If you are an active follower you’ve probably heard I’m hosting a week of giveaways this week as I’m celebrating my new home (I moved to a low rent district on the internet), as well as my love of #CreativeGoodness.






To find out more, check out my new home at www.quiltshopgal2.wordpress.com.  Giveaways started this past Monday.  I’m having such fun that I think I’ll be hosting plenty of giveaways thru Valentine’s Day and they are open for quilters around the world, who follow me (at my new blog home).   QuiltShopGal has the same focus.  I just needed to move to reduce blogging costs.

You can find QuiltShopGal at:

Blog:          www.quiltshopgal2.wordpress.com 
Pinterest:   www.pinterest.com/quiltshopgal
Instagram  www.instagram.com/quiltshopgal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/quiltshopgal
Twitter:      www.twitter.com/quiltshopgal




You can find Darlene at Creative Latitude Time (a personal blog) at:

Blog:            http://creative-latitude.blogspot.com/
Pinterest:     https://www.pinterest.com/creativelatitudetime/
Instagram    https://www.instagram.com/creativelatitudetime/
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/Creative-Latitude-Time-208859592955620/
Twitter:       https://twitter.com/CLatitudeT

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