Learn EQ8 with just 15 minutes a day of “Playtime”.  Seriously, you’ll be surprised how much you learn in a very short time.  And for those that have already gained expertise with EQ7, or prior versions I want to also encourage you to try 15 minutes of play with EQ8 while you gain familiarity with the new look and enhancements.  It really is playtime!


Don’t have EQ8 software?  Check out this overview video from the Electric Quilt Company to learn about this new software that was designed to be user-friendly,  faster, more intuitive, and more creative!

note:  Should you have a problem viewing this embedded video, here is a link to watch it directly in Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqgn5hpEl84

There are a lot of tutorials available from the EQ Team: Do You EQ  is  a great site to find tutorials and more to learn EQ8.  The EQ Channel on Youtube also has helpful video tutorials.  Plus, there are a lot of bloggers and teachers that have shared free tutorials on their blogs and/or Youtube channels.  Using the approach of 15 minutes a day playtime, these tutorials can be started/stopped and repeated on your schedule.  When repeating any tutorial use it as a learning opportunity to see how much you remember and can do on your own!  Then progress to learning by playing with the software to create your own designs, 15 minutes at a time.  Just commit to 15 minutes a day (or when you can) and remember it is learning fun!

I’ve created a simple and short tutorial for EQ8 users to create a simple baby quilt.  This tutorial is also structured where you can start, stop, repeat anytime you want.  I also encourage you to do so, until  you are confident with the steps and can do it on your own.  Once you are comfortable, I want to encourage you to take this simple design and modify it to make it your own.  Punch it up in design and/or size, as you desire.  Possibilities are endless.

Let’s start playing with EQ8 for 15 minutes.  Game on!  If you have any problems, questions, feedback feel free to email me or leave a comment.  I will try to assist you, as well as update this tutorial, as appropriate, based on your feedback.

STEP 1 – Open EQ8 software and create new project









The PROJECT HELPER Menu  will appear.  In the CREATE NEW PROJECT tab, type the name of your project.  For this tutorial, we will call it “EQ8 Baby Quilt Tutorial”.  Then click “OK”.







STEP 2 – Design a block scratch:



Click on the “BLOCK WORKTABLE”







Underneath the BLOCK STYLES, you’ll find a helpful list of tips:












The Block worktable will now appear.





STEP 3 – Define the block


Set the size of the block width and height to 30″



Set the Snaps to 30″ for Horizontal and Vertical



Enable the snapping options:



STEP 4- Line Tool


Our quilt block is going to incorporate 4 rows of 2.5″ strips vertically and 1 horizontally. We will use the line tool to draw these rows on our design. Click on the line  tool.  



We are going to design in 4 four vertical strips (8 lines) where we will eventually use 2.5″ strips.  To start, click on the node that is 3″ down on the left side, hold, drag and release on the node directly on the right side.  Repeat same step at the 5″ side of the quilt.

2nd strip gets added to our design by repeating above at the 7″ and 9″ points.

3rd strip gets added to our design by repeating the original step, to add a strip, at the 23″ and 25″ points.

4th strip gets added to our designn by repeating the original step, adding our final vertical strip, at the 26″ and 28″ points.

Now, we have our quilt block with all of our vertical strips.








Next we use the line tool to add a 2.5″ strip (finishes as 2″) horizontally.  We’ll draw from top to bottom at the 3″ mark, as well as the 5″ mark.








As we want to optimize our strips with the least amount of cutting and sewing, we need to remove a few pieces of the lines where the strips overlaps.  Click on the vertical line and click on the the ADD NOTES AT INTERSECTIONS button.  Repeat for the other vertical line.



Our block now looks like this, with nodes at all intersections.








Click on the PICK TOOL. And then click on part of the overlapped line that we want to remove.  I recommend making the strips going vertical all one piece, but the strip going horizontal will need to be pieced.  Once we have clicked on the part of the line we wish to remove we simply press the DELETE key.  Repeat, as appropriate to remove unnecesssary pieced seams in our design and we’ll end up with a design that looks like this:








Lines can also be moved.





Simply click on the EDIT tool.



Click on the node for the line you want to move, hold, drag and release where you want it to be.






STEP 5 – Color

Click on the COLOR tab.


Click the Paintbrush tool






Click on the fabric or color you wish








Using the paintbrush tool, color the areas of your block as desired.








STEP 6 – add to Sketchbook

Click the “ADD TO SKETCHBOOK” button.



STEP 7 – print

Click the PRINT AND EXPORT button



The Print Options will appear:






Underneath, PRINT TIPS will appear:











Click YARDAGE to get your fabric requirements for this project.






Ooops. I just realized this quilt will take 1 + 1/4 yard of my primary fabric (if I use the primary fabric for binding too).  As I only bought 1 yard of my fabric, I can see 2 viable options: 1) Buy more fabric, or 2) Modify my design to make it smaller!  Stay tuned, to see what I do and how my finished Baby Quilt looks.  BTW – I’ll be sharing it on my new personal blog – Creative Latitude.  As I have to have this baby quilt ready for a baby shower on December 9th, I don’t have a lot of time.   Bet you could figure out how to use EQ8 to make this design smaller (or larger).  But whew, am I glad I used EQ8 software to design this quilt and provide fabric requirements before I began cutting up my fabric!

To print rotary cutting steps, we need to click on the block in the center of the quilt.  Then click the Rotary Cutting button.



A Rotary Cutting pop up chart appears, allowing the option to change default settings.  We will use the defaults and click













A step that is a must at the end of the project, but always good to do periodically throughout the design of a complex project is to “save”.  There are several ways to do this. From the main file menu 
FILE > SAVE AS > (name of your project)
Don’t forget “Playtime” in EQ8 broken into daily 15 minutes sessions can be great fun and excellent way to learn.   And, if you have feedback on this tutorial, or any questions, feel free to email me, or leave a comment. I’ll try my best to help you, as well as create future tutorials based on your feedback.
You can find the Electric Quilt Company at:
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