Learn Precision Piecing with Sally Collins

Sally Collins is a Master Quilter whom is well known for her precision piecing skills.  She is the author of two books, both published by C&T Publishing: Sally Collins Teaches You Precision Piecing and Borders, Bindings and Edges: The Art of Finishing Your Quilt.

SallyCD200borders, bindings and edges by sally collins

As SewCalGal has been researching ways for us to improve our precision piecing skills, I want to share insights with you on the DVD “Sally Collins Teaches You Precision Piecing”.  This DVD is 1 hour and ten minutes, packed full of excellent insights that will help even the most experienced quilters, as well as beginner quilters.   It is a “must have” DVD for any quilter interested in learning/improving their piecing skills!

While Sally shares many tips and techniques to help you achieve precision piecing, she also shares words of encouragement.  And, inspires all of us with confidence that we too can have perfect piecing on even the smallest pieces!

precision piecing quote 1 by sally collins


A spectacular Gallery of quilts are shared, each with amazing detail and superior piecing.  When you realize the smallest of these quilts, Shadowbox is only 4 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ you can quickly see how one must have precise piecing skills to achieve such beauty.
shadow box baskets

Fleur De Lis measures 51 5/8” x 51 5/8” and incorporates detailed piecing with beautiful applique.
fleur de lis by sally collins
All of the quilts shared in the gallery, on this DVD are inspirational.

Like many of us, Sally realized along the way that she needed to improve her sewing skills.  She began to examine every step of the quilting process,  including cutting, pinning, pressing, sewing, critique and correcting.  In so doing, she built a set of precision piecing skills that have allowed her to gain a reputation for superior work on miniature quilts, as well as quilts of all sizes, with intricate detail.  She likes to “fracture space, to create more design”.


This DVD is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to improve their piecing skills.  Sally covers all aspects of quilting tools and steps to achieve precision piecing.    And her insights on making a template, for a Lemoyne Star, are the best SewCalGal has ever seen! 
precision piecing quote 2 by sally collins


Sally shares her concept that if you cut accurately and piece accurately, quilting is like a puzzle and it should go together accurately!  She is certainly a master at precision piecing, where she can fracture space into very small pieces to capture detail and create spectacular quilts, all perfectly pieced!

If you have not yet had a chance to watch this excellent DVD, SewCalGal highly recommends it!  And, if you have watched it previously, but feel you still have room for improvement in your piecing, SewCalGal wants to encourage you to pull out this DVD and watch it again.  In 2014, SewCalGal will be hosting some challenges for Precision Piecing and insights from this DVD will help all the participants in the challenges!

You should also be able to find this DVD at your local quilt shop, favorite online quilt shop, Sally’s website, C&T’s online store, or at Amazon.


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5 comments on “Learn Precision Piecing with Sally Collins!”

  1. Thank you for this recommendation. I just ordered the DVD. I have Mastering Precision Piecing and love the tips but there is nothing like seeing it done! I tend to only read parts of quilting books but will watch the DVD so thanks again for your recommendation.

  2. A friend recommended the book on precision piecing when I was unhappy about my ability to get good points. I invested in both the book and the video and I am very glad I did. I will never achieve 100% accuracy but I have improved my piecing a lot since reading the book and watching the video.

  3. Sally Collins is wonderful! I have her Art of Machine Piecing book and her suggestions have saved me from committing suicide by seam ripper on MANY occasions. I didn’t know she had a video, and I was unaware of her other books as well. Thanks for featuring her on SewCalGal!

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