Special Announcement On the Old QuiltShopGal blog – Love & #Giveaways

It seems that when we move mail gets lost.  And, when a blogger moves, followers can get lost too!  Thus, I’m posting here on the “Old” QuiltShopGal blog to heighten awareness that I’ve moved.  And, as I don’t want you to miss some special love and giveaways I thought I’d add another post to this old blog, which will soon disappear.

Aurifil is sponsoring a giveaway which I’m hosting this week, where followers could win the new collection of “WOOF WOOF MEOW” by Stacy Iest Hsu.  This collection  has 12 spools of beautiful 50wt Aurrifil threads.

To win, be a follower of QuiltShopGal at my new website:  www.quiltshopgal2.wordpress.com, as well as my new personal blog, Creative Latitude:  http://creative-latitude.blogspot.com/ where this week you’ll find out how you can enter to win this beautiful thread collection, as well as other giveaways too!

There is a lot of Love with  #CreativeGoodness going around this month too!    You won’t want to miss the “Put A Little Love In Your Quilt Blog Hop”, hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.  You’lll find plenty of inspiration and even some giveaways in this fun blog hop.

Here is the lineup for this hop:

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New Home Celebration, Love #CreativeGoodness Celebration -#Giveaway Week

If you are an active follower you’ve probably heard I’m hosting a week of giveaways this week as I’m celebrating my new home (I moved to a low rent district on the internet), as well as my love of #CreativeGoodness.






To find out more, check out my new home at www.quiltshopgal2.wordpress.com.  Giveaways started this past Monday.  I’m having such fun that I think I’ll be hosting plenty of giveaways thru Valentine’s Day and they are open for quilters around the world, who follow me (at my new blog home).   QuiltShopGal has the same focus.  I just needed to move to reduce blogging costs.

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Scrap & Happy Quilts (and a Giveaway)

Today I’m thrilled to be able to share insights with you about a new book published by Martingale that is packed with #CreativeGoodness, as well as insights on two ways you can win a copy!   

badge for books with #CreativeGoodness copy

Scrappy & Happy Quilts: Limited Palette, Tons of Fun! by Kate Henderson is truly packed with scrappy, happy quilts that are easy to make as well as fall in love with.  These are all packed with #CreativeGoodness and happiness!



Create lively, colorful quilts–and say bye-bye to agonizing over color choices. With this collection of scrappy two-color and three-color quilt patterns, choosing colors is a snap. Plus, you can use up every scrap!

Start with yardage, scraps, or precuts: the choice is yours. And if you’ve got a LOT of one color in your fabric collection, these bright and beautiful quilts will make that color sparkle. The more of one color, the merrier!



Kate Henderson learned to sew clothes at the age of 12 and has sewn for herself ever since. After her twins were born in 2005, she began designing soft toys for them, which led to selling her toy creations as a way to stay sane while her babies were little. Soon she began selling patterns for the toys and quilts she was making. Kate lives in the southwest of Western Australia with her husband and four girls.



The two color and three color quilt patterns in this book are truly scrappy and happy quilts, with a limited palette, creating tons of fun!  This book is perfect for beginner quilters, as well as advanced quilters, who are looking for fun, fast, and refreshing designs to decorate their homes as well as for gifts.  I also think this is a great book for those interested in developing their skills and confidence when working with colors. 


Projects range in size from 28 1/2″ x 35 1/2″ to 72 1/2″ x 80 1/2″ and they all come with easy to follow instructions and great visuals.  Plus, there is a section for Fabric Selection and Color Schemes, as well as General Instructions, which provide good insights on basic quilting. 


With 13 projects in this book, this book is really an exception value, especially when you consider what the cost of a standalone pattern. 

I hope you get a chance to check out this new book at your favorite quilt shop.  Of course, if you don’t see it I hope you’ll let them know you are interested.  It is such a new book that they may not yet be aware of it.  And don’t forget you can find it online at Martingale, as well as Amazon.



Here are two different opportunities for you to win a copy of this super creative new book:

Stitch This, the Martingale blog, is hosting a giveaway and they are also sharing more insights about this new book.

