared during the summer months.
  • I reserve the right to remove your link without notifying you, if your link does not align with the objectives and guidelines of this event.  To clarify, links that don’t promote creativity and inspiration, links that are posts for PR purposes, etc., are at risk of being removed.

 A new linky party will be hosted on QuiltShopGal every Friday.  I hope you’ll come join the fun. Don’t forget that, while not required, I appreciate those that share the badge for this event and invite others to participate, as well as visit all the bloggers and non-bloggers that share in these weekly linky parties.

Email QuiltShopGal if you have questions at Darlene at quiltshopgal dot com.  Of course, I’d also like to hear any suggestions you may have too!

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