Welcome to the Pets on Quilts Show.  Please be sure you have reviewed the rules before you post your link, to enter your quilt, in this show.  You can use the linky tool to link directly to your post (not your blog) and please use your blog name in the description for this linky tool.

Show officially starts at 12:01am on Saturday, August 7th and will continue until midnight on Saturday, August 21st.  Entries will be accepted up until the 21st.  Votes are now being accepted for Viewers Choice and anyone can vote.

Thanks to our show Sponsors we have many wonderful prizes.  There are many categories of prizes where some will be awarded including PR helpers, viewers that take time to vote for their favorite quilts, viewers that visit the show, viewers that visit all the entries in the show, etc.    There are many ways to win a prize, so I highly recommend everyone takes time to review this information, and the rules for this show, to understand all the ways you could win a prize!

Please email SewCalGal if you have any questions, or need assistance.

I hope everyone has fun.

  1. I Quilt Scarlett and Grey:
  2. Cat Song Stitcher
  3. Cotton Cocktails
  4. Needled Mom
  5. Felines and Fibre Arts
  6. May Your Bobbin Always Be Full
  7. Talins Corner
  8. My Empty Nest is Full of Cat Hair
  9. Scraps from Sheryl
  10. Side Road Stitcher
  11. Crafted Angel
  12. Lucky Puppy
  13. My Life In Quilts
  14. Sun Natural Gifts
  15. Quilting Book Lady
  16. Southern Style
  17. Lynda Halliger Otvos
  18. Cat Patches
  19. Creative Kick
  20. Dana Gaffney
  21. Stella Bella Quilts
  22. MJ Baker
  23. Confused Quilter
  24. Marilyn Pond
  25. Tiny Paper Crane
  26. Lenor Lynas
  27. Diary of a Quilt Maven
  28. Little Bits and Pieces – Neptune
  29. Bitten by the Quilting Bug
  30. Down the Avenue
  31. Crafts and Stuff
  32. Mary McCrory
  33. I Dont Do Zippers: Checkers
    1. Lori Olson Schmidt
    2. Aunt Pollys Porch
    3. MsJanQuilts
    4. BOMQuilter
    5. Katy Pannell
    6. Sew Fun 2 Quilt: Window Cats by Jackie
    7. Lotte Klint
    8. WonkyGirls Journal
    9. Quilts & boxes: Can I have a cookie? Please??
    10. Patchwork Sanity: joey can lay with the best of them
    11. Sheila Painter
    12. The Crafty Unicorn Quilting
    13. All Things Crafty
    14. Judy Leftwich
    15. Samelias Mum
    16. My Charity Bird Quilt at Nanbons Corner
    17. Jeans Page
    18. Sew Cindy
    19. Avocado Salad – my quilty space on the web
    20. Bilbos quilt
    21. quiltcat timmie
    22. Kim Sherrod Studio
    23. Millies Quilt: First Time Sewing, Quilting
    24. Loving Our Life!
    25. Homeschool Mom Lisa
    26. Aunt Bonnie
    27. Vegetarian Hunter-Entry 4 SewCalGal Pets on Quilts
    28. Chains of Love
    29. Creations by Nina-Marie
    30. Quilt Times
    31. Russian Icon Rabbit
    32. Ive Got Hooters!
    33. Quilting Krazy
    This linky list is now closed.


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39 comments on “Pets on Quilts Show – 2010”

  1. I am really enjoying this. I keep checking in to see the latest. I shouldn’t admit this, but normally in these shows I just pop in, look and leave. This show has me reading every word and the pictures certainly make you smile. Thanks.

  2. This is awesome 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work and logistics you needed to organize as we can sit back with our cuppa tea or joe and have a quilt show in our own home! Thank you!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  3. I have my entry in, hope everyone likes my little pets on my quilt. Thank you Darlene, I had so much fun putting this little presentation together and I get to share my favorite things, my dogs and my quilts. So what will be the next one, flowers on a quilt?? More of my favorites and would be a great spring contest. Thanks again for all you do for your readers. I also put mention on Nanbon’s Corner blog but my entry is on Southern Style blog at nanbon44.blogspot.com

  4. Great Idea! Just posted my entry. I’d like to add your button to my blog, but can’t figure out how to do it. If you’ll tell me how, I’ll add it. Thanks!

  5. I was waiting for Mr Linky to resolve himself — but I wanted to post this. Thanks, Darlene — this is the best! I can’t wait to see all the entries!

  6. I’ve just posted a comment but it’s not showing so here goes ..

    This is a brilliant theme for a contest and I’m enjoying looking at and reading all the other entries.

    I’ve posted an entry on my blog and added the link and hope that I’ve done it correctly. Hope you all enjoy reading about my entry.
    Wendz from


  7. This is going to be fun! My favourite things – cats and quilts! Thanks for hosting this fabulous show. I am sure it was tons and tons of work and I really appreciate it.

  8. Wow! The quilts and pets are fabulous! Thanks so much for hosting Pets on Quilts Show–I just spent over an hour looking at them. You all have inspired me with new ideas, including setting up a blog. I can’t do that right now because we are moving but as soon as I get settled in my new sewing room, I’ll get to work on it. One question though, when I clicked on my own there is no picture. Any idea why?

  9. Dear Darlene,
    You are doing a fantastic job by bringing fellow quilters together and give them a spot to show of their beloved furry pets.
    My Spetter just loves all the attention from all the viewers!
    Thanks for all your work!

  10. Okay, I am back!! I didn’t know we were supposed to make a “wish list” for prizes!!

    #9, #6, or any of the batting or charms.

    I already voted and posted on my blog!

    we are having fun now!!


  11. Jack is always so ( sew) helpful when I’m quilting and likes to smiffmthe fabric, be covered up and kept cozy with partial blocks, and always reminds me when it’s time for a petting break.

  12. Just entered my post, featuring my first time quilting a blanket for my dog, Millie! I was so happy to participate. I am loving all of the entries! Glad to know I’m not the only quilter who loves dogs and other pets.

  13. I’ve posted my entry. Please let me know if I’ve done it right. I’ve been excited about this contest. I have a quilt with pets on it that I am making but it’s not quite done (the top that is). If I get it done in the next week can I enter it? I wasn’t clear whether there was only one entry each or not. Also can I enter it if just the top is done? Or does it have to be finished? Thanks for having this fun contest.

  14. Thank you so much for your help! I didn’t know where to change my settings for the email. I am not too computer savvy! Your directions were perfect!

    I am glad you liked my quilt, it was a real labour of love cutting out all those little peiced to applique the dog’s (Lucky) spots!

  15. Oh this is fun and I’m so glad to see everyone’s entries!! I would love to win batting, or especially the sulky thread. It would be a huge help in my work here!!

  16. Whoops, I was almost too late. I thought I wouldn’t enter as I didn’t have any quilts on the theme. Then, look what I found in my photos, 2 quilts made in 2006 which I had completely forgotten. If I should be lucky enough to win anything, I would love to win no 5, or the rainy cat patterns or the wadding.

  17. This a great show! Thanks for hosting this! I think there are many quilters who are animal lovers or animal lovers who are quilters! This has been fun!

  18. Please ignore my comment from earlier on how many quilts I’ve seen and commented on, it’s now 66 including my own at QuiltTimes or 65, excluding that.

  19. Darlene, thanks for another great contest, I visited each and everyone and left comments for them all. I just wish we could have voted for more then one in each catagory, it was so hard deciding who to vote for.

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