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This quacked me up and I wanted to share with you….

About.com has a fun Quilt Block Quiz Test.  There are 30 blocks in this quiz and you are given a score on how well you do naming each of these blocks.

I definitely need to work on my skills for naming quilt blocks, but it sure was fun.

And beautiful quilt blocks too.

Do you have a favorite quilt block?
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14 comments on “Quack Up Insights: Quilt Block Name Quiz”

  1. My favorite quilt block has to be the Churn Dash! (Shoo-Fly or Hole In The Barn Door to some) but my Granny Ida always called it the Churn Dash for some reason.

  2. I am with Vicki, I need to learn my blocks as well…..I wanted to tell you that I ordered the tulip die from Kelly, she had it on sale….I am so excited. (I guess I should have emailed you but this was easier).

  3. I made that first block, Young Man’s Fancy is one name for it, as a Christmas present pillow for the man who soon after became my husband. That’s why is is one of my favorites. Kathie L in Allentown

  4. I have a Geese-on-the-Pond quilt that I’m working on! 😀 Just love that top block. Can’t wait to pull it out of the UFO list – its turn is coming up soon.

  5. oh dear, i can’t name any of the blox ….. but then, i can’t name any of the dear jane blox i’m making, either. i’m just pleased i can make the blox. that is, if i work carefully enough!

  6. I love Blackford’s Crossing the best…it’s an oldie but goodie!
    Jacque in SC (pen name Snoodles at Lilypadquilting)

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