QuiltShopGal followers will be able to enter to win a copy of this book next week, as QuiltShopGal kicks off a celebration week of giveaways at the new location for QuiltShopGal which you can find at:  www.quiltshopgal2.wordpress.com.  Followers of this blog, can claim an “extra entry” by leaving a comment on this blog letting me know how you follow this blog (e.g. email, BlogLuvin, an app, etc).

To clarify, the giveaway for this book, as well as other prizes, will be shared at the new home for QuiltShopGal during the week of January 22nd – 26th.  This giveaway is also open to WW blog followers.  Just be sure to follow at: www.quiltshopgal2.wordpress.com   



You can find Martingale at: martingale logo

You can find Kate Henderson at:




Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book: 59 Outline Designs to Fill with Free-Motion Quilting, Tips for Longarm and Domestic Machines, by Amanda Murphy

I enjoy researching, learning about, as well sharing insights on new books packed with #CreativeGoodness.  I’ll confess, I get even more excited when they help us learn/improve our freemotion quilting skills, especially ruler work for use on a domestic, mid-arm, or longarm machine.  And, today, I get to share insights with you about such a new book that will be available by mid-February 2018.

badge for books with #CreativeGoodness copy

Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book: 59 Outline Designs to Fill with Free-Motion Quilting, Tips for Longarm and Domestic Machines, by Amanda Murphy, is a great new perfect for any quilters of all levels who want to learn/improve their free-motion quilting skills and work with rulers.



Quilting rulers have long been used by longarm quilters to make uniform shapes while quilting, but now, with the advent of the domestic ruler foot, domestic quilters can join in on the fun, too! Amanda Murphy, best-selling author of the Free-Motion Quilting Idea Sampler, starts by showing you how to use 6 basic shapes of machine quilting rulers to lay a foundation for your quilting, then moves on to teaching you 59 different designs. Finish up by following Amanda’s suggestions for filling in the background space with free-motion quilting.

• Basic introduction to rulerwork, with tons of helpful information on using quilting rulers and ruler feet
Stitch 59 designs using 6 basic quilting ruler shapes, including straight lines, circles, and squiggles
Combine rulerwork and free-motion quilting with Amanda’s innovative suggestions


This is an excellent book for anyone interested in learning ruler work, as well as those experienced with ruler work but wanting to expand their skills with more rulers and/or more designs. 

Amanda shares insights on supplies and the quilting process, which are helpful for newbies to ruler work.  Designs are categories for using:   straight line rulers, curve rulers, circle rulers, oval rulers, squiggle rulers, s-curve and spine rulers, etc., with each section showing inspirational designs, many showing how you would stitch them out.  And Amanda shares helpful tips throughout this book. 

As Amanda is a Bernina Ambassador, the rulers showcased in this book are Bernina rulers, but the techniques and designs she teaches can be applied to a variety of brands of rulers on the market. 

I hope you get a chance to check out this new book at your favorite quilt store.  As it will be officially released in February, if you don’t see it, you may want to let them know you are interested in having them make this book available.  It is so new they may not be aware of it.  Of course, you can also check it out online at CT Publishing or Amazon.


You can find CT Publishing at:


You can find Amanda Murphy at:


The Quilt Show -A Free Ruler Mastery Series, by Gina Perkes







The Quilt Show has partnered with Gina Perkes, an award winning quilter, author, teacher, and also an Expert Free-Motion Quilting instructor, to offer a FREE 10-month program on ruler work.  This program was officially launched by TQS this past July, but I think there was some confusion (at least to me) about accessibility.  Thus, I want to try to heighten awareness of this free series, encourage everyone to participate, as well as help clarify how you can get access, as well as how easy it is to learn endless possibilities for quilting on a domestic, mid-arm, or longarm machine, from this free series.  

You need not purchase anything to benefit from this free Ruler Mastery Series(e.g. you need not purchase rulers, nor pay for the class series, nor be a Star Member of TQS)  to benefit from this program.  I’m confident that all attendees, regardless of confidence level with free-motion quilting or ruler work, domestic machine or longarm quilters,  will pick up tips & tricks, as well as find plenty of creative inspiration from this free series.  At the same time, I can honestly say that being a Star Member of The Quilt Show, as well as buying the collection of rulers and templates that Gina designed and is showcasing in this free workshop, are well worth it and provide great value.  But that decision is totally up to you. I just don’t want you to overlook a great opportunity of learning/improving your skills with freemotion quilting for “ruler work” on a domestic, mid-arm, or long-arm machine.

