Udderly Delightful, Udder Cream

Today my hands felt pretty abused. They were dry from all my household projects and spending time playing with fabrics. I was pleased to find quick relief with Udderly Smooth, Udder Cream.

I consider myself selective in the types of hand lotions I like to use, as many cause my skin to react with a rash. I have been really happy with Udderly Smooth, Udder Cream. It quickly sooths my skin and moisterizes it, allowing my hands to quickly feel relief. And the dryness goes away and stays away! I keep a bottle in my sewing room and in my bathroom.

I recommend Udder Cream to all my friends. Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.








note: This is a completely honest review of Udderly Smooth, Udder Cream.  I have purchased and used this product for years and absolutely love it.  You can purchase Udderly Smooth products from their online store Amazon.com,  and here is a list of stores that carry it: http://www.udderlysmooth.com/availability.shtml

 You can find Udderly Smooth at:

Quilt Shows

Here is a list of some wonderful quilt shows, you will not want to miss!

If you would like your quilt show announced on this site, please click here to email me with appropriate info.

March 20-21st – Milwaukie

March 26th – 28th – Portland, Oregon

March 27th – 29th – Glendale, CA

April 2-4th – Vancouver, WA

April 25-29th – Paducah

July 11th – Sisters, Oregon

July 24th – 26th – Long Beach, CA
Pacific International Quilt Show – Long Beachhttp://www.quilts.com/home/shows/index.php

September 17th – 19th – San Diego, CA
San Diego Quilt Show

October 3rd – Temecula, CA

October 10-12 – Houston, TX

Missing Fabrics – A Success Story

Have you ever found the need to search for a particular fabric and had difficulties finding it? I have!

I recently switched two fabrics that I had purchased for a quilt, and my switch resulted in me being short yardage of one fabric that I needed to finish all my blocks. I went hunting thru all my local quilt and yardage stores, sent email inquiries to the fabric manufacturer, various quilt stores, and searched eBay and many online fabric stores. I was spending a lot of time on my search and truly fearful I was going to have to rip out many completed blocks, and start over with a new fabric.

A friend recommended I try MissingFabrics.com. While I had heard of this website previously, it is not something I had ever used. To my my delight I found it quite easy to post a notice about the fabric I was searching for, and within a few days I had heard back from the Winnipesaukee Quilt Company, that they had my fabric. I believe within a week of my notice being posted on MissingFabrics.com I actually had enough yardage in my possession to finish my quilt, as originally planned.

While I hope you never have the problem where you are short fabric, or searching for a fabric you can’t find in stock, but if you are I want to encourage you to give MissingFabrics.com a try as I had such a wonderful experience with them.

As I’m also very happy with the company that was able to sell me my missing fabric, at a very reasonable price, I also want to let you know more about Winnepesaukee Quilt Company. They have a store on eBay with a large selection, plus they have many more fabrics that are not always posted on eBay. So, if you are in need of a certain fabric, I recommend you consider contacting Winnepesaukee Quilt Company. There is a good chance they may have what you need, plus their prices are quite reasonable.



Click here to email Winnipesaukee Quilt Company.


KittyKitty Productions

I’ve discovered a treasure in the world of machine embroidery! Teriann Shrum is an illustrator and graphic artist of children’s art for publication. She has combined her artistic talents with her ability to create machine embroidery designs, for all of us to use and enjoy. Her design studio is called KittyKitty Productions.

Her studio offers a very large variety of colorful and artistic designs: Elegant sewing pixies, exquisite craft divas, fun fairies, lovely floral, nursery, holiday, kitchen, nature and quilt designs. All of her designs are very high quality and stitch out beautifully. And, her designs are very reasonably priced!

Her style is very unique and will certainly draw rave reviews on any project you create using designs from KittyKitty Productions.


Teriann also maintains a delightful blog: “A Slice Of Pink”. http://asliceofpink.blogspot.com

Here are a few pictures of her designs, but please go check out her website to see her collection.

There is also a short video clip on the web to show how you can use her beautiful Mock Cathedral Windows Quilt Block{click here for the video}. And you’ll find this design very easy to use.

