Welcome to another week where I invite you to #StitchAlong with me.  You can join anytime, as there are absolutely no deadlines.  It is just much more fun to work on projects with others. And, you can certainly adapt these projects, as you wish.  But I encourage anyone that wishes to participate to share as you go on any social media tool you wish to use (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, etc.).  You can also link up and share in our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties that I host every Friday.

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What are we stitching?  Projects will vary from sewing, quilting, embroidery, free-motion quilting, etc..  As one project finishes, I’ll move on to another project, always trying to share insights as to what project is coming up, so you can get supplies ready, if you wish to join.  And many projects will include a free-motion stitch-along, where we explore a variety of FMQ designs.  While I’m not an expert at anything, I’ll try to help answer any of your questions and walk you through the steps.  I also have many experts available to pull in, for more help, as appropriate.

THIS PAST WEEK, I’ve joined other quilters stitching:

EPP SEW ALONG, hosted by the Fat Quarter Shop


Participants have been sharing their progress on Instagram, using hashtag #EPPSEWALONG.  While many have just joined this week, several have finished the EPP part of this project. Weekly, Kimberly Jolly shares a step or two for making this wallhanging, or table topper and step #6 was shared this last Wednesday.


While Kimberly has not yet shown the step to applique the EPP Star to the background, I stitched mine down using Aurifil. I was delighted to find an absolutely perfect color match to the taupe colored background fabric I selected for this project.


Someone in this group asked the question about how to hide the tails, on each of the star points.  For me, I took two tight stitches at the point of the star, used the needle to tuck the fabric tails smoothly under the star point, to minimize a bump at the point, and then continued hand sewing the EPP Star to my background fabric.


After I finished hand sewing the EPP Star to my background, I trimmed to approximately 1/4″ from the hand stitching, removing the fabric in the center of the star.


I removed all the paper pieces, then starched and pressed.

I popped my EPP papers out and concluded while EPP has many techniques (e.g. glue vs basting), when it comes to removing the papers using a thread basted approach is much easier than glue.  Although the glue approach, using the Slimline glue stick was certainly faster than basting.  Pros/Cons to every approach.  Do you have a favorite?


THIS WEEK I’M STITCHING …….FREE-MOTION QUILTING.  Want to join me with a………..?


I’m doing free-motion quilting on my EPP Star, to turn it into a table topper.  Join me for some free-motion quilting using any project you wish and the new Ultimate Background Stencils, by Cindy Needham.

Ultimate Background #StitchALong coming soon

The Ultimate Background Stencils  is a robust collection of stencils with six background designs and each comes in three different sizes…Papa (10×11″), Mama (8×9″) and Baby (6×7″). This allows you to fill ANY size space. This special set of stencils also includes two grids in 1/2″ and 3/4″.

This stencil collection can be ordered online at Cindy’s website, or you can let your favorite quilt shop know that you’d like them to place a wholesale order with Cindy and have them available in their shop, as they may not be aware of them.  But, while I’m using the Ultimate Background Stencil Collection this week, I do want to share I have quite a few projects I’m planning to show off using both the Ultimate Background Stencil Collection and the original Ultimate Stencil Collection.  And, many of our #StitchAlong events will be using these stencils for free-motion quilting our projects.  Thus, you may want to go ahead an get the bundle of both stencil collections .  

Don’t forget Cindy has a 32-page booklet on these stencils that you can download for free, from her website. for the Background Stencil collection and a 21-page booklet for the Ultimate Stencil collection.



I think any of the Ultimate Background Stencils would be perfect for this project, or even a combination.  I actually picked the Twisted Grid, using the Papa Size Stencil.


I used a water based fabric marker (use your favorite non-permanent fabric marker) to mark your quilt top.  After I finish marking today, I’ll sandwich and start free-motion quilting.  I’m hopeful to finish my FMQ this week.  I’ll be sharing photos on Instagram, throughout the week,as well as in a blog post for our #StitchAlong next week with more #FMQAlong fun.

You can find Cindy Needham at:




Winter Bliss #StitchALong coming soon

Supplies for this #StitchAlong, a free-motion quilting stitch along, were shared last week.  I’ll be using the Winter Bliss design collection from Marjorie Busby/Blue Feather Quilt Studio. You can use templates from this design collection to create raw edge applique or machine embroidery wallhangings and other projects.  I’m going to be creating a fabric book for a small child, as well as a set of 12 days of Christmas gift bags.


I’d love to have you join me in my virtual #StitchAlong projects.  You can share on social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) using the hashtag #StitchAlong.  Of course, I also hope you’ll also share in the weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties which I host every Friday.  What ever you do, I hope you find joy and time to create.

Here is a list of previous posts for #StitchAlong:

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5 comments on “#StitchAlong – September 25th – #EPPSewAlong, #FMQ, #MachineEmbroidery”

  1. Thanks so much for the photo ‘tute’ on finishing off those fabric ears. I still have to choose my background and I’ve managed to rule out several colors (black and white) but I think I’ll have to take my sunburst to the store to select a background as nothing I have works.
    I’ve been busy stitching a birthday gift but I can’t share it yet! Thanks for the Creative Goodness Linky Party and all the new blogs I’ve had a chance to visit.

    • Fun to be able to #StitchAlong with you Marsha. I lucked out with the Taupe Kona Cotton in my stash. Have fun shopping and I look forward to seeing your birthday gift, when you can share it.

  2. Well done on your progress I am ready to pin mine to the background. I agree the thread basted papers are easier to remove than the glue basted ones but the time you save glue basting is great too. I think it is a personal choice. I must admit it depends on where I am to which one I use. I prefer to glue baste at home so I tend to thread baste if I am out and about. It is a dead give away what I have been up to when you look at my EPP projects. A question for you – Did you take the papers out before you appliqued it to the background or after you finished?

    • Hi Cynthia, yes, I removed the papers after I appliqued the star to the background. For me, especially when I’m working with a large EPP piece, I like to keep all, or at least enough of the paper pieces in place, until I finish applique’, as I find it helps to keep the shape from shifting and easier to tuck the ears on the points.

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