There are 10 lessons, in this free series, of which seven have now been released.  But you can start anytime, as well as watch and learn at your liesure, repeating whenever you you may desire.  In this series,  you can create a whole-cloth quilt sampler which showcases a different ruler every month by using a domestic sewing machine or a longarm machine.

Did I mention this class is FREE and open to everyone? You can start from the beginning at anytime and work through the different lessons.
Purchasing the rulers will help, but if you opt not to purchase, you can still come away with great tips and ideas for the rulers you have already, as well as free-motion quilting in general.  I can honestly say I’m so impressed with this free series, as well as these rulers, that I’ve ordered a set and eagerly looking forward to quilting with them.  The possibilities are endless. 
Everyone can easily access all of the sessions, as they are released click hereAnd, there are free class downloads too!   IF by chance you ever lose the link, you can search on the TQS website for “Gina Perkes” and you can click on the link for her Ruler Mastery Series to see the complete list of all released classes (5 more will be added to the current list).  But here are links to each of the currently released free video tutorials for Ruler Work with Gina Perkes:

Series 1 – The Shirley Ruler – released in July 2017.  

Gina kicks off this series sharing tips for the practice quilt for this series, but they will apply to just about any FMQ and/or ruler work you ever do. E.G. fabric selection, marking the class sample quilt, gripping aids, thread selection and plenty of tips & tricks.

Series 2 – The Grace Ruler – released August 2017

This ruler offers great foundational shapes, which you can add your own FMQ to these shapes. Gina also shares plenty of tips about practice pieces, tension, weight distribution of the ruler.

Series 3 – The Elizabeth Ruler – released September 2017

A contemporary shape in two sizes great for block designs, but also fun to fill this design with just about any FMQ motif.

Series 4 – The Daisy Mae Ruler Making circles & pedal shapes – released October 2017

I enjoyed seeing how Gina incorporated different petal sizes together, to create beautiful floral motifs, as well as adding a few petals in various areas to create more interest.

Series 5 – The Amelia Ruler – released November 2017

I was impressed with the versatility of this ruler and suspect that I’ll be using it now in almost every quilt.  Very versatile.  Fun to see how it can help quilt a block, as well as add shapes that you can opt to add just about any FMQ motif you wish.


Series 6 –The Bette Ruler – released December 2017




During this session, Gina shares how to use grids with a ruler.


Series 7 – The June Ruler – released January 4th 2018






Gina again shares insights about the use of “gripping aids”, when working with rulers.  You’ll learn a new approach to flying geese, yet different than what was shared with the Amelia Ruler.  This is a fun ruler to also incorporate freemotion quilting to create a stunning quilt.


Series 8 – The Baby Jane Ruler – to be released February 2018


Don’t forget you do not need to purchase any of these rulers to enjoy this Ruler Work Series with Gina.  But, if you decide to order the rulers I can honestly say I think they are a great value and you’ll enjoy using them for quilting your projects.  Possibilities are endless.  Plus, you can purchase rulers individually or the complete set showcased in this series, which includes stencil templates that help to mark your projects for use of ruler work.

TQS website hosts a forum, which also has a section for participants in this free Ruler Master Series to interact with each other.  This is a great forum for questions, as well as sharing and inspiring like minded people.  Here is a link:  https://thequiltshow.com/forum/ruler-mastery-class-by-gina-perkes

Thank you TQS & Gina Perkes for this fun and educational FREE Ruler Work Series.

Also, for those that are TQS Star Members, be sure to check out the following episodes with Gina Perkes:


Not a member of TQS? As mentioned, you need not be a member of TQS to participate in the Ruler Mastery Series, but TQS does provide a lot of value, fun, free patterns, inspiration and great shows to subscribed members.  Plus, if you join (or renew) now you get a FREE choice of Alex’s Quilter Select 3″ x 12″ non-slip ruler or a 5 piece set of replacement rotary blades.  That’s a gift valued up to $23.99 and TQS is also providing free shipping in the USA.

