Welcome to another weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Party.  Everyone is welcome to participate. You can share anything creative you made, including recipes of #YummyGoodness. The OPTIONAL theme this month is Winter Blues and Whites, Primatives, #NewGoodness, but anything creative is welcome!  This is all about Creating, Sharing and Inspiring!  And, periodically we will have some surprise prizes.  F&W Media will be one of our sponsors for our next round of prizes to be randomly awarded to participants in these weekly Linky Parties.

Creative Goodness at QuiltShopGal

Thank you for those who shared their favorite #CreativeGoodness projects last week.  Sheree McKee (SewFabSew) shared a fun tea bag tutorial perfect for Valentine’s Day.  And, you can use this tutorial to make luggage tags and more. 

sewtag_0430sewtag_final copy


Weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties are all about creating, sharing and inspiring.  Bloggers and non-bloggers are invited to participate and share any form of creativity that they wish to share.  January linky parties have an “optional” theme of: Winter Blues and Whites, Primatives, #NewGoodness.

To join the party this week, simply click the linky tool below and follow the steps to add the url to your blog post or picture in the Flickr Group.


1) Sharing is open to old projects (old blog posts), but new projects(new blogposts) are also appreciated.  While not required, QuiltShopGal encourages participants to recognize the designers, source of patterns, websites, etc., and share any information to help those inspired to be able to create a similar project.  After all, “Inspiration” is what our linky parties are all about, as well as creating and sharing.

2) Non-bloggers can participate in weekly linky parties by using Flickr.com and uploading a photo of their projects to a Flickr group “CreativeGoodness.  They can upload as many photos as they want to share to this Flickr group, but they are only allowed to link 5 photos to the linky party (any weekly linky party). And, once they’ve lined a photo they can not share that link in future linky parties.  Links shared must also fit the weekly theme for the respective weekly linky party.

3) When you join one of these linky parties, you automatically give me approval to snag a picture from your post, whereby I can share it in a future post with a link on my blog to highlight your project.  To clarify, each week I will happily showcase a participant from the prior weeks’ linky party.


  A new linky party will be hosted on QuiltShopGal every Friday.  I hope you’ll come join the fun.

~ Create ~ Share ~ Inspire ~ #CreativeGoodness ~

Email QuiltShopGal if you have questions at Darlene at quiltshopgal dot com.


This week, as well as for all future linky parties, any #CreativeGoodness sharing will always be welcome regardless of the theme.  You decide.  But each month will have a theme where you can share anything you feel fits the theme in any of the linky parties that month.  Tutorials are also very welcome.  You decide what you want to share, what type of creative project you want to inspire others with, and you will never be limited to a theme.  But, at the same time, there will be opportunities to share themed projects.

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– January:- Winter Blues and Whites, Primatives, #NewGoodness
– February: Reds, Pinks, Valentines
– March: Greens, St. Patricks Day
– April: Pastels, Spring, Easter
– May: Blues, Greens, Creams, Flowers
– June: Whites, Brides,Weddings, Anniversaries
– July: Red, White and Blues (Patriotic), #KidfriendlyProjects
– August: Summer Colors, #KidfriendlyProjects

– September: Primatives, #FallGoodness
– October: Orange, Black, Purples
– November: Primatives, Browns and Blacks
– December: Holidays, Sweets, Blues, Silver, Reds, Greens, Whites, #GlitterGoodness

 Blog Migration Update: Continuing to work on setting up my new blog home the way I want it.  I really like WordPress, but still researching and learning about a variety of plugins.  Currently trying to find plugins that show a thumbnail and brief text of posts in a specific category. Have found a couple of plugins, but not quite working the way I want.  In the meantime, the basic plug in that lists prior posts in a specified category seems to max out at 10 posts and I haven’t yet figured out how to get it to show more.

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Here is a list of links to previous #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties:


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  1. linked up a BE warm block. Can you write in BIG what the theme is?? I’m lazy and have to scroll thru and look…..sometimes hard to find, or maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee this morning 😉

  2. Thanks for the shout-out on my Tea Tag and blog. I just completed my first year of blogging about fabric postcards. I still have a lot to learn! I only hope my blog will eventually be as nice as yours! Sheree McKee

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