Metallic Thread Investigation

Metallic threads add bling to machine embroidery designs, as well as free hand quilting. But, many find that using metallic threads is too painful and give up the bling that these beautiful threads can provide.

I wanted to investigate different brands of metallic thread to see how much the experience of working with these threads can vary from brand to brand, as well as how the outcome might vary in bling. My investigation has taken me longer than anticipated. In fact my investigation is still on-going, but I felt I wanted to provide an update on what I’m doing.

I tested 20+ spools of metallic thread, representing a broad spectrum of manufacturers. The brands include: Coats & Clark, Guetermannn, Madeira, Metler, Robinson Anton, Signature,Sulky,and

My evaluation test uses two different designs, one a light thread count design and the other a higher thread count design, with some solid fill areas. At this point, I’ve completed stitchouts of the lightweight designs and have formed my opions, but am also in the process of performing a blind study evaluation of the level of bling each brand of thread provides.

While I plan to complete this evaluation and post my findings in late May, I can share with you that at this point I found all threads acceptable, with the exception of one. On particular thread seemed to pull the metallic coating from the core part of the thread, leaving the final result of the stitch out to have a poor quality bling. While I tried different needles, speed settings and stabliziers, I was unable to resolve the issues with this particular thread. I currently have someone else testing this particular brand, to see if they are able to resolve the problems I experienced. Overall, the majority these threads stitched out perfectly on first test, but a few had one or more thread breaks. For threads where I had problems with breaks, those were retested with different machine speeds, needles, fabric and stablizer, but for the most part all each re-test resulted in similar breakage.

The design used for this initial test is from Designs By Sick. It is a nice design that stitches out easily for metallic and non-metallic threads.

I hope you’ll check back late May, when I complete my investigation on Metallic Threads.

Quilting Wishes

I love many forms of quilting, but scrap quilting is definitely one of my favorite. I don’t view that I am good with color, but I do enjoy seeing how various scraps come together. I also enjoy hearing the stories of what was thought by the quilter, when they were making a particular quilt, especially when the quilt is to be given away to someone. As such, I thought I’d share one of my currently quilting and machine embroidery projects with you.

This particular quilt uses the Bento Box design,by Tracey Brookshier, I find extremely easy and fun to make. Tracey’s instructions are also well written and easy to understand, making this design perfect for a quilter of any level. Most Bento Box quilts have coordinated fabrics, but I also love this pattern for scrap quilting. I also took a different twist in the design, by using a large block to machine embroider (ME) on.

I decided to ME on this particular quilt as I wanted to add words of encouragement, words of healing, and words to motivate. As this is a charity quilt that I’m making for Camp Reach For The Sky (CR4TS), I thought of the recipient who has fought a battle with cancer. I want this person to be able to wrap themself in this quilt to feel secure and comfy, and I want them to stay healthy forever! And every stitch on this quilt I think positively of this young person and their family, while I stitch in my best wishes.

I selected an embroidery design set(Kanji Design Pack) from
Emblibrary. EmbLibrary has many wonderful designs, but when I saw this Kanji set I felt it would be perfect for this quilt.

The border to this quilt will be a black fabric, but I’m still searching for the right fabric. With luck, I’ll find the appropriate fabric and be able to finish the borders on this quilt soon, as I want to be able to drop this quilt off at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard, in May, and hope for a volunteer longarmer to quilt it. The camps for these kids are in the summmertime, and I’m hopeful it will find a home with a young person this summer!

Sharyn Craig

One of my reasons to start a blog was to research and learn more about various aspects of quilting, machine embroidery and sewing. I don’t want to ever come across trying to present myself as an expert, as I will never be an expert at anything. But I do so enjoy learning from experts in their field.

To me, Sharyn Craig is certainly one of the most outstanding quilting experts in this field, and I think she has contributed to help an endless numbers of quilters develop their skills as well as providing a written legacy that will help many quilters in years to come.

Many realize that Sharyn has an excellent background. She obtained a BA in Home Economics from San Diego State University. She has taught quilting since 1980, as well a became a famous author of a numerous amount of books and magazine articles.