You can find The Quilt Show at:




You can find Gina Perkes at:




Ten Fun Projects For Valentine’s Day

Today, I’m looking ahead with plans for creativity and hoping to inspire you to do the same.  Maybe you already have plenty of handmade items for Valentine’s Day, or maybe you’d like to make something new for yourself and/or a gift.  Here are a few projects that have caught my attention:

LEAH DAY Hearts and Feather Wholecloth Quilt workshop for learning/improving your freemotion quilting skills.  She also has a  sweet Stitch n’ Paint Love machine embroidery design that is super creative and fun!


BEJEWELED QUILTS BY BARB has a number of beautiful designs that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.  This sweet applique table topper just seems perfect for decorating your home, as well as making for a gift.  It is a downloadable pattern available in Barb’s Craftsy Store.


SEW KAREN-LY CREATED   amazing has an amazing quilt  pattern, called I Heart NYB, includes a variety of design options, for making quilts, as well as this stunning heart shaped table topper.  Her pattern isavailable on Craftsy.







SARAH VEDELER has is well known among machine embroidery enthusiasts and her Hearts design collection has endless possibilities.  Perfect for quilts, wallhangings, table toppers, pillows, clothing embellishment, even greeting cards, or small projects that you could frame.

NICOLA ELLIOTT of Picture Stitch has a variety of designs, including many beautiful “sketch” style machine embroidery designs, with many that are perfect for Valentine’s theme projects.  The possibilities of what you create with these designs are endless, but for me they inspire me to stitch out on silks, linens, or other high quality fabrics and framing them, or turn into a pillow, or other items.  I also think many would stitch out well on cardstock, to create a stunning greeting card. Again, possibilities are endless.


quiltshopgal's favorite tutorials

CONNIE KRESIN of Quilting By The River has a tutorial to make a sweet table runner with Hearts, called Piano Keys.

NICOLE here from Modern Handcraft shared a Big Love Quilt Tutorial, to create a stunning modern quilt with a heart design.  Click here to find it at Dear Stella Designs.








MARION of My Quilt Diet has a tutorial to make a beautiful heart quilt that also uses HST.









KAREN L. MILLER of Redbird Quilt Company  shared a tutorial for a sweet miniature quilt at the Moda Bakeshop, which also provides an excellent free-motion quilting tutorial. Stunning quilting and using her tutorial you too could make this!

JULIE CEFALU of The Crafty Quilter has shared a tutorial to make a beautiful Nordic Mini Quilt that makes a perfect wallhanging for Valentine’s Day.  She hosted a QAL for this design, awhile back, but the free tutorial is still available on her blog.

I hope you find inspiration in one or more of the designs that I’ve showcased today and decide to create something new for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  If you do, I’d love to see a picture.  You can email to me, but also feel free to post on my facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/quiltshopgal 

Welcome 2018 – Don’t Miss These Fun Opportunities for #CreativeGoodness



Today I’m welcoming in the arrival of 2018.  I also want to heighten awareness of some amazing creative “opportunities” that kick off this month, which could help you learn/improve your quilting skills, have loads of fun, and even an opportunity to help raise funds for a great cause:

Leah of Leah Day Designs will be hosting a free Machine Quilting Party in 2018.  This fun event kicks off January lst, 2018 and Leah will be releasing new videos every Monday. This quilting party is designed around her new book “Explore Walking Foot Quilting”.  But wait, if you haven’t (yet) bought this book, I still want to encourage you to check out this quilting party.  I think everyone will enjoy her the free videos, but I want to warn you I’m also confident you’ll quickly decide you want to buy this book.  It really is a great book and I’m confident this quilting party is going to be filled with #CreativeGoodness and loads of fun.  Click here to find the 2018 Machine Quilting Party Schedule and more details about the projects.






