There are a number of amazing quilters that have adopted Ruler Work on a domestic machine, some of which teach classes on Ruler Work, as well as share insights on their blog.   In keeping with the heart of my series of articles on Ruler Work, I do plan to continue to share insights on experts with Ruler Work on domestic machines, as well as tools, tips, learning opportunities and inspirational projects.  But today, I want to focus on a particular quilter that is a master free-motion quilter (and more) who has also incorporated Ruler Work, with her stunning FMQ. 

Patsy Thompson is an amazing quilter, teacher, designer, author and Expert Free-Motion Quilter.  She is also one, of a growing number of quilters, that have adopted Ruler Work, with general free-motion quilting.  Although, I think she is the only teacher, that I’m aware of, that has mastered using both regular FMQ and Ruler Work, on a domestic machine, and teaches how to do this to create beautiful FMQ on your projects.  

Patsy has recently shared insights about a new  clear Ruler Foot on the market by Accents and Designs.  Here is a brief video she created,  introducing the Clarity Foot, a new ruler foot for sit down. Since it is clear you can easily see through it to see your markings and your stitching as you proceed. No more obstruction by metal ruler feet. This foot fits nearly all domestic machines and will be a great addition to your quilting arsenal!

Now in contrast, here is an older video by Patsy Thompson that talks about the Westalee Ruler Foot, that is adaptable to a variety of high and low shank domestic sewing machines. although in this video she does focus on this foot using a Bernina 830.


Here is a link to a chart, by Accents and Designs, that can help you figure out if your machine is a high or low shank machine:

Lastly, I want to heighten awareness that Patsy Thompson also has

  • a DVD for Ruler Work on Domestic Machines.  I’ve not yet watched this video, but I have seen all of her videos for free-motion quilting and can highly recommend them.  Thus, I’m confident this new Ruler Work DVD is also an excellent value.


You can find Patsy Thompson at:

You can find Accents and Designs at:

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9 comments on “Ruler Work with Patsy Thompson”

  1. Wow…thanks for this post…the Clear Ruler foot may well be what I am looking for. Had not seen this yet. Not sure whether other people have experienced this, but my Westalee Ruler foot has fallen off while quilting a number of times…that little washer is obviously the answer to that. Will investigate this product a bit further.

  2. Wow! Her work is amazing!!! I need to find a day job for my retired husband so I had more time for quilting and practicing.

  3. I had heard of ruler foots, but I had no idea what they were. How interesting, I might need to look into it. I’m too lazy to mark a quilt for quilting, but I might do something like that.

  4. There are now 3 of us, I am friends with each of the others, who think we all need a ruler foot, with a Bernina adaptor shank. One friend has the QE440, the same as mine, the other a later model. The videos show how these feet work so well, and for many who dread the thought of FMQ, with the rulers, and lots of practise , it should be so much easier. Thanks so much for all this extra info and links.

  5. Thanks, another option, but, the low shank can’t be used with a ruler behind the foot, so, I’d still need the metal foot for lots of work.

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