Today, I want to share insights with you about an opportunity for creative bloggers in the US or Canada:

Beam n Read/ASF Lightware Solutions is a US based, small family business which provides products for creative people who need a hands-free light.  They are a small business and I think they could use help with increased awareness of their products, including the variety of ways that they can be used.


As quilters, crafters, and more, we often find ourselves needing more light.  While there are a variety of great products that can help us get additional light, Beam n Read has a “personal” light which I’ve used for many years and can honestly say I use it often and have found it quite versatile, once you start thinking about ways you can use a personal light.  I’m so fond of this small family run business that I “volunteered” to help them kick off an Ambassador program.  

This new Ambassador program will be comprised of volunteer bloggers, based in the US/Canada, who want to participate in fun monthly blogging events, with sponsored giveaways.  This is a win-win-win situation as you’ll get more traffic to your blog, opportunities for your followers to win prizes, while retaining your own voice. There will even be opportunities for the Ambassador to win prizes.  If you are interested in applying, here is a link to the application:

In addition to the Ambassador Program, there is a need to hire a part-time (< 10 hours/month) independent contractor for the role of Social Media Marketing Manager.  This person will also play a role as an Ambassador, but will be the lead of all the Ambassadors.  And, they will also manage the Facebook page for Beam n Read (short posts ~ 3 times a week, that are appropriate, engaging, and relevant).  If you are interesting in applying for this position, first complete the application for the Ambassador Program and then complete the short application for the Social Media Marketing Manager:

The goal is to get the program in place in June.   I do not anticipate the role of the Beam n Read Ambassadors, nor their Social Media Marketing Manager (aka Ambassador Lead) to demand much time, as we are looking at one fun event every month that would be supported by a simple blog post with a sponsored giveaway.  If you have any questions you can email me and I will try to answer your questions asap.  But I do encourage everyone that is interested apply ASAP.  There are limited number of spots which we anticipate to fill up quickly (hopefully we’ll be able to notify everyone late May).

You can find Beam n Read / ASF Lightware Solutions at:

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  1. Thanks! I could use one of these. I have been doing some EPP and embroidery while watching TV with Mom, and need more light there. May as well try for a 3rd Ambassador position! lol

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