Sadly, this is the final day of our AccuQuilt Christmas theme blog hop.  We hope that we’ve inspired you with some fun projects.  My apologies for my post being released late today, but seems my original post disappeared.  As this also happened to Leona this week, I suspect those blogger mice may have had one too many eggnog at one of their computer Christmas parties this week!.

The blogs participating in this blog hop, are quilters that use Modern Quilting Tools and love their AccuQuilt products!  In addition to great insights, many will also be offering giveaways that they’ll announce on their respective day of the hop.  Plus, our sponsor has a special giveaway opportunity for you too!

First, I’d like to recognize and thank those that have participated in this blog hop:

Leona (Leona’s Quilting Adventure), Cherry (Cherry Bossoms), Terrie (Bits & Pieces), Nancy (Tattered Garden), Katrina (Sunshower Quilts), Jacque (Lily Pad Quilting), and Paulette (Sweet P Quilting and Creations).

I also want to recognize and thank AccuQuilt for being a sponsor for this blog hop and donating a special prize.

Time for me to share my project with you.  I wanted to make something crafty vs quilty and I loved the idea of a yo-yo Christmas tree with cute red buttons.  This project is very easy  to make, especially with the help of an AccuQuilt and a circle die!  When the lighting in my home is better, later today, I’ll update this post with better photos.  So, for those of  you seeing not very inspiring photos of this tree, I hope you’ll check back (or that you are good and imaging a beautiful table with this tree as a Christmas centerpiece).
To make this Christmas Tree, I started with the following supplies:
– green foam cone that you can easily find at Michaels, JoAnns, or another craft store
– small clay pot that fits underneath the tree (green foam)
– assorted collection of green fabrics (I used various Hoffman Christmas prints)
– red buttons
– fabric glue
– AccuQuilt and a circle die
After quickly cutting my circles, using the medium size circle on the GO! Circle die, I then made my yo-yo’s.  You simply using a running stitch to turn down the outer 1/8″ – 1/4″ inch of the fabric.  The smaller the amount of fabric you can turn down the smaller the hole will be in your yo-yo, allowing you to use smaller buttons.
After stitching completely around the circle, pull the thread thru to draw it tight.  At first it looks like a little night cap, but you can lightly finger press it flat to form the yo-yo.
Add one red button to cover the center hole of the yo-yo and tie off your thread on the backside.
From the scraps of fabric left from cutting the circles, I glued these pieces to the green foam.  This step helps to cover the green foam, so that when you place your yo-yos on the foam tree, you see fabric in between the yo-yos vs  green foam.
Now you are ready to glue the yo-yos to the covered tree.

Next, I  placed the tree on top of the clay pot, but you could glue your tree to the clay pot if you wished.

Again, this is a very easy craft project.  I’d actually like to make a collection of these Christmas Trees, of various sizes.

But this particular Christmas Tree is going to be a gift in a gift exchange at a quilty party on Monday.  Shhhh!  Please don’t tell anyone this is what is in my bag!  LOL!

Did I mention a giveaway?  Today, I have a simple giveaway that will help someone make one of these cute Christmas Trees.  The winner will get a bundle of circles, enough to make this tree (or another project).  To enter, simply be a follower and leave a comment to let me know you would like to win this bundle of Hoffman Fabrics pre-cut with an AccuQuilt.  I will randomly draw a winner and announce next Friday.  Just one comment entry, per person, please.

Don’t forget to GO! enter to win the prize generously donated by our sponsor.  Yes, AccuQuilt is playing Santa and some lucky winner will be notifed on Christmas morning that they’ve won a GO! Baby.

Also, today is not just my day in this blog hop, but also the day for Paulette (Sweet P Quilting and Creations) so please be sure to pop on over and see her tutorial and insights today too.  And, if you haven’t yet visited all of the other blogs in this hop, I hope you’ll take time to visit them.  They have shared some excellent tutorials with inspirational projects, as well as many fun giveaways: Leona (Leona’s Quilting Adventure), Cherry (Cherry Bossoms), Terrie (Bits & Pieces), Nancy (Tattered Garden), Katrina (Sunshower Quilts), and Jacque (Lily Pad Quilting).

