There are a lot of ways to learn/improve your skills for using rulers for free-motion quilting on a domestic machine.  Today, I want to share insights about some amazing classes on Craftsy, to help you learn about using rulers for FMQ on a domestic machine.  But there are also many classes filled with #CreativeGoodness available via Craftsy and EVERY class on Crafty is on on sale this weekend for < $20 USD.

For those interested in learning/improving their skills for FMQ using rulers, check out:

Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine, by Amy Johnson


Creative Quilting with Amy Johnson


Craftsy has plenty of free-motion quilting classes, quilting in general, cooking, gardening, photography, and many more topics.


You can find Craftsy at:

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2 comments on “Free Motion Quilting With Rulers – Opportunities on Craftsy”

  1. Where can I get the rulers and are they available in Canada? If I have to send for them how much are they and how long will it take to get them?

    • Great question. I’ll investigate and see what I can find out. But I suspect you could also let your favorite quilt shop know you are interested in them and see if they are willing to do a special order, or ideally stock them in their shop.

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