While rumors about Sharyn’s retirement led myself and many others to believe Sharyn would completely leave the world of quilting with her retirement in 2009, it really is a matter that Sharyn has retired from traveling and teaching. While she may agree to an emergency substitute teaching at a conference, or something along these lines, her retirement goal is to no longer focus on traveling and teaching. She continues to be an active quilter and writer. She is active in a Prayers and Squares chapter, and views this is a wonderful reason to make quilts.

Not spending so much time traveling and teaching, Sharyn is finding more time to enjoy spending with her two grandchildren (nearly 10 and almost 7) that live in Germany. She now has time to travel to Germany, as well as enjoys being in town when they come to visit! She is really enjoying her freedom by not making 25 trips a year for teaching.

As a quilt book author, Sharyn pursued a unique style of writing. She didn’t focus on writing pattern books, but her goal was to help teach quilters how to do it on their own, by focusing on techniques and providing a lot of pictures. While all the books that Sharyn has written are truly wonderful, and very helpful, her book “Setting Solutions”, is one that should be viewed as a must have in every quilter’s library. Setting solutions helps quilters learn techniques to fix problems with blocks (size differential, color issues, orphans, etc.).

In addition to the 13 books that Sharyn has published to-date, she continues to write. She will have four new titles coming out this year: two at Spring Market, one mid-summer, and one due out at Fall Market. Sharyn will also be making at Cozy Quilt Shop on May 30th at 10am for a presentation, trunk show and book signing of two new books, published under Cozy Quilt Designs: Half Log Cabin Quilts and Layer Em Up Volume 1.

Chitra Publications was the first publisher that Sharyn worked with. Her writing actually started when the owner of that company sat in her living room and said “What book do you want to write? I want to publish it.” . . . well, the rest is history. She published 3 books with C&T: The Art of Classic Quiltmaking (co-authored with Harriet Hargrave), Setting Solutions, and Great Sets.

Martingale & Company  will be releasing her book “Quilt Challenges: what if ideas for color and design” this summer. It was co-authored with Pam Mostek. And Cozy Quilt Publications will be releasing 3 of her books this year (Half Log Cabin Quilts and Layer Em Up Volume 1).

While Sharyn has officially retired from teaching, you may be lucky enough to see her when she travels for book promotional tours. She will be at Spring Market, the Quilt Festival in Long Beach, and signing books at local quilt shops.

I always struggle with what to say when I meet someone as talented and famous as Sharyn Craig, but I have learned that she is a very warm and thoughtful person, one that truly likes to give of herself to help others. I believe this has been visible to anyone that has taken a class with Sharyn. And for all of us, her gift to us is now the legacy she offers us through the books she writes for us. If I were to meet Sharyn I would say, you are “inspirational”, your quilts are “real and attainable”, “I loved your teaching style”, and I also “love your books”. But the main thing I would want to say would be “I’m happy for you that you retired, and I’m also happy you are continuing to write”.

I’m going to be eager to read Sharyn’s books this year, and will definitely look forward to future book releases in coming years, for they will always have “new” techniques to help me!

Virtual Quilt Show – 500+ quilts submitted

I recently read about the First Annual Online Quilt Festival and have been admiring the variety of entrees. They range from being traditional to very artistic. I’ve been having so much fun looking at these quilts, I decided this was something you wouldn’t want to miss. And, you don’t need to spend any money for gas, admission, or a hotel room.

Amy of Park City Girl, came up with a wonderful idea for this online quilt show. Currently there are 500+ quilts on display. But each quilt on display also has a story behind it, and you can take your time to view these quilts (no rush like when attending a land based quilt show). This quilt show runs From April 17th until April 24th, when all entries must be submitted. Unlike other quilt shows, photos will remain posted long after the 24th, so you certainly have plenty o time to click and view each quilt.

In the spirit of participation, I decided to enter one of my quilts in this contest. But as I am currently traveling I realized I don’t have many photos of my quilts with me. Here is my entry

This photo shows a quilt that I made while I spent the summer traveling in the Pacific Northwest, with my husband. We cruised from Anacortes, WA to North of Desolation Sound in British Columbia. Our boat, El Bucanero, is too small for me to bring a sewing machine so I ended up doing hand piecing. I decided to make a traditional quilt, similar to ones my grandmother had made, using scraps of bright colors on a white on white background.

