SewCalGal has been researching ways for quilters to improve their Precision Piecing skills.  I was delighted to learn that Mary Huey has a DVD for precision piecing set-in seams, which also shares insights on chain piecing!  This DVD is called “Simplified Set-in Piecing” and I’m very happy to share insights with you today on this excellent DVD.

Many quilters avoid designs that require set-in piecing as they either don’t know how, or are uncomfortable with such piecing.  SewCalGal can honestly recommend this DVD as an excellent resource for those wanting to learn how to work with set-in pieced designs, as well as to learn how to chain piece these designs!  

Mary Huey is a quilt designer and teacher, who also owned a quilt shop for 26 years.  She is also a certified teacher for Marti Mitchell and enjoys traveling and teaching quilters.  

Here are a few of her inspirational quilts Mary made using a chained piece technique for sewing Y-Seams.  And, this technique also works with rotary cutting!

The description on this DVD provides a honest perspective of the DVD workshop:

This is a 30 minute workshop on how to chain-piece through set-in seams.  I have taught this process for the past year perfecting my presentation and finding the pitfalls.  Now you can add this simple technique to your quiltmaking arsenal and enjoy the process of stitching set-in seams.  I teach with Marti Michell’s rotary cutting products and encourage you to use them as well.  Check out all those options while you are on my shopping page

Price $15.95

There is also a short promotional Youtube that shares more insights about Mary’s DVD:

If you are on a MAC, or have problems watching this embedded video, here is the link to watch it directly in youtube:

My Review:

This is a “must have” DVD for any quilter interested in learning Y-seams or how to chain piece Y-Seams.  It is priced quite low and yet provides so much value.  The video is of high quality and Mary has an excellent style of teaching.  Also included is a pattern to get you started with step by step instructions for chain piecing blocks that require set-in seams such as y-seams (tumbling blocks, 6 and 8 pointed blocks, hexagons, etc).

Photography and editing for this DVD is superb!  This workshop thoroughly shows you every step to make Y-Seams using chain piecing techniques with precise piecing.  And this DVD is 31.27 minutes.  You can start/stop/repeat anytime you want.  

The video shows you how to precisely cut fabric to make a tumbler block using Marti Mitchell’s templates, but you can use this technique and tips shared in this DVD with other templates, as well as apply to your own templates.  (note:  SewCalGal has not yet used Marti Mitchell templates, but understands they are highly accurate and easy to use).

Using quality templates can help you precisely cut your fabrics, which is a good first step in precise piecing!

In this DVD, you also learn how to mark your cut pieces to get that perfect 1/4″ seam at the corners.  And Mary shows you how to sew the tumbler block together using a chain piecing technique.  You’ll also learn how to press these blocks and assemble all the blocks for your project to get precise piecing, with nice flat seams.

I also enjoyed the tips Mary shared to trouble shoot, if you don’t get a flat seam and how you can fix it!

I hope you can see why SewCalGal can honestly recommend this DVD.  It is a great way to learn and offers a great value.  It can be ordered through Mary’s online store.

You can find Mary Huey Quilts at:

While Mary does travel and teach, you may also want to talk with your Quilt Guild and/or local Quilt Shop workshop coordinator to have Mary come teach in your area.   She offers a variety of workshops and presentations, which are all listed on her website.   Mary is also setup for wholesale orders, should you want to let your favorite quilt shops know you’d like them to carry her DVD.

I also wanted to share insight with you on some near term workshops that may be in your area for you to take a class with Mary:  

May 23-25, 2014 Mary is teaching a Scrappy Tumbling Blocks, Scrappy 8-point Star, and a 6-pointed Star Workshops during the NQA Quilt Show in Columbus, Ohio.

May 30, 2014 Mary is teaching an English Paper Piecing workshop at The Sew’n Place in Chambersburg, PA  717-263-5606

For those attending Spring Quilt Market, a trade show event,  Mary has a Schoolhouse presentation at 1:20pm on Thursday, May 15th.

Did I Mention A Giveaway?

Mary is generously sponsoring a giveaway for one lucky blog follower of SewCalGal and she will kindly ship this prize to a quilter anywhere in the world.

The prize bundle will consist of the new “Simplify Set-in Piecing” DVD, by Mary Huey and a Multi-size 60 degree Diamond Tool which allows you to cut diamonds from 2′ to 4 1/2″.

