Do you enjoy seeing kids being creative?  Maybe spending a Crafternoon with kids?  With so many budget cuts to schools, many creative arts programs have been cut and kids have fewer  opportunities to be creative, while in school.  

But as school will soon be out for many, I’m hosting a free virtual Summer Camp where I’ll showcase a variety of creative products, tools and projects that I hope will inspire kids to spend time this summer being creative. And, ideally, maybe some family craft time.

You may be aware that last Fall I hosted blog hop with friends to help inspire kids to be creative where we showcased a variety of #KidFriendlyProjects that were packed with #CreativeGoodness.  It was so much fun seeing what kids created, as well as family craft time, that I decided this summer I would host a free virtual #SummerCamp and I hope you, your friends, all your kids, grand kids, neighborhood kids and any other kids you know will come join the fun.

Summer Camp will officially Start the first week of June and go thru mid-September.   Every Tuesday and Thursday I’ll showcase patterns, books, tools, tips, tutorials,  projects and more, which will all be  packed with #CreativeGoodness.  They will also make for great  #KidFriendlyProjects as well as family craft time.  I hope to inspire you to turn this summer into a creative one for your kids, gkids, or any kid you have a chance to be creative with this summer.  

happy Crafternoon time

There will be a variety of creative projects that will be showcased include quilting, sewing, embroidery, beading, doodling, and more!  

Of course, if you make any of these projects this summer, or do any other creative things with kids, I hope you’ll share them in our #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties that I host every Friday.  


Want to know how to join #SummerCamp?

Everyone is welcome to join #SummerCamp, but there have been a few changes due to lack of participation.  To clarify, we’d love to have you participate but we no longer have a linky party to join, nor will there be prizes awarded at the end of this event.  Participants are asked to share what they create on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and use the Hashtag #SummerCamp.

Here is a list of links to previous posts for our virtual #SummerCamp 

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