To view all the quilts participating in this quilt festival you can click on each entry by clicking here to start. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have.

Quilt Visions Presents Elizabeth Busch

Quilt Visions, San Diego’s premiere fiber arts organization, continually presents exciting exhibits by extremely talented quilt artists. Quilt Visions’ current exhibit is by Elizabeth Busch, a wonderful artist from Maine. Elizabeth has worked in various artistic medias, teaches, and has won numerous awards. Her professional background includes Interior Design and Architectural Design. She has taught many topics, including Color Theory. Her exhibit at Quilt Visions will run thru June 7, 2009.

For more info on Elizabeth Busch check out her website:

San Diego Quilt Visions Gallery is located at 2825 Dewey Road, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92106.

For more information, call (619) 546-4872, or visit
Admission is Free.

Quilt Visions is located in the NTC Promenade, Liberty Station in Point Loma. This is a beautiful area of San Diego. If you are coming from out of the area, it is close to the San Diego Airport. There are some fantastic restaurants nearby, as well as hotels. While in the area, consider a visit to the historic Point Loma Lighthouse can be quite fun and it is one of my favorite places to share with out of town guests.

12 Pocket Bag

I’ve enjoyed making versions of my 12 pocket bag for many years. When I make them for gifts I will frequently machine embroider a design, name, or monogram on the bag print or pockets. I also make these bags and fill with goodies for charity fundraisers. They are a handy bag not just for those shopping for groceries, but for those that like to garden, quilt, go to sew-cials, or anyone in need of a lightweight bag that is willing to carry a load, yet look great while doing so.

While I am not a professional pattern maker, I wanted to share my pattern with you. You have my permission to make bags using this pattern for your own use, for gifts, or fundraisers, but not for profit.

SUPPLIES NEEDED • Fabric A: Fat quarter for lining
• Fabric B: Fat quarter yard print for bag
• Fabric C: Fat quarter for stabilizer (*)
• Fabric D: ½ yard for large pockets
• Fabric E: ½ yard for small pockets
• 3 ¼ yards web for straps
• thread to match web

o Fabric A: 2 pcs 18″ x 18″ (lining)
o Fabric B: 2 pcs 18” x 18” (bag)
o Fabric C: 2 pcs 18” x18” (stabilizer)
o Fabric D: 2 pcs 22″ x 18″ ( large pockets)
o Fabric E: 2 pcs 16”x18” (small pockets)
o 2 pieces of web for straps, each 58 1/2” long

(*) Stabilizer is optional if Fabric A and/or Fabric B is stiff. I sometimes use canvas for Fabric B, or vinyl for Fabric A, and then I do not use stabilizer for Fabric C. But If both Fabric A & B are lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, I will use a stiff stabilizer for Fabric C. And definitely when I decide to embroider on Fabric B, I use a heavy weight stabilizer.

1. Stack Lining & Bag fabrics together (A&B), with right sides of fabric facing each other.
2. Stack stabilizer on top of bag fabric (B&C).
3. Sew one side of fabrics using ¼” seam with right sides of (A,B,C)
4. Repeat steps 1 thru 3, to create the other side of the bag.
5. On flat surface (I prefer my cutting mat) open where print side of fabric is facing up (A&B), in an open fashion (not stacked).

1. Fold pocket fabric print in half crosswise: pocket should now measure 11 x 18 (D). Place folded D fabric on bag print fabric (B) with fold towards top.
2. Fold pock fabric print in half crosswise; pocket should now measure 8×18 (E). Place folded E fabric on top of large pocket (D) with fold side towards the top and cut sides lined with bottom of bag print (B).
3. Pin to hold in place.

1. Measure and mark 5″-6″ form each side of body unit: repeat for second body unit.
2. Cut web strap into two pieces, each measuring 58 ½” long.
3. Pin 1 piece of web strap inside marking starting at lower left edge looping web over top and continuing down right side.
4. Topstitch web in place starting from bottom edge of unit up to 1″ below top. Repeat for second body unit. I like to topstitch my web strap down, using a ¼ inch foot with a straight stitch on each side of the web strap.