Patsy Thompson Designs kicks off a free  Ruler Work Winter Course that kicks off today, January lst, 2018.  Patsy will be releasing a new lesson every Monday and Friday, during January.  This is a great way to learn/improve your quilting skills for “ruler work”.   Check out her FAQ post, and be sure to follow her blog to get all her free lessons to be released during this free course.


The Fat Quarter Shop will kick off the Clementine Quilt Along on January 25th.





This fun event will go for seven months, ending on July 25, 2018. The pattern will be released one block at a time on the 25th of each month on the Clementine Quilt Along Landing Page This is a fundraiser to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  A suggested donation of $5 for every pattern download, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to a great cause. Plus, the Fat Quarter Shop and Moda Fabrics will match up to $20,000 of your donations in this 2018 St. Jude Fundraiser.









I hope you’ll check out these fun and creative events in 2018, hopefully joining where you can.

QuiltShopGal will try to help increase awareness of other fun and creative events in 2018 that catch my attention, as I hear about them.  But, feel free to leave a comment and share your insights about your plans for quilting and creativivity in 2018, as well as any event you want to recommend to others.


Carol of My Carolina Home will be hosting a Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along that will kick off early 2018. 

Bea of Beaquilter has kicked off a 2018 QUBE QAL, that showcases blocks you can make with the AccuQuilt Qube.


Wishing You A Happy New Year and Insights on Year End Sales

This has been a crazy year.  I’m glad I paced myself this year, taking a good chunk of time off of blogging. I had originally thought I’d completely shutdown QuiltShopGal this year, but I’ve concluded I really do enjoy learning about new products, as well as helping increase awareness of new products, events, designers, teachers, events, as well as encouraging everyone to push their skills to learn and improve, as well as make money with your skills (for those that may desire such).  Thus, I’ve decided to continue as QuiltShopGal, but at an easy pace as I don’t make money from QuiltShopGal and also don’t want to allow it to totally consume me.  I think I’ve figured out how to find a good balance for the future of QuiltShopGal vs my personal life and personal creativity.  BTW – Based on feedback, I did launch a personal blog this year and hope to do more work on it in 2018.  For those interested, you can follow my personal side of creativity at Creative Latitude.

What is your take on our world of quilting for 2017?  For many of us, for years, we’ve seen quilt shops shut down, as well as those in the business struggle with economic challenges.  While some are still economically challenge, I sure feel like we are closing this year with better economics overall and definitely seeing a big economic improvement for designers, teachers, authors, store owners, fabric manufacturers, etc…essentially “those in the business”.

Thank you to everyone who has supported their “local” businesses, as well as those that have helped support their favorite online quilting, sewing and embroidery businesses.  2017 has definitely been a year for sales, as many of us are now many of us are now taking advantage of such sales, to stock up with basics, or even splurge to buy something we’ve been dreaming about, but felt we couldn’t (or shouldn’t) afford.   As I came across some good deals for Year End Sales, I wanted to share a few that caught my attention:


CRAFTSY has up to 70% off supplies.  Wowser.

Cap Hill Cable Hat Knitting Kit is on sale for $7.44 (regularly 21.25).  I think I will buy this for friends that knit.  What do you think – good gift idea ?

Boundless Grand Pre-cuts on sale, price varies depending on cut (5″, 10″, 2.5″ strips or Fat Quarter).  All great prices starting at $4.80.

Boundless Solids Nothing But Neutrals on sale, price varies depending on cut (2.5″ strips, 6″ strips or Fat Quarter).  All great prices starting at $11.90

Lily  & Loom Butterfly bundle of one yard cuts only $52.50 (regularly $105)


SEWING MACHINES PLUS has a year end sale thru December 31st 2017.

They have an  amazing deal on King Quilter Special Edition 18×8 Long Arm Quilting Machine with Adjustable LED Handle Bars, 7 Inch Android Tablet, Professional Grade Stitch Regulation and FREE Bonus.


They also have a good deals on Westalee Rulers








As an Affiliate for Craftsy and Sewing Machines Plus.  If you click thru to their sites and make a purchase, your price remains the same, but I “may” receive a small fee back.  I use those funds to help “supplement” shipping costs for giveaways and prizes. Thus, I do appreciate those who kindly make such purchases and those that receive such prizes, which I ship (vs sponsors ship directly) they also benefit.  I have plenty of items I’d like to giveaway, but right now my quilty budget was negatively impacted with shipping of prizes this year.  With the help of followers who remember to use such links, when they are making purchases, will hopefully help fund many more giveaways in the New Year.  