Lastly, I want to announce the winner of last Friday’s giveaway sponsored by the Electric Quilt Company, for a copy of EQ7.  The winner is:  VickiT


update:  Winner of the giveaway, for the Hoffman Christmas fabrics cut with the AccuQuilt circle die, to make a yo-yo Christmas tree is: #14 Josie McRazie (insanity defense)

note: I will not be responding to comments for entries in this giveaway, due to volume of emails I’m currently receiving.

AccuQuilt is also giving away 22 free quilt patterns for those that sign up for their newsletter. Simply click on the image below to sign up.
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61 comments on “Day 5 of the AccuQuilt Christmas Theme Blog Hop & Giveaway(Final Day)”

  1. Great idea! It would be so much quicker cutting the circles out with a Go than a pair of scissors!
    I would love to win some!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh this is so cute….You know I need to make something for our guild on Tuesday night and I think this would be perfect. Thanks so much for the tutorial I will post a pic on my blog but I will have to make mine for me out of something else or get more green fab…lol Also thank to the other ladies for joining in on the fun and to AccuQuilt for being Santa this year…I am still keeping everything I have doubled for a win.
    Oh and congratulations VickiT what an awesome prize to win…

  3. Cute Christmas tree. I’m sure the receiver of this tree will love it. Have a Merry Christmas. And thank you for the fun blog hop.

  4. Thank you so much for posting about why people don’t win give aways! I would never have known had you not told me! I sure appreciate your help in this.

  5. Can I tell you something funny? I was looking at your Isacord to Sulky chart. At the top you have used the word Sukly instead of Sulky. Just thought you’d like to know. Sure love your blog and I can’t wait for the FMQ challenge!

  6. I would love to win the bundle of Hoffman Fabrics pre-cut in circles with the AccuQuilt Circle dye. I just purchased my Go cutter and have to wait to get more dyes. Thank you for hosting this blog hop. I certainly have enjoyed it and all the good tutorials.

  7. I would love to win these pre-cut circles…I hate cutting circles and shy away from projects with circles…if I win this, I would be very joyful! Thanks for a great week of ideas and inspirations!

  8. I am a follower who doesn’t have the circle dies, looking at this I can see doing squares for prairie points and having a unique tree to display in the center of the table.

  9. Thank you Sew Cal Gal,AccuQuilt and all of the lovely gals that did this really fun and inspiring blog hop giveaway! I am a follower and would love to win!

  10. Pre-cuts are always great–think how much time I’d save with your cute circles instead of my scissor-cut ones. Thanks for the chance to enter. I’m a follower, for sure.

  11. Thanks for the great tutorial – I LoVe yo-yos and like your use of the little clay pot! Thanks for the great giveaway and this wonderful blog hop.

  12. Thanks for the tute and the giveaway. It has been fun to see what everyone has been making with their dies. Thanks for organizing the blog hops.

  13. That’s such a clever idea to use the clay pot for your yo-yo Christmas tree. Thanks for giving us a chance to win this pre-cut fabric for our own tree.


  14. That yoyo tree is great! I will be picking up some things to start making one today! And add it to my list of 40 things I want to make in the next week. loL!

  15. How adorable.
    Sure I’d like to win those circles.
    Also I have ordered myself a accquilt GO Baby so Santa can give it to me……I can’t wait!
    I’ve been lusting after one long enough :0)

    Happy sewing and Merry Christmas

  16. What a great idea! Love your tree. Yes please, I’d love to be in the drawing.

    Thank you and Accuquilt for your giveaway and a chance to win.
    I’m a follower as well.


  17. Without circles cut for me, I would not tackle cutting circles with scissors for the yo yos. Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway and perhaps get to make my first yo yo using your die cut circles. I follow.

  18. you’ve been in my google reader for over a year, but just now became a “follower” 🙂

    I’d love to win your bundle of Hoffman Fabrics pre-cut with an AccuQuilt. What an adorable tree project you shared!

    Merry Christmas! ~bonnie

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