1. Place both bag sides together, with front fabrics facing each other.
2. Match points together where straps meet, pockets meet, top of bag meets and lining meets.
3. Pin to hold together at match points, corners and as appropriate.
4. Sew a seam on three sides, leaving an opening at the top end of the lining {visualize a pillowcase}. I use a ¼” straight stitch seam, followed with a zig zag seam on the edge. But you could use a serger, as well as a 5/8” seam.

1. Box corners of the bottom of the bag, to help it stand flat when used. I mark the corner the same on each side, typical 2-3” from the point.

2. Turn the bag where the bag fabric is on the outside and lining is on the inside of the fabric.
3. At the open end of the lining (the end of the pillowcase) you will sew and close by pressing a ½” seam, with the folded fabric of the lining going inside, towards the seam. Once pressed, pin the two sides of the lining together and sew ¼” seam to close up the lining.
4. Push the lining back down inside of the bag.
5. At the top of the bag, pin the lining down inside of the bag. Sew a ¼” seam around the top of the bag, holding the lining down inside of the bag.

Congratulate yourself. You’ve just made a bag following instructions of a non-professional pattern maker. But feel free to email me, with any feedback to help make these instructions better. I’ll gladly revise with good constructive feedback.

Little Red Hen Quilting

Little Red Hen Quilting
Regina Woodside, owner
Telephone: 760-788-4862

“Little Red Hen Quilting” is a name I just love. For me it brings back memories of my childhood visits to my grandparent’s farm. I always enjoyed watching my grandmother hand piece and hand quilt beautiful quilts. While I still love hand quilting, I love how Little Red Hen Quilting can make a quilt become more spectacular, by way of providing perfect quilting to finish off a beautifully pieced quilt top. I also believe my grandmother would have liked “Little Red Hen Quilting” too!

This long arm business is owned by Regina Woodside and is located in Ramona. Regina is a quilter that began doing long arm quilting 3+ years ago. She made the decision to pursue long arm quilting with the best equipment available, selecting a Gammil with a Statler Stitcher Computer. She offers 100+ patterns to choose from, plus offer customized quilting. The designs range from simple to highly detailed and complex patterns. So if you want a Little Red Hen on your quilt, she could certainly put some cute chickens on your quilt. To clarify, she can can work with you to customize the quilting to meet your interests, along with the particular design of your quilt. With her computerized long arm quilting, not only does she offer custom work, with edge to edge service, but she can also baste quilts for hand quilters.

While Regina enjoys working on her own quilts, she is kept busy with her long arm business and family. Thus, she doesn’t get much time for her own quilting projects. But she did share with me that she is looking forward to a quilt class with her daughter this weekend {sounds like great mother/daughter time to me}.

The “quilt seed” was planted with me by my grandmother. For Regina, the quilt seed was planted by her Great-Grandmother, who taught her to hand piece when Regina was a little girl. Regina continued on with her love of quilting throughout her life, but didn’t officially become a quilter until 2003. It was after the Cedar fire in 2003, that quilting became such a big part of her life. Her church has a Prayers and Squares group (#115), and Regina officially became a quilter when she started helping this group make quilts for those impacted with the fires.

In addition to being active in her Prayers & Squares group, Regina also offers her long arm service to help with Camp Reach For The Sky and Quilts Of Valor. This very busy lady just wishes she had time to do more {I don’t think Regina knows how much she contributes now}.

One of Regina’s customers entered a quilt that Regina had quilted the top and it won an award at the Del Mar Fair! Regina also has plans to someday enter a whole cloth quilt into a contest, but for now she enjoys doing long arm quilting and working with quilters to finish their projects. Actually, one of her favorite things is to see the excitement and the faces of a new quilter when their quilt has been finished. The machine quilting gives the quilts a professional finish and if the points don’t match up perfectly it doesn’t really matter anymore.

From my perspective we are very lucky to have Little Red Hen Quilting in Southern California. And I hope you will take your next quilt to Little Red Hen Quilting and give Regina a try.

Here are some photos from quilts that Little Red Hen Quilting has quilted:

The owner of this quilt likes really small quilting.
Edge to edge in the center of the quilt with one border.

This quilt is called White Chocolate. The owner saw a picture in a
magazine (McCalls Aug. 07) and said “I want it quilted like the
picture in the magazine.” She was referring to the blocks that have
the parallel stitching, we chose the block and border patterns. It
was a wedding present for her son. Regina had fun with the borders,
notice that they go from the inside; small, large, medium.
This is a King size quilt.

