Have you found good Youtube videos that you’d like to easily watch again and/or watch when you are offline?

There are times when I want to watch Youtube videos without having to go thru Youtube.  To clarify, I like having them saved on my tablet to watch at my liesure, as well as when I’m traveling.  Free-Motion Quilting videos, as well as other tutorials are a great example of Youtube videos that I like to download and watch again and again, to embed it in my muscle memory, as well as to simply have creative fun when traveling.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to download Youtube videos.  I originally thought I’d share insights on my top FAVS, but I have concluded that the easiest to use free version is what I’d like to share with you today:

ClipGrab is a free downloader for Youtube, Vimeo and many other online video sites.

You simply visit their website and download their free software: http://clipgrab.org/

In this example, I’m showing how I downloaded Youtube videos by Patsy Thompson.  She has a variety of videos for beginners interested in Free-Motion quilting, to various levels of free-motion quilting, machine embroidery and more.  But as I don’t always have time to watch them while connected to the internet, I like to download them to my tablet and watch while offline.

To download a copy of a Youtube video, run your installed ClipGrab software. The menu main menu will appear:

how to copy a youtube video

Steps are really quite easy:

1) Open your browser in Youtube to view a video you want to download.  Copy the url for that video.

2) In the ClipGrap menu paste that url into the first box, which is above “Format”.

3) Click the “Grab It” button to engage the software to copy the Youtube video.

4) Respond to prompts to save your copy in a location that you want. For me, I copy to my dropbox account to make it easier to move a copy to my tablet.

clipgrab video


You can add a number of videos to a que for copying and the ClipGrab software menu will let you know when they have been completely copied.  You can then leave these copies on your computer, or move them to your tablet, smartphone, or another device.



You can find ClipGrab at:


ClipGrab also has a good FAQ and Support: http://clipgrab.org/support

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