An update on California Fires – Call for Quilt Blocks (and quilts) – Thomas Fire Relief Quilts

Today I want to share insights about the fires in California as well as a way you can help.   Helpers are also needed to increase awareness of how quilters can help.  I have seen grassroots efforts rally to send fabric to those that lost their homes, lost their stash.  Great intentions, but having lived thru prior fires that devastated homes of quilting and creative friends, I realize that this is not the time to send a quilter, or creative person supplies.  Those impacted by recent fires are still dealing with shock, loss, and trying to figure out the steps to recover.  While there are many ways to help, sadly after prior devastation, I’m not a fan to the Red Cross, but I have a way which I hope will inspire many quilters to help.  We just need to get the word out.  

To start, some background info:

We’ve had quite a few fires recently.  Most are still under investigation for the casue (e.g. arson, accident, etc), but Californians know that when these fires started, everyone was at great risk, because we had a lot of rain last year that created more brush in open areas, yet the summer and winter season has been unusually warm,  and lack of rain. Then, the fires pretty much happened during a period we call “Santa Ana winds” where the winds are blowing East to West, bringing higher temperatures and very strong winds to the area, helping fires spread quickly.

The Thomas fire has now become the largest fire in California’s history, with 280,000+ acres and 1,063 structures burned, and two deaths.  Devastation is larger than we’ve ever seen. Fortunately, while the Thomas fire is still burning, it is now ~89% contained and should be completely out in early January, according to the latest update from Cal Fire.   All of the other fires are now fully contained (doesn’t mean they are all out, just not spreading).  Firemen continue to closely monitor and work the area, to contain these fires.



With the strong Santa Ana winds, the fires were intense and spread quickly, taking out neighborhoods, ranches, and beautiful open acreage.

Fanned by strong Santa Ana winds, the Thomas Fire continues to burn near Ventura, CA.(Photo by Andy Holzman/SCNG)



Many  had to evacuate taking with a few items they could carry or pack into a car.


The fireman worked hard to save homes, even save animals that were left behind.

Skylar Fahlman surveys the damage along Via Arroyo after the Thomas Fire swept through the area Tuesday near Ventura.(Photo by Andy Holzman/SCNG)

Some have been able to get back into their homes, whereas some are just starting the process of sifting thru the remains to see if there is anything left that can be salvaged.


Cory Iverson of Escondido, a 32 year old Cal Fire fighter died fighting the fire.  He left behind a pregnant wife and two year old daughter.  A GoFundMe page has been created to raise money  for this young family.

Clearly families and businesses will be impacted for a very long time.  Right now, many are still in shock, and plenty are going thru the grieving process, while some are already working on plans to re-build.   There are so many that could use help.”


The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild has a call out for “quilt blocks” that are simple to make and can be made from fabrics in the stash of many quilters.  The guild plans to make these blocks into finished quilts to give to the victims of the Thomas Fire.  Of course, I’m sure they’d accept finished quilts, longarm quilting services, fabric donations, my recommendation is to send blocks that they’ve asked for, and contact them directly if you are interested in doing more.


They have a 12 1/2″ block desk called the “Perkioment Valley Block”, that they are using to make Thomas Fire Relieve Quilts.  I hope you will join me in making these blocks to help the victims of this terrible fire.


Here is a link to the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild’s call for block donations, which has more info available.



We hope and pray all the victims of the Thomas fire, like other fire victims will recover.  But it is a long hard process and for many life will never be the same.  Thus, a good quilty hug could certainly help bring good cheer to those families impacted by this terrible fire.  Again, I hope you’ll join me and make blocks that will be used to make quilts for these people. Maybe you belong to a quilt sew-cial group and/or quilt guild and you can rally your quilting friends to join in and help.  Every stitch, every block, is made with love and will help.


