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Summer Camp is all about creativity and having fun, for kids of all ages.  Today I want to share insights with you about using orange peels to create garland, jewelry, embellishments for greeting cards and gift wrapping.  Possibilities are endless!

This inspirational video tutorial was created by PBS Parents:

If you are on a MAC, or have problems viewing this embedded video, here is a link where you can watch it directly in Youtube:


I hope you enjoy it. And, of course I hope if you create any orange peel related creativity that you’ll share them in our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties. but the #SummerCamp linky parties are all about kids being creativity and this event is for them (also includes families being creative with their kids, or any adult being creative with any kid).

I hope you enjoy this creative project with your kids. 

Want to know how to join #SummerCamp?

Everyone is welcome to join #SummerCamp, but there have been a few changes due to lack of participation.  To clarify, we’d love to have you participate but we no longer have a linky party to join, nor will there be prizes awarded at the end of this event.  Participants are asked to share what they create on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and use the Hashtag #SummerCamp.

Here is a list of links to previous posts for our virtual #SummerCamp 

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