While I don’t typically share insights on upcoming events, while I’m still wrapping up past events (e.g. I’m trying to catch up with shipping prizes, announcing winners, auditing past events to ensure all winners have prizes, etc), something has caught my attention that I didn’t want to wait to share some great opportunities with you now:


This summer, I will be hosting a free-motion quilting challenge that is focused on helping you learn/improve your free-motion quilting skills.  This is a flexible challenge, for quilters of all levels, where I hope to inspire you to participate.  You’ll be able to enter just about any sort of project, finished or not:  e.g. practice sandwiches, table runners, wallhangings, baby quilts, full size quilts, pieced quilts, applique quilts, wholecloth quilts, etc. You’ll even be able to enter your sketched design ideas!

All entries will need to incorporate The Ultimate Stencil Collection and/ or The Ultimate Background Stencil Collection, by Cindy Needham.  The design possibilities with these stencils are endless, but if you feel stumped with what to create, throughout the summer, you’ll find tips, some tutorials, as well as many inspirational projects to help you learn/improve your FMQ skills.


 Here is a message from Cindy:

Hi Everyone!  I’m thrilled to be joining you once again for yet another FMQ challenge.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your projects.  I am trying to post as many of my students’ projects as possible  using The Ultimate Stencils on my Pinterest pageIf you would be interested in having me post YOUR project please send me a photo via email (linenqltr@comcast.net).  You can access my Pinterest page via the home page of my website and be inspired by designs  for your own project.  Thank you and I’m excited to see what you come up with!  Hugs, Cindy 🙂


I also highly recommend that you watch the Youtube videos that Cindy has created for to share insights on the Ultimate Stencil: https://www.youtube.com/user/linenquilter


ultimate stencil by cindy needham with blocks


Don’t forget Cindy has a 21-page booklet on these stencils that you can download for free, from her website.
ultimate stencil by cindy needham

Cindy has also written many handbooks (aka  e:books), which she updates annually.  While you can purchase these books individually, when you purchase the Complete Collection, you receive updated copies for free, every year.  Trust me, you’ll want the Complete Collection.  It is an amazing value, packed with Cindy’s insights for creating beautiful free-motion quilting, with easy to follow instructions and great visuals.


Cindy is having a rare sale on her stencils and books and I’m sharing some info that she sent out via her email list:

Clear transparencies have been added to the set to make it SO much easier to draft your designs.

In the past I have instructed everyone to predraft their designs on photocopied Master Grids.  This made it difficult as the photocopied grids were not the same size as The Ultimate Stencils and it also made it difficult to visualize exactly how the design would look on your quilt top.

A friend/student suggested that the master grids be copied full size to transparency film.  I was able to find the product and am happy to say it’s fabulous and makes designing with the Ultimate Stencils a snap.  Please check out the YouTube video for a demo.

If you have previously purchased The Ultimate Stencils, the transparencies ONLY are available for sale for $10.  Click HERE to purchase the transparencies.

The Ultimate Stencil set now includes the two transparencies and and the complete set is available for sale for $35.00.

My Ultimate Backgrounds is a 20-stencil set of six different background designs in three different sizes.  This is available for sale for $75.00.

My Complete Collection of Handbooks normally sells for $100 and includes:  Beginning Machine Quilting; Needles and Threads; Heirloom Backgrounds; Heirloom Feathers; Learning to Design-Wholecloth & Pieced; Linen Wholecloth Quilts; Pin & Straight Basting, Thread Education by Dr. Bob and Handbook Supplements.  This set also includes my newly updated and written quilting designs book “New and Improved-The Ultimate Stencil” and “Oldies But Goodies”.

“New and Improved” is now 153 pages and includes hundreds of designs already drafted on the Ultimate Stencil master grids.  I’ve included wholecloth design ideas using the drafted designs.

To celebrate the new transparencies I’ve decided to run a sale for six days only (thru 4/6).  If you purchase the Complete Collection of Stencils for $95,  (includes The Ultimate Stencils/Transparencies as well as the Ultimate Backgrounds), I will include my Complete Collection of Handbooks for FREE!  This handbook set normally sells for $100 and includes the New and Improved and Oldies but Goodies designs books. These books come with free yearly updates which are sent every February by email download. Purchased separately these three sets would sell for $210.

Click HERE to purchase.

If you would like to purchase only the set of Ultimate Stencils for $35, (new transparencies are included), I will include the 2-book set of designs for $25 for a total cost of $60.00. Purchased separately these two sets would sell for $85.
Click HERE to purchase this set.



Cindy teaches two classes at Crafty, which I can honestly recommend both.  They are excellent classes that you can take at your leisure and well worth the reasonable price.

 Design It, Quilt It

Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts

Also, Cindy provided a free tutorial for the 2012 FMQ Challenge, which is free to everyone: http://quiltshopgal.com/june-fmq-challenge-by-cindy-needham/

And don’t forget, Cindy’s Youtube channel has a variety of video tutorials.

You can find Cindy Needham at:



You can find Craftsy at:


More info on the 2016 FMQ Summer Challenge with Cindy Needham will be shared in May.  Potential Sponsors can email me for more info.

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4 comments on “Free-Motion Quilting – Great Opportunities to learn/improve your skills with Cindy Needham”

  1. Excited! Working on my Wholecloth, doing grids currently…in fact, I have been doing grids for days. At this rate, I might be finishing in the next 2 months. Already taking lots of photos re process as I messed up a few things here and there. Learning heaps.

  2. Cindy Needham is definitely an amazing quilter and teacher. As soon as I get settled back in I’m going to take her Craftsy class. Cindy is a genius….love her YouTube video….it makes so much more sense to me.

  3. Hi, I just found your website today and this class. I wish I would have found it before the sale ended. So sorry I missed this opportunity.

    • While I don’t share insights on sales too frequently, I do want to let you know that periodically I come across good sales and share such insights at http://www.fingertipshopping.blogspot.com For Cindy’s recent sale, she rarely has a sale like this. But in all honesty her price for her Ultimate Stencil Collections, as well as the price for her books, are well worth the price. She updates her books annually, providing more tips, designs and values, so really the basic price is a steal. I hope you’ll consider joining our 2016 Summer Free-Motion Quilting Challenge which will be based around her books and stencils.

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