Completed blocks can be sent to:

attn:  Ventura Modern Quilt Guild
1794 E. Main Street
Ventura, CA 93001

Stitching Pathways, by Wendy Sheppard (and a Giveaway too!)

Today, I’m delighted to share insights on an excellent new book, by an amazing quilter, designer, teacher and author.  This book is a “must have” for any quilter interested in learning and/or improving their freemotion quilting skills.  I’ll also share insights about a giveaway, where you can enter to win a copy of this new book!

badge for books with #CreativeGoodness copy

Landauer Publishing has recently released Stitching Pathways: Successful Quilting on Your Home Machine, by Wendy Sheppard.


There’s nothing more fulfilling than saying, “I made this from start to finish.” Expert designer, author, and blogger Wendy Sheppard wants quilters of all skill levels to be able to make this statement through her new book “Stitching Pathways: Successful Quilting on Your Home Machine”.

Her beautiful visual guide will inspire quilters to get creative on their home machines and will inspire them to make gorgeous stitches — from feather plumes to swirly flowers and everything in between.  Wendy’s advice and proven methods will guid quilters through each step to build skill and confidence.  From straight line quilting to beautiful free-motion techniques, the book is packed with Wendy’s secrets for not only generating unique stitches, but also for caring for home sewing machines.  She does not skip a beat when it comes to covering both large and small projects alike.

You’ll find the following in Stitching Pathways: Successful Quilting on Your Home Machine.

  • Step-by-step stitch guides for over 25 quilting designs, which will increase confidence at each turn for basic to advance free-motion techniques.
  • Detailed diagrams and photographs to teach each design.
  • Wendy’s secrets to using and caring for your home sewing machine for quilting projects both large and small.
  • Quilt sampler projects included for perfecting new skils, each one with careful how-to-end and diagrams to guide the quilter each step of the way.
  • A unique approach to teaching machine quilting diagrams include directional arrows and rests for breathing and regrouping — essential for manuevering the quilt sandwich.

About Wendy Sheppard:

Wendy’s original designs have been featured in numerous publications, including The Quilter, Quilt Trend, American Patchwork & Quilting, Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting, and many others.  She is the author of Recreating Antique Quilts and Creative New Quilts from precuts or stash.  She also designs patterns for Benartex, RJR Fabrics, Quilting Treasures, and Island Batiks and threads for Aurifil.  In addition to her design work, Wendy shares her free-hand and machine quilting deigns and tips on her website ivoryspring.wordpress.com.  Wendy group up in Southeast Asia and has a degree in Chemical Engineering.  She currently lives in Dumfries, VA.


I love the entire “two cents”  approach to sharing tips that Wendy takes with this book, throughout this book.   This book kicks off with keys to free-motion quilting success, Wendy’s favorite tools and threads, and plenty of helpful Thread Talk/My Two Cents tips, which alone are well worth the price of this book. 

But wait, there is more – The chapter on Stitch Variations with 20+ quilting designs all have easy to follow instructions and great visuals, that will help you stitch these designs on your projects.  Wendy also shares insights on design principles for combining quilting motifs that I’m confident will help quilters of all levels learn and/or improve their freemotion quilting skills and make quilts with stunning FMQ. 

Wendy also shares ideas for how you can use the insights shared in this book to apply to quilting panel quilts, a stitch sampler quilt, as well as a fun Modern Star Sampler quilt.  I’ll confess I absolutely fell in love with her “Squares and Rectangles”  where she walks you thru how to use designs and tips shared in this book, to create an stunning Bird Applique’ wallhanging quilt that is 27″ x 27″, which is a great design that can show off your freemotion quilting skills that you can learn from this book!  But all of the project designs in this book are stunning and perfect designs to use for stitching out free-motion quilting motifs taught in this book, which will help you build skills to easily apply these designs on your own projects.


I hope you get a chance to check out this new book at your favorite quilt shop.  Of course, if you don’t see it let them know you’re interested. It is such a new book they might night be aware of it.  Don’t forget you can also check it out, as well as buy it online at Landauer Publishing, as well as Amazon.    Landauer also has a 30% off sale, thru December 22nd, on all downloadable ebooks, se use coupon code EOOK30 at checkout.



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