Click here to go to the Cathedral Window block. Or click here to go to the tutorial for this cathedral window block.

Here is a beautiful quilt, made by Becky Ericson, that used this Mock Cathedral Window machine embroidery design.

KittyKitty Productions is also releasing a new quilt design this week, called a “Mock Cardtrick” quilt block! You may be the first to hear about this, and you could be the first to make a quilt (or purse, pillow, or other project) with this new design!


Vermillion Stitchery

Some of the best cross stitch embroidery designs I’ve ever found are from Vermillion Stitchery. There designs always stitch out beautifully and they come with great instructions and color charts. And their website is full of embroidery tricks & insights. This is a great source of designs for the beginning to the advanced machine embroiderer.

They have so many beautiful designs, it is difficult for me to decide which one I want to work with next. I think I’m going to have fun this spring with their butterfly collection, but whatever design by Vermillion Stitchery, I work with, I know it will stitch out perfectly and be a treasured piece.


Here are some photos of Vermillion Stitchery’s Cats & Dog Angel design collection, which were stitched out by Chris Huysamen . I think they purrfect designs!


Hatched In Africa

Some wonderful embroidery designers in Middleburg, MP, South Africa, have created many beautiful designs. I’ve had an excellent experience stitching out their designs, and find them all of high quality. They have a large selection of designs with a good variety of designs (Quilts & Heirloom, Vintage, Florals, Applique, Stick Figures, Animals, Babies & Children, Redwork, Christmas, etc.).

My latest project using Hatched in Africa has been to make dish towels using their Vintage Cutwork set. I enjoy giving embroidered dish towels as hostest gifts, when I visit friends and family. This design set is one of the easiest cutwork embroidery designs I’ve ever made. I’ve also used it to make several beautiful table runners and shirts.



Gloves In A Bottle

With all my interests, I feel I sometimes abuse my hands. They can easily get overlooked and become painfully dry. And when they become dry, it is difficult for me to work with fabric. While I have found various hand moisterizers that I like to use, I wanted to let you know about one that I feel works particularly well, and I really appreciate it when I’m spending the day working with fabrics. It really makes a big difference to my hands and allows me to continue to have fun all day!

Gloves in a Bottle is a sheilding lotion that moisterizers, yet protects the skin. It helps to heal my skin, as well as make it easier for me to work with fabrics. I recommend it to those that have dry hands, and anyone that works with fabrics.



Loralie Designs

I get such a kick out of Loralie Designs. They bring out the fun in machine embroidery and LIFE! I’ve also found their designs to be of very high quality, with great instructions. And I love their fabric selection too.

There are so many wonderful machine embroidery designs available on their website, I can easily come up with another wonderful project idea every time I visit Loralie Design’s website. I would truly love to have all of Loralie Designs in my collection, as they are all wonderful. And everytime I give a gift, with Loralie Designs, I know I bring a smile to the recipient & others. It is a gift that is always treasured.


Quilts & Sew Forth

I want to welcome Quilts & Sew Forth to the quilting community. This delightful new quilt shop has just held their grand opening,in early February ’09. It is located at 7312 Center Street, Mentor, OH 44060. They have a large supply of fabrics, patterns, supplies, & gifts, all at very reasonable prices. And they have a nice offering of classes and provide long-arm quilting services.

The owners are Monique Noonan and Hilary Cavotta. Both Monique and Hilary have years of quilting experience, as well as previous ownership of another delightful quilt store in Singapore.

I want to encourage everyone to visit this lovely new store. You’ll have sew much fun!



Great Gadgets

I started quilting back when only scissors and a T square ruler were used. I really enjoy quilting and machine embroidery so much more now, that there are so many fantastic gadgets to help us have fun.

One of my favorite gadgets is a magnetic pin cushion, from Blue Feather Products. I love how I can just throw it in my traveling case, when I go to workshops or sew-cials, and all my pins stay together. I keep it next to my sewing machine and have fun “throwing” my pins at it and watching the power of the magnetic pin holder pull in that flying pin.

I also appreciate the bobbin holder, from Blue Feather Products.

These gadgets are such treasures to me, I also buy them and give them as gifts to my quilting friends.


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