This little quilt would be an example of Heirloom Quilting. On this
one the extra’s don’t stop.

~All blocks, applique, and between borders were stitched in the ditch.
~Every Block was personalized with a seasonal theme of fill patterns.
~At the customers request there were snowflakes in the upper borders
by the snow flake applique and in the lower right corner she asked
for ginger bread men. You can see the gingerbread men in the santa pic.
~There is even a personal verse hidden in one of the borders.

(can you find the mouse?)

You don’t get quilts like this every day. Often once a person puts
so much effort into making the top they don’t want anyone to touch
it, but the quilting on this was a lovely addition to a perfectly
pieced top.

This quilt Regina teamed up with another quilter in the area to do this quilt. Regina did the SID, flowers, birds and bee’s and garden critters, and borders, and the other quilter did the fill.

Seaside Quilt Guild Presents: Mary Ellen Kranz

Seaside Quilt Guild is hosting a workshop on May 6 and 7 with Mary Ellen Kranz for Landscape Photo Quilts. There are openings to attend this workshop for guild members and non-members. Plans for these two day classes are:

Day 1 – we will learn how to incorporate Digital Photography, Printing and Quiltmaking.

Day 2 – we will do Photo Inspired Landscape Quilts.

For more info on the classes, check out Mary Ellen’s website at :

Classes will be held at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard from 9 am – 4 pm.
Class fee is $45 for each class plus a $10 fee paid to the teacher for the supply kit.

To sign up for either one or both classes contact :
Patti Brown, 858 270-0403,

June Tailor

It would be difficult for me to count how many June Tailor products I have in my sewing room, so I’ll simply say I have “oodles”. And they are all wonderful. One of my recent additions, which I absolutely love, is a June Tailor Creative Cut Ruler. Before I bought this ruler I thought I had plenty of rulers and didn’t need any more, but I now wonder how I ever managed without one. It is a perfect ruler to help expedite cutting strips, squares, diamonds and triangles.

June Tailor has many wonderful products. From great rulers, cutting mats, quilting products, thread racks, fusible batting, and many other great products. As I’m big on organizational tools, especially to help me when I go to sew-cials, my wish list for my next June Tailor product is for one of their wonderful Quilter’s Totes. I can’t wait to get one!

Fun Events To Go To

April 18th
Quilt Show
First United Methodist Church, 2111 Camino Del Rio South
Linder Hall Admission $7 (husbands and parking are free!)

April 18 – 19 2009
Nite Owl Quilters Guild Quilt Show Ontario Senior Center, 225 B Street Opportunity baskets and silent auction–both days Email Contact: Website:

April 24 – 25 2009
Friendships made by the Sea Quilt Show Email Contact: Website:

April 25 – 26 2009
Seven Sisters Quilt Show The Associated Quilt Guilds of the Central Coast present the 2009 SEVEN SISTERS QUILT SHOW April 25, Saturday 9a.m.-5p.m.and April 26, Sunday 9a.m.-4p.m. to be held at the Alex Madonna Expo Center, Madonna Inn, 100 Madonna Road San Luis Obispo, California $7/one-day pass or $10/two-day pass The show will includes Over thirty vendors,Opportunity Quilts, Challenge Quilts, Wearable Art, Food Vendors and a beautiful quilt display! Email Contact: Website:

May 1 ‐ 2
Inland Empire Quilters Guild presents “Country Quilt Fair” Quilt Show. Come and join us for a fun filled quilt show. We will have a silent auction. We also are selling tickets for opportunity baskets and each one contains a sewing machine. Our opportunity quilt will be raffled off on Saturday. Over 100 quilts on display. Vendor Mall, Hoffman Challenge Quilts, Guild Challenge Quilts, Craft Boutique, Door Prizes, Special Exhibits and Quilts for sale. Admission $7. Email Contact:

May 14, 15, 16
Del Mar Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival
Del Mar Fair Grounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014$8.00/person. And there is a $1 off coupon online.

