Gloves In A Bottle

With all my interests, I feel I sometimes abuse my hands. They can easily get overlooked and become painfully dry. And when they become dry, it is difficult for me to work with fabric. While I have found various hand moisterizers that I like to use, I wanted to let you know about one that I feel works particularly well, and I really appreciate it when I’m spending the day working with fabrics. It really makes a big difference to my hands and allows me to continue to have fun all day!

Gloves in a Bottle is a sheilding lotion that moisterizers, yet protects the skin. It helps to heal my skin, as well as make it easier for me to work with fabrics. I recommend it to those that have dry hands, and anyone that works with fabrics.

Loralie Designs

I get such a kick out of Loralie Designs. They bring out the fun in machine embroidery and LIFE! I’ve also found their designs to be of very high quality, with great instructions. And I love their fabric selection too.

There are so many wonderful machine embroidery designs available on their website, I can easily come up with another wonderful project idea every time I visit Loralie Design’s website. I would truly love to have all of Loralie Designs in my collection, as they are all wonderful. And everytime I give a gift, with Loralie Designs, I know I bring a smile to the recipient & others. It is a gift that is always treasured.

Quilts & Sew Forth

I want to welcome Quilts & Sew Forth to the quilting community. This delightful new quilt shop has just held their grand opening,in early February ’09. It is located at 7312 Center Street, Mentor, OH 44060. They have a large supply of fabrics, patterns, supplies, & gifts, all at very reasonable prices. And they have a nice offering of classes and provide long-arm quilting services.

The owners are Monique Noonan and Hilary Cavotta. Both Monique and Hilary have years of quilting experience, as well as previous ownership of another delightful quilt store in Singapore.

I want to encourage everyone to visit this lovely new store. You’ll have sew much fun!

Great Gadgets

I started quilting back when only scissors and a T square ruler were used. I really enjoy quilting and machine embroidery so much more now, that there are so many fantastic gadgets to help us have fun.

One of my favorite gadgets is a magnetic pin cushion, from Blue Feather Products. I love how I can just throw it in my traveling case, when I go to workshops or sew-cials, and all my pins stay together. I keep it next to my sewing machine and have fun “throwing” my pins at it and watching the power of the magnetic pin holder pull in that flying pin.

I also appreciate the bobbin holder, from Blue Feather Products.

These gadgets are such treasures to me, I also buy them and give them as gifts to my quilting friends.

Barbara Bars

Like many people that work with fabrics, my skin gets very dry. I have come to love natural products, and am always seeking natural products for cleansing and moisterizing. I was very excited to find Barbara Bars and have been very pleased with their products. As such, I recommend Barbara Bars to everyone.

Barbara Bars has handmade soaps, lotions/gels, bath salts & scrubs, and many other wonderful items. Perfect for gifts and I’m sure you’ll want to stock up, once you’ve used Barbara Bars. Very reasonable pricing too!

Quilts With A Twist

As a quilter, I love to travel and visit quilt shops. This past summer, my husband and I spent the summer, living on board our boat, while cruising north to Alaska. I fell in love with many quilt designs and fabric prints, unique to Alaska. I also enjoyed finding a quilt designer, who lives in Alaska. She has an unique flair and broad sense of creativity.

Lisa Moore is a retired electrical engineer, who understands complex designs and has the ability to make them simple, for people like you and me! And fortunately for us, Lisa sells her designs. She also is a professional teacher. I think any quilt guild or quilt shop that can offer Lisa, as one of their workshop instructors, would also enjoy having her and the participants would have a great time, plus learn many new tricks.

Check out the Quilts With A Twist website to see some of Lisa’s designs:

While I love this design for using cute fabrics in the center block, I also think this design would work well to show off machine embroidery designs in the center block.

Why start a blog?

I have many interests and enjoy meeting people. While I don’t view I’m NOT an expert at anything, I enjoy sharing insights with others what I do know, as well as learning from others.

My favorite interests fall into the category of sewing. I love to quilt and I also enjoy machine embroidery. As such, I’m very happy to see these two mediums merging. I love seeing quilts that show the beauty of machine embroidery.

Again, while not an expert, I find that I’m continually asked by friends for advice on these interests. And, I’m continually trying to learn more. With my love of blogging, I concluded that it was time for me to start a blog where I could share my interests with others and hopefully meet more people, where I could also learn from their expertise. Creating a blog about sewing, just seemed to be the logical next step for me. I hope to keep the topics of interest to others, and ensure that valuable insights are shared.

You can always contact me via email at SewCalGal at(@)
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