Today I want to talk about Precision Piecing, but focus on tips for sewing blocks together with sashing.  It is all too easy to get our blocks misaligned in this process, but there are some great tips for precision piecing blocks with sashing.  

SewCalGal originally released this post sharing a link to a video where Tony Jacobson, from Fons and Porter, shares insights on how to achieve perfect row alignment when the blocks in your rows may be of different size.  That particular video has be re-created under the Sew Easy lessons, with Jean and Colleen, from Fons and Porter, and this post has been updated accordingly.

This SewEasy  video for Sashing Alignment provides excellent tips for precision piecing rows of blocks with sashing:

If you are using a MAC or having problems watching this embedded video, click this link to watch it directly in youtube:

You can find Fons and Porter at:

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  1. It sounds interesting, but when I click on the video and on the direct link, it says : the video has been deleted :-((

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