May 16 – 17
Antelope Valley Quilt Association’s quilt show AVQA will be having their 32nd annual quilt show on May 16‐17, 2009 at the Antelope Fair grounds at the J. P. Pavilion building at 2551 W. Ave H (at Hwy. 14)
Lancaster, Ca 93536. Email Contact:, or
Antelope Valley Quilt Association’s quilt show AVQA will be having their 32nd annual quilt show on May 16-17, 2009. It will be held at the Antelope Fair grounds at the J. P. Pavilion building at 2551 W. Ave H (at Hwy. 14) Lancaster, Ca 93536. There will be a fashion show on Sunday,at 1pm., quilt auction on Saturday, at 1 pm., vendors, door prizes, Children’s color block workshop, opportunity quilt drawing, and a Bernina sewing machine drawing. Admission is $7 for two days, Husbands and children under 12 are free. There is also $5 for parking. Email Contact:, or

May 15-16
Quilt Show presented by the Chula Vista Quilters Guild.
The show will also display 40 of the Hoffman Challenge quilts and there will be various vendor booths, along with refreshments to purchase. There are 80+ entries in this quilt show!
Community Congregational Church, 276 “F” St. Chula Vista CA 91910,
Fri and Sat 10 am – 4 pm. $5 Nancy Higgins 619-475-7615

May 16 – 17
San Fernando Valley Guild and Valley Quiltmakers AROUND THE WORLD IN STITCHES Quilt Show Sat 10-6, Sun 10-4,Cal State Univ Northridge. Hoffman Challenge Quilts, Asilomar Raffle Drawing, Vendor Mall, Quilt Auction Sunday 2PM, and much more. Email Contact: Website:

June 5 – 6
North Cities Quilt Guild “ALL THAT JAZZ”, our biennial quilt show, will be held at the Placentia Presbyterian Church, 849 North Bradford, Placentia CA. Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday 9am-4pm. Email Contact:

June 9 – 14
The Traveling Quilters Join us as we visit Minnesota . . the land of the Lakes. Our feature for this trip is the Minnesota Quilt Guild Quilt Show in Duluth. Before heading to the show we’ll spend some time at Gull Lake near Brainerd (home of Cherrywood Fabrics) where we’ll enjoy a lecture and trunk show about how the Cherrywood fabric is created. We’ll visit St. Cloud (home of Gruber’s Quilt Shop, Munsinger Gardens, and more) for a day and then we’re off to Duluth. We’ve planned a number of quilt shop stops and we’ll even dip into Wisconsin to visit a few of their shops. Join us? Email Contact: Website:

June 13 – 14
Santa Monica Quilt Guild presents “Explorations 2009” a quilt exhibition of traditional and contemporary works. Located at Loyola Marymount University in Westchester. Over 150 quilts on display. Featured Quilter: Sherry Kleinman Vendors, Bag Boutiue, Raffles, Auctions, Demonstrations, Opportunity Quilt, Games & More. Admission $7 at the door. Contact Tina Nord 310/838-4333. Email Contact: Website:

July 9-12 and July 16-19;
Southern California Quilter’s Run. Great Prizes.

July 24-26th, 2009
One of the newest and largest Quilt Shows in Southern California! Classes begin on Wednesday, July 22 (a day earlier). Tours begin on July 21st.
Shopping Hours: July 23, 5-9pm Preview Night; July 24 & 25th 10am-7pm; July 26th 10am-3pm.

September 5 – 6
Busy Bears Quilt Guild of Big Bear Lake Mountain Treasures XXI 2009 Quilt Show; Labor Day Weekend; Big Bear Middle School 41275 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, Ca. 92315 Sat. 10-5 Sun. 10-4 Admission – $5.00 Children under 12 Free Boutique, Exhibit Quilts, Vendors, Wearable Art, Door Prizes For More Information call: Sharon 909 844-4545 or Bonnie 909 866-3906 Email Contact:

Sept 17 – 19th
San Diego Quilt Show at the San Diego Convention Center.

