I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas.  One of my favorite things about Christmas is enjoying the holiday music and spending time with family and friends. It is this gift of time spent together that is so special.  And when distance gets in the way, of course emails and phone calls are the next best.


I hope you are finding time to enjoy the holiday music and spending time with family and friends.  While I enjoy a variety of music, Christmas in a Small Town, with Ricky Tims and Kat Bowser, is one of my must listen too every year.   

I also hope that we can all spread kindness and find ways to encourage it to grow within ourselves and others.


After Christmas, I’ll be doing more reflection on this year, while thinking about my goals and dreams for the coming year.  For me, it is a good exercise.  One of my goals will continue to strive to speak kind words, as well as encourage kindness in all.  My challenge will be to find ways to encourage it to grow within me, as well as others.  Thus, I hope it is a goal you will also consider for yourself in 2017.



I plan to firm up my goals for 2017 and  share more on this very soon, I hope you are also thinking about your goals for the coming year.  .  In the meantime, as I can say learning and creating will definitely be part of my plans for 2017,  I’m honestly happy with Craftsy and want to share that they are having a Holiday Class Sale, where all classes are under $20


CreativeBug is also giving away a $15 Amazon Gift Card when you purchase a 12 month subscription, which gives you access to ALL previously released classes, plus all new classes released during your subscription, for viewing anytime during your subscription.  Plus, you can select 12 classes where you can watch anytime after your subscription expires.

I’m off to check out all the classes to see which ones I want to incorporate into my 2017 Goals.  I can share that learning/improving my free-motion quilting skills is still a priority for me, but I’m also interested in improving my precision piecing skills, making more bags, as well as simply making quilts that catch my attention.  The more I think about it, setting goals for the New Year, is simply fun to think about.  

Don’t forget to enjoy some holiday music, as well as time with family and friends, even reach out to those miles away by calling them or sending them an email of good cheer. 

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