To enter to win, blog followers can simple leave a comment on this post.  Consider sharing insights if you have ever made any set-in pieced blocks or not.  And, if you have worked with set-in seams, please let me know if you chain pieced them?  I’m simply curious what you think about y-seams and if you are interested in learning more about them.

 A winner will be randomly selected on May 26th.  SewCalGal will also send them an email to notify them that they are a winner and they’ll have 3 days to claim their prize, or another winner will be selected.


 The Random Number Generator selected lucky number 12 as the winner.  Congratulations to Connie (Free Motion Quilting By The River).

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46 comments on “Simplify Set-in Piecing and a Giveaway”

  1. Oh no the first to comment, well, I have done Y-seams once and NO I definitely didn’t chain piece, that would have been crazy, I am fascinated in finding out how she does it.

  2. I’ve never made anything that required Y-seams because I’m scared to death of them. So I definitely need to learn more about them. All help is welcome; this could be my next challenge.

  3. Any tool/aid to help my quilts become more precise in their measurements would be greatly appreciated. Choose me, choose me! Sincerely, Paula K.

  4. I sure would like to win the giveaway. Why you ask? I was on vacation last year and snatched up a Moda kit at a reral good price, which really surprised me. I got it out the other day to start it and discovered the quilt has 302 set in pieces. OMG – out of my expertise! Now I know why it was so cheap!~

  5. Mary always has wonderful things she shares on her blog, I would love to win her DVD. I have never chain-stitched set-in seams.

  6. I don’t shy away from y-seams but I sure would like to know more about how to make them simpler and more accurate. Chain piecing y-seams intrigues me. Thanks to both of you for the giveaway.

  7. this looks like a very good dvd. I have tried y seams and can never getthem to look right. thanks for sharing that there is a dvd that can give us insight about doing them

  8. I don’t have a problem with doing Y seams, but probably don’t use them enough. I do like the tumbling block done this way. Thank you for hosting the give away.

  9. I have to honestly say that I’ve only done set-in seams on my Biblical Blocks quilt (a Rosemary Mahkan design) and with each block being different, no chain piecing involved. Would love to make a tumbling blocks quilt someday and I do love some of those old traditional pieced blocks with the multiple set-in seams, but they look so difficult! This DVD looks really interesting. Thanks for posting!

  10. I have done set in seams several times. Marking well has been helpful to me! I would love to try her technique and ruler!

  11. I have tried different ways of sewing set in seams but none of them have worked out very well. I tend to sew past the mark when I mark 1/4″ in on the corners or have a hard time not cutting off a point. Would love to try this method!
    Sandy A

  12. A tumbling blocks quilt is on my short list, so I’d love to win this giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  13. I have been y seaming for years and years. Taking this workshop with Mary streamlined the process. She is a fantastic teacher.

  14. I’ve done some inset piecing, usually with an 8-pointed star quilt. I am not a fan. I put off finishing a quilt for two years because of those pesky Y seams.

  15. I have never done set in seams. I have wanted to try. I have heard they can be difficult. But anything is worth trying once.

  16. I’ve taken Mary’s workshop on set in piecing and it was wonderful. You are right, the DVD is a must have. She’s a great teacher and has developed an easy technique with simple instructions.

  17. I have taken Mary’s workshop on set in piecing and it was wonderful. You are right, the DVD is a must have. Mary is a great teacher. She developed a simple technique with easy to follow instructions. My tumbling block quilt is turning out beautiful.

  18. I would love to see this method of Y seam chain piecing. I have made a tumbling blocks wall hanging, but can’t figure how to chain piece this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I made a star quilt with lots of Y seams this past winter. I’m very interested in the idea of chain piecing Y seams. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Have never done any piecing that isn’t straight sewn lol But not a very far along quilty person either…YET! Am soooo wanting to learn allll I can….and definitely would love to win! 🙂

  21. I have attempted Y seams in one of our BOMs last year but definitely not chain piecing them. I would love to learn how to do it from the expert! Thank you SewCalGal for the chance to win the DVD.

  22. Funny you should ask, I just started my first quilt that quilt require the set in (y-seam) The pattern is called “boxes” and I can’t wait to see the end result. I am using 12 Fat quarters for this pattern. This would be a great giveaway to win. Good luck to everyone!

  23. I took a class a long time ago where we did one or two y-seams. The result was a picture made with fabric – very cool look hay stacks next to a barn. I haven’t used a y-seam since though. The DVD would be good to help my on my way with quilting. Thanks for putting my name in the hat for the drawing.

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