September 17 – 2
The Traveling Quilters Our Temecula Quilt-Away Retreats are always fun and productive weekends. It’s a great opportunity to finish projects or start something new. We usually have anywhere from 30 to 45 people at the retreat so it’s always fun to see what people are working on. Each person has half an 8-ft table for sewing space in our large, well-lit classroom. Once again we’ll be staying at the Vina de Lestonnac Retreat Center in the Temecula wine region. Email Contact: Website:

September 26 – 26
North County Quilter’s Association 24th Annual Quilt Show and Auction to take place September 26, 2009. The event will be held at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido located at 340 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido, CA. The doors will open at 9:00 a.m. and the Live Auction begins at 12:30 p.m. Over 100 handmade quilts will be auctioned – from mini to bed size. Come early and show our Vendor Mall for quilting, sewing and crafting supplies. There will be a silent auction and free door prizes. Admission and parking are FREE! Contact: Joanne Eichler (760) 580-6663 or e-mail

September 26 – 27
Kings River Quilter’s Guild KRQG Bi Annual Quilt Show Immanuel High School Dinuba, Ca Email Contact:

September 26 – 27
KRQG Quilt show Email Contact:

September 26 – 27
Quilts — Our Global Language Quilts — Our Global Language is a juried and judged show open to the regional. Join us at our new venue, Cal State Fullerton Titan Center. Easy access and no fee parking. Great quilts, great vendors, and great fun ! Email Contact: Website:

October 3
Old Town Temecula Outdoor Quilt Show Admission is FREE to our lovely annual outdoor show. Over 150 quilts on will be on display on eaves and porches of Old Town businesses along Front Street from Moreno to Santiago Road. Valley of the Mist Quilters’ Guild members will be on hand to answer questions and give information about featured quilts and quilt-making. In addition to guild member quilts, past Guild President and Guild Challenge quilts will be displayed. In front of the Temecula Community Theater, there will be a silent auction for small quilted items and at noon, a live auction for larger quilts. A portion of the auction proceeds will go directly to a local charity. More info to come soon! Email Contact: Website:

October 3 – 3
Wanderingfoot Quilt Guild Tea Email Contact: OR

October 10
SCCQG Council Meeting Hosted by Valley Quilters Guild, The Simpson Center, 305 E. Devonshire, Hemet, CA 92544. Topic: Philanthropy/Community Outreach

October 16 – 17
El Camino Quilters presents “JOURNEYS” their Fall October 16, 10 – 5, October 17 10 – 4, 2009 . Located in the Clarke Field House at Cal State San Marcos . (Same place as 2007) Free parking, husbands free. More than 200 quilts, fabulous Boutique, Opportunity Baskets, Live Auction on Saturday, Make and Take It, Special Exhibit – Quilts of our Journeys. Contact – Heather at, or Dee at Ride the Sprinter from Oceanside ! Email Contact: or Website:

Oct. 16-17
Ramona Back Country Quilters Quilt Show;
Mountain View Community Church 1191 Meadowlark Way
(corner of 78 and Ash St.), Ramona.
Fri and Sat 10-4; FREE

October 24
Orange Grove Quilters Guild – Quilt Auction & Tea
“Fall Into Winter”, featuring Lyn Mann as Auctioneer!
Garden Grove United Methodist Church in Acker Hall, 12741 Main Street, Garden Grove.
Preview & Refreshments 11am. Auction 1pm. 100 = Items.
Admission: Bid # & refreshments $5, Pre-sale tickets: $4.
Email Contact:;

November 6 – 7
Fallbrook Quilt Guild Quilted Treasures Quilt Show at the Fallbrook Presbyterian Church, 463 S. Stage Coach Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028, 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Vendors, Quilters’ Cafe, over 200 quilts on display, Opportunity Quilt raffle, and much more. Email Contact: Website:

Nov. 5-7;
Thurs – Sat. 10-5; The Rusty Barn – Pomona’s Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Festival ,
at the Fairplex in Pomona, Bldg. 5.

Nov. 6-7;
“A Harvest of Quilts” a Flying Geese Quilt Guild Quilt Show at Soka University,
1 University Dr., Aliso Viejo, CA.


Jan 14-17, 2010
Road to California Quilt Show, Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA

February 12 – 13
Valley Quilters (Hemet) 30th Annual Quilt Show, Valley Wide Recreation Center, 901 Esplanade Ave., San Jacinto, CA. Featuring over 125 quality quilts, consignment shop, boutique, quilt appraiser, venders, & featured quilter. 10 am – 4 pm. Admission $6. No strollers or children under six. Info: 951-927-4348 Email Contact:
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