Voting for your favorite entries in the Annual Pets On Quilts Show, hosted by Lily Pad Quilting is currently open.  I hope you’ll click thru, enjoy seeing all the entries, which I think many will quack you up, and take time to vote for your favorite.  You might even win a prize simply for voting!

Are you wondering how one or more entries in this event might quack you up?

quack me ups by quiltshopgal

There are plenty of entries that are purr-fect, some that will touch your heart and you’ll probably go AHH!  And, then some that just simply quack you up.  For example:

Kathy’s Quilting Blog entered this photo in the 2016 Pets On Quilts Show:


When you visit her blog post entry, she introduces you to her ducks and chickens, each with great names.   “Pepperoni” definitely made me laugh and I was already laughing after just seeing her photo entry.  I also had no idea Ducks and Chickens enjoyed watermelon.  

I hope you’ll click thru to get a chuckle at Kathy’s blog. And, while you are visiting, check out her blog. She shares her projects, insights about raising ducks, chickens, her quilts, her longarm quilting of customer quilts, and more.  You may find more posts that quack you up.  I certainly did.

But don’t forget you can click thru to Lily Pad Quilting, where you can view all the entries and vote for your favorite this week.  To clarify, please vote for your favorites. I’m not soliciting votes for my entry and have already advised Snoodles, of Lily Pad Quilting, I don’t want to win any prizes.  I just enjoy this event and hope others do too!  

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