As a quilter, I love to travel and visit quilt shops. This past summer, my husband and I spent the summer, living on board our boat, while cruising north to Alaska. I fell in love with many quilt designs and fabric prints, unique to Alaska. I also enjoyed finding a quilt designer, who lives in Alaska. She has an unique flair and broad sense of creativity.

Lisa Moore is a retired electrical engineer, who understands complex designs and has the ability to make them simple, for people like you and me! And fortunately for us, Lisa sells her designs. She also is a professional teacher. I think any quilt guild or quilt shop that can offer Lisa, as one of their workshop instructors, would also enjoy having her and the participants would have a great time, plus learn many new tricks.

Check out the Quilts With A Twist website to see some of Lisa’s designs:

While I love this design for using cute fabrics in the center block, I also think this design would work well to show off machine embroidery designs in the center block.
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