Today is day #2 of my week focused on free-motion quilting (FMQ), but I also want to share insights about a fun 30-day quilting challenge hosted by Annie’s Ruby Slipperz.

Sew30 Sew FUN  a challenge to sew just 30 minutes each day (6 days a week, 1 free day) for the whole month of May 2017.  Visit her blog to check out her post, with more details, as well as how you can enter to win a special prize.  Of course, I hope to inspire you to try to spend 30 minutes each day learning, or improving, your free-motion quilting skills. It could be a great way to master new motifs, or even quilting stencils or rulers too!

 Speaking of FMQ, I’ve been in love with a diamond motif  and diamond crosshatching that some of themany designs that can be stitched using the Quilter’s Gove ProDiamond Ruler, by very taented Lisa Calle.

I previously shared insights about Quilter’s Groove ProEcho Ruler.  While Lisa is a longarm quilter, I asked her if she thought if her ruers would work on a domestic machine.  She shared “You can use these rulers on a domestic machine that has a high shank. The smaller ones (ProEcho 3-7) are good for domestic machines, but if you have your machine in a cabinet then really all of them will work. I would suggest putting some Handi Grip on the bottom of the rulers and using Machingers. I’ll be posting some videos of using them on a domestic machine soon. Stay tuned”

While I’ve been in love with the designs that this ruler can create, as Lisa is a longarm quilter I wasn’t certain if they would work on domestic sewing machines.  Lisa has confirmed that they will work and I also met someone on Facebook who has used them on their domestic machine.  

While  I just ordered this Quilter’s Grove Pro Diamond (even) ruler set and I’m chomping at the bit, eager to use it and feel it will be very easy to use and quite versatile.  I’ll share more insights with you after I’ve had a chance to play with it.   Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of my work while participating in Annie’s Sew30 Sew FUN Challenge.  I sure hope you’ll join her fun challenge….and hopefully enjoy some free-motion quilting too!  Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to visit Lisa Calle’s blog, or Facebook page and wish her a very Happy Birthday.  To celebrate her birthday, she has a 15% off sale (appears at check out) on all her rulers.  Sale runs thru Sunday, May 7th.

You can find Lisa Calle at:

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    • Great question Missy. Machinger gloves are quite popular and handy when free-motion quilting, to help hold the quilt sandwich. And many that enjoy quilting with rulers also feel the need to use such gloves to hold the ruler, as well as the sandwich, while moving it on the flat table part of our domestic sewing machines. To clarify, Machinger is a brand name to a particular glove. I also use & love them, but many think